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Megan enters the DiMera Mansion and talks to the portrait of Stefano, saying it feels perfect to be back here. Megan notes that even though Stefano is only there in spirit, she is filled with his power and authority. Megan declares she has spent her life searching and traveling the world, but now she is finally home where she belongs. EJ walks in and asks who the hell she is and what the hell she’s doing in his house.

Gabi and Stefan have drinks in the town square, celebrating her upcoming divorce. Stefan says soon they will have an even bigger celebration in front of their family and loved ones as they become Mr. and Mrs. DiMera once again. Gabi and Stefan kiss until Kristen approaches and asks if there’s any chance she can be maid of honor.

Brady complains to Marlena about Kristen and how Rachel is right in the middle of it. Marlena knows how angry he is and that he wishes he never had to see Kristen again. Brady knows he needs to for Rachel’s sake. Marlena talks about how much they endure for their children. Brady guesses he will have to endure Kristen for the rest of his life. Marlena encourages that everyone who loves him will be there too. Eric shows up at the door and says he heard about Kristen. Brady says she was just there and it did not go well. Eric says he’s sorry and that he’s there if he needs anything. Marlena says she’s so glad that Eric came by. Eric reveals that he came by because he has some news of his own to share.

Nicole is at the hospital and gets a call from Anna, who asks how she is doing. Nicole says she’s fine and asks if something is wrong. Anna says not at all and she just wanted to check on her to see how things are going. Anna asks if Nicole picked up the pre-natal vitamins. Nicole confirms that she did. Nicole hopes Anna is alone and no one is within ear shot of her. Anna assures that no one is going to hear about this pregnancy from her. Tony then appears and surprises Anna. Anna tells Nicole that she has to hang up now and will talk to her later. Nicole questions if someone is there. Anna claims that it’s just the waiter as she hangs up. Tony sits with Anna and questions who she was chatting with just now. Anna claims that it was just a wrong number but Tony doesn’t believe her because he hung up as if he caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Tony reveals that he did hear her say that she’s keeping a pregnancy a secret. Tony asks who she was talking to and if he knows this person who is with child. Anna says that Tony does know her very well. Anna calls it very surprising and shocking, claiming that she just found out that she herself is pregnant.

Megan informs EJ that she has as much right to be here as he does and calls him baby brother. EJ is shocked and says he just heard about her release from prison but he didn’t think she would show up here. Megan asks where else she would go since this is her home. Megan states that her name might be Hathaway, but she is a DiMera through and through which means that her place is in this house and in the family business.

Gabi is shocked to see Kristen. Kristen guesses they haven’t heard her news that she is a free woman. Gabi questions how she got released from prison. Kristen reveals it was an immunity deal. Kristen asks if she interrupted but says she overheard their wedding plans, so she congratulates them. Kristen tells Gabi that she would be more than happy to stand up for her on her special day. Gabi says when Hell freezes over.

Marlena tells Eric not to keep them in suspense on the news. Eric announces that Sloan has been cleared of all charges and they now know that she was not the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Marlena acknowledges that must be a big relief for him. Brady points out that someone obviously has it out for them and brings up Abe just being attacked at the bakery. Marlena asks if anybody knows who it is. Eric reveals that it is Sloan’s brother, Colin.

Sloan goes to the hospital and sees Nicole pacing. Sloan asks if Nicole is picking up more pre-natal vitamins. Nicole tells her to keep her voice down. Sloan realizes she still hasn’t told anybody that she’s pregnant. Nicole informs her that she’s actually here to see Abe, who Sloan’s brother violently assaulted and remarks that she probably put him up to it. Sloan argues that she had nothing to do with it. Nicole yells at her to save it because they both know why her brother came to town and why Abe is lying in a hospital bed.

Tony questions Anna saying that she is pregnant. Anna says she realizes it must be a shock to him. Tony asks how she found out. Anna claims that Dr. Rolf was working on experimental fertility treatments and she was intrigued, so she offered to be his guinea pig and she hit pay dirt.

Kristen questions Gabi’s hostility. Gabi reminds Kristen that she and Li conspired against her and kept Stefan being alive from her while brainwashing him to hate her and love Chloe. Gabi says luckily for her, the plan failed miserably. Gabi tells Kristen that Stefan loves her more than she could ever comprehend. Gabi asks why she would ever let Kristen anywhere near her at her wedding when they are getting married in spite of her best efforts. Gabi doesn’t even understand why Kristen did all of that since she’s not even with Brady. Stefan tries to calm Gabi down, warning that maybe she shouldn’t make an enemy out of Kristen. Gabi argues that Kristen is the enemy. Stefan points out that Kristen is his sister and reminds Gabi that they might need her vote. Gabi reluctantly admits that she sees his point and then offers Kristen champagne.

EJ questions Megan wanting her place in the family business. Megan states that all of Stefano’s heirs has a right to a piece of his empire and all that comes with it, including a vote to who runs the company. EJ says that’s true but Megan has been presumed dead for almost 30 years. Megan is assure the DiMera lawyers can handle it and imagines that EJ would want to be her ally in this situation as it could work in his favor. Megan brings up that EJ and Stefan are locked in a power struggle for control of the company. Megan says her vote might be the difference between his triumphant victory or his crushing defeat, so she guesses he wants to keep her on his good side. EJ then offers her champagne.

Tony tells Anna that this is the most wonderful news that she is surprising him with the blessing of a child which he calls a miracle. Anna calls for a toast but Tony reminds her that she can’t drink while with child as they have to think of their baby for 9 months. Anna gets uncomfortable as Tony talks about all she has to give up. Tony says they are on this journey together and he’ll make sure he’s at every one of her appointments. Anna tells him that he doesn’t have to do that since he is very busy. Tony says their baby will be the top priority from now on. Tony says they will get rid of all the wine in the wine cellar so that she doesn’t get tempted, unless of course she is not pregnant at all and that she was discussing someone else’s pregnancy. Tony asks if she would like to tell him who it is now. Anna complains that she can’t and that’s why she made up the ridiculous story about Dr. Rolf’s fertility treatment. Anna informs Tony that she was sworn to secrecy and refuses to break her solemn vow. Tony then guesses that it’s Nicole.

Sloan repeats to Nicole that she had nothing to do with Abe while Nicole argues that she knows Sloan had her brother do her dirty work. Kayla interrupts and asks what’s going on here. Sloan says she was just going to check on her brother and walks away. Nicole asks Kayla how Abe is doing. Kayla says he’s still in recovery and they are waiting for tests to come back, but he’s holding on. Kayla asks what was going on. Nicole informs her that Sloan unfortunately found out that she’s pregnant. Nicole says Sloan is hoping Eric’s not the father and is just as anxious to find out. Nicole wants to take the paternity test sooner than later. Kayla says she can get an accurate result next week. Nicole agrees to that as long as Eric or EJ don’t find out before they get the test results. Kayla thinks that will be improbable.

Eric tells Brady and Marlena about Colin and insists that if Sloan knew, she would’ve put a stop to it. Marlena repeats that it must be a relief since she knows Eric and Sloan are getting closer. Eric says that Sloan’s going through a tough time because Colin is in the hospital with injuries and he expects her to be his lawyer. Eric adds that he’s just trying to do whatever he can to help so he came to ask for Marlena’s help. Marlena asks how she can help. Eric brings up that Sloan mentioned wanting them to have dinner with John and Marlena as he really thinks it would lift her spirits. Marlena asks if it would just be the four of them. Eric invites Brady but he doesn’t want to be a fifth wheel. Eric insists that he would love for him to be there and that he can bring whoever he wants. Brady jokes about the choices he has. Eric apologizes for being insensitive as he knows he’s not seeing anyone. Brady says he only has one woman in his life right now and that would be Kristen, who is doing her damndest to ruin his life, so he won’t bring her to dinner.

Kristen mocks the idea that now that her vote is on the table, suddenly she’s invited to the celebration. Gabi claims she never said she wasn’t invited. Stefan argues that planning a wedding can be stressful and Gabi lashed out without thinking. Kristen adds that they are feuding with EJ over the company and they need her. Gabi admits they have been feuding over DiMera, but ever since Stefan came back, she’s been worried about losing him again so seeing Kristen triggered her and reminded her of everything they had been through. Gabi acknowledges that Kristen did save Stefan from Li pulling the plug on him and says she just wasn’t thinking clearly when she lashed out at her. Kristen says she can respect that and admits she may have acted a bit irrationally in the past. Kristen says they can both make it up to her by taking her home with them.

EJ pours champagne and toasts to Megan’s triumphant return to Salem. They joke about regular returns from the death around here. Megan asks where the rest of the family is. EJ informs her that everyone should be back in time for dinner, which tonight he says will be held in Megan’s honor.

Gabi questions Kristen wanting them to take her home with them. Kristen feels it’s not a strange request since she is a DiMera after all. Stefan realizes that she wants to move in to the mansion with them. Kristen says that Brady made it clear that she’s not welcome at Marlena’s and she doesn’t have a lot of friends in Salem. Kristen suggests they help each other out and asks about owning the house. Stefan says that’s up for debate. Kristen decides they can discuss that on their way home and walks off with Gabi and Stefan.

Nicole asks Kayla how EJ and Eric can find out that she’s pregnant before they get the test results. Kayla explains that she will need a blood sample from her and a cheek swab from the potential father. Nicole is shocked and asks what she was thinking, questioning how she can get a cheek swab from Eric and EJ without telling them what it’s for. Kayla points out that she only has to get it from one of them and if it doesn’t match, then it would be the other. Kayla encourages Nicole to just get one sample. Kayla agrees to go get the kit and if Nicole can collect that sample this week, then they will find out who her baby’s father is.

Brady tells Eric that if he really wants him to come to dinner, he’d be happy to attend. Marlena agrees that she and John will as well. Eric thanks them and says he really appreciates it. Eric decides to go see if Sloan needs anything since she’s been at the hospital with Colin all day. Eric says he’ll be in touch about dinner and that he’s sorry about Kristen as he exits.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano and admits that Megan’s return was a surprise but as long as he keeps her on his side. Stefan and Gabi then come home with Kristen. Kristen notices the champagne and calls it nice to celebrate her return home which EJ questions. Stefan reveals that they asked Kristen to move in. Gabi calls it only fitting since she’s released from prison. Kristen remarks that unlike EJ, they generously offered her a room. EJ remarks that he’s sure Kristen’s voting shares had nothing to do with it. Megan comes back in to the room and asks if she heard someone say voting shares. Megan then introduces herself to Stefan and Gabi. Megan asks if EJ told them that she’s moving in which Stefan says he did not. EJ says he couldn’t turn down a DiMera and invites them to join the dinner to celebrate his sister’s return. Stefan says he wouldn’t miss it. EJ says he will just give Tony a call to make sure he’s able to join them.

Tony tells Anna that he knows she has recently become Nicole’s confidant and she kept a secret for her, so it stands to reason that she would keep another. Anna admits that he figured it out and begs him not to tell a soul. Tony asks why not since Nicole can’t keep it secret for very long. Anna says that’s true but reveals that Nicole doesn’t know who the father is, so she’s going to take a paternity test very soon but until then, she doesn’t want EJ to know that she might be carrying another man’s child because he would kick her out of the mansion and she’d like to avoid that. Tony calls that understandable. Anna asks if Tony will agree not to tell anyone. Tony appreciates her being loyal to Nicole, but argues that she must appreciate him being loyal to EJ, who has a right to know that his partner is pregnant. Anna argues that he will know as soon as she finds out who the father is. Anna asks Tony to keep it to himself until then and thinks it won’t count against him being loyal. Tony then gets a call from EJ and says they would be delighted to come. Tony says nothing could keep them away and he’ll see him there as he hangs up. Anna asks what’s going on. Tony informs her that EJ is throwing a celebratory dinner party to welcome a special member of the family back in to the fold and said he can’t wait for them to attend.

Anna and Tony return home, surprised to see Kristen. Tony welcomes Kristen home. She hugs him and says it’s wonderful to see him and to be back. Tony says he suspected it might be Kristen when EJ said they were welcoming home a family member. Kristen reveals it wasn’t her that he was referring to. EJ then introduces Megan. Anna is shocked to see that Megan is alive. Megan jokes that she’s not the first DiMera to come back from the grave. Tony steps aside with EJ and questions what is going on and since when they celebrate ex con siblings. EJ thinks he would appreciate his strategy and explains that he saw an opportunity to enlist another DiMera vote in his favor, but it seems Stefan has the same idea, so for tonight, they are all just one big happy family. Anna steps aside with Tony to ask what he and EJ were talking about.

Brady tells Marlena that it sounds like they are having dinner with Eric and Sloan. Brady asks if they are welcoming Sloan to the family. Marlena doesn’t think they have to go that far but thinks they have to give Sloan the benefit of the doubt for Eric’s sake. Marlena says that since Eric is very fond of her, she must have some redeeming qualities. Brady hopes so but he doesn’t know how his presence at the dinner will uplift her spirits at all. Marlena feels the same but Brady says he’s sure that Sloan is eager for her stamp of approval. Marlena says regardless of how anyone feels about Sloan, Eric is devoted to her so they have to assume that she’s good for him and they have to give their full support.

Kayla brings Nicole the kit for cheek swabs. Nicole questions how she’s going to get one without telling them what it’s for. Kayla suggests maybe telling one of them the truth. Kayla tells her to just come back when she gets a sample and wishes her luck as she walks away. Sloan returns to Nicole and asks what’s wrong now. Sloan questions the box that she’s holding. Nicole explains that she has to get a cheek swab from EJ or Eric. Sloan sees that’s a hard thing to ask for without all the questions. Sloan suggests doing it while EJ is sleeping. Nicole asks how she would explain it if he woke up. Sloan admits it’d be tricky. Nicole decides that she’ll just have to figure this out on her own. Sloan then asks what if she did it to Eric. Sloan knows it’s not ideal, but considering her predicament, they can file this under don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Nicole worries about Eric figuring out what she’s doing. Sloan says she will lawyer her way out of it. Nicole tells her to forget it as she has to figure this out on her own and she will get a sample from EJ somehow. Sloan asks what if she can’t.

Brady finishes a call with Kristen and informs Marlena that she was just letting him know that she will be moving back in to the DiMera Mansion.

EJ calls for a toast. Stefan agrees and says he and Gabi would like to welcome Kristen back to the DiMera home, where she belongs. Stefan and Gabi toast to Kristen. EJ then says to their other sister, Megan Hathaway. Megan steps forward and announces she thinks it’s time that she take the family name as she is now claiming to be a DiMera completely and entirely. EJ then toasts to Megan DiMera. Tony thanks them for their kind words on behalf of the family, but now there is something he’d like to say to EJ, causing Anna to worry.

Sloan knows she’s not Nicole’s first choice, but asks who else she can turn to. Sloan asks for one swab and they’ll both try to get a sample so it will double her chances of success, unless she wants to come clean to both Eric and EJ. Sloan suggests maybe it’s easier to tell them the truth and get everything out on the table, but on the other hand, she’s going through everything with Colin and his case so she needs support from Eric and she can’t have him distracted by thinking he could have maybe fathered her child. Nicole worries that EJ will go ballistic if he believes she’s carrying another man’s baby and she wants to avoid that. Sloan says it sounds like they are in agreement. Nicole then opens the kit, but Eric arrives and questions what is going on here.

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