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Xander gets out of the shower and is surprised when Chloe shows up at his door.

Eric and Sloan eat together at the Brady Pub. Eric gets a text from Brady that he’s on his way as he needs to talk about something. Sloan says she will let them talk. Eric stops her and points out that she just wondered who would’ve drugged the biscuits if not Chanel. Sloan says she has a lot of enemies, so she should probably hire a private investigator or throw a wrench in to the police investigation. Brady then arrives and says he’s sorry as he didn’t know Eric was busy. Sloan says it’s fine as she was just leaving. Sloan tells Eric not to worry as she will figure everything out like she always does. Sloan kisses Eric goodbye and exits the Pub. Brady sits down and questions Eric and Sloan still being a thing. Eric confirms they are. Brady then remarks that everybody hates her.

Paulina remains at the Bakery, trying to entice customers with free samples. Chanel joins her and says it’s no use as people are too scared to taste their goods. Chanel complains that Sloan lost two court cases and won’t slow down, so since she can’t put her in jail, she’s trying to run her business in to the ground. Paulina assures that they won’t let that happen. Paulina suggests they go home to come up with a plan. Chanel says she can’t leave as she has to stay here and close up to get ready for tomorrow. Paulina offers to help but Chanel says she wants to do it herself so she can clear her head. Chanel adds that she sent Talia home to have some alone time. Paulina hugs her and says she’ll see her at home then. Chanel thanks her for trying to help. Paulina assures that she’s always there for her. Chanel then heads back inside the bakery.

Rafe questions Jada saying that what Talia said wasn’t true and asks if she lied to him. Jada says no as that would be assuming too much. Jada informs Rafe that something Talia said doesn’t line up with what really happened. Rafe says it’s obviously really bothering Jada so she needs to tell him what it is.

Talia arrives at the hotel room of a man, who says it’s about time as he brings her inside and they begin kissing. They say how much they missed each other. Talia apologizes for being late and says the police just wanted to question her again. The man questions why and asks if they are suspicious. Talia assures they are not at all and they just wanted to go over the timeline of when the biscuits got doctored. Talia insists that they have no idea that he is the one who put her up to it. He states that going after Chanel and her bakery was his idea, but argues that saying he put her up to it is kind of harsh. He asks if they are not in this together. Talia assures that they are and that she agreed to do this, but it’s a little hard when she’s the only one out there while he just has to lay low. He says it’s hard for him too and reveals himself to be Sloan’s brother, Colin, as he mentions that it was his mother that Chanel pushed off the roof. Talia apologizes for saying he put her up to it since she wanted to help him and she still does. He tells her how grateful he is and that he knows how much she’s done for him as they kiss. He notes her worried look again and asks what it is now. Talia responds that it’s not just about her but Sloan because the police are going after her as their number one suspect and she has no idea that her own brother is behind what happened.

Eric acknowledges that a lot of people do hate Sloan, but he’s not one of them and they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Brady congratulates him and says he’s just heard the rumors that Sloan tampered with the biscuits. Eric assures that they are just rumors since he was one of the victims. Brady is surprised and asks what the hell that was like. Eric claims it was hard to remember and he doesn’t like to talk about it. Eric admits at first he thought Sloan tampered with the dough, but he is his alibi which is why he knows she had nothing to do with it. Brady says he’s just looking out for him. Eric knows he’s not here to talk about Sloan. Brady admits he came to talk about Chloe and how to keep that bastard Xander away from her.

Chloe turns away until Xander puts his pants on. Chloe apologizes for not calling first. Xander calls it unexpected but says he does have a small window of time since his zoom call with Jack got pushed back. Chloe says to send her lvove when he speaks to Jack. Chloe adds that she brought him a plant since she had a hard time finding a card that said sorry for almost killing him with a dart. Xander thanks her and says he’s healing nicely. Chloe questions him about changing the bandage which he hasn’t done. Chloe offers to change it for him since he saved her from the drugged biscuits. Chloe tells Xander to change the bandage every day which he promises to do. Xander jokes that he won’t do it as good as her. They talk about his room not being the cleanest. Xander says the place is no longer indicative of his financial status since he was broke when he moved in. Xander notes that he’s been saving up some money, so he thinks he’s finally ready to move in to a new place. Chloe says she also needs a new place.

Brady tells Eric that every time he sees Chloe, Xander is there, hovering around, playing darts, and obviously gunning for her. Brady complains that Chloe has been hurt recently by things he’s said so she may be open to Xander. Eric asks if anything has happened yet. Brady says not that he knows of. Eric advises him not to get worked up for no reason since they could just be hanging out. Eric encourages that Chloe is smart and will see right through Xander’s act. Brady brings up that Nicole is smart as well and didn’t exactly see through Xander’s act either. Eric admits he has a good point.

Colin tells Talia that it’s nice of her to worry about his sister, but they knew going in that the cops would suspect Sloan and he damn sure didn’t want them worrying about Talia since she put so much on the line. Talia thinks back to walking through the town square while Paulina and Chanel were arguing with Sloan which is when she stole Paulina’s keys from her purse. Talia assures Colin that there is no evidence linking Sloan since she stole the keys to trash Paulina’s office, so there was no forced entry. Colin adds that they can’t know anything else because Sloan is innocent and a damn good lawyer so she won’t let them railroad her. Talia thinks they should probably tell Sloan what they are doing but Colin says no because that would make her an accessory and she would never go for something like this. Colin adds that Sloan had to pump the brakes after losing the court case to Paulina and Chanel as she would never risk her law license by doing something illegal which is why they had to step in and change the game.

Jada goes over that Talia told Rafe that she went straight home after leaving Paulina’s place after all this went down, but she didn’t because Jada was there and Talia didn’t come home until hours later. Rafe asks how she knows it was the same night. Jada says she vividly remembers because it was when she and Rafe admitted they had feelings for each other.

Chanel leaves the Bakery and runs in to Alex in the town square. Alex asks if he read right in the Spectator that Chanel is engaged to Johnny DiMera. Chanel explains that she and Johnny had her breakfast biscuits which were tainted with a hallucinogen and she told Leo that, but to him the truth is just an irrelevant detail. Alex guesses Leo just wrote whatever he thinks will sell papers. Chanel adds that is to the morons who actually read it. Alex says he knows she’s still pissed at him over everything that happened with Allie. Chanel calls that another topic she doesn’t want to talk about. Alex says the whole thing with drugging the biscuits is ridiculous and he feels for her as he can only imagine what it’s doing to her business. Chanel admits it’s killing it which is exactly why his little girlfriend Sloan did it. Alex clarifies that she is not his girlfriend and that they only hooked up but that was over a long time ago. Chanel then suggests maybe it shouldn’t be over as if he’s really sorry about what happened with Allie, he can make it up to her by getting Sloan back in his bed. Alex questions why she wants that. Chanel explains that he can sweet talk her like crazy and then screw a confession out of her. Alex asks if she’s kidding. Chanel complains that the cops keep saying they don’t have proof that Sloan is doing these things to her and Paulina when it’s obvious it’s her which means someone outside of the police needs to talk to her and that is Alex. Chanel suggests he just call Sloan, tell her he misses her, then show her a good time and steer the conversation. Alex asks if she’s under the influence. Alex tells Chanel that he does feel for her but he’s not doing it. Chanel questions why not, arguing that it’s not out of character for him. Alex informs her that he’s sort of hooking up with somebody else now. Chanel asks when that’s ever stopped him and suggests he just make it a threesome since they know he has experience with that. Chanel begs Alex and says she would forgive him for everything in the past if he would just do whatever it takes to get her what she needs and stop this nightmare with Sloan.

Sloan finishes leaving a message outside the Pub, assuring her brother Colin that everything is going to be okay. She then turns and spots Leo. She calls him a bottom feeding hack. Leo argues that she can’t still be upset about the article he wrote about her ages ago. Sloan assures that she is and then informs Leo that she has some dirt for his next column. Sloan tells Leo that it’s about the police commissioner and his trusty detective, saying it practically writes itself.

Jada questions if Rafe forgot it was the same night that they opened up about their feelings. Rafe admits that he did. Jada explains that it was awkward, so she went straight home and the next day, Rafe was drugged by the biscuits. Rafe apologizes again for his behavior. Jada says it’s fine and the point is, she remembers exactly what time it was so she knows for a fact that Talia did not come straight home from Paulina’s. Rafe states that Jada is obviously convinced that Talia is not telling them the truth, so he asks what she wants to do about it.

Talia admits to Colin that getting involved in everything was the last thing she expected when moving to New York. Colin says when they met, there was an immediate connection. Talia thinks putting her medical career on hold proves she felt it too. Colin assures that he will make it up to her and that no one is suspicious. Talia’s phone then rings with a call from Jada. Talia doesn’t know why she would be calling when she just left her. Colin suggests letting it go to voicemail but Talia argues that she always answers her phone calls. Talia then answers and asks Jada what’s up. Jada reminds her that she said they might need to clear things up after her interview which Talia questions. Colin has Talia put the call on speaker phone as Jada explains that it’s about something Talia said as she said she went straight home after leaving Paulina’s, but she wasn’t home. Talia claims that she had a headache, so she went to the drug store and got aspirin. Jada questions it taking that long. Talia then claims she took a walk to the lake, thinking the night air might help her headache. Jada guesses it did since she never mentioned it. Talia says she just wanted to go to sleep when she got home and asks if there’s anything else. Jada thinks that’s about it so Talia says she’ll talk to her later and quickly hangs up. Rafe asks Jada if something is wrong. Jada says he could say that.

Leo questions Sloan saying she has dirt on Rafe, who he refers to as Captain America. Leo argues that people read his column for dirt on people like Sloan, not Rafe. Sloan asks if he doesn’t think people would be interested in Rafe being high on drugs and macking on his lead detective. Leo hopes she means Shawn but Sloan clarifies that it’s Jada. Leo then asks who cares about a little action between co-workers. Sloan explains that it flies right in the face of Abe’s new policy which means he could launch a campaign to get Abe to have to enforce his own policy, so he could blow up the mayor’s office and the Salem police department. Sloan states that Leo would be a force to be reckoned with in Salem. Leo acknowledges that Sloan would also get what she wants as the two cops on her ass would be out on their own. Sloan says most importantly, she just thinks everyone should know the truth.

Eric tells Brady that when Nicole succumbed to Xander, she was saddled with an arrogant, self-absorbed and neglectful husband in himself. Brady thinks his situation with Chloe is a lot more like Eric and Nicole than they think. Brady says he hasn’t been the best boyfriend while Kristen and Rachel treated Chloe like dirt as he basically told her to deal with it. Eric advises Brady to forget Xander and says he’s not the problem, but a symptom. Brady then declares that he is the problem.

Xander doesn’t know why Chloe is so eager to move and says the Salem Inn is great. Chloe complains about the bill and she’s out of work while running through her savings but adds that it’s more than that. Chloe argues that an inn is a place you stay when on you’re way to somewhere else and she’s not, with Brady or Rachel. Chloe repeats that she doesn’t have a job or a life and she just wants a place that belongs to her. Chloe adds that she can’t afford it, so she’s worried about ending up in a place like this. Xander points out that Chloe needs a place that is a step down from where she lives while he needs a step up, so he suggests they take that step together and find a place together. Chloe responds that it sounds horrifying. Xander thought she sparked the idea. Chloe points out that he’s only recently been nice to her but he owns a newspaper while she wouldn’t be able to afford half the rent. Xander explains that they won’t split rent and offers to let Chloe keep the place clean in place of rent for the time being. Chloe remarks that it sounds like he needs a housekeeper, not a roommate. Xander says that one of the most irritating things about becoming friends with her and liking her is wanting to atone for what he did in the past. Xander adds that Chloe would be helping him by allowing him to lend a hand to a friend who is broke. Chloe tells Xander that it’s sweet. Xander swears it would be completely platonic and he will be neater. Xander asks if they are officially in negotiations.

Chanel laughs at Alex being in sex therapy with Allie’s grandma. Alex says it’s just therapy and not funny, then admits it’s a little funny. Alex knows she has a million things she could throw in his face and he knows it’s ridiculous that he’s saying no to using sex for nefarious purposes. Chanel realizes he’s serious about this. Alex explains that Marlena is starting to make him realize that he’s pretty screwed up. Alex adds that he would love to help her throw Sloan back in her cage, but he cannot sleep with her or he’ll end up right back where he started.

Colin tells Talia that they are a great team and totally dodged a bullet. Talia disagrees and argues that Jada knows her, so her alibi being that she just forgot won’t fly. Talia apologizes and says she wasn’t thinking. Talia complains that they separated her and Chanel, so she didn’t know what she said and she was dealing with the police commissioner. Colin gets it but says it’s just really important to him because that bitch killed his mother. Talia says she thought so, but now she’s confused because she knows Paulina and Chanel and they seem like really nice people. Colin calls it an act. Talia doesn’t think so because Chanel told her about everything in London. Colin complains that unless Chanel told her about pushing his mom off the roof and that Paulina flew over to cover it all up, then she did not tell her everything. Colin then apologizes for getting so worked up as this is so triggering for him. Colin calls it extremely important. Talia promises that she knows that. Colin asks Talia if she is still on his side.

Rafe asks Jada what is bothering her. Jada says it’s vague but it didn’t feel like she was talking to her sister. Rafe asks if she can figure out why. Jada says that Talia is always a stream of consciousness all over the map but this was like she was hesitating to answer her questions. Rafe suggests maybe she was just trying to remember but Jada states that Talia’s memory is scary as she can remember what she did for her 12th birthday. Jada questions Talia now forgetting that she had a headache and a walk around the lake. Jada adds that Talia also forgot to turn on the security cameras. Rafe tells Jada that if this is too much, he can have her put on another case because the department cannot ask any officer to investigate their own. Jada thanks him but says it’s too late to back off now.

Eric encourages Brady to have a little more faith in Chloe. Eric states that Xander may make a play for her but Chloe knows exactly what he’s capable of. Brady can’t imagine Chloe would involve herself with Xander after what he put her through. Eric adds that Chloe also knows what Xander did to Nicole and assures that Chloe won’t let Xander enter her life in any meaningful way. Brady agrees and remarks that Chloe and Xander hang out and play darts but it’s not like they are moving in together…

Xander and Chloe look at potential places to live. Xander says it won’t hurt to go look and suggests they find a place to move in together.

Chanel promises Alex that she won’t make any more jokes and calls it brave that he’s going to therapy. Alex agrees though he’s not sure he wants to know who he really is. Alex says that’s enough about him when Chanel is going through Hell. Alex offers to give Chanel a loan to help her while her business is down. Chanel says that’s sweet of him but she could get a loan from her mother if she needed. Chanel adds that all the money in the world can’t buy her back her customers. Chanel says as much as all of this sucks, Alex offering her a loan is generous and her new employee offered to work for free. Chanel talks up Talia as being amazing and says she’s only worked here a short time, but it’s like this whole thing has hit Talia just as much as it’s hit her.

Colin tells Talia that she can’t let Chanel and Paulina get in her head. Colin adds that they have nothing to feel guilty about and they are the good guys here. Talia suggests maybe they should back off a bit and give things time to go away. Colin argues that they can’t do that and they have to keep applying pressure. Colin says that Talia will just have to be really careful of what she says to her sister. Talia decides she should get going. Colin tells Talia that he needs her as he can’t do any of this without her. Colin tells Talia that he loves her and kisses her. Talia says she loves him too and then exits. Talia then runs in to Chloe and Xander in the hall. Chloe recognizes Talia from the bakery. Xander asks if she’s the one who sold Chloe a tained biscuit. Talia says she did and she’s sorry. Talia repeats that she’s really sorry and hurries off. Chloe asks Xander if that was really necessary since she didn’t even eat the biscuit. Chloe remarks that Talia just works there so it’s not like it’s her fault…

Jada tells Rafe that she just keeps thinking about how Talia gets out of medical school and then becomes a baker in Salem. Jada adds that as a doctor, Talia would have access to the drugs that were put in the dough. Rafe asks why when Talia didn’t even know Chanel until she got here and they seem to get along. Rafe adds that she doesn’t seem like a disgruntled employee. Jada confirms that Talia always said she loves the job. Rafe questions what Talia’s motive would be then and why she would decide to drug half the town. Jada agrees that it makes no sense, so it has to be someone else with a real motive which brings them back to Sloan.

Leo asks Sloan about the cops being all over her because of how she’s been all over Paulina. Sloan insists that she didn’t trash Paulina’s office or drug the biscuits. Leo asks what better way to get the cops off her ass by getting Rafe and Jada off the force. Sloan argues that she saw them with her own eyes so all Leo has to do is keep her name out of it and quote an anonymous source. Leo questions if she really thinks a column by him will be enough to throw the investigation off track. Sloan suggests they should find out.

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