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Marlena returns to her office at the hospital. She sits at her desk and declares she’s back in business. Alex then arrives and asks if she has a minute. Marlena calls it a nice surprise and invites him in.

Kristen calls Brady from prison, but he does not accept the call. Kristen screams in frustration until she is greeted by new prisoner, her half sister, Megan Hathaway.

Hope goes to see Harris and tells him that no one saw Steve come in, so now she’s starting to worry that something has happened to him.

Steve pounds on the door of the wine cellar while screaming for Bo to open the door. Kayla tells Steve that Bo won’t suddenly come to his senses and let them out. Steve declares that they will have to find themselves out of here.

Chad and Stephanie arrive in Greece. Stephanie calls Steve and leaves a message, saying she’s starting to worry because she hasn’t heard from him so she hopes to hear from him soon. Stephanie tells Chad that it’s been two days and worries about something happening to her father too. Chad tells her that she can’t think that way and they are here now, so they will find him.

Bo has Steve’s phone and listens to Stephanie’s message on his voicemail.

John comes home with flowers for Marlena. Brady informs John that Marlena isn’t home. John knows that Marlena went back to work but he thinks it’s a little bit soon. Brady points out that Marlena has been seeing patients on the couch ever since she returned, so he thinks she’s ready which John agrees with. Brady brings up Marlena hypnotizing Stephanie and Stephanie remembering Kayla saying something about Victor. Brady questions what that is all about. John explains that Victor is out of town but Chad and Stephanie talked to him on the phone and he said he knew nothing about Kayla’s kidnapping. John adds that Maggie gave a list of Victor’s properties in Greece so Chad and Stephanie flew there to check them out. Brady asks if John thinks Victor is telling the truth. John says he’d like to think so, but he’s been wrong about him before. Brady hopes Chad and Stephanie are not walking in to some kind of trap. John says he’d feel a lot better if Steve hadn’t gone off the grid but they have no idea where he is. John would love to be on the search but he can’t bring himself to be away from Marlena so soon after getting her back.

Marlena tells Alex that they haven’t formally met. Alex tells her it’s great having her back as he knows how much she means to so many people. Marlena feels lucky to be back with the people she loves. Alex hopes it’s not a bad time. Marlena says she’s not seeing patients today and was just catching up on paper work but she invites him to have a seat and asks what she can do for him. Alex brings up Stephanie being in Greece, looking for her mom who is alive. Alex wondered if Marlena had any news about her since she is so close to the situation. Marlena says she hasn’t heard anything new. Marlena asks if Alex knew Kayla. Alex says not really, but he hopes to God they find her because that could mean his redemption.

Hope complains about calling and texting but then she gets a text from Steve’s phone, that says sorry for not being in touch and that Stephanie arrived in Greece, so he’s trying to calm her down. Harris says that’s one problem solved while Hope is relieved that Steve is okay.

Bo turns off Steve’s phone after sending the text.

Kristen and Megan meet one another which each calling the other infamous. Megan remarks that despite different last names, they are undeniably family. Kristen comments on Megan being dead ten years before she ever came to Salem. Megan credits a cryogenic chamber. Kristen mentions hearing that she was apprehended on an island off Greece. Megan comments that news travels fast. Kristen questions what she’s doing in Salem. Megan explains that she cut a deal with the ISA so that she could be incarcerated here. Kristen questions why the ISA would even consider giving her a deal after everything she has done. Megan responds that they were desperate to find Kayla and she told the feds that her former associate, Thomas Banks, was the one who took her. Kristen calls Thomas a disgusting little creep and brings up Thomas masquerading as her before.

Chad and Stephanie talk about going through Victor’s properties and hopefully find Kayla. They take their bags to their hotel room as someone watches them.

Alex explains to Marlena that he had no idea that Kayla was dying when he turned Stephanie’s phone off and he just wanted quality time with his girl, but he knows that it was his fault that she didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to her mother and she had every right to be, but that’s why they broke up and now she’s with Chad. Alex says when he heard about Kayla being alive, he realized that maybe he didn’t rob Stephanie of her last moments with her mother after all. Alex knows they still have to find her or else he will live with this guilty conscience forever.

Hope sends a text back to Steve’s phone that they will continue to look for Thomas today and keep him updated. Hope says it’s too bad they didn’t accomplish much last night but Harris points out that they did have fun, especially with their dance. Harris and Hope kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Harris goes to get dressed while Hope answers the door to see Chad and Stephanie.

Kristen questions Megan as to why Thomas Banks would kidnap Kayla. Kristen then asks if she ordered it. Megan asks why she would do that when Kayla is of no use to her now. Kristen asks what Megan was planning to do with her with Dr. Rolf. Megan explains that Kayla, Marlena, and Kate were going to be Dr. Rolf’s human guinea pigs and it would’ve been a monumental scientific breakthrough for all of humanity. Kristen guesses she was mostly interested in what it would do for her. Kristen asks why Kate had to bite the bullet and not Marlena. Megan says it was not her choice and that one of her employees went a bit rogue. Kristen says it had to have been Thomas since they didn’t find anyone else on the island but Dr. Rolf. Megan questions where she gets all this information. Kristen responds that she’s aware of everything that concerns her family. Kristen says that Megan threw Thomas under the bus and that’s a major breach of DiMera loyalty. Megan explains that she had to give the ISA a name and they knew that Thomas had been one of her hired guns. Kristen questions why she lied and for whom. Kristen asks if Thomas didn’t take Kayla, who did?

Bo returns to the wine cellar, mentioning that his gun is just an insurance policy. Kayla questions where he was. Bo claims he was fishing and he made them some stew. Kayla complains about him holding them hostage. Bo says they had to eat. Kayla asks why Steve is here. Bo says he got in his way. Steve brings up Hope and asks why he doesn’t want to see her. Bo recalls that Hope hated and misunderstood why he grew to love and admire his father, so there’s no reason to have Hope in his life. Steve calls that a lie and says Hope understands him too well, so he’s afraid that she will break through to him which scares the hell out of him. Bo decides that’s enough talk. Bo argues that Kayla said she would get information off the prisms. Kayla clarifies that she thought that. Bo warns that the clock is ticking. Bo reveals that Stephanie has found her way to Greece which shocks Steve. Bo says it’s only a matter of time before Stephanie or Hope find out that they are missing. Bo warns about either of them getting in his way. Steve then grabs Bo and they struggle over his gun while Kayla tries to intervene.

Brady asks how John could say it’s irrational as he understands John wants Marlena by his side every second because she’s the love of his life. Brady says everyone is happy for John and adds that he’s envious of him. Brady mentions his relationship with Chloe. John knows the pain of when things go wrong and that Marlena told him it’s rough right now with Chloe and Rachel. Brady says that what makes him so infuriated is that Kristen manipulated the whole situation to her advantage and succeeded at making Rachel hate Chloe, so he has no clue how to fix it.

Megan says she never denied that Thomas took Kayla. Kristen points out that she never confirmed it either and asks why she doesn’t just tell her the truth. Megan questions why she would, pointing out that she doesn’t know her. Kristen brings up sisterly bonding. Megan talks about never having a sister. Kristen says the same but notes that she has so many brothers. Megan says she doesn’t know them either. Kristen calls it obvious that Megan hasn’t talked to anyone in decades other than misfits, hostages, and dead people. Kristen encourages Megan to confide in someone normal, that she’s related to. Kristen jokes that they can be sisters in crime. Megan admits that they have one thing in common; a desire to get out of prison. Kristen suggests she scratch her back and Megan scratch hers.

Marlena says that Alex’s urgency to find news about Kayla seems to be about more than his guilty conscience. Alex says of course he wants Kayla to be alive, mentioning that she’s a respected doctor and so many people love her, just like Marlena. Marlena questions if he came all the way over just to say what a wonderful doctor she and Kayla are. Alex doesn’t know what she’s getting at. Marlena feels that Stephanie broke up with him because she felt that he had cost her the last moment she would have had with her mother and now that her mother is alive, she wonders if Alex is thinking he has a second chance with Stephanie.

Hope invites Chad and Stephanie in, asking where Steve is. Stephanie responds that they don’t know. Chad says they went to his room and he wasn’t there. Hope introduces Chad and Stephanie to Harris Michaels. Stephanie responds that she knows who Harris is and brings up how he delivered pizzas to them in Seattle when one of them blew up in her face. Harris apologizes and says he can’t tell her how much he regrets his actions during that time. Stephanie mentions ending up in the hospital but recovering quickly. Harris hopes she can accept his apology. Stephanie understands that he wasn’t himself and that Steve went through something similar awhile back, so she accepts his apology, especially because he’s helping look for her mom. Harris is grateful for her understanding. Stephanie states that now she’s worried about her dad. Hope mentions that Steve just texted them that he was with her. Stephanie argues that he isn’t and they haven’t heard from him since before they left Salem. Stephanie worries that Steve is in trouble.

Bo fights off Steve and warns him not to pull that crap again. Steve dares Bo to pull the trigger and argues that he’s had plenty of chances to kill him but hasn’t done it yet. Bo warns that it can be arranged. Steve yells at Bo to pull the trigger, so he does.

Alex thanks Marlena and wants to pay her for a session. Marlena says no but Alex says she deserves to be compensated for helping him. Marlena says it just feels good to be working. Marlena then points out that Alex didn’t answer her question. Alex guesses he hasn’t thought much about getting back with Stephanie, maybe because he may seem confident, Stephanie was the only woman that he truly loved and being rejected by her was really painful. Alex guesses maybe he’s just afraid of getting hurt again. Marlena understands he’s feeling vulnerable because he has very deep feelings for Stephanie which he admits. Alex guesses this discussion is just bringing his subconscious thoughts to the surface. Marlena says that’s how therapy works. Alex realizes that part of him is hoping that if they do find Kayla, maybe Stephanie will be able to get past what happened and they could be together again.

Hope tries calling Steve but it goes straight to voicemail. Hope worries that it’s possible that someone else has Steve’s phone. Stephanie worries that he’s not okay. Chad asks when they last saw him. Harris says they split up yesterday and Steve went to the police station to look at Dr. Rolf’s belongings for any clues on where Kayla is. Hope notes that they haven’t seen him since then. Harris decides they should go to the police station as right now, it’s the only lead they have. Chad stops him and says it’s not the only lead.

Bo pulled the trigger and shot a bottle of wine. Bo blames Steve for making him do that and wasting a bottle but Kayla argues that this is on Bo because he’s trying to be someone that he’s not. Bo responds that he’s not Shawn’s son who never fit in and remarks that he was never a Brady. Kayla argues that he was and still is. Steve adds that if Bo thinks it’s better to be a Kiriakis, he’s a fool. Bo asks if Steve keeps pushing him because he doesn’t think he’s capable of killing. Bo then brings up that he put a bullet in Kate. Kayla shouts that Bo doesn’t need to do any of this and what he’s thinking and feeling is because of what Megan did to him. Steve adds that Megan has been captured and is in prison as they speak. Steve questions if Bo is going to let Megan control him from an ocean away.

Megan says if they are sharing secrets, she wants Kristen to start. Kristen decides that if Megan doesn’t want to tell her who has Kayla, she will figure it out on her own. Kristen questions Megan just giving up Thomas Banks and argues that whoever took Kayla is someone she is protecting and someone she cares about. Kristen states that as she knows, Megan never cared about anyone in her entire life other than maybe Stefano and Bo but they are both dead. Megan remarks on Bo dying of a brain tumor, just like she was dead before they dumped her in a hot tub and fried to her a crisp, yet here she sits before her. Kristen asks if Megan is saying that Bo Brady is alive.

Chad shows Harris the list of Victor’s properties in Greece. Stephanie points out that they don’t know if Kayla is actually in any of those properties while Chad encourages her to stay positive as they just have to start looking. Harris suggests they split up. Hope agrees and decides she will go to the police station since she’s been working with the ISA, so they will talk to her. Hope tells Stephanie and Chad to stick together. Chad splits the list of properties and hands one to Harris as he and Stephanie exit together. Harris advises Hope to be careful too. Hope responds that she’s going to the police station, the safest place in town, but Harris points out that Steve possibly disappeared from there. Hope says that’s what she is going to find out. Hope thanks Harris for helping her family. Harris responds that she gave him his life back, so he just hopes that he can return the favor as they then exit.

Alex tells Marlena that he always mocked the whole getting in touch with your feelings thing, but admits it’s really helping which Marlena is glad to hear. Alex asks if she thinks he needs therapy. Marlena responds that therapy is what she does, so she thinks everybody can be helped in therapy. Alex says he’s always thought he doesn’t need it as talking about his feelings and emotions is not really his vibe. Marlena asks if he’s changed his mind. Alex admits this did help a lot right now, but it didn’t change his mind as he doesn’t think he wants to continue. Alex declares that he’s fine. Marlena says if he does change his mind again, he can call her and hands him her card. Alex thanks her and says he appreciates that. Alex adds that it was great meeting the famous Dr. Evans as he then exits her office.

Brady tells John that Marlena said she would keep working with Rachel as far as talking things through. Brady adds that Marlena is really the only mother figure that Rachel has right now. John says they really adore her and asks if he’s taken Rachel to see Kristen lately. Brady says no and that Rachel’s only time seeing her lately was her solo trip to the prison. Brady admits that Kristen’s been hounding him but he doesn’t want Kristen poisoning Rachel’s mind any further. Brady mentions that he just declined Kristen’s call a little while ago. John questions him thinking it’s okay to freeze her out. John warns that if Rachel thinks he’s keeping her from seeing her mother, she’s going to dig in even more. John says as much as they wish it wasn’t true, in this case, there’s a strong bond between mother and daughter that he’s not sure can be broken.

Megan tells Kristen that they may be sisters but it does take time to trust someone. Kristen questions what she is getting at. Megan responds that she’s just not quite ready to play true confessions. Megan decides it’s time to get settled in to her new home because it looks like she’s going to be here for awhile, theoretically at least. Megan then leaves the visiting area.

Bo declares that no one controls him and that Megan just opened him up to who he really is. Kayla argues that this is not him. Bo asks what he has to show for the pansy that she says he was. Steve and Kayla bring up Bo’s children and grandchildren. Steve reveals that Ciara is pregnant so Bo has another grandchild on the way. Kayla calls that wonderful news and a blessing. Bo says that makes what he’s doing that much more important because he’s going to build an empire like his father. Steve argues that his kids want him, not some Kiriakis wanna be. Kayla repeats that what the Bradys lacked in wealth, they made up for with how much they loved each other. Kayla tells Bo that is more valuable than numbers in a bank. Bo complains that they are wasting his time as this is happening whether they like it or not. Bo tells Kayla to get back to work. Kayla argues that she needs equipment and supplies. Bo accuses her of stalling. Kayla insists that she needs a lab. Bo reluctantly agrees to get what she needs and exits the cellar.

Stephanie warns Chad that this could be dangerous. Chad says they knew that when they came. Stephanie doesn’t think she should be dragging him in to this when he has kids to worry about. Chad assures that nothing is stopping him and he’s not letting her do this alone. Chad declares they will be fine as they have each other. They exit the hotel as someone remains watching them.

John goes to Marlena’s office and brings her flowers. John asks how her first day back is. Marlena responds that it’s been pretty busy. Marlena then gets a call from Alex, who decides he would like to make an appointment.

Brady gets another call from prison and this time he reluctantly accepts. Brady answers and asks what Kristen wants. Kristen says she wants to relay something to him of the utmost importance.

Steve asks Kayla if she’s okay. Kayla says she’s not and complains that Bo could have shot Steve, so she questions why he baited him like that. Steve says he was proving a point. Steve says that Bo didn’t shoot him and won’t. Kayla worries that he could have and now Stephanie is here. Steve argues that if Bo couldn’t hurt him, he won’t hurt his own niece, and declares that Bo is not as dangerous as he pretends to be. Steve tells Kayla that Hope and Harris have to be wondering where he is now, so Hope is going to follow the bread crumbs and they are going to find them.

Chad and Stephanie go to a warehouse which Chad notes is huge with a lot of place for someone to be sulking around. They are then startled by a noise behind them.

Hope goes to the Greek police station and introduces herself as from the ISA. Hope informs the cop that she’s looking for a colleague who was there yesterday named Steve Johnson. The cop says it doesn’t sound familiar and asks for a description. Hope then shows him a photo of Steve which the cop recognizes and tells her that the Director of the ISA said he was an impostor and took him in to custody. Hope questions that and shows him a picture of Shane Donovan but the cop says that’s not him. Hope says that’s Shane, so she questions who is the man who took Steve in to custody.

Bo goes to leave the cabin right as Harris arrives at the door and they come face to face.

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