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[Soft music]


Hey, hi.

You thinking about willow?

Yeah, is it that obvious?

Well, she’s your daughter. We’re all thinking about her.

I don’t suppose you have news?

On liesl or anybody else, no, unfortunately. But I have been doing some digging on who tipped off the sec about carly and drew’s insider trading.

Oh. What’d you find?

[Monitor beeping]

[Tense music]

It was exhaustion, right? I mean, first, it was all the excitement from the wedding, then the sec showing up. I mean, the whole day zapped willow of her energy. That’s why she passed out, right?

Willow was exhausted, for sure, especially for someone in her condition.



I’m afraid it’s more than that.

I’m sorry. I know that we put this on for a distraction.

But you can’t be distracted.

Between trina, and willow, and now my mom and drew–

I get it. It’s too much.

What if drew and liesl don’t make it back?

One thing I learned in the military is that you have to hold out hope, even in the worst of circumstances. You never know when the tide is going to shift.

Well, can it shift now, please? Hope?

It’s a powerful thing.

[Sighs] Then I will hold on to it. And I will pray that drew gets everybody home safely. He has to. Willow’s life depends on it.

My grandmother is on the island with drew?

Yeah, she insisted, come hell or high water.

I knew your grandmother was supposed to be a badass, but to face down victor cassadine?

Yeah, it almost makes you feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

Stand down.

Very wise. It’d be a real shame if she dropped it.

You drop it, you die.

But so do you. I’m thinking that just might be worth it.

[Dramatic music]


There’s no way out,

at least not that way.

You’re dead.

What is death

but another country?

Oh, come, my son.

Let me take you away

from everything and everyone.

[Monitor beeping]

Wait, wait, you have no idea the power you have in your hands right now.

I think I do.

Then think of willow. Tell her, liesl. If you die, so does your innocent niece.

Better to lose one innocent life than a whole world of them.

Wait, what are you doing?

Saving humanity.

[Dramatic music]

Ok, so what made willow collapse tonight?

Look, dr. Randolph is the specialist. I’m reluctant to say too much before you speak with her.

Look, tj, I trust you. More importantly, willow trusts you. Just tell me what’s going on.

Willow has some bleeding that’s not clotting.

Right, because of her low blood cell count.

We will be giving her platelets to get that under control. But all of this is an indication that her body is breaking down and she can’t produce enough cells to fight back.

Ok, we all know that. We’re running out of time. We got that. Most importantly right now, I need to know, what are we gonna do about it?

[Somber music]

Tonight was michael and willow’s wedding. And for a little while, nothing else mattered– just the way they looked at each other and the promises they made. I mean, what if drew and liesl don’t make it back in time?

Drew kane is an ex-navy seal, remember? Those guys, more than anyone, know how to finish the job.

I believe it. Drew’s gonna get everybody home safe. But when he does, then he and my mom have the sec breathing down their necks.

Sonny is working on that.

And that’s great that sonny’s working on that. And he’s got the sec following a false trail, and that’s bought some more time– for now. But even if everything works out and everything goes according to plan, sonny is still gonna end up in prison. Unless you’re the one having second thoughts about that?

So far, I’ve come up empty. But it’s just a matter of time before whoever tipped off the sec about carly and drew is gonna be uncovered. And I got my contacts in dc. They’re, you know, trying to figure out what kind of case they have against drew. That’s if he comes back.

No, don’t say that. Drew has to come back. He has to bring everybody back. He has to bring aunt liesl back, or else willow–

you know I’m praying for that. You know that, right? But the sec is not gonna wait for carly.

Wait, are you saying that they might charge carly even without drew here?

Well, I don’t know about the rest of it. But I tell you what, I’m gonna make sure that carly is not left holding the bag.

But, sonny, what if that’s not possible?

Let’s go, scorpio.

I’ve got to talk to the director.

If you’re referring to frisco jones, he’s been replaced. If you mean the new director, he’s not taking your calls.

Well, you call him. Tell him to abort the mission before the bureau bombs that island.

Do I need to remind you you’re under arrest?

Do I need to remind you there are lives are at stake?

Innocent lives!

There’s nothing I can do about that. Now, come on.

Of course there is.

I’m taking you into custody.

[Clears throat] I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid da scorpio is not going anywhere.

Says who?

Says me.

[Dramatic music]

My grandmother is more than a match for uncle victor, but it’s not gonna be a fair fight. This place is crawling with guards.

Let me worry about laura, ok? The three of you get to safety.

I can’t just leave her behind.

That’s exactly what you’re gonna do. There’s a seaplane waiting offshore on the east side of the island. You guys get there, and get the hell out of here.

What about you?

I’ll be fine.

You don’t know that.


You don’T. I can’t lose you now, not when we don’t even know if I–we just– I just–


[Tense music]

You may be willing to die for mankind, but I doubt these two share that view.

Yet again, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Laura, you need to know–

silence her!

[Muffled speech]

Did you really think that I would hold my own life more precious than the lives of my children and my grandchildren?

Oh, very well. If you are determined to play the role of a martyr, go ahead, do it. Die for your cause before I kill you for it.

[Tense music]

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I forget to mention the pathogen has to be activated by uv light? In other words, good old-fashioned sunshine. Otherwise, it’s quite harmless. Isn’t that right, liesl?

I tried to warn you.

I’m sorry, laura. Your martyrdom will just have to wait for another day.

And her?

No, not yet. We need to keep the good doctor breathing just long enough to test the antidote on our guinea pig.

[Dramatic music]

No, I’m not going anywhere with you. I’m going home with charlotte and anna.

You’re dying.

It’s time to accept reality.

You were never good enough,


Not for anna, not for anyone.

That’s not true.

They’ll all be

better off without you.



Oh, there, there.

Oh, it won’t be long now.

You’re not gonna lose me, but you guys need to get out of here right now.

The satellite phone.


There’s a satellite phone behind the bar. I can call jordan on the way and tell her to send help.

Great plan. I don’t have to tell you how hugely important that young lady is to me.

I know.

Spencer, I’m counting on you to get her out of here to safety. The pilot has orders to take off as soon as you’re on board. Do not wait for me, no matter how much she begs you.


Spencer, I need to know that I can trust you.

You can.

Ok, got it.

All right, it’s time to move. You guys, just be smart. Let’s be safe.

That goes double for you. Curtis? I know everything’s so uncertain right now, but I– I–

I know, kiddo. Me, too.

Is there anything we can do for willow? Just name it, and it’s done.

Again, I will defer to whatever dr. Randolph thinks is best.

Dr. Randolph isn’t here! I’m sorry.

Don’t apologize.

Just tell me what I can do to bring my wife home.

Well, that’s just it, michael. I don’t think willow should go home, not if the goal is to buy her more time.

Of course, that’s the goal.

Is hospice an option?

It’s always an option. They will definitely keep willow comfortable until she transitions.



What, to death?

I hate this, too, michael.

Ok, what if she stays here?


we can treather symptoms as they develop, increasing her chances of surviving until drew gets back. But I will not lie to you. Willow will be in a great deal of pain due to her enlarged lymph nodes putting pressure on her organs.

Right, ok. This just keeps getting better and better. So either I bring my wife home to die comfortably, or she stays in the hospital suffering to survive or maybe– maybe not.

It’s a horrible choice, I know.

But one you have to make.

What makes you think I’m having second thoughts?

Because you see something in sonny that michael and I don’T. And I get it. I used to see it, too. It’s not as easy to turn him in as you thought, is it?

Michael hired me to do a job, and I intend to finish it. A job that if I hadn’t taken, it would have never brought me to you.

So no regrets?

It’s not regret to admit that two things can be true.

Such as?

Sonny is breaking federal law violating the nsa and he deserves to be in prison. He also saved my life when he didn’t have to. So when the feds come for him,I’m gonna feel bad, but my part in this is already over. I got the footage. I gave it to michael. It’s in your brother’s hands now.

Damn ned. I tell you, I could kill him for putting carly and drew in this position.


It’s what the quartermaines do. I mean, you know what? Michael’s distracted. Valentin and drew were off the grid. So now, ned is gonna make his move.

Well, it’s a good thing that the sec didn’t hold carly overnight.

And I bought drew some time, also, right?

Yeah, it was really wonderful of you to do that. I’m sure michael and carly were very grateful.

You know, I’m not looking for a pat on the back.

No, of course you’re not. It doesn’t mean that I can’t give you one.

Ok, here’s the thing. I’m gonna do everything that I can for my family. You understand? I don’t care what’s going on between us. If somebody messes with one of us, they mess with all of us. And I’m telling you right now, if ned had anything to do with it, he better brace himself.

You know, I’ve been thinking about what you said about, you know, flying down to the islands.

You said you didn’t want to go.

I know I did, but I reconsidered. How soon can we leave?

[Dramatic music]

I thought you didn’t want to go, with everything up in the air with willow?

Yeah, well, I’m still a little uneasy about it, but you made a point when you said, you know, you know, we can get back to port charles in, what, a few hours? And, sonny, I really think that we need a little time alone to recharge and regroup. And, you know, when we get back home, we’ll be even more ready to help whoever needs us. Unless– I know that you’re dealing with a big business thing. Is that gonna stop you from getting away?

I took care of it.

Ok. Is that a yes?

Just let me make a call.



Listen, I doub t thatmichael is gonna call the feds on sonny any time soon. He is so focused on willow.

Totally understandable.

But it’s not great for you.

Until michael puts him away, I’m always gonna be looking over my shoulder, wondering if this is the end, if he’s onto me. Who wants to live like that?

Not me.

Not me, either.

Still, for this last little bit of time before all hell breaks loose and my family is divided into team sonny and team michael, I’m just gonna enjoy the peace. And I’m so glad that I get to enjoy it with you.

[Soft music]

[Cell phone ringing]


What’s wrong?



Brick is using my jet. I need you to contact the private airstrip and have them charter a plane as soon as possible. I’ll send you the contact information.



What did he want?

A plane out of town tonight.

You don’t think he knows what you and michael are planning?

No, if he was on to me, I would be the one leaving town. Sonny will make sure that I never come back.

You and willow are married now. So while she’s unconscious, what happens next is up to you.

Willow wouldn’t want to die in a hospital. The lights, the sound, she hates it all so much.


Ok, michael, I know you want to respect that. But what if keeping her here means she doesn’t die?

There are so many variables, none of which I have any control over. I don’t know. I don’t know. I got–I need to think.

Thank you. Thank you for being so steady around him. I mean, I know this is torture for you, too.

I just wish I could do more for both of them.

We all do.

You hanging in there?

Trying. You know, I just want to be strong for michael, but most of the time, I just want to crawl up in a ball.

But you don’T. I mean, that’s what matters, carly, you’re here by his side, offering any support he needs. Michael’s lucky to have you.

He’s lucky to have you, too. We all are.

The last thing that I want is for you to be in more pain. Make that the second to last thing that I want.

[Sighs] Oh, my god, willow, how did we get here?

We’re getting married.

[Both laugh]

That’s the plan, yes.

No, like, we are getting married. I’m going to be your wife.

I can’t wait.

I know we have this crazy, scary thing looming over us, but I don’t want it to overshadow the amazing fact that we are marrying each other because we love each other. Whether we get 60 hours or 60 years, you’re my guy. What?

I don’t know, it’s just the last time I’m seeing you before you become my wife. I just want to remember this moment.

I’ll never forget it.

I have to tell you how thankful I am. I mean, for your friendship, for your– your courage, your love, your compassion. Most importantly, how you’ve been such an amazing mother to wiley and now amelia. I mean, the fact that I getto call you my wife…


Hey, hey.

Hey, listen, you need to be really careful. Nothing gets past sonny. And if he’s starting to suspect–

don’t worry. I’ll be careful.

[Cell phone ringing]


Honey, it’s willow.

What happened?

I’m on my way.

Everything ok?

Willow has been taken to the hospital.

Ok, I’ll drive you.

No, no, you have to stay here.

You’re upset.

You have to deal with sonny. You have to deal with sonny, and I have to be with my family.

I’ll walk you out.

That, I’ll take you up on.

This is a matter of national– no, make that international security. You have no jurisdiction here.

Well, that’s actually for a judge to decide and the precedent set by chandler versus the united states.

Oh, I just love it when she talks precedents.

This is your doing, isn’t it?

I have faith in mayor collins and our friends. Just give them a chance to come through.

Faith is nice, but those bombs are a sure thing.

The only sure thing in your future is a discussion about da scorpio’s civil rights. I would take those handcuffs off of him, unless you want them to be a part of that discussion. Now, by all means, contact your superiors. I, of course, will be contacting the federal district court.

[Dramatic music]

I hate to say it, but hursley may be right. If laura and the rest of them fail–

they won’T.

It’s not gonna matter much unless I can talk that new director into calling off the drone strike.

Ok, I think we should be all good with these. But I think the baby’s gonna need another blanket because it’s really cold out there, ok?

Trina, wait.

I’ll be right back.

No, I don’t like the idea of you going off on your own right now.

Two minutes. You can time me.

Hey, I wish I could have gone with curtis, but I couldn’t leave you behind, yeah. It’s just us, buddy. It’s you, and me, and–

[Footsteps] That was fast. You’re not trina.

No, I most certainly am not.

I’m sorry. I don’t think I ever got your name.

No, but I know yours, young mr. Cassadine. And you and that baby are not going anywhere.

[Dramatic music]

Bring her over here. Put her with the doctor. Well, since I interpreted the meaning of operation demeter, you are now–well, in a word, useless to me.

[Loud bangs]

[Alarm blaring] What in the devil is that?

Did you bring a plus one?

I thought you did.

I knew there were more of them. Go, find them, kill them.


Oh, my god, oh!



Watkins, go get her!

[Dramatic music]

There’s plenty of security on this ship– nice, big fellows who can stop you from leaving. But we don’t want to upset the baby by involving him in a struggle. So why don’t you just hand him over?

Better idea, you go back to the stateroom and forget you ever saw us.

The senior mr. Cassadine hired me to care for the baby. I won’t disappoint him. Anyone on this channel, there’s been a breach. I need backup–

[Dramatic music]

Less than two minutes.

Your timing is perfect.

Did you get through to josslyn?

Yeah, yeah, she should be here any time.

How is she handling everything?

Like mother, like daughter. You know, she puts on a brave face, but like everyone else, she’s terrified.

Who are you calling terrified?


Hi. Oh.

You’re right, I’m terrified.

Me, too. Me, too.

How you feeling?

I’m ok, I think. What happened?

You, um– you passed out. We took you to the hospital.

We were talking about sonny.

Yeah, you know what? We’re done with that conversation, I promise. But first–

we need to focus on my health.

You need that transplant, willow.

I know. While we wait,

I want to behome with you and the kids.

I want that, too, for all of us. But, willow, your best chance– your only chance is to stay here in the hospital.

[Soft music]

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go by your place. We’re gonna get your clothes, put them in a bag, and then we’ll go to the airstrip.

It sounds perfect.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to bring a lot of clothes, right?

[Laughs] Is that so?

Yeah, that’s so.


Boss. Nina.

Hey, dex.

Ready? You ready?

Everything’s been arranged.

All right.

There’s been a development.

The plane?

With willow.

[Monitor beeping]

Oh, don’t fight it.

The pain will soon be over.

I will take complete agony over an eternity with you.

Oh, such a waste.

Ah, I could have made

a legend of you, valentin.

Instead, you’re just

one more corpse.

[Dramatic music]



What about willow? Did she have another episode?

I don’t have any details.

Well, dex, whatever you know, please.

Carly called josslyn and said willow collapsed and is being rushed to gh. Ok, joss went to meet her mom. I came straight here.

[Soft music]

Call the airstrip, cancel the flight. Let’s go.

Is willow gonna be ok?

I don’t know. Her only chance is a transplant.

And we can’t have that without liesl.

God, where are they?

What, you still haven’t heard from drew?

No. I mean, they have to be ok, and they have to come home now.

Well, how much time do we have?

Not enough.

What does dr. Randolph say?

I haven’t talked to her. But it’s tj’s opinion that if you’re gonna hold on until drew and liesl get back home, you’re gonna have to stay in the hospital for treatment.

I can come in every day.

No, no, no, they want you constantly monitored so that they can treat any symptoms that may arise in real time. Willow, it’s the only way.

Assuming drew and liesl make it back in time and assuming that they make it back at all.

You can’t think that way. You can’t think that way. They’re gonna come back. And there’s a whole team here of specialists who are in your corner that want to ensure that you’re alive when they do. But, willow, it starts with you. You have to do your part.

And my part is spending what could be my last days away from my family?

Willow, I’m gonna bring wiley and amelia here whenever I can. But, yes, I know this goes against everything that you wanted. But we’re down to the wire here, willow. This is our– this is our last shot. Just please tell me you’ll take it.

Ok, nanny from hell is locked in the stateroom. She’s gonna have a nasty headache when she wakes up, but she should be ok.


[Pounding on door] Ok, oh! What do we do?

Exactly what curtis said. We need to get my brother to safety. The seaplane isn’t gonna wait there forever.

Ok, ok. Oh, no.


I forgot. I was supposed to call jordan for reinforcements.

Ok, ok. Come here, buddy, it’s ok.


[Dramatic music]

All right, laura, step away.

All right, I got these two. You go kill that english bitch.


Hey, how you holding up?

How are you holding up? You’re the one who got dragged out of a wedding by the sec.

Oh, I don’t care about the charges. I mean, I care about the charges, but I care more about willow and michael and what they’re going through. I mean, willow was weak before. I just hope this sec situation doesn’t push her past her breaking point.

Well, that’s on ned.

Yeah. Yeah, it sure the hell is on ned. What he did was vindictive and cruel. And, honestly, I didn’t expect it from him.

What, you just thought those were lines he wouldn’t cross?

Yeah, yeah, I guess I did. I mean, I know that the quartermaines play dirty. I mean, hell, they blackmail each other over their morning coffee. But the way everyone rallied around michael and willow for the wedding, I mean, I thought it was sincere. Months ago, I get it. But now when willow is waiting for a transplant, I just– it’s thoug htless,and it’s reckless. And I really didn’t think that this was ned, but maybe it is, you know? What am I talking about? I’m the one who gave him the opening. It’s all on me.


No, it is, because drew and michael, separately and together, begged me not to get involved. They didn’t want me to buy any aurora stock, but I did it because I had to help. So much for helping. Ugh.

Ok, ok, so buying that stock wasn’t great.

It was terrible, josslyn. It was terrible.

I understand, mom, but you were just trying to help somebody that you loved, ok? Intentions matter.

Yeah, they sure do. The road to hell is paved with them.

Mom. What you set out to do was good. And what ned set out to do was harmful. Again, you were just trying to help someone you loved, and ned wanted to inflict damage.

Ned called in the sec because my actions made me and drew vulnerable.

And that’s awful. But, still, I mean, I have trouble believing that ned wanted them to show up at the wedding.

No, no, I can’t imagine anybody would want to do that to michael and willow, you know, they’d want to ruin their special day.


Their special day wasn’t ruined, mom.

Josslyn, come on.

Mom, it wasn’T. It wasn’T. You saw the looks on their faces when they exchanged their vows. They were so happy, and they were so in love. And I genuinely believe that that’s what’s gonna get willow to hold on.

I want to believe that, too. I do.

[Cell phone ringing]

I have to take this.


Hi. Is everything ok?

Everything’s fine. I just saw sonny and nina, and I thought you’d want to know–

that they just got to the hospital?

I take it they’re already there.

Just arrived.

Sorry it wasn’t more of a heads-up.

[Dramatic music]

I do want to go home.


let me finish. But if drew is putting his life on the line to bring liesl back to us, then I need to do whatever I can to make that risk worth it.

So you’ll stay and fight?

With everything in me.

Come on, we’re leaving.


Goodbye, laura. Come on, move.



Good shot.

Thanks. You ok?


Laura, you all right?

Yeah, it’s ok. It’s just a graze.

Wait, where’s victor?

He took obrecht, and the pathogen, and he ran out.

Jordan? Jordan, can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you. Where are you?

On the “haunted star” with spencer and ace.

Trina, listen to me. You have to get off that boat now.

We know, but it’s just–

no buts. There are drones on the way to drop bombs on the entire island, and we have no way to stop them. Take the baby and get to the seaplane before it’s too late.

Come on, come on, keep moving.

It’s no use, victor. You’ll never leave this island alive.

On the contrary, we’re gonna leave just the way we came. Now get moving. Come on.

Going somewhere?

All right, we gotthe guards tied up in the hall. They’re not going anywhere.

Ok, you’ve got to go after victor. We can’t let him escape with the pathogen.

I’m on it.

You ok?


Where’s valentin?

He’s in the isolation room.


Victor used him as a test subject for the pathogen.

Oh, my god.

Ok, let’s go. Let’s find trina and spencer now.

All right.

[Computer beeping]

What the hell is that?

I know that sound.

Let go. It’s easier that way. Or don’t you trust your own mother?

There’s only one person I trust with my life. There’s only one.

Laura, we have no time for this. We’ve got to get out of here and catch up with the others before that seaplane takes off without us.

We can’t go right now.

Why not?

This computer, it’s like the one that controlled mikkos’ machine– the one from 40 years ago.

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