Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada pounded on Colin’s door, and Rafe answered it. He let her know that he was there to warn him to stay away from Talia, but he checked out. Rafe found out that he paid in cash. They realized that Colin was a criminal. Rafe spotted a razor and took it out of the garbage to run his prints. Talia warned Colin that they were going to get caught at the new hotel. He ignored Sloan’s call. He told her that his sister already saw him. He told Talia that Sloan threatened to go to the police if he didn’t leave town. He considered leaving, but he couldn’t do it when she was making progress with Chanel. Talia felt they should leave before they get caught. Colin didn’t want to go when she was close to breaking Chanel’s heart. She didn’t want to let him down, but she didn’t want to do it anymore. Nicole was panicking over her baby news. Anna thought she wanted the baby to be Eric’s. Nicole didn’t want to think about her preference. She’s worried that she will lose the baby. Anna assured her that science has changed since the last time she was pregnant. She told her that she should talk to her doctor about prenatal vitamins. She assured Nicole that the guys will be happy with her news. Nicole was grateful to Anna for making her feel better.

Trask went to Abe’s place demanding that he fire Rafe. She needed a police commissioner who could get things done and break rules when necessary. Abe wondered if she had someone in mind for Rafe’s position. She said she wanted Paulina to be the commissioner. Colin was upset with Talia for wanting to end the plan. She felt bad since she got to know Chanel and Paulina. He thought she knew how important it was for him to get revenge on them for his parents deaths. She didn’t want him to be mad at her, but he pulled away from her. He tried to flatter her to get her to stick with the plan. Abe told Trask that he believed in Rafe. Trask warned him that his attitude will cost him the next election. Rafe and Jada went to the station to run Colin’s prints. They turned up empty. Rafe remembered that he wasn’t from America. They checked his prints with Scotland Yard and there was a match. Nicole was at the hospital with a white bag. Nicole bumped into Sloan and a pill bottle fell out of the bag. Sloan picked up the bottle. She read the label on the bottle. She asked her about the prenatal vitamins.

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