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Johnny sits in the town square and tries to call Wendy but she doesn’t answer. Chanel approaches and asks if something is wrong. Johnny informs her that Wendy is rejecting his calls and is obviously still upset about him proposing to Chanel. Chanel asks if Wendy heard they were drugged., like everyone else who ate the tainted biscuits. Johnny says apparently not because Wendy left town to see Tripp.

In Seattle, Washington, Wendy tells Tripp that Johnny called her four more times, so she blocked him. Tripp questions why Johnny is calling her if he’s marrying Chanel. Wendy guesses Johnny wants to alleviate his guilt but refuses to give him the satisfaction. Wendy declares that she doesn’t want to deal with Johnny, especially since she and Tripp are technically on their first date. Tripp asks how it’s going for her. Wendy says it’s going great and she can’t wait to see what he has planned next.

In Greece, Chad and Stephanie thank Harris for rescuing them from Thomas Banks. Kayla asks who he is, so Stephanie introduces her to Harris. Harris tells her that he’s glad she’s safe. Kayla points out that she is, but Steve isn’t and he’s being held captive. Stephanie says that Harris will never believe who kidnapped her parents. Harris reveals that he actually knows who it was.

At the edge of the cliff in Greece, Bo declares that the only way he can be the man he’s meant to be is to get rid of Hope. Bo then aims his gun at Hope. Hope says no and tells Bo to listen to her. Hope calls him Bo Brady and says that is who he is, the best man she knows and the love of her life which will never change. Hope adds that she knows his love for her is never going to change no matter what he says or does. Hope declares that the one fundamental truth between them is that they love each other to the very depths of their soul. Bo continues having flashbacks. Hope adds that no matter what happens here, nothing will ever extinguish their love. Hope says so many people tried to keep them apart but they couldn’t do it and they’ve overcome every obstacle in their way. Hope says Bo can tell himself that he’s better off without her but he will never believe it. Hope adds that his heart is tugging at him because it’s the truest part of him and it knows he belongs with her. Hope reminds Bo that she is his Fancyface as they flashback to their relationship over the years. Bo holds back tears as Hope seems to have gotten through to him, but Shawn and Steve arrive and upon seeing Bo holding Hope at gunpoint, Shawn shoots Bo. Hope then rushes to Bo’s side to check on him and cries over him on the ground.

Chad asks how Harris knows it was Bo that kidnapped Steve and Kayla. Harris explains that he ran in to Bo at Victor’s childhood home. Stephanie questions him not saying anything. Harris apologizes for not speaking up sooner. Chad understands he didn’t want to lose Hope. Stephanie argues that her parents lives were in danger. Harris says that he asked Bo where Kayla was but he denied it, so he just believed that Bo would not hurt his own sister. Stephanie asks what if he did. Harris admits he was wrong for not telling everybody and he’s sorry. Harris adds that he finally came clean to Hope. Kayla asks if he told her about Bo. Harris says he sent her to the villa but he didn’t tell her that Bo is alive. Kayla says that she obviously knows now and she can’t imagine what Hope is going through.

Hope breaks down crying over Bo. Steve takes Shawn’s phone to call for help. Shawn apologizes to Hope and says he saw that Bo had his gun pointed at Hope. Hope understands but insists that Bo wasn’t going to hurt her. Shawn asks how she knows since Harris said that Bo had been brainwashed. Hope declares that she got through to him and Bo came back to her as she cries over his body.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s sorry to hear that Wendy left town, but suggests giving her space and then explaining what happened when she gets back. Johnny worries that Wendy and Tripp could be together by then. Chanel asks what else he can do. Johnny says he was going to go to Seattle tonight but his flight got cancelled. Johnny then gets an alert that his texts are not going through so he realizes Wendy blocked his number. Johnny declares that the drugged biscuits really screwed everything up. Chanel says he can blame Sloan for that. Johnny asks if the police proved it was her. Chanel says not yet but it’s so obvious. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s really sorry she’s going through all of this. Leo approaches and calls them Salem’s newly engaged couple, then asks when the wedding day is.

Tripp admits to Wendy that he hadn’t thought of anything else for their date yet but he’s not giving up. Tripp decides they are going out. Wendy suggests going to the club. Tripp jokes about his bad dance moves so they decide against that. Tripp suggests going to the pier and riding the Ferris wheel but Wendy is afraid of getting stuck. Tripp encourages that it will be fun. Wendy says they can just stay home but Tripp insists that she didn’t come all this way just to hang out in the apartment. Tripp promises that the Ferris wheel won’t get stuck and then they can walk along the pier and have cotton candy. Tripp vows to show her a good time, even if it kills him. Wendy accepts and they exit together.

Kayla says maybe seeing Hope will shake off Bo’s brainwashing. Kayla adds that Bo couldn’t bring himself to hurt Steve so she can’t imagine he would hurt Hope. Chad asks if he’s been in touch. Harris says no but Shawn arrived and went straight there, so he’s hoping to hear soon. Kayla feels they can’t wait since Steve is in trouble, so they need to go rescue him. Harris feels he’s the last person that Hope will want to see, so he will stay back and turn Thomas Banks in to local authorities. Stephanie tells him that he can’t because Thomas bribed them last time to get free. Harris decides he’ll contact the ISA then and return the prisms as well. Chad and Stephanie exit. Harris stops Kayla and tells her that he regrets not telling her the truth sooner and he’s really sorry as he just didn’t want to lose Hope.

Hope gets Bo in a hospital where doctors work to revive him as his blood pressure is dropping. They tell Hope she can’t be there but she refuses to leave until she knows he’s okay. Bo then flatlines so the doctor calls for the paddles.

Steve checks on Shawn. Shawn doesn’t know how he’s feeling as he is trying to process that his father is alive and now because of him, they might lose him all over again. Steve encourages that Bo is a fighter and after everything he’s been through, he doesn’t think one bullet will take him down. Shawn agrees that Bo has to be okay.

The doctor tries to revive Bo but are unsuccessful as Hope pleads with them. The doctor informs Hope that he’s so sorry but Bo is gone. Hope breaks down crying for Bo to wake up.

Leo tells Johnny and Chanel to give him all the details. Chanel doesn’t know what he’s heard. Leo responds that he heard all the tea as his sources told him that Johnny proposed to Chanel again and she said yes again. Johnny admits that’s true. Leo asks Chanel to show off the ring but Chanel says there isn’t one which Leo questions. Johnny hopes Leo will stop talking and go away as he shouts that he and Chanel are not getting married. Leo says he doesn’t have to yell and questions them being on again, off again. Chanel clarifies that Johnny is not interested in her anymore. Leo then asks if there’s someone else, claiming he won’t print it and is just curious. Chanel points out that if Johnny doesn’t tell him, he’ll just make something up. Johnny responds that he’s dating Wendy Shin. Leo notes that must have been awkward and asks how Wendy handled the news of his engagement.

Tripp and Wendy return to the apartment. Wendy jokes that when he said he’d show her a good time even if it killed him, she didn’t think he was being literal. Tripp points out that he told her the Ferris wheel wouldn’t get stuck while Wendy notes that they did not actually get on the Ferris wheel. Tripp wonders if he’s the only one to trip and fall while getting on to the Ferris wheel. Wendy laughs about how funny it was. Tripp complains that he injured himself while Wendy calls it just a bruise. Wendy adds that Tripp said he would show her a good time and she had one, even if it was at his expense.

Chad, Kayla, and Stephanie return to the wine cellar but find Steve is gone. Stephanie wonders if Bo took Steve somewhere else while Kayla suggests Hope could have got through to Bo and he let Steve go. Chad finds the hole in the wall and thinks Steve escaped. Kayla admits that sounds right. Stephanie wonders where Steve went.

Steve questions Shawn about Harris knowing Bo was alive and not saying anything, calling him a son of a bitch. Shawn explains that Harris didn’t want to lose Hope but his conscience got the better of him, so he sent Hope to the villa. Shawn adds that once Harris relayed the story to him, he raced over and didn’t know what to expect, then he gets there to see his dad pointing a gun at his mom. Shawn says all he could think was how Harris said Megan had turned Bo and that Bo had probably killed Kate, so there was no way he was going to let that happen to Hope too. Steve understands as it looked the same way to him. Shawn complains that they were both wrong as Hope had gotten through to Bo and he was the same man that they remember. Shawn cries that this means he shot his dad for no reason. Shawn worries about if Bo dies as Steve hugs him.

Hope pleads with the doctor to do something more but he says they’ve tried everything and he’s afraid it’s too late. Hope cries that she’s already lost Bo once and can’t do it again. Hope continues pleading with Bo to wake up. The doctor says he understands it’s difficult. Hope says they were apart for so long and she just got him back but they didn’t get any time together, so this can’t be how it ends. The doctor repeats that he’s very sorry but there’s nothing they can do as Bo is dead. Hope then faints and dreams of reuniting Bo without the part where Bo was shot.

Johnny explains to Leo that Wendy was obviously upset, but he hopes to smooth things over by explaining to her that he was high on biscuits. Leo questions these biscuits that everyone keeps talking about and if they are some new designer drug that he’s missing out on. Chanel clarifies that he’s talking about her breakfast biscuits. Leo questions her being the hookup. Chanel blames Sloan for half the town being on a hallucinogenic and suggests Leo put that in his column. Leo responds that he can’t because Sloan is threatening to sue him for libel, unless she has concrete proof. Chanel admits she doesn’t, so Leo says he will run his original story about Johnny and Chanel’s reunion. Chanel argues that they aren’t even together. Johnny adds that they only did this because of the drugs. Leo wonders if it’s possible that the drugs brought their true feelings to the surface as he then walks away.

Wendy brings Tripp frozen peas to put on his bruised ribs. Tripp says it’s fine but Wendy insists on helping with the swelling. They joke with each other and end up kissing.

Shawn tells Steve that he’s sorry. Steve hates to leave him like this but he needs to get to the lab to make sure Kayla is alright. Shawn tells him he should go and he’ll call if anything changes. Steve goes to give Shawn his phone back right when Stephanie calls. Steve answers and informs Stephanie that they are at a local hospital. Stephanie asks if they are alright. Steve responds that they are fine but it’s her uncle Bo.

Hope’s dream of reuniting with Bo continues where they agreed to never be apart again.

Chanel tells Johnny that Leo just lives for the drama and she already knows that Wendy is the one that Johnny wants to be with. Johnny says the question is if Wendy wants to be with him and worries that she probably hates him now. Chanel offers to help by trying to call Wendy. Johnny points out that Li already tried, so he doesn’t think Wendy will listen to her. Chanel decides she will call Tripp since they are friends and then she can explain to him what really happened.

Tripp and Wendy kiss until Tripp’s phone rings. Tripp worries that it could be about Kayla but sees that it’s Chanel. Wendy questions why she would be calling. Tripp doesn’t know but decides he should hear her out. Tripp answers and tells Chanel that he hears congratulations are in order. Chanel tells him that he has to let her explain. Chanel declares that what Wendy saw wasn’t real. Tripp asks if Wendy was hallucinating. Chanel responds that she wasn’t, but they were. Tripp questions what she’s talking about. Chanel explains that she and Johnny were not in their right minds and high on biscuits. Tripp is confused. Chanel knows it sounds crazy but she’s telling the truth that they accidentally ingested a powerful hallucinogenic along with a lot of other people. Chanel calls it a long story and declares that they are not engaged and that Johnny wants to be with Wendy.

Kayla, Stephanie, and Chad join Steve and Shawn at the hospital. Steve hugs Kayla and Stephanie, telling them how good it is to see them. Stephanie says she took Kayla to get checked out but she insisted on coming here. Kayla asks about Bo being shot. Steve confirms that Hope is in with him now. Chad questions what happened and who shot him. Shawn admits it was him and that he made a terrible mistake.

Hope continues dreaming of a romantic reunion with Bo. Hope then wakes up in the hospital with a woman named Angela from the trauma unit at her side. Hope looks over and sees Bo’s hospital bed is now empty, so she asks if they already took him. Angela reveals they took Bo in to surgery. Hope is thrilled and hugs her. Angela reveals that after Hope passed out, Bo’s heart began beating again and she’s never seen anything like it, calling it a miracle. Hope gives thanks to God. Angela clarifies that Bo is not out of the woods yet, but it’s clear that he is not giving up and she suspects that Hope may be the reason. Hope hugs her and thanks her.

Johnny tells Wendy on the phone that he was drugged and lost in his memories of his wedding to Chanel, but now that he’s sober, he swears that Wendy is the only woman he wants. Wendy says it sounds so crazy that it must be true. Johnny asks if she believes him. Wendy confirms that she does. Johnny says that makes him happy so now things can just go back to the way they were.

Stephanie brings Kayla some water and mentions that Chad went to the hotel to get some clothes for Kayla. Shawn questions there being no word on Bo. Kayla is sure tehy are doing their best. Shawn decides he’s going to get answers but Hope arrives and hugs him. Shawn asks about Bo. Hope admits she almost lost him again, but he’s in surgery. Hope hugs Kayla, thankful that she’s alright. Kayla asks about Hope getting through to Bo. Hope talks about how stubborn he is and says she just kept talking to him until she got through. Shawn remarks that Hope and Bo would be together now if it wasn’t for him.

Chad runs in to Harris at the hotel and asks how it went with Thomas Banks. Harris confirms he’s now in ISA custody and asks if they found Steve. Chad confirms they did and that everyone is at the hospital. Harris asks why the hospital and what happened.

Kayla assures Shawn that it was an accident as he had a split second to make a decision and did what he thought was best. Steve encourages focusing their energy on praying for Bo. The doctor enters and announces that Bo made it through surgery and his vitals have stabilized, but his injury caused a lot of damage to his system so there is a new complication. Hope asks what it is. The doctor then reveals that Bo has fallen in to a coma.

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