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Rafe is in the hospital, thinking back to hallucinating Duke the teddy bear. Rafe remarks on that being totally normal. Abe enters the room and says he heard his police commissioner was in the hospital. Abe asks Rafe what happened. Rafe responds that he honestly has no idea but he has his best detective on the case…

Chanel and Talia go to the bakery and find Jada with her team of detectives. Jada tells them that they can’t be here until they are done collecting evidence as they need to treat the kitchen as a crime scene. Chanel argues that it’s her Bakery. Jada says she understands. Chanel complains that she doesn’t need any more evidence as they all know who drugged her biscuits.

Eric is in his room and thinks back to he and Nicole hooking up while drugged. Eric questions what he and Nicole did. Sloan then shows up at his door and asks if this is a bad time again. Sloan comments that at least he’s alone and asks if he was expecting somebody else.

Nicole enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and sits down as she thinks back to kissing Eric. EJ enters and asks for her thoughts.

Melinda is in the hospital. Stefan visits her with flowers. Melinda jokes that she’s not dead yet. Stefan asks how she’s feeling. Melinda responds that the only thing hurting is her pride as a few hours ago, she thought he really wanted her but it turns out that she was just delusional.

Li is at home, looking at a photo of he and Gabi on his phone and then to the photo of Gabi and Stefan in bed. Gabi then comes home. Li asks about the hallucinations. Gabi says her test results haven’t come back yet. Li asks if she’s sure she shouldn’t still be at the hospital. Gabi insists that she’s fine. Li wishes she called him to drive her home but Gabi says it’s okay. Li guesses she didn’t need him to stay at the hospital as she seemed to be in good hands with Stefan.

Melinda admits she’s still hazy on the details of what happened to her. Stefan asks what she does remember. Melinda has a vivid memory of trying to bash his head in with a remote and says she doesn’t remember what happened to her as it’s like she totally lost her mind. Stefan thinks he knows why as they went on a trip they had not planned.

EJ tells Nicole that he didn’t mean to interrupt as whatever had her attention must have been engaging. Nicole says she was just daydreaming and mentions being a little off lately but not knowing why. EJ reveals it was the breakfast biscuits and informs her of the rumor that they were dosed with a toxin that has caused erratic behavior all over Salem.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s really glad to see her as she hasn’t been responding to his texts. Sloan responds that she didn’t come for a visit but she thought she may have left her favorite scarf here. Eric doesn’t think so but tells her that she’s free to look. Sloan looks around and doesn’t see it. Eric says he’s sorry. Sloan says she’ll just get out of his way then and out of his life. Eric stops her and brings up what she said before. Sloan comments on finding him and Nicole tangled in the sheets and says there are a lot of things she wanted to say but didn’t. Eric brings up that Sloan suggested they were drugged and questions what would make her think that.

Chanel tells Jada that Sloan has been trying to destroy her life ever since she got to Salem and complains that she decided to come after her business by poisoning the customers. Talia thinks back to being the one who drugged the biscuits. Jada tells Chanel that she needs proof and mentions checking for fingerprints. Chanel and Talia point out that their prints would be there. Jada asks if anyone else was in there. Chanel assures that they do a thorough cleaning after they finish up. Jada notes that if Sloan’s prints do show up, she would have a lot of explaining to do but as a detective, she can’t afford to jump to conclusions. Jada adds that she hasn’t even started questioning anyone, but she thinks she needs to start with Talia. Talia asks why she would question her. Chanel asks if she seriously thinks it was her sister. Jada says of course not but she said the biscuit recipe was Talia’s, so she needs to know what she put in them to compare with the lab results. Talia says she usually keeps her recipes a secret but she can trust her sister so she will tell her. Jada says she appreciates that and turns on her recorder. Talia calls it a very simple recipe with whole wheat flour, baking powder, nonfat yogurt, sugar, kosher salt, honey, butter, and healthy organic buttermilk. Jada notes that it sounds healthy. Chanel argues that they shouldn’t make anyone sick. Jada says not regularly but they have been linked to multiple illnesses. Talia asks how bad it was. Jada responds that the hallucinations were the worst of the symptoms but some of the victims had it so bad that they were sent to the hospital.

Abe asks if Rafe thinks he was poisoned. Rafe thinks drugged would be more appropriate. Abe asks if he was personally targeted. Rafe doesn’t think so as apparently Gabi and Stefan had similar effects to his and it seems they all fell under a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Abe worries that if this is widespread throughout Salem, they are just beginning to learn the consequences.

Li tells Gabi that it was clear she wasn’t in her right mind earlier. Gabi acknowledges that she thought he was Stefan and recalls that she practically begged him to make love to her. Li confirms that she did, so Gabi asks why he didn’t.

Stefan tells Melinda that he only came on to her because he thought she was Gabi. Stefan tells her not to take it personal as she is a very desirable woman but he is hopelessly in love with someone else. Melinda apologizes for not handling it well which they laugh about. Melinda wants to prosecute the person who drugged them and asks if she’s right to assume it was EJ. Stefan reveals that it was not and for once, he thinks that EJ was innocent.

Nicole asks if the hallucinations happened to EJ too which he confirms. EJ admits at first he thought Stefan was responsible but it turns out he was a victim too. Nicole asks what it was like for EJ. EJ says that when he went to the office, it was like he stepped in to the looking glass. Nicole asks how weird it got. EJ jokes that he used the copy machine to produce an image of what some would say is his good side and when he tried to distribute it company wide, he was suddenly convinced that his e-mail password was EJ repeated a thousand times. EJ says it would’ve ended his tenure as CEO. Nicole asks if he has any copies. EJ jokes that she has a standing invitation to see it in person any time she likes. EJ then asks if Nicole did anything crazy while under the influence. Nicole admits that she actually did. EJ asks what she did. Nicole thinks back to being with Eric and then claims to EJ that when she was experiencing delusions, she went to Basic Black and cut off all the collars of the summer line because she was convinced it looked like something a priest would wear. EJ calls that odd but fortunate that she didn’t do something more extreme. Nicole agrees and says at least EJ didn’t call Wei Shin or make any rash decision concerning DiMera like when Stefan drugged him. Nicole notes that it seems EJ and Stefan have declared war again. EJ confirms that they have and assures that this time, he’s going to win decisively.

Stefan admits to Melinda that at first, he thought EJ was behind it as well but it turns out that EJ, Rafe, and a bunch of others also got sick and it turns out they were drugged by the biscuits at Sweet Bits. Stefan adds that the police are working on it now. Melinda insists that she will stay on them so that the person responsible will be punished. Melinda tells Stefan that he can go and adds that he can take his flowers with him because the charade is over. Melinda adds that he and Gabi can have their happily ever after, so he can give the flowers to her.

Li admits to Gabi that he was tempted to take her to bed, but he didn’t want it to happen like that because of some drug tricking the mind. Gabi points out that he hasn’t been above tricking her before. Li can’t deny that but says this was different and not real. Li adds that he loves her too much to take advantage of her like that. Li says he was so sure that if he had six months of marriage, he could make her love him again but the goal was never just to have her in bed, but to have her heart. Li say seeing how Gabi looked at him when she thought he was Stefan made him know in that moment that it was never going to happen.

Abe asks if Rafe is saying someone put the hallucinogen in to Chanel’s baked good. Abe questions who and why. Rafe says Jada is there now trying to figure that all out. Abe is relieved Rafe is doing okay but worries that this seems like more than a prank and could lead to some serious consequences. Rafe tells Abe that he knows and the drug caused him to do something he shouldn’t have but not something serious in the grand scheme of things. Abe asks if he’s going to tell him what he did that he shouldn’t have. Rafe agrees to tell Abe and reveals that he kissed Jada.

Chanel asks Jada about Rafe being in the hospital. Jada confirms he was taken in for observation but is expected to make a full recovery. Talia comments that Jada must be relieved because she knows how much Rafe means to her. Jada questions why that sounds like an accusation and states that Rafe is her boss and that’s it. Chanel asks what Rafe did when under the influence. Jada thinks back to Rafe kissing her. Talia then asks if Jada is okay. Jada tells them to just focus on the case. Chanel asks if Jada is going to arrest Sloan now or what.

Eric asks Sloan what would make her say that he and Nicole were drugged. Sloan points out that they were both babbling on like lunatics with Nicole saying she saw Eric dressed like a priest and Eric saying he saw Nicole in a bikini. Eric admits that he thought he did. Sloan calls it highly unlikely that they would get high together. Eric talks about still not knowing what caused him to hallucinate. Sloan reveals that it turns out that half the town got drugged by the biscuits at Sweet Bits. Sloan remarks that if it’s not bad enough that Chanel killed her parents, she had to go and poison the whole town. Eric asks if Sloan is sure that she’s the one who did this. Sloan asks who else and adds that Chanel will turn it around on her with everyone going along with it.

Talia doubts that Jada will find Sloan’s fingerprints since she likely wore gloves. Jada says they will see and points out that there were no signs of forced entry. Jada then notices the security camera which worries Talia. Chanel says she totally forgot that Paulina had them installed last month. Jada asks if she has access. Chanel confirms that she has an app on her phone which Jada notes would make things a lot easier. Chanel checks but finds there is no footage. Talia apologizes and says it’s all her fault because Chanel told her to turn them on when she locked up, but she must have forgot. Jada guesses the security cameras won’t tell them if anyone was there after Talia left.

Rafe assures Abe that he is fully aware of the new policy that prohibits relationships between supervisors and subordinates in the police department. Abe tells him it’s okay as he was under the influence of a substance that he did not willingly ingest. Rafe points out that rules are rules. Abe states that this will have to be documented. Rafe insists that nothing like this will ever happen again. Abe is glad to hear that and says he will talk to Jada. Rafe adds that he will too when he gets out. Abe trusts that Jada’s assessment of the situation will match Rafe’s. Rafe says he would assume so. Abe imagines they would all like to handle this discretely which Rafe confirms. Rafe adds that someone else also witnessed the event and it was Sloan Peterson.

Eric points out that Sloan didn’t eat the biscuits. Sloan asks if he’s insinuating that she knew they were drugged. Sloan argues that she would never eat anything from Chanel or her family. Eric says he believes her. Sloan brings up that Eric also thought she trashed Paulina’s office. Eric assures that he believes that she didn’t because she said she didn’t. Eric says he’s just glad she is okay. Sloan tells Eric to save all his cares and concerns for Nicole. Sloan complains that Eric promised and swore to her that it was over between he and Nicole, but somehow they found their way back to each other.

Nicole asks if EJ is sure that things between he and Stefan won’t get out of control. EJ appreciates her concern but assures that he can handle his bastard brother. Nicole jokes that he’s technically a bastard too. EJ says Stefan will learn that the hard way. EJ adds that he appreciates having Nicole in his corner but he doesn’t want to spend all their time together plotting Stefan’s downfall. EJ tells Nicole that right now, she has his full attention. EJ kisses Nicole and then asks her what’s wrong.

Stefan tells Melinda that he’s sorry that all this happened to her. Melinda jokes that she’s sorry she tried to murder him. Stefan says maybe he had it coming. Melinda acknowledges that Stefan was always honest about why she was there and what he needed from her, while she was the one who wasn’t honest about her feelings. Stefan feels it was still insensitive to ask her to help him out in this way. Melinda comments that for a DiMera, he’s a pretty nice guy. Stefan jokingly tells her not to let that get around.

Gabi questions if Li’s new strategy is to get her to realize he’s suddenly this nice guy. Li says it’s not a strategy, he’s just facing reality. Li mentions talking to Wendy earlier before Gabi’s episode and he was going to tell her when she walked in that he’s giving up on chasing after her. Li declares that he’s letting Gabi go, so she’s free from their agreement, their marriage, and all of it, so she can be with the man she loves.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s sorry and guesses she’s still feeling loopy from the biscuits. Nicole says she’ll be fine and thinks she just needs a shower to try and clear her head. EJ tells her to do what she needs, so Nicole then heads upstairs.

Eric tells Sloan that he and Nicole are not together. Sloan says they could have fooled her. Eric points out that she said herself that they were not in their right minds. Sloan questions that they just happened to end up together. Eric states that they have history while Sloan says it felt like current events. Eric insists that what happened was a one time thing. Sloan questions why she should believe that. Eric argues that he and Nicole are not together and can barely tolerate each other, so it doesn’t change anything and he hopes it doesn’t change anything between he and Sloan. Sloan says whatever as it’s not like she’s his girlfriend. Eric points out that she came to apologize. Sloan says she was hurt because he made her feel like he didn’t trust her but admits she overreacted. Eric accepts her apology and hopes she will accept his. Eric hopes they can then go downstairs and have dinner. Sloan questions him wanting to have dinner after all of this and asks then what. Eric says they will see where it takes them.

Rafe explains to Abe that they called Sloan to the police station to examine her phone to see if she was sending threatening texts to Paulina and that’s when Sloan walked in on Rafe kissing Jada. Rafe would be surprised if Sloan didn’t use it against him. Abe calls it ironic because Sloan is probably responsible for the kiss even happening. Rafe asks if Abe thinks Sloan drugged the biscuits. Abe responds that they both know someone is targeting Chanel’s bakery and Sloan is the most likely suspect.

Chanel tells Jada that she doesn’t need security footage to know that Sloan is the rat in their kitchen. Talia points out that they still don’t have any proof. Jada declares that until they find something to connect Sloan to the biscuits, there’s nothing she can do. Chanel complains that Sloan is ruining her life. Jada tells them to keep their distance from Sloan and let her do her job. Jada promises to find who did this and bring them to justice.

Stefan asks Melinda if she’s sure she’s going to be okay. Melinda assures that she’ll survive and tells Stefan to go before people get the wrong idea about them. Stefan doesn’t care what other people think and says he has seen a different side of Melinda through all of this. Stefan admits she’s pretty cool, fun, and attractive. Stefan adds that some guy will be very lucky to have her in his life for real. Melinda thanks him and tells Stefan to go be with the woman he loves because there’s no reason for them to be apart anymore. Stefan agrees now that Li knows everything.

Gabi questions Li letting her go and admits she’s surprised since he spent a year doing everything he could to hang on to her. Gabi thought he would try to punish her when he learned the truth about her and Stefan. Li admits he was angry, but mostly hurt, and it’s obvious to him that she doesn’t regret it which Gabi confirms. Li responds that he has lots of regrets. Li says he was groomed to be a success at business for his whole life and to be cold, calculating, and take what he wants but he never learned the personal side. Li is afraid in his pursuit of Gabi and desperation to hold onto their relationships, he used tactics better suited for a hostile takeover than a marriage. Li declares that the worst part is that he hurt Gabi, but despite all of that, he hopes she knows that he really did love her. Gabi admits that she knows he did and that she hurt him too by agreeing to honor their marriage for six months which she did not do. Li understands she’s trying to be with the man she loves and keep ahold of the DiMera shares. Gabi asks if he can blame a girl for wanting to have it all. Li guesses they have that in common. Li declares that he will stop fighting for them but he will never stop believing they could’ve been good together. Gabi asks if the deal is off then which Li confirms. Gabi then removes her wedding ring and hands it back to Li.

Stefan thanks Melinda again for her help with EJ. Melinda reminds Stefan that he and Gabi both owe her one and when the time is right, she has every intention of collecting on that debt.

Gabi packs her bags and informs Li that her lawyer is starting to draw up divorce papers. Li says it should be a smooth process which Gabi says she appreciates. Li points out that they did have some really good times together. Gabi agrees and says she would like to look back on those times fondly. Gabi asks if Li would consider letting her keep his DiMera shares. Li says hell no. Gabi says it was worth a shot and then exits the apartment.

Jada visits Rafe in the hospital and asks how he’s feeling. Rafe says he’s doing fine. Abe asks how Jada is feeling. Rafe informs her that he told Abe what happened between them while he was under the influence of drugs. Jada says Rafe was not in his right mind, end of story, and wants to talk about the case. Rafe asks for the update. Jada notes that Chanel’s security cameras were not on last night but she did get a call from the lab, confirming that what was in Rafe’s system as well as Gabi’s and Melinda’s all matched something that was in the biscuits. Rafe asks what it was. Jada reveals it was a strong hallucinogen that they have not seen before. Jada adds that Chanel did not put it in her own batter, so someone is trying to destroy Chanel and her bakery. Rafe adds that they don’t care who they hurt to do it.

Chanel tells Talia that she turned on the security cameras so maybe Sloan will return and they will bust her this time. Talia apologizes for not turning them on last night. Chanel tells her not to worry and hugs Talia. Chanel promises that Jada will find out who did this and they will make them pay.

Sloan tells Eric that it’s not fair because she can’t say no to him. Eric calls that one of his favorite things about her. Eric suggests she go get them a table while he showers and he’ll be down in a minute. Sloan then exits. Eric gets a call from Nicole, who says she was just calling to make sure they were on the same page about what happened. Nicole mentions that she didn’t tell EJ and she doesn’t want him to know so it has to be their little secret. Eric agrees. Nicole is glad they could come together on this. Eric asks if there’s anything else. Nicole says that’s it and tells him to have a great day as they hang up. Nicole then heads in to her room while EJ comes out from his, having overheard her on the phone.

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