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Gwen comes out of the shower as Leo comments on her gushing and flattery in her interview with a murderous psycho. Leo reads part of her article and mocks Gwen writing that Dimitri does have a heart.

Dimitri enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Kristen is reading the interview and comments that it looks like someone turned up the charm and made significant headway in seducing Gwen. Dimitri believes he has but admits he’s surprised not to find Megan waiting here to hear all about it.

Megan goes to see Li, who questions if she thinks it’s a good idea for her to be here. Megan assures that she waited until all his roommates were gone and that they were alone because it’s vital now that they continue their conversation. Li questions why their call was cut short and if someone walked in on her. Megan confirms that she was rudely interrupted by EJ overhearing their plan to eliminate Stefan.

EJ has a nightmare about finding Stefan dead. EJ then wakes up, tied up in the wine cellar, remarking that he’s now stuck in a nightmare of his own.

Nicole goes to Stefan’s room and asks if he knows where EJ is.

EJ complains that Megan will be sorry she ever came back from the dead as he struggles with being tied up.

Li questions why Megan would tell EJ about their plan to off Stefan. Megan repeats that he overheard her on the phone as she would never choose to tell him. Li asks what exactly EJ overheard. Megan explains that EJ overheard her saying that her brother was not long for the world and assumed she was talking about him. Li asks if EJ knows it was him on the phone but Megan assures that he didn’t. Megan says she explained that EJ had the wrong brother and they were planning to do away with Stefan and that it might also work out in EJ’s best interest. Li asks if EJ went for it. Megan says it felt promising briefly but then he had a sudden attack of conscience. Megan thinks back to knocking EJ out with the vase.

Kristen tells Dimitri that she has no idea where Megan is but suggests Dimitri tell her all about it. Kristen asks if Dimitri proposed to Gwen or if he’s waiting for an actual date with her. Dimitri senses her disapproving. Kristen says she’d be a hypocrite to disapprove of him doing whatever he needs to do to achieve his goal. Dimitri asks even if that means using someone who is apparently a friend of Kristen’s. Dimitri asks if she’s sure that she is okay with him using Gwen to get what he wants.

Gwen suggests Leo stop reading her interviews. Leo says he’s just teasing her but Gwen feels he is questioning her journalistic integrity. Leo brings up Gwen using blackmail to wrestle the Spectator away from Jack. Gwen reminds Leo that was his idea. Leo says they are straying way off topic and wants an explanation as to why Gwen went so easy on Dimitri. Gwen responds that they sat down and had a rather nice chat. Leo complains about being exiled from their room so Gwen could have private time, only to come back and she wasn’t there. Leo asks where they went after the Bistro but Gwen informs him that they stayed there and ordered room service. Leo asks if they had the meal in bed. Gwen assures they sat down and ate, then when the interview was over, she went straight to the office to get the article in for the morning. Leo argues that Gwen’s article is dripping with subtext and he knows she has a thing for Dimitri. Gwen argues that she barely knows him. Leo says he knows her better than anyone. Gwen then admits that Dimitri is quite attractive and she realized they have so much in common. Leo questions if they are kindred spirits. Gwen says she wouldn’t go that far but there was definitely a connection.

Kristen tells Dimitri that she does like Gwen, but she got her the pardon so Gwen owes her, not the other way around. Dimitri admits that he enjoyed her company as she seemed to really listen to everything he had to say and even related to a number of his life experiences. Kristen says there’s no doubt that he tailored those experienced to mirror Gwen’s. Dimitri admits he may have embellished the details to tell her what she wanted to hear. Kristen comments on their potential marriage. Dimitri assures that if he convinces Gwen to marry him, it will be for richer and not for poorer. Kristen brings up Megan having big plans for his inheritance. Dimitri acknowledges that Megan has a plan for absolutely everything.

Stefan tells Nicole that he doesn’t know where EJ is. Nicole explains that last night, EJ sent a text that he had to go out of town on last minute business and she hasn’t heard from him since, so she was worried and thought Stefan might know. Stefan assures that he doesn’t and remarks that the fact that they both don’t know where he is probably means that EJ is up to something underhanded.

EJ tries to encourage himself to remain calm so that he can free himself and warn Stefan about Megan.

Megan informs Li that EJ is tied up in the secret room underneath the DiMera Mansion as it seemed like the logical place to stash him. Li questions how she even know about the room. Megan explains that she learned of it last year when she sent Bo to steal the orchid from there. Megan remarks that in hindsight, she wishes she never sent Bo to Salem then perhaps everything would have turned out differently. Li would rather talk about her current offering and worries about destroying his future if EJ tells anyone. Megan assures that EJ has been taken care of and is her problem, not his. Megan tells Li to just focus his full attention on eliminating Stefan, so that he can eventually reunite with Gabi. Li asks how they are going to eliminate Stefan. Li then questions Megan thinking that he’s the one that’s going to kill him.

Kate meets Harris in the park and asks if he gave some thought to her proposal from the other day. Harris confirms that he has and he’s in because Megan has to be dealt with before she has the chance to hurt someone else. Kate is glad that Harris came to his senses because Megan is a menace to society. Harris clarifies that he’s not going to kill Megan. Kate doesn’t understand since he said he was on board with getting rid of her. Harris responds that as a Navy SEAL, he’s learned that there is more than one way to make somebody disappear.

Megan doesn’t seem why Li would be put off by the concept of murder, reminding him that he already made an attempt on Stefan’s life when he pulled the plug in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Li explains that is why if Stefan is a victim of foul play, he would be the chief suspect. Li complains about prison. Megan assures that he won’t have to find out about it as she would not trust a job like this to an amateur assassin like him. Megan declares that they need someone with ice in their veins, who is trained to kill and willing to kill. Megan adds that she knows just who that someone is.

Harris tells Kate that he will exile Megan permanently to a place where she can never hurt another soul again. Kate asks if he’s talking about a black site. Harris says the less she knows, the better. Kate says all she knows is that she will sleep a lot better once she knows Megan has been banished. Kate reminds Harris that they have to keep this between them because Roman is a man of conscience and stopped Steve and John from killing Orpheus, so he will definitely try to stop them as well. Kate talks about separating a mother from her son being like cruel and unjust punishment, so she suggests that Harris pick up Dimitri and take him along for the ride.

Leo questions Gwen going soft on Dimitri. Gwen insists that she asked him some very hard questions. Leo doesn’t see any mention of how he kidnapped Kate or threatened to blow up Europe and Salem or how he manhandled him. Leo adds that there’s also not a single question about his psychopathic mother. Gwen thinks Leo is just a little jealous that Dimitri is interested in her and not him. Leo argues that it’s obvious to anyone that Dimitri has an ulterior motive. Gwen asks what that would be. Leo admits he doesn’t know what lies ahead for them, but swears on his life that Dimitri is not motivated to charm Gwen because he thinks she’s the bee’s knees, but because he has some sort of grand and sinful plan.

Kristen tells Dimitri that she did hear Megan amassing an army with Harris Michaels at the helm. They agree that she sounds delusional. Kristen admits that she only intends to stay on Megan’s good side so she can assist her with the resources to regain custody of her daughter. Dimitri jokes about Kristen going the legal route this time and that being new for her. Kristen comments on it not being easy since Brady has his lawyer sister Belle on his side and she is an attack dog. Kristen declares that she needs an attorney but it’s been a challenging to convince someone to represent her. Kristen then reveals that she has someone in mind; Sloan Peterson, though she is sleeping with Brady’s brother, Eric. Dimitri calls that a conflict of interest. Kristen says he’s not the only one in the family who can turn on the charm. Kristen mentions hearing that Sloan has a weakness for a certain champagne and they have some in the wine cellar. Kristen says if she can turn on the charm and present her with a bottle, she’s quite sure that Sloan will accept a retainer. Kristen then heads down the secret tunnels..

Nicole questions if Stefan is insinuating that EJ is involved in some plot that she doesn’t know about. Stefan thinks it’s possible. Nicole disagrees and says that can’t be what’s happening since she and EJ have an appointment with a specialist in about an hour to discuss if or how she can carry her baby to term. Nicole says EJ did a lot of research to find this doctor, so him suddenly missing doesn’t make any sense. Stefan asks if maybe killing his chances at DiMera is more important to EJ than having this baby with her.

Kristen finds EJ tied up in the wine cellar.

Gwen asks Leo what possible objective that Dimitri could possibly hope to achieve by charming her. Leo suggests maybe he wanted the charming article that she wrote about him and he just used her to rebuild his reputation. Gwen says she retained professionalism and that he seemed really genuine. Gwen argues that she’s not deluding herself as there was a definite attraction that she could feel.

Kate tells Harris that Dimitri is as cold-blooded and manipulative as Megan. Kate adds that Dimitri may not have tried to kill her but he did hold her hostage, so she would like to see him cut off as well. Harris understands but worries about making two people disappear and that it would increase the risk substantially. Harris feels bringing Dimitri could compromise getting rid of Megan.

Li acknowledges that Megan had Harris brainwashed once but he thought the ISA deprogrammed him. Megan confirms they did, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reprogram him to do her bidding and that’s where Li comes in. Li is afraid that’s not his area of expertise. Megan points out that he could secure Dr. Rolf as she trusts that Li knows where he might be. Li questions her wanting to bring Dr. Rolf back to Salem which she confirms. Megan feels it’s not much to ask and rather simple. Megan explains that Dr. Rolf will program Harris to murder Stefan and then they both get what they want. Li tells Megan to consider it done.

Nicole tells Stefan that he doesn’t know EJ like she does. Stefan calls him a pompous ass. Nicole argues that EJ wouldn’t stand her up for something that is important to both of them. Stefan feels nothing is more important to EJ than screwing him over. Nicole argues that nothing is more important to him than their baby as EJ moved Heaven and Earth to make this appointment happen, so she believes he will be there by her side.

Kristen questions who did this to EJ and if it was Gabi and Stefan. EJ informs her that it was Megan, then suggests maybe Kristen already knew that. EJ accuses Kristen of being a part of this since he knew they had their heads together about something. Kristen insists that she had no idea what Megan was planning and that she just came down here for champagne. EJ is thankful that she came. Kristen asks if Megan gave him a reason why she tied him up down here. EJ reveals that Megan wanted to stop him from stopping her from killing Stefan.

Leo asks Gwen if she’s not still licking her wounds from her breakup with Xander. Gwen supposes that she is but feels having Dimitri distract her isn’t the worst way to get over it. Leo argues that Dimitri has made it clear that he wants to kill him. Gwen says if she can keeps spending time with Dimitri then she might be able to talk him out of wanting to throw Leo through a wall when he sees him and maybe she can show him that Leo’s not the incredibly annoying person that everyone else seems to think.

Harris tells Kate that he’s not ruling out possibly dealing with Dimitri, but right now they need to focus on Megan. Kate agrees that Megan is the more pressing threat. Kate asks what his time schedule is. Harris asks why put off to tomorrow, what you can get done today? Kate instructs Harris to call her when he’s done as he then walks away.

Nicole goes to the hospital, wondering where EJ is. Nicole tries calling EJ but it goes to voicemail. Nicole leaves a message, saying first she was really pissed off that he skipped town without returning her calls or texts, but now she’s just worried and she’s at the hospital for their appointment about the baby. Nicole hopes that EJ just lost his phone and is on his way.

Megan returns home to the DiMera Mansion and sees Stefan is off to the office. Stefan remarks that someone has to keep the company running as he heard EJ took another day off. Megan hopes he’s enjoying it and comments that life is fleeting and one day they will look back with regrets. Megan tells Stefan to live it up while he can and seize the day. Stefan wonders if Megan went over the proposal that he and Gabi put together for her. Megan thinks back to throwing the proposal in the fireplace and remarks that it definitely sparked some ideas and left her with burning questions, but she doesn’t want to keep him. Stefan decides they will talk later and exits. Megan remarks that’s assuming he’s still alive as she heads in to the living room and greets Dimitri. Megan mentions reading the article in the Spectator and calls it impressive as it seems Gwen is already smitten with him. Dimitri admits he’s smitten with her as well. Megan suggests he go see her to keep the momentum going. Dimitri mentions that he was just speaking to Kristen, who mentioned that Megan was putting together an army. Dimitri questions what exactly she is doing. Megan responds that whatever she does is with him in mind. Megan tells Dimitri to go sweep Gwen off her feet and move them closer to their goal. Megan then asks where Kristen is now. Dimitri says she said something about grabbing a bottle of champagne from the basement which worries her. Dimitri adds that she’s probably still there now and then exits. Megan then rushes towards the secret tunnels.

Kristen asks EJ why Megan would want to kill Stefan. EJ asks her to untie him before playing 20 questions. Kristen tries to untie him but struggles with the knots as she asks about Megan’s motivation. EJ explains that Megan said she wanted to eliminate Stefan to reshuffle the family power dynamic and that it would be a means to an end in her brain. Kristen decides that she needs to find something to cut the ropes to untie EJ. Megan then bursts in her with a gun drawn and warns Kristen not to do that.

Leo tells Gwen that he’s sorry but he cannot support the fake romance between her and Dimitri. Gwen asks what if Leo’s instincts are right and Dimitri is just playing her like a fiddle. Dimitri then shows up at the door with roses for Gwen.

Li walks through the town square and runs in to Stefan. Stefan tells Li that he wants to thank him for letting his divorce to Gabi go through so smoothly. Li knows they are soon to be married and jokes that he’ll keep an eye out for his invitation. Li remarks that he always knew Gabi would end up with the love of her life. Stefan calls that big of him and thanks him. Li says he told Gabi that her happiness means a lot to him. Li then asks when the big day is. Stefan informs him that it’s next month. Li congratulates him and shakes his hand. Stefan thanks him and walks away. Li then remarks to himself that it’s too bad Stefan won’t live long enough to say “I do”.

Megan leaves Kristen tied up in the wine cellar with EJ. EJ assumes Kristen no longer has any doubts about Megan being unhinged. Kristen swears that she had no idea what Megan was planning. Kristen admits that when Megan pitched her ideas of picking up where Stefano left off and conquering the world, she went along with it, but Megan is so much more deranged and sadistic than she thought. Kristen worries that they could be Megan’s next victims after Stefan. EJ says that seems inevitable, but at this point, Nicole might just push Megan out of the way to get to him first.

Nicole waits around at the hospital and gets a text that Megan sent from EJ’s phone, saying he’s sorry but he has to miss their appointment and to go meet the doctor without him.

Megan emerges from the secret tunnels and finds Harris Michaels in the living room of the DiMera Mansion.

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