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[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: Is it really that farfetched? You and me back together again? I mean, think about it. Remember in the beginning, how much passion there was? Hell, it was chemical. That’s how hope got here.

Brooke: I’m aware.

Deacon: Maybe this is our time, our chance to be a real family.

Brooke: You and I have a very special friendship and we share a remarkable daughter. And I really am flattered that you want to see where this could go, but where is all of this coming from?

Taylor: What if– what if

everything works out

and you have a future with

brooke and hope has her family

back together?

You’re the key to breaking us

out of this terrible,

toxic cycle.

Ridge: What is– what is happening right now?

Taylor: I don’t knoW.

Ridge: I don’t know either. Are you– are you happy? Are you sad? Are you–

Taylor: I am– I am happy and sad. It’s everything that we were just talking about. The– the life we shared, our kids. It just got to me.

Ridge: Okay.

Hope: Oh.

Rj: Oh, I’m so sorry. I totally– I thought I locked that.

Hope: Yeah, sure. I bet you were hoping it would be one of the modelS.

Rj: Well, I was just upstairs using the gym. I don’t know, I thought I’d pick out a clean shirt.

Hope: Yeah. You know, you gotta keep fit for all those likes.

Rj: Oh, yeah. Can you tell?

Hope: Okay. All right. Pick out a shirt.

Rj: I mean, I’ve been really trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Go to the gym all the time. I mean, I feel like I have to if I’m gonna be in front of the camera.

Hope: YeaH. No, I– I get it. You know, you’re in the public eye. Perception is everything, right or wrong. Uh, first impressions do matter.

Rj: Yeah, I mean, image is important, but you already knew that, miss hope for the future. I actually wanted to talk to you. I’m glad I ran into you. I wanna talk about something.

Hope: Yeah. Sure. What’s up?

Rj: I know that mom and taylor are friends now and that’s great. I– I support it, obviously. But, how do you think mom’s really doing?

Brooke: I am touched, really. And this isn’t the first time that you’ve expressed these feelings, interested in sharing a future together. And I’m just curious why you think it’s a real possibility now. Is it because ridge is living with eric?

Deacon: You know what– you know what? Just– just forget it. The last thing I wanted to do was make you feel uncomfortable.

Brooke: No, I’m not feeling uncomfortable. I mean, like I said, I am touched. It’s just–

Deacon: No, brooke. Look, you’re all about ridge, you always will be and I know that, and I know you. I was stupid for listening to someone else.

Brooke: What are you saying? Did somebody put you up to this?

Taylor: Everything is going so wonderful for our family. Steffy and finn and the grandkids are all happy and healthy and thomas is just living his best life.

Ridge: Thomas is on fire right now. His collection’s amazing. And he’s taking it to italy.

Taylor: That’s so exciting. I love– I love that you guys– I– I wish that I could go.

Ridge: You could go to rome?

Taylor: I, well, I mean, for thomas, you know, it’s such a– such a big moment for him and I’d love to be there to support thomas and steffy and… and you.

[Stomach growling]

Hope: You’re a good son.

Rj: Where did that come from?

Hope: I don’t know. It’s just the way you’re concerned about mom.

Rj: I don’t know. I mean, she’s been through so much recently and if something is wrong, I just, you know, I wanna help her if I can.

Hope: Well, i don’t think there’s any reason to worry. I mean, I know I’ve been preoccupied with the relaunch in rome, but I think I would know if something was off.

Rj: Does she spend like a lot of time with taylor or…

Hope: They’ve become really close.

Rj: That’s so crazy to me. It’s gonna take me so long to get used to that. I’m still waiting for like the punch line.

Hope: I– I get it. I get it.

Rj: Can I ask you something? Do you think this whole truce is actually gonna hold up?

Hope: I think mom and taylor are really committed to the pact that they made. And I think they enjoy each other’s company. I think they actually have a lot of fun together. So, if I were a betting woman, I– I would say that this friendship might actually last.

Rj: Well, that’s good. I mean, I’m glad mom has a friend.

Hope: But?

Rj: But is that enough?

Hope: Meaning?

Rj: All the feelings that my mom’s had for my dad? I mean, is she gonna be okay without him?

Ridge: It almost seems like someone is angling for a free trip to rome.

Taylor: No, I just– I mean, I happen to know some people with a private jet.

Ridge: Well…

Taylor: It’s no, it, I– I mean, I would take– I would take any opportunity to go to rome. I– I love it there, but this is such a– such a big moment for our son, you know? Hope for the future is gonna be the– his crowning achievement. I mean, I– I, of course, I want to go there and support him and– and– and be there.

Ridge: I get it. I think it would mean a lot to him.

Taylor: Yeah. You know, I’ve always– I’ve always thought of rome as this, just really happy place that’s just filled with love. Kind of like our family.

Brooke: Did somebody encourage you to reach out to me? Somebody that wants to see us together?

Deacon: I did not say that.

Brooke: Well, you kind of did. I said that you shouldn’t listen to anybody about me.

Deacon: I was projecting into the future, like if somebody were at some point to give me advice.

Brooke: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Good one. Yeah. But I don’t buy it. I think you’re protecting somebody and I know who it is. So, do you want to say her name or should I? It was hope. I’m right, aren’t I? Don’t worry, I’m gonna have a chat with our daughter.

Deacon: Please. Brooke. You got this all wrong.

Brooke: No, I don’T. No, it’s cute, actuallY. It’s cute that she wants her parents together. It’s just a little bit misguided. I mean, she is a grown woman. She has a life of her own. She’s very busy. She needs to focus on her line right now, not on our love life. So, don’t worry, I am– I’m gonna set her straight.

Deacon: Brooke, stop. Look, stop. It’s not hope.

Brooke: If it’s not hope, who is it? Tell me, deacon. If you’re taking an antidepressant

Hope: Have you ever considered that mom might actually enjoy being single? I mean, relationships can be a lot of work, and this– this might be easier. I mean, becoming friends with taylor, keeping their distance from ridge. I mean, it actually might be a healthy change of pace for everyone.

Rj: Yeah. No, it’s definitely a lot different than when we were growing up.

Hope: It certainly was an emotional roller coaster for all of us, but it was especially hard for mom.

Rj: I remember dad would just build her up and make her feel on top of the world and then just break her heart into a million pieces. I tried to close myself off from all of that and stay away from it all the best I could. It was– it was hard. But hey, you know what? It is what it is and you do what you gotta do. And luckily, I had you to normalize everything because without you, that would’ve been very difficult and I hope I’ve expressed to you how much that meant to me, right?

Hope: Oh, you just did.

Rj: You know what? Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m overthinking all of this. I mean, maybe– maybe mom’s just, she’s ready to be alone and she’s just had enough. It’s just, there’s something– something just doesn’t sit right with me, with her choosing a friendship with taylor over spending the rest of her life with my dad.

Ridge: You, steffy, thomas, you mean the world to me. You know that, right? My beautiful little family.

Taylor: We did good.

Ridge: We did good. We did better than good. We did great.

Taylor: Yeah. We have– we have been through it, haven’t we? Seriously, ridge. We have– we have been on such a journey. And I– I don’t really regret much of it. I– I really don’t, especially the early years that we were together.

Ridge: Hm.

Taylor: I miss us. I– I miss– I miss the times that we shared. I– damn it. I hate that I do, but I– I miss it. And I can’t help but– but– but wonder and think could we– could we ever share those– those things again?

Brooke: Somebody encouraged you to reach out to me. And if it wasn’t hope…

Deacon: It wasn’T.

Brooke: Hm. Well, then who could it be? Okay, this is kind of random, but maybe it’s hollis? ‘Cause you know, I had that date with him. But I pretty much told him it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. But you’re his boss and you’re his friend, he probably just wanted to step aside and clear the path for you.

Deacon: It wasn’t hollis.

Brooke: No? So, if it wasn’t hope and it wasn’t hollis.

Deacon: I’m sorry to cut this short, but duty calls. I gotta get back to the kitchen. It’s always great to see you, but could you do me a favor and just– just forget this? Just– just wipe it, okay.

Brooke: Deacon, wait. This person that wanted to see us together… it– it couldn’t be, it wouldn’t be taylor, right? Oh, my god. Taylor did this? Taylor? Sweet pillows of softness! getting this? Water doesn’t have to be boring. With over 40 delicious flavors, cirkul starts a party for your tastebuds. No sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors. Just good times. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Brooke: So, taylor asked you to come to me and express your feelings and see if we could have a future together.

Deacon: She thought she was helping me.

Brooke: Helping you? I trusted taylor to keep her word. We made a pact, deacon.

Taylor: We will never

fight over ridge again.


Brooke: And I thought our friendship meant as much to her as it did to me.

Deacon: Hey, hey, I know for a fact that’s true.

Brooke: Oh, really? And when did she share that with you? In between pushing us together?

Deacon: Brooke, it wasn’t like that.

Brooke: Well, then what was it like? Really, I’m curious. And when did you two get so close where she can feel like she’s comfortable enough to share love advice with you?

Deacon: First of all, it wasn’t advice. It was more like a suggestion. You know, just telling me that I should put my cards on the table, again. And secondly, we’re not close. She came into the restaurant. We just started talking.

Brooke: Okay, so she came here for a meal?

Deacon: No.

Brooke: No. She came here specifically to talk to you and I know why. And that really hurts because we made a pact and it was about us. We chose ourselves, we chose each other. We chose our friendship, that we weren’t gonna fight over ridge anymore. And now, look, it’s happening all over again, deacon.

Deacon: I’m so sorry about this. Hey, your friendship with her is amazing. Please don’t– don’t let it end over a stupid misunderstanding.

Brooke: Don’T. We both know why taylor’s doing this. I gotta go. It’s time for me to unfriend a friend.

Hope: Here’s what I think. I think you can reach a point in your relationship where the old patterns and the old way of doing things, they just– they don’t work anymore. But, I think a part of mom will always love ridge.

Deacon: I warned you, taylor.

Taylor: I miss the little things. I miss the way that you– you look through me, right into my soul.

Ridge: But I thought you’d–

Taylor: I– I have stayed away, ridge. I have stayed away with false bravado, convincing myself I was done.

Ridge: And your friendship with brooke?

Taylor: Yes, the vow that we made, friendship first. But I don’t think that brooke has held up her end of the bargain very well when it comes to you. But I don’t know. Maybe, you know, neither one of us can pretend that the– the heart doesn’t want what it wants and I think about you all the time. I– I– I think about falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you. I just miss the little things, the simple things. I miss you. But I’ve stayed away. I have been so committed to this stupid bestie pact, but brooke hasn’T. She’s been doing the same thing that she’s always done. She’s breaking vows. No honesty, no integrity. She hasn’t changed, ridge. She’s doing the same thing that she’s done before. She’s the same person. Don’t fall for it. Not again.

[ Intercom buzzes ]

Ridge: Yes.

Eric: Ridge, I need to see

you, right away.

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: This is awkward. Just– just go ridge.

Ridge: I’ll be back.

[ Door slamming ]

Brooke: How could you do this, taylor? How could you do this? We made a pact. A pact. I have never felt more betrayed in my life. You– you are a traitor. You are a backstabbing traitor.

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