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Chloe sits outside the Brady Pub with a breakfast biscuit from the Bakery but Xander arrives and smacks it out of her hand, asking what the hell she is thinking and tells her that she can’t eat that.

Brady asks Kristen what is so damn important that she has to tell him. Kristen responds that it actually has to do with her long lost sister Megan Hathaway and her latest partner in crime.

Chad and Stephanie are confronted at the warehouse in Greece by Thomas Banks, who pulls a gun on them and questions what they are doing there. Stephanie responds that they came to find out what he did with Kayla.

Hope asks the cop at the Greece police department if he’s sure that Shane Donovan is not the man who took Steve in to custody. He confirms that it is not and that he had no way of knowing it wasn’t Shane since he showed him his badge and said he wanted to see the evidence from Dr. Rolf’s room. The cop adds that he knows it’s under investigation, so he gave the man the prisms which Hope questions. Hope asks if the man then just walked out of here which the cop confirms. Hope shows another photo and asks if this is the man who was posing as Shane Donovan.

Bo goes to leave the cabin right as Harris arrives at the door and they come face to face. Harris says this can’t be and questions if he is Hope’s late husband. Bo claims not to know what he’s talking about but Harris stops him and says he knows it’s him because he’s seen a lot of pictures. Harris identifies him as Bo Brady.

Chloe asks what the hell is wrong with Xander. Xander repeats that she can’t eat the breakfast biscuit and calls her crazy. Chloe argues that she just bought it this morning and was waiting all day to eat it while running errands and now he ruined it. Xander warns that unless she wants her next errand to be going to the hospital, she will leave those biscuits alone which Chloe questions. Xander realizes she hasn’t heard the news and informs her that someone dosed those biscuits with hallucinogens and are seeing pink elephants or worse. Chloe can’t believe she almost ate that. Xander says it’s good he came by when he did. Chloe asks if they know who laced the biscuits with drugs. Xander says they are still investigating as Chloe calls it a truly evil thing to do. Xander remarks that whoever did it is clearly dangerous. Chloe guesses she can get bagels from the coffee cart but Xander offers to treat her to lunch. Chloe jokes that she must be hallucinating. Xander says he’s a working man now so he can afford it but tells her not to let it get around.

Brady asks Kristen what about Megan Hathaway. Kristen informs him that Megan is now a fellow guest in Statesville and they just started talking to get to know each other better. Brady doesn’t care and asks why this is of utmost importance. Kristen explains that Megan gave her some details on how she avoided being locked up in an ISA prison. Brady responds that he already knows that Megan told the ISA that it was Thomas Banks who kidnapped her mother. Kristen states that she’s not so sure it was him.

Bo tells Harris that he’s heard about him too. Harris questions Bo knowing who he is. Bo reveals they have a mutual acquaintance in Megan Hathaway, who is extremely proud of how she orchestrated the descent of Harris. Bo recalls Megan saying Harris was a navy seal turned in to a simple hired gun and mentions Hope.

Hope tells the cop that she has reason to believe Thomas Banks is involved in all of this but the cop assures it was not him. Hope asks the cop to describe the man to her in detail then.

Xander and Chloe have lunch in the Brady Pub. Xander jokes that this is better than a crusty old breakfast biscuit. Chloe says the chowder is delicious and thanks him. Xander brings up that they are back where Chloe bested him at darts so he wants a rematch. Chloe talks about researching dart techniques and asks if he’s sure he’d like a rematch.

Thomas Banks tells Stephanie to be more specific because she knows a lot of mothers. Chad questions Thomas playing a game. Stephanie tells Thomas that the woman kidnapped is her mother, Kayla Johnson, and demands he tell them where he took her. Thomas responds that he’s sorry to disappoint but they got the wrong dude.

Brady questions Kristen saying she doesn’t think it was Thomas Banks that kidnapped Kayla. Kristen responds that based on what Megan was saying, she thinks it’s possible it could be someone else. Kristen flashes back to asking Megan if Bo Brady is alive. Kristen tells Brady that she will tell him when he brings Rachel to see her. Brady questions if that’s what this is all about and says he should’ve known. Kristen argues that he can’t blame her for using this information to her advantage. Brady argues that he’s never had a reason to trust her. Kristen insists that he’s really going to want to hear this and so will everyone in Salem because this news is so explosive that it will change a lot of peoples’ lives. Brady responds that he’ll think about it and hangs up.

The cop doesn’t know how helpful his description will be and says their sketch artist is working in another town. Hope asks him for anything and asks if the man had any distinctive features. He calls him a pretty average looking guy, middle-aged with brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium build. He asks if that sounds like anyone she knows.

Harris says if Bo heard about him from Megan, maybe she had something to do with bringing Bo back. Harris recalls someone else being in the lab in the cryogenic tube but he never knew it was, but what Megan wanted most was the three prisms and that’s why she programmed him. Harris adds that she never told him what the prisms were for but he knows they could be used for medical miracles and now it all makes sense. Harris states that Megan wanted to use the prisms to revive somebody she loved and that was Bo.

Chloe and Xander play darts. Chloe gets another bullseye and Xander can’t believe it. Chloe jokes with him and decides she’ll give him a handicap by throwing the next one with her eyes closed. Chloe does so, but ends up accidentally hitting Xander with the dart.

Chad informs Thomas Banks that his boss Megan already told them that he kidnapped Kayla. Thomas responds that no one is the boss of him and he’s an independent contractor. Thomas reveals that he followed them and calls it no coincidence that they are all here. Thomas says that he saw them in the hotel lobby and knew they would take him to where he needed to be. Thomas says to give him the list. Chad claims to not know anything about a list while Thomas asks who is playing games now. Thomas says he saw them talking about all the places where Kayla could be and demands the list now while holding them at gunpoint.

Hope tells the cop that she saw dozens of men that fit his description as he described half the population of Greece. The cop repeats that their sketch artist is working in another town but he can call him. Hope asks for the security camera footage so the cop pulls up the file.

Bo comments on the narrative Harris strung together. Harris explains that he actually heard it from Hope, who told him how obsessed Megan was with Bo. Bo responds that those feelings were not mutual and one of the many reasons that he left the island. Harris asks if Bo brought Kayla with him. Bo asks why he would do that. Harris points out that Kayla is his sister. Bo responds that the rumor he heard is that some character named Banks kidnapped Kayla. Harris questions Bo not seeming to care about his sister. Bo says that Kayla is tough and knows how to take care of herself. Harris questions Bo and Kayla both being on the island at the same time and coincidentally leaving the island around that time but not being together. Bo claims he didn’t even know Kayla was on the island or why Megan brought her there. Bo declares that he was just fed up with Megan’s games so he took off as fast as he could alone. Harris says he understands but he came all this way to find Kayla and if Bo has nothing to hide, he asks to take a look around but Bo stops him and pulls his gun on him.

Chloe panics about hitting Xander with the dart and asks if he’s okay. Chloe worries about pulling the dart out of his chest and questions what to do. Xander guesses they are heading to the hospital after all.

Megan returns to the visiting room and tells Kristen that she’s all settled in after having to evict her cellmate from the bottom bunk. Kristen jokes about Megan making friends. Megan asks her how Brady is. Kristen asks what she means. Megan reveals that she overheard Kristen’s chat just now. Kristen tries to explain while Megan says she was thinking that they were beginning a new sisterhood but as soon as she turned her back, Kristen is talking to Brady about her and Bo Brady being alive. Kristen apologizes for betraying some sisterly confidence but admits the only thing that matters to her is her daughter, so she will play any card she has to get a chance to see her. Megan says she understands but the problem is, Kristen is not holding any cards as she never said Bo Brady was alive.

Bo tells Harris that it was nice meeting him but they are done here and tells him to run along home. Harris asks if Bo is really going to shoot him if he doesn’t. Bo remarks that killing a military hero would be bad karma and tells Harris to just run along home. Harris threatens to go tell Hope what happened. Bo asks why he would do that. Harris argues that Bo knows damn well that Hope is in love with him and now she could know he’s alive. Bo questions this being a selfless act since telling Hope that he’s alive will end their budding romance. Bo asks if Harris is ready to lose Hope.

Hope and the cop find that the security footage is all gone and been erased. Hope questions who else had access to the security footage and thinks someone did it deliberately. Hope asks more about the man who left with Steve in hopes of finding a clue of who he is. The cop recalls that Steve did say something. Hope asks him to please tell her what he said.

Thomas Banks demands the list and warns them not to piss him off. Chad tells Stephanie to do what he says. Stephanie says the list is in her purse. Chad tells Thomas that he wanted to offer his condolences on his sister passing away a few months ago. Thomas thinks he means Sister Mary Moira but Chad clarifies that he means his other sister Susan. Thomas questions what happened. Chad calls it a very tragic car accident that exploded over a cliff. Thomas calls that mean and says Susan was a good girl who didn’t deserve that. Thomas says he always thought he wasn’t all bad because Susan was his sister. Thomas admits that makes him sad and starts to get emotional so Chad offers a napkin but then throws it in his face and grabs him. They struggle over the gun until it goes off.

Chloe checks on Xander in the hospital after the doctor finishes bandaging him up. Xander tells her that he’s fine and just pierced a muscle. Xander jokes about her not being the best dart player. Xander wonders if this is some kind of retaliation for when he kissed her last night. Chloe admits she was annoyed by that but doesn’t think it called for a violent retaliation as long as he promises to never do it again.

Megan questions why Kristen would sell any information she did have so cheaply for one visit with her daughter. Kristen repeats that her daughter means everything to her. Megan gets it but argues that Kristen thinks too small. Megan advises Kristen to look at the big picture. Megan talks about going through a great deal of trouble to make sure she was incarcerated here. Megan warns that if Kristen even suggests that she stretched the truth, they will ship her to some black site which won’t help her either. Megan encourages that there’s no limit to what they can accomplish here if they work together. Megan tells Kristen that she has no intention of staying here one minute longer than she has to and she’s already started formulating a plan. Megan asks Kristen what sounds better; one measly visit with her daughter or spending the rest of her life with her daughter outside? Megan tells Kristen to ponder over that before making the biggest mistake of her life. Megan asks who would believe Kristen anyway when everybody knows Bo Brady is dead, so she asks how could a dead man kidnap his sister. Megan remarks that being a criminal mastermind is exhausting so she needs a nap. Megan tells Kristen that she will see her around and heads back to her cell.

Thomas screams in pain as he is shot in the ear and Chad takes the gun, shouting that he should’ve listened to reason. Chad tells Thomas that they will patch him up on the way to the police station.

The cop reveals to Hope that Steve said the man claiming to be Shane Donovan was not who he said he was. Hope questions him ignoring that. The cop explains that the man had said Steve was the actual con artist. Hope asks if Steve said anything else. The cop remembers Steve mumbling something as he was dragged out but he can’t remember what it was. Hope thanks him and says to call her if he remembers anything else. Hope leaves her number and then exits the station.

Harris tells Bo that he’s not sure he understands this, questioning Bo wanting him to be with Hope. Bo explains that he’s starting a whole new life without Hope and he’s sick of people trying to drag him back to that whole life. Harris asks if he’s just going to let him go if he doesn’t say anything about finding him. Bo insists that it’s best for both of them and for Hope too since she started a whole new life and moved on with Harris. Bo says they have a good thing going so he asks why break her heart again. Bo tells Harris that Hope is all his, so Harris gets the girl and Bo gets his new life as long as he keeps this conversation between them. Harris questions pretending he never saw him, deceiving Hope, and letting her believe that her husband is dead. Bo argues that he’s not really deceiving her since from his point of view, that husband is dead. Bo asks Harris if they have a deal.

Xander tells Chloe that he should probably make an appearance at the paper and jokes about wanting another rematch when he’s healed. Chloe is impressed that he’d be willing to come near her ever again with a dart. Xander jokes that she may be dangerous and scary, but she makes up for it in charm.

Brady goes to the prison which surprises Kristen. Brady says he came to see this supposedly explosive piece of information that she uncovered. Brady asks what the big news is that’s going to change everybody’s lives in Salem. Kristen claims that it turns out she was wrong and that Megan was telling the truth that Thomas Banks was the one who kidnapped Kayla. Megan listens from outside the room and smiles.

Chad and Stephanie bring Thomas Banks to the police department in Greece. Chad tells the cop that he’s going to want to book him as he’s on the most wanted list. The cop recognizes Thomas from seeing his picture earlier and calls him even uglier in person which Thomas calls not nice.

Harris returns to his room where Hope shows up at his door. Harris asks if she had any luck at the police station. Hope says only the bad kind as someone posed as Shane Donovan and took Steve and the prisms. Harris asks if there’s any idea who. Hope says no as the description was vague and someone erased the security footage. Harris questions how that even happens. Hope thinks whoever kidnapped Steve erased it and was a real pro. Hope complains about the cop not even questioning the man and just letting him walk out with Steve and the prisms. Hope asks if Harris had any luck. Harris responds that he started on the list and went to Victor Kiriakis’ childhood home. Hope asks if he found anything. Harris thinks back to his conversation with Bo where they agreed on the deal to not tell Hope about him. Harris then lies to Hope and tells her that he found nothing at all and the place was deserted.

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