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Kate meets the boss of the boat and it turns out to be Dimitri Von Leuschner, who says that Kate must know him by reputation because they’ve never been formally introduced but the pleasure is all his.

Marlena goes to the Brady Pub while on the phone with Roman. Marlena says that’s great news and she’ll tell everybody. Marlena knows he still has to find Kate but now they have reason to hope. Marlena says she’ll get back with him soon as they hang up. Marlena then finds Eric seated alone and excitedly tells him that Roman found out that Kate got away from Bo, so he thinks that Kate is alive. Eric says that’s great but Marlena can tell something is wrong. Eric slowly turns towards her, revealing the cut on his face. Marlena asks how that happened but Eric claims it’s nothing and that he ran in to a door. Eric then admits it was EJ’s fist.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ questions Gabi not telling him in the first place that Nicole went to the hospital. Gabi talks about being not sure that Nicole wasn’t faking the whole thing of having cramps. EJ questions what kind of cold hearted person she is. Gabi argues that she’s the one who took Nicole to the ER. EJ asks if she’s alright now but Gabi doesn’t know since she didn’t wait there. Gabi calls Nicole a drama queen and goes to leave but EJ grabs her and questions what is wrong with her. Stefan then walks in and tells EJ to get his hands off of Gabi.

At the hospital, Nicole asks Kayla how she can be pregnant when she’s on the pill. Kayla responds that the pill is highly effective but doesn’t prevent 100% of pregnancies. Nicole questions why she was having cramps. Kayla guesses they were little contractions which are normal in early pregnancy, so she’s not concerned at the moment. Kayla suggests a follow up with her OB/GYN due to her medical history and past pregnancies. Nicole admits she did not see this coming. Kayla understands it’s a lot to take in and that it was unplanned. Nicole adds that it’s not just because the pregnancy is dangerous for her and the baby, but she doesn’t even know who the father is.

Marlena asks if Eric had a bar room fight with EJ. Eric says he gave those up and that EJ punched him while it took all of his restraint not to punch him back. Marlena questions why EJ hit him. Eric asks her to let it go. Marlena guesses it was Nicole and asks what happened. Eric says she won’t like it as he reveals that EJ sucker punched him when he found out that he and Nicole slept together.

EJ complains to Stefan that Nicole fell ill while alone with Gabi and now Gabi is making jokes about it. Gabi argues that it only happened after she was winning their argument. EJ grabs Gabi and questions her flinging insults at anyone else while Stefan warns him again to let her go. Gabi notices EJ’s knuckles are all red and asks how that happened. EJ claims it was an accident. Stefan asks who he knocked out this time. EJ claims it was no one. Stefan reminds EJ that he has to play nice because he has a performance review coming up. EJ declares that he’s not wasting any more time with them as he’s going to the hospital and exits. Gabi calls EJ an arrogant bastard. Stefan asks Gabi if Nicole was faking or actually in pain. Gabi says she doesn’t know but if she was sick, she hopes it’s serious.

Kayla asks Nicole if she was with more than one man recently. Nicole admits that she was but she’s in a committed relationship with EJ. Kayla asks why she would do that then but apologizes and says it’s none of her business. Nicole says it’s okay as she wants her to know. Nicole informs Kayla that she and Eric were high on the drugged biscuits and had a one night stand.

Chad remains in Greece while on the phone with Julie, talking about his son Thomas losing a tooth. Chad tells her to tell his kids that he misses and loves them very much and he’ll be home soon. Chad thanks her for everything and says he’ll call her again in the morning as they hang up. Roman shows up at the door, so Chad asks if there’s anything new about Bo. Roman says not since he squeezed Hope’s hand but Kayla said it will be a long road back for him. Roman adds that he and Hope have talked about moving Bo in to a long term care facility. Chad says it’s good to have him back in the land of the living even if it is a shame he’s not recovering fast. Roman states that Bo is tough so he won’t count him out. Chad agrees that anyone who knows Bo would not count him out because he’s a survivor just like Kate. Roman mentions that Steve wasn’t in his room and asks if he’s out looking for Kate. Chad confirms that Steve left a little while ago. Roman asks if he said where he was heading so that he can catch up to him. Chad says he did but notes that there is something Roman should know and he’s not sure he will like it.

Kate informs Dimitri that she knows he’s the cousin of Carly and Frankie, who posed as an ISA agent named Kyle Graham last year. Dimitri guesses that Billie filled her in which Kate confirms. Dimitri talks about having fond memories of romancing Billie. Kate says she knows all about it but Billie knows she was played by him and has forgotten all about him. Dimitri guesses he had that coming but says he found her quite captivating and now he sees where she gets it. Kate tells him not to bother as she is immune to his charms, like Billie was when she took him down in the end and his plot blew up in his face. Kate questions why he’s not in prison. Dimitri says that’s his business. Kate then asks him why she’s on this boat, gutting fish, when she could be home in Salem with her loved ones.

Eric tells Marlena that he slept with Nicole as they were under the influence of the tainted biscuits and assures that it was a one time thing. Marlena asks if he told Sloan. Eric responds that he didn’t have to because she was the one who walked in on them. Eric thought Sloan would be quiet about it since she said she understood, so he doesn’t know why she would bring it up to EJ. Eric calls it a total blow to EJ’s fragile male ego and that EJ wouldn’t believe that it meant nothing. Marlena questions if it did mean nothing to Eric and Nicole.

Nicole tells Kayla that she and Eric were hallucinating while having sex and didn’t know what they were doing. Nicole stops and worries if the drug could hurt the baby. Kayla thinks it’s too early to know that. Nicole calls this such a mess. EJ then arrives. Nicole greets him and asks what he’s doing here. EJ respond that he had to know if she was alright and asks Kayla if she is.

Stefan tells Gabi that the least EJ could’ve done was thank Gabi for taking Nicole to the hospital. Stefan points out that Nicole is working day and night to have them canned, so she should’ve had her take a cab. Gabi says she’s not a horrible person and thought she would earn brownie points with EJ, but he just yelled at her for not staying with Nicole. Gabi mentions adding that to her scathing performance review and then tells Stefan that Nicole was about to send his when her pain started, so she didn’t send it and was just getting the laptop out of her bag. Stefan points out that Nicole left her laptop and asks if Gabi is thinking what he’s thinking.

Eric assures Marlena that he and Nicole were high and what happened was the last thing they wanted. Marlena points out that research on the drug showed it doesn’t increase libido. Eric asks what she is insinuating. Marlena states that Eric and Nicole have always had a very strong attraction to each other. Eric insists that he and Nicole regret it as he’s with Sloan and she’s with EJ now. Eric adds that Nicole doesn’t know that EJ knows about them and she hasn’t called him back. Eric worries that EJ was enraged so he’s afraid that Nicole will get blindsided.

Kayla tells EJ that he can’t just barge in here as she’s with a patient. EJ points out that Nicole is his girlfriend and says that Gabi said she was in terrible pain. Nicole tells him that it wasn’t that terrible and it’s over now, so he doesn’t have to worry. Nicole asks Kayla to give her and EJ a few minutes alone. Kayla tells Nicole to see her before she leaves to discuss her follow up care. Kayla then exits the room. Nicole apologizes to EJ for Gabi scaring him and says she shouldn’t have made so much out of it, but she’s fine now. EJ calls that a relief and asks if Kayla knows why Nicole had this pain. Nicole claims it was just something she ate. EJ questions if it was a delayed reaction to the biscuits. Nicole says that might have been it but that it was nothing. EJ argues that it couldn’t have been nothing since Gabi despises her but was worried enough to drive her here and now she’s just fine. EJ finds it hard to believe. Nicole asks if he’s saying that she’s lying. EJ responds that it is possible, since she did lie to him about sleeping with Eric.

Eric feels he has to call Nicole. Marlena assures that she will call him back when she can. Eric mentions knowing that Marlena doesn’t like EJ or Sloan. Marlena says she’s curious how he’s feeling and checks out his cut. Marlena worries that it won’t close without stitches so she wants to take him to the hospital, or else he’ll end up with a scar or an infection. Eric argues that Marlena is a doctor so she can stitch him up. Marlena points out that she doesn’t have her bag and they are not in a sterile environment. Eric complains that an ER is full of sick people. Marlena says she has connections and can get him in to an exam room. Marlena adds that she’s not letting this go so Eric leaves the Pub with Marlena.

Stefan wonders what Nicole’s password is. Gabi remembers that Nicole was typing it in when her pain started, so they are able to log in. Stefan acknowledges that it’s highly unethical for him to access and alter a performance review on his own job. Gabi argues that it’s unethical for Nicole to lie about him too and asks if Stefan’s going to let that go. Stefan knows he started this whole thing by hiring Gabi to do these job evaluations. Gabi argues that everything she wrote about EJ is accurate while Stefan is one of the most ethical people she knows. Stefan sees that Nicole left the file wide open. Stefan reads that Nicole wrote that he was scattered, inattentive, and possibly brain damaged. Stefan laughs over Nicole writing that he fails to use inclusive language and that he’s unfamiliar with social media and pop culture like not knowing the singer Lizzo when influencers like her can impact a company’s profit margin. Gabi jokes that they’ll work on that. Stefan reads that Nicole wrote that Stefan is not prepared to run a multi-national corporation and that an unnamed employee said they wished Stefan stayed dead. Gabi calls Nicole a bitch.

Dimitri is surprised at Kate’s reaction when he made sure the boat was comfortable while he knew she was familiar with fish chopping. Kate stops him and asks again why she is here. Dimitri responds that Kate is of great use to him as a hostage. Kate tells him to call Roman and demand a ransom then. Dimitri questions where Roman would get that money. Kate insists that Roman is resourceful and he will find a way to get her back, adding that they have friends and family that can help him. Kate adds that Chad DiMera is like her son, so she suggests calling him so they can end this farce and she can go home.

Chad informs Roman that Harris Michaels is on the case now. Roman questions who’s idea that was. Chad explains that Andrew Donovan thinks Harris could be their best bet in finding Kate since Kate was taken by boat while Harris was a Navy SEAL and an expert at tracking down missing boats. Roman says his problem is that he’s not fully convinced that Harris is deprogrammed or that they can trust him, bringing up what he did with Steve and Kayla. Chad points out that they were rescued the next day. Roman understands Chad is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Chad declares that if it helps find Kate, he doesn’t care where the help comes from.

Marlena brings Eric to the hospital. Eric is shocked to see Kayla and hugs her. Kayla asks what happened to his face. Eric claims it’s nothing while Kayla points out he is bleeding. Eric reluctantly asks for stitches. Marlena didn’t know Kayla was home and tells her how good it is to see her here. Kayla admits she never thought she’d see this place again. Marlena asks if she has seen Bo. Kayla confirms that she has and he’s shown signs of awareness but it’s going to be a long road to recovery. Eric notes that they are all praying for him. Marlena asks if there’s any update on Kate. Kayla says no, but Roman will not give up until he finds her. Kayla adds that Steve and Chad stayed behind in Greece but she wishes there was more to go on. Marlena hugs Kayla and tells her to take care of herself. Kayla accidentally drops her folder on Nicole so Eric goes to pick it up but Kayla quickly tells him to just leave it.

Nicole tries to lie to EJ but he tells her not to waste her breath because Sloan was delighted to tell him all about it. Nicole argues that Sloan is lying because she hates her but EJ reveals that he confronted Eric on it and he confirmed it. EJ adds that he also overheard her on the phone with Eric the other night, swearing him to secrecy on something and now he knows what that something is. Nicole says she would’ve told him. EJ goes over what Eric said about them being high and it being a one time thing that didn’t mean anything. EJ explains that he had built up a head of steam and took it out on Eric, then he came home to confront her about it when he found out she was sick and then all his anger disappeared and he only cared about finding her. Nicole admits that she just didn’t think that EJ would understand. EJ responds that the only thing he didn’t understand is why she felt the need to lie to him. Nicole says she knew how upset he would get given their history with Eric. EJ understands she may have been afraid but he got it out of his system when he punched Eric. Nicole asks if she hurt him. EJ says he’s fine. Nicole asks what about him. EJ says he just has skinned knuckles and a new awareness that life is not always under his control. EJ adds that he’s more concerned about her and asks if she’s really alright as this all feels like quite a lot just for a stomachache. Nicole asks what he means. EJ mentions hearing Kayla say that she wanted to discuss her follow up plan and questions that being for indigestion. EJ asks Nicole if she is seriously ill. Nicole says no and tells him not to think that for a minute. EJ calls that a relief, but he knows there’s something she’s not telling him which she admits.

Gabi alters Nicole’s evaluation of Stefan to praise him as showing amazing attention to detail, being a joy to work with, and having a positive office culture. Stefan calls her brilliant and kisses her. Stefan asks if they have to finish this now. Gabi points out that Nicole would walk in at any minute. Stefan tells her to work fast and kisses her neck as Gabi continues praising him. Gabi then says forget it and continues kissing Stefan instead.

Kayla tells Eric that it’s a patient’s file so he can’t see it. Marlena points out that they still need to get Eric treated. Kayla says she can do it, just not at this very minute. Marlena offers to stitch him up. Kayla agrees to text the attending physician. Eric hugs Kayla and says it’s good to have her back in Salem. Marlena says they will be waiting in her office as she and Eric then walk away.

Nicole doesn’t know why this is so hard to tell EJ. Nicole then lies and claims that Kayla just thinks she’s in the early stages of menopause. EJ questions that being it. Nicole says she was just upset as it came as such a surprise and she’s not ready. EJ tells Nicole that there is nothing that will make her less beautiful or desirable to him. Nicole jokes about having hot flashes. EJ is just relieved it’s not anything more serious. EJ asks if Nicole has now told him everything. Nicole claims she has and tells him not to worry about her because she’s healthy and that’s the truth. EJ is thankful as they hug.

Roman tells Chad that he drives himself nuts trying to figure out what the hell happened to Kate and then he worries that she’s out on a boat by herself and they don’t know where to look. Chad encourages that Harris has old friends that are coast guards helping him. Chad adds that Harris can do things that they can’t. Chad encourages that Kate has cheated death three times since this nightmare started and that he feels it in his bones that Kate is alive. Roman thanks Chad and hopes he’s right. Roman then apologizes, saying he has no right to lay his troubles on Chad of all people since he, John, and Steve got another chance with the women they love. Chad urges Roman to just keep the faith.

Dimitri tells Kate that he’s not calling Chad or anyone else that could track him on his phone. Kate asks if he hasn’t heard of a burner phone. Dimitri says he’s not ready to make his demands now as there are still many factors in play. Dimitri adds that Kate being here is not just random and is all part of a much larger plan. Kate asks why she can’t be in on the plan since she can’t tell anyone. Dimitri says all in good time, but for now, he suggests they tango. Kate pulls a knife on him and warns him not to touch her as she wouldn’t dance with him if he was the last person on Earth. Dimitri then opens the door and tells her to go back to the fish.

Gabi and Stefan finish their job evaluations and send them in. Gabi remarks that the board will now get a glowing review of Stefan from Nicole and a scathing review of EJ from her. Stefan jokes that the board could ignore both. Gabi calls it the first step in them running the company as they resume kissing until they decide to go upstairs.

EJ runs in to Eric at the hospital. Eric mentions getting stitches and asks what brought him here. EJ claims he was just getting his hand looked at. EJ adds that he and Nicole talked things through and both understand that their one night stand meant absolutely nothing to her, so they will pretend it didn’t happen. Eric says that sounds good to him.

Nicole listens to her voicemail from Eric and says his warning was too late, but she should probably delete it. Kayla then comes back and asks how it went with EJ. Nicole informs her that he knows she slept with Eric thanks to Sloan, but she didn’t tell him that she was pregnant and just claimed it was menopause. Nicole adds that she won’t tell Eric either because as of now, this has to be her decision. Kayla mentions running in to Eric at the nurses station but she didn’t even hint that Nicole was in the building. Nicole thanks Kayla and says she went through her calendar but she still doesn’t know who the father is, so she asks how long until she can find out. Kayla says in a few weeks, they can do a blood test but she will have to get a DNA sample from EJ or Eric. Kayla asks how she’s holding up. Nicole says there are so many things going through her head, but until she finds out who’s baby she is carrying, no one can know that she is pregnant aside from them.

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