General Hospital Character Description: Sasha Gilmore

SOFIA MATTSSON (Sasha) on GENERAL HOSPITAL – ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Sofia Mattsson as Sasha Gilmore. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Sasha Gilmore


Sasha came to town in 2018 after Valentin paid her to pretend to be Nina’s long-lost daughter (and after Curtis followed the clues he’d set to “find” her and convince her to get a DNA test). Sasha went along with it at first but then realized it was the wrong to do. Sasha worked at Crimson for Nina for awhile and later became a model for Deception.

She had a relationship with both Chase and Michael, but it was Brando that won her heart. She became pregnant with his child but lost it. Sasha turned to drugs while she was modeling but kicked them. After she lost the baby, she became hooked again and also had a mental breakdown. After being appointed as her guardian, Brando was murdered. Sasha and her mother-in-law, Gladys, never got along very well, but they grew closer for a while after Brando died.

Sasha is beautiful and kind, but she has a lot of baggage. For someone who’s only been on the show for a few short years, she’s had more than her share of soap opera heartbreak.

Sasha is good friends with Brook Lynn and Willow.

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SOFIA MATTSSON (Sasha) with JOHNNY WACTOR (Brando) on General Hospital “11/16” Episode “14853” – “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

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