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Gabi and Stefan wake up in bed together. They talk about how they used to live in the DiMera Mansion as they kiss. Stefan says now they are back where they belong and soon Gabi’s divorce to Li will be final and they’ll be together forever. They decide to go for another round and continue kissing in bed.

EJ sits in the living room and thinks back to hearing Nicole on the phone about keeping a secret from him. Nicole walks in and points out that he hasn’t touched his breakfast, so she asks for his thoughts.

Eric and Sloan have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Eric points out that she has hardly touched her breakfast and guesses she’s still thinking about Paulina’s rant. Sloan complains that every time something awful happens, she gets blamed for it and it’s so unfair. Sloan apologizes and says she should focus on the positives like her and Eric officially being a thing now so to hell with everything else. Melinda then walks in and accuses Sloan of drugging everyone’s breakfast in Salem.

Rafe greets Jada at the police station and promises that he’s not hallucinating anymore and even skipped breakfast to be sure. Abe arrives and declares that he is not happy with them. Rafe asks what’s wrong. Abe says he doesn’t give a damn about the kiss between them while Rafe was hallucinating but complains that there has been no arrest in this drugging debacle and the only person to pay the price is Chanel. Abe questions what the holdup is and why Sloan is still walking the streets.

Chanel and Talia are at the Bakery as Chanel complains about no customers coming anymore. Talia apologizes and says the breakfast biscuits were her recipe so she feels guilty. Chanel asks why since it’s not like she drugged the biscuits so she asks what she’s feeling guilty about. Talia thinks back to drugging the biscuits. Paulina then arrives and greets them. Chanel offers her a bear claw but Paulina says she’s not in the mood.

Nicole reminds EJ that he asked for her thoughts earlier and asks if something is bothering him. EJ claims he’s just tired and complains about the racket coming from Stefan’s room last night.

Gabi and Stefan joke about being heard downstairs and say they love each other. Gabi says she could stay like this with him all day. Stefan reminds her that they have pretty important plans today as they kiss.

Sloan tells Melinda that it’s one thing for Paulina to make an accusation with no proof but calls it despicable and unethical for someone with a law degree to do the same. Melinda argues that Sloan is the only person that hates Chanel enough to want to kill her business. Melinda adds that the idea of Chanel and Paulina framing Sloan is ridiculous. Eric points out that there is no evidence so this is slander. Melinda calls this personal since she was drugged and ended up assaulting Stefan DiMera and spending the night at the hospital with Rafe in the room across from her. Sloan asks why she should give a damn since she had nothing to do with it. Melinda warns that Sloan has caught the wrong powerful people in her net. Melinda declares that she will make sure Sloan goes down for this and goes away for a long time.

Rafe tells Abe that they don’t have the evidence they need to tie Sloan to any of this. Abe questions there being no fingerprints or security footage. Rafe mentions that Jada interviewed Chanel and Talia, who accidentally left the security camera off. Jada mentions that Talia is still new at the job. Abe repeats that Sloan is still walking the streets. Jada points out that they can’t be sure it was Sloan.

Chanel assures Paulina that they checked the security footage this morning so no one could have tampered with these. Paulina admits she was worried about everyone being drugged but she knows there’s no way they could have been tampered with this time, so she’ll take a tray of bear claws to support her. Paulina talks about how much she loves the bakery. Chanel says she doesn’t have to prove anything as they know she’s on their side. Chanel cries that the business is doing really bad for the first time ever and they all know Sloan is to blame. Chanel complains that Sloan came to Salem to ruin her and now she is succeeding as her plan to destroy her is going really well. Paulina hugs Chanel as Talia watches on. Paulina swears she won’t stand by while Sloan continues to attack them. Paulina’s phone rings so she says she’ll be right back as she goes to answer it. Chanel tells Talia that she loves her mom, but Paulina can’t convince everyone to trust their treats. Chanel worries that she won’t be able to keep Talia hired. Talia tells her not to worry about her right now and encourages that they will be fine. Talia insists the bakery will make a grand recovery and be better than ever. Chanel appreciates her optimism but remains uncertain and tells Talia to keep her options open. Talia states that she is a baker now and this is where she belongs. Chanel repeats that there is zero money coming in and she can’t work for free. Talia says she can because she believes in her. Talia knows she’s new to all of this but says working with Chanel feels right like it was meant to be. Chanel calls her the best and hugs her.

Abe questions if Rafe and Jada are saying they believe Sloan is innocent. Jada repeats that they have no evidence, so it’s her job to study the facts and keep an open mind. Rafe agrees and asks if it’s possible that Abe is still close to this which could be clouding his judgment. Abe admits it is deeply personal. Abe declares that he loves his family and this town while right now, both are under attack.

Sloan tells Melinda that she can make threats but if the cops had anything on her, she’d be in custody. Melinda calls it fairly obvious that the crime happened the night before so she suggests Sloan work on inventing an alibi. Eric steps in and informs her that she doesn’t have to because Sloan was with him all night. Melinda says they better hope someone can back them up but Eric says when they spend the night together, it’s just the two of them together.

EJ complains to Nicole about Stefan moving Gabi back in to his family home without consulting him and says he should start eviction proceedings. Stefan walks in and reminds EJ that his name is on the deed since he owned the place before being shot. Gabi joins him and remarks that it feels wonderful to be back home. Stefan calls it a beautiful day. EJ warns that there could be a storm coming. Stefan remarks that he wouldn’t want to get caught in it and decides they better get to work. EJ says he’s heading there too and he’s sure Nicole and Gabi can hold things down here. Stefan then reveals that Gabi is coming with them because he hired her. EJ questions Stefan not running it by him and suggests he go ahead and fire her which they argue over. EJ reminds Stefan that as co-CEOs, every executive level hire must be approved by both of them. Stefan explains that Gabi is not coming on as an executive. Nicole jokes that she must be joining the custodial staff. Stefan reveals that Gabi will be a consultant which he doesn’t need approval on. Stefan remarks that it looks like EJ got caught in the rain.

Sloan asks Melinda if she’s going to put an ex-priest in front of a jury and accuse him of lying. Melinda suggests reminding the jury that Eric posed illegally as a paralegal to interfere in a police investigation which she recalls Sloan not being too happy about it but remarks that things have changed. Sloan tells Melinda that she can go now because they would like to enjoy their breakfast alone in peace, so Melinda then walks out of the Pub. Sloan thanks Eric for having her back. Eric encourages that she did great and asks what’s wrong. Sloan knows she came off confident and it seems like she can prove her innocence, but she admits she’s terrified that they are coming for her and they’re not going to miss.

Rafe tells Jada that the trick seems to be nailing down exactly when the biscuits got drugged. Jada agrees that will help eliminate suspects and suggests starting now. Jada figures they should start from the beginning with the source.

Paulina joins Chanel and Talia and tries to convince customers to come to the Bakery. Chanel then gets a call from Jada and asks if she arrested Sloan. Jada responds that the investigation is still ongoing so she wants to go over everything with her again. Chanel says she already told her everything she knows which isn’t much. Chanel says she gets it and hangs up. Chanel informs Talia that she has to go to the police station and they want Talia there too.

EJ tells Stefan that they have no need for a consultant. Stefan says they have an urgent need and he hopes Gabi can assist them in building the company to get rid of as much waste as possible. Gabi can’t wait to dive right in. Stefan declares that Gabi’s first order of business will be to evaluate EJ. EJ argues that he’s been focusing on the day to day of the company while Stefan has been wasting company time trying to divert Li’s shares to Gabi. EJ decides he might need a consultant of his own and asks Nicole if she’s interested in the position. Nicole reminds EJ that she has a job at Basic Black. EJ says she has served them well there but at Basic Black, she is off on her own with Brady and working remotely. EJ invites Nicole to come aboard at DiMera Enterprises where she can work by his side and make great use of her talents. Nicole calls it sudden but accepts the job. EJ declares that it will be one big happy family at corporate headquarters from now on.

Paulina remains at the Bakery and tries calling out free samples to customers. Abe comes by and jokes about changing her careers. Paulina complains that Sloan’s attacks have hit Chanel’s business harder than they could have imagined. Paulina encourages Abe to try a sample to help convince the customers. Abe hesitates but accepts and calls it delicious. Abe shouts out that it’s the perfect way to start their day but Paulina points out that still no one is coming. Abe calls it a shame and asks where Chanel is. Paulina explains that Rafe and Jada called her and Talia to the police station to go over everything that happened. Paulina hopes they can finally burst Sloan’s balloon.

Chanel and Talia go to the police station. Rafe thanks them for coming back in. Chanel thinks they would save a lot of time by just arresting Sloan. Jada assures that if the evidence leads to Sloan, they will do just that. Jada suggests Chanel stay and have a chat. Talia questions them talking to them separately. Rafe explains that they will take both accounts with no distractions. Rafe then takes Talia to the interrogation room. Jada sits with Chanel and thanks her again for coming in. Chanel repeats that she’s already told her everything she knows. Jada wants her to tell her everything again starting from baking the biscuits. Chanel states that it was Talia’s recipe.

Rafe tells Talia that he knows this is intense but promises it’s just routine so she has no need to be nervous. Talia assures that she’s not nervous and wants to help find whoever is doing this to her friend Chanel and trying to ruin her business and her life.

Chanel tells Jada that all their ingredients were delivered by their regular service that afternoon, so they couldn’t have been tampered with before they got to work and they didn’t stray from Talia’s recipe.

Talia talks to Rafe about making a lot of biscuits and giving away free samples then they set aside the dough.

Chanel tells Jada about closing the Bakery a little earlier, she and Talia went their separate ways, and then she went home to Paulina.

Talia reminds Rafe that after closing down, she came to the police station and talked to him. Rafe recalls she was looking for Jada. Talia admits maybe she was a little too pushy in talking about Rafe’s possible feelings for Jada. Rafe asks where Talia went after leaving the station. Talia says she went back to the town square.

Chanel tells Jada that she went back to the town square to pick up dinner for her and Paulina and she was really angry after Paulina told her about Sloan’s threatening texts, then she ran in to Sloan.

Talia tells Rafe that she got to the square just in time because Chanel and Sloan were having a knock down, drag out fight, so she had to stop them. Talia mentions Sloan saying cruel things about Chanel and Paulina and then stormed off. Talia adds that Chanel was very upset and had a cut on her arm, so she tried to calm her down.

Chanel tells Jada about how Talia patched her up with the first aid kit at the bakery and the dough was still there, resting and untouched. Chanel mentions they turned off the security system when they went in so no one could have gotten in before then.

Talia tells Rafe that when they were done, Chanel invited her to have dinner with her and her family which excited her so much that she forgot to turn the alarm back on and guesses she wasn’t thinking.

Chanel tells Jada that she returned to work at 5 AM which Jada notes leaves 12 hours unaccounted for.

Talia blames herself and can’t believe she forgot to turn the alarm back on.

Chanel tells Jada that it’s not Talia’s fault as it’s not like she was in the habit of turning the security system on as she hasn’t been working there that long. Jada asks about dinner. Chanel says there’s not much to tell and that they just had dinner from the bistro and sat around talking.

Talia tells Rafe that she went straight home after dinner.

Chanel tells Jada that she knows the rest and it was a total disaster. Rafe and Talia then come out from the interrogation room. Rafe thanks Chanel and Talia for coming in again. Chanel hopes it helps them lock up Sloan for good as she’s the only one who would do this. Talia agrees and can’t think of anyone else who would want to hurt Chanel like this. Jada tells Talia that she will see her at home later. Chanel tells Talia that she’s just going to go lock up for the day. Talia encourages that customers will come back as they exit. Melinda arrives and asks if there’s a new development. Rafe says they were just going over the timeline. Melinda says they have their work cut out for them as she just saw Sloan and she has a solid alibi in Eric Brady spending the night with her. Jada argues that Sloan could have slipped out during the night while Eric was asleep. Melinda wishes her luck proving that and asks if there are any other suspects. Jada says they are working on it.

Sloan calls it a hell of a way to start the day. Eric encourages that the truth is on her side. Sloan worries that doesn’t matter but insists that she did not drug the dough. Sloan says someone did and made everyone in town go totally nuts, including Eric and Nicole.

Nicole tells EJ that he outdid himself and she was impressed. EJ knows he put her on the spot but he knew he could count on her as he hugs her. Stefan and Gabi come downstairs and ask if they are ready to go. Stefan suggests they carpool and tells EJ to drive as they exit the mansion.

Eric asks Sloan who else has it in for Chanel. Sloan complains that everyone in town seems to love Chanel and Paulina. Sloan notes that Melinda did make one good point that Chanel and Paulina wouldn’t hurt Chanel’s business just to get at her. Eric agrees and says they first must figure out who the intended target was. Sloan wonders if it was Chanel or her.

Rafe and Jada go over when Chanel and Talia left the bakery without setting the security system and then they both had dinner with Paulina and Abe. Rafe notes that Talia went straight home while Chanel stayed behind and they didn’t see each other again until 5 AM the next morning. Jada stops and questions what he just said.

Chanel returns to the town square and thanks Paulina for watching over the Bakery and says she’s just going to close up for the day. Paulina asks how it went at the police station. Chanel says she will fill her in later, but worries that she’s going to lose her bakery. Paulina promises that she won’t let that happen and offers to cook a meal for her and Talia tonight and then they can figure out how to get her business running again. Chanel calls that really sweet but says she already sent Talia home for the day.

Talia goes to someone’s hotel room.

Rafe doesn’t understand as he just asked Jada what happened after Talia and Chanel left the Bakery but she hasn’t answered and seems kinda upset. Jada reveals that she just realized what Talia told him is not true.

Talia arrives at the hotel room of a man, who says it’s about time as he brings her inside and they begin kissing.

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