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[ Ambulance siren ]

[ Flatlining ]

Nurse tina: Dr. Finnegan, she’s coding.

Li: Let her die.

Brooke: Ridge, what are you talking about?

Stephen: You have been in la this whole time?

Taylor: Wait a second. You and bill have been working together?

Carter: You hate each other.

Ridge: Yes. And we still hate each other, but we had a common goal. To get rid of sheila. And we did it because of bill.

Carter: Bill and sheila are in a relationship. She’s living with–

Stephen: You– you allowed her to endanger all our families.

Lucy: Sheila should be in jail.

Taylor: Yes, she should, but she’s not because he defended her. Stood up for her.

Brooke: You alienated everybody that cares about you, bill.

Donna: You bribed a judge to keep sheila out of jail, bill.

Eric: Ridge, you expect us to believe that he did all this to protect us?

Katie: You professed your love for her over and over again.

Bill: I’m sorry you had to hear that, katie.

Ridge: But it was an act. None of this was what it seemed. We– we were working with the fbi and with baker.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: Yes, there– there was a sting that bill came up with to put sheila away forever.

Bill: If there’d been another way, any other way… but there wasn’T.

Ridge: And listen, he had to convince sheila that this was real, so he had to convince all of you that it was real. And… I should say, I don’t– I don’t– I don’t wanna say, but I– I’m– I’m gonna have to. This– this man… is a hero.

Nurse tina: Dr. Finnegan, defibrillators down. Hey, doc, another set.

[ Machine beeping ]

Li: Sheila nearly killed you and shot your wife. Left me for dead. Threatened your children.

Nurse tina: I’m back.

[ Li mouthing ]

Nurse tina: Here. Back up.

Finn: Charging 130.

Nurse tina: Charging.

[ Defibrillator buzzing ]

Finn: Clear. Hi, I’m jason and I’ve lost 202 pounds on golo.

Bill: Look, uh, ridge should call me a hero, but I didn’t feel like one.

Ridge: He did what he had to do to get the job done.

Stephen: As part of some elaborate undercover operation.

Taylor: How– how long has this been going on?

Ridge: Too long. Trust me. You know, steve, you’re right. This– it– it was elaborate and it was dangerous. But can we all agree, all of us, that what we wanted was sheila out of our lives? We can, right? And the only way to do that is to have her admit to murder one.

[ Brooke scoffs ]

Brooke: Who do you think she killed?

Ridge: Her psychiatrist, doctor–

Bill: Gordon.

Ridge: And some young guy who, uh–

Bill: Uh, lance day.

Ridge: Lance day. He threatened her.

Taylor: Okay. This doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense because sheila was already in custody. So, if this is some big setup, some big ploy, and bill was never in love with her, then there’d be no reason to let her out. Because steffy and finn’s testimony would’ve put her away for good. And you interfered with that.

Bill: You’re right. I did. Steffy and finn had an open and shut case, and sheila would’ve been put straight back in prison.

Taylor: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. But not for life. She would’ve gotten, what, 10 years? Maybe more. Maybe less. You see, this wasn’t just about protecting everyone in this room. It was about will, kelly, beth, hayes, douglas. They all had to be protected. It was, uh… hell making you all doubt me and, uh, hate me. But it had to be done. Those kids are too important to me. And I had to protect their futures. Uh… we. We had to protect their futures. And that’s what we did.

Finn: She still in v-fib. Let’s go again. Grab me another preload of epi.

Nurse tina: On it.

Li: What are you doing? This woman tried to orphan your children.

Finn: She’s a patient.

Li: She’s evil. You don’t want this. You know it’s not right. Think of your life without her. Steffy’s life.

Nurse tina: Got the epi.

Finn: Administrating another point ml of epi. Charge it to 200.

Nurse tina: Charging.

Finn: All right, let’s go again. Clear.

[ Machine beeping ]

Nurse tina: A-fib. She’s back.

Li: Finn, why? Why?

[ Machine beeping steadily ]

[ Flatlining ] Type 2 diabetes?

[ Machine flatlining ]

Finn: Clear.

[ Machine beeping steadily ] Regular sinus rhythm. Pulse ox is rising. Notify the cardiac team.

Nurse tina: Yes, doctor.

[ Sheila groaning ]

Sheila: My son… you saved me.

[ Sighing ] Love me…

Taylor: Bill, I… I don’t know what to say.

Bill: I’m sorry, taylor. I’m sorry I had to put you through so much.

Brooke: And you knew that he was doing this?

Ridge: Yeah. And it killed me being in that basement with the fbi, knowing at the worst time I was never gonna get back with my kids. You guys. But that’s nothing compared to the sacrifice that this man made. And don’t get me wrong, I got so many problems with bill. Not just because of who he is and what he’s done, but just… look at the way he dresses.

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: Looks– looks like a pirate who got lost in the mall somewhere.

Bill: Lost in the mall?

Ridge: But you know what? This man right here, he defends his family, people he loves, more fiercely than anyone I know.

Carter: Okay, so all of this was to get sheila to confess she murdered those two guys?

Bill: Thought it was gonna take a few weeks. Ended up being months, the longest months of my life.

Ridge: But he didn’t give up.

Donna: Did it work?

Lucy: Did sheila confess?

Ridge: Yes. Taylor: Wait, what? She confessed to killing?

Ridge: Yeah. It’s all on tape.

Taylor: Oh, my god!

Brooke: Oh, my god. Really?

Stephen: So where is she now?

Ridge: Well, she escaped from bill’s place, but then they caught up with her at il giardino.

Donna: Why would she go there?

Ridge: I don’t know. Maybe she was trying to throw people off, but the police have her now, she’s in custody.

Brooke: Can’t believe it.

[ Indistinct chatter, laughter ]

Stephen: I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully express my gratitude, or tell you how sorry I am for doubting you.

Ridge: I had plenty of doubt myself.

[ Indistinct chatter, laughter ]

Donna: Thank you, bill.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hey. So, you have been working with bill this whole time. And I thought you were out soul searching.

Ridge: That would’ve been easier.

Taylor: I don’t know about that.

[ Both laugh ]

Ridge: Yeah. Maybe not.

[ Taylor chuckles ]

Taylor: Well, thank you. I mean… thank you for everything.

Ridge: You okay?

Taylor: I– I’m–

Ridge: It’s over. All of it is over.

Taylor: What do you mean?

Ridge: My new best friend, bill, has cut a deal to exonerate you for the shooting.

[ Taylor sighs in relief ]

Donna: I– I can’t even believe.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: The fbi.

Taylor: Oh, my god. Really?

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Ridge chuckles ]

Brooke: So, you were never really in love with sheila?

[ Bill chuckles ]

Bill: No.

Brooke: No. You sneaky, deceitful, wonderful man. Bill spencer, thank you. Thank you so much.

[ Brooke sighing ] (Vo) for over 50 years

[ Indistinct pa announcement ]

Li: Finn, why? Why, finn? Sheila carter’s pure evil. You couldn’t let her die?

Finn: No. Look, I will– I’ll never forgive sheila for what she did to you and what she tried to take from our children. I love you, steffy. And I know that we had a chance to never have to worry about her again, but I couldn’t do it. Okay? I couldn’t let her die. I had to save her.

Steffy: I– I know. I know. I know. I love you. I love you.

[ Steffy sighs ]

[ Machine beeps steadily ]

Officer: She’s secure. The cuffs are on. She’s not going anywhere. Situation’s secure.

Li: Good. You gonna be here all night?

Officer: I’ll be right outside.

Li: Open your eyes. My son may have saved you, but you’re going to rot in prison, sheila. Then you’re going to rot in hell.

[ Cuffs clink ] Who’s laughing now, sheila?

Eric: I would just like to say, uh, how amazing I think it is that we never have to worry about sheila carter again in our lives. I mean, we owe them both a debt of gratitude. Thank you, bill and ridge. Thank you. Let’s hear it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Ridge: Ah. Why do I feel like I’m gonna be in trouble? I– I didn’t– I mean, thing is, saved the day, her dad. So, uh, turn you on?

Brooke: Mmm… a little, agent forrester. What do you think, taylor?

Taylor: I don’t know. I mean, I’m– I’m definitely feeling something.

[ Brooke gasps ]

Brooke: What are you feeling?

Taylor: Oh, god, I think I’m feeling relief. Just relief. That’s it.

[ Both laughing ]

Brooke: Really.

Taylor: Yeah. That’s it.

Ridge: Friendship stuck, I see. Is there anything else that happened while I was gone, or…

Taylor: Uh…

Ridge: Did you guys miss me at all?

Taylor: Mmm…

Eric: Listen, let’s, uh, open a bottle of champagne out on the terrace. Come on. Let’s go.

[ Crosstalk ]

Eric: Come on.

Katie: Uh, I’ll be out in a minute.

[ Indistinct chatter] You lied to me every minute. You made me believe that you were in love with… sheila carter, a monster. You were gonna subject our son to her, that she might become his stepmother. I… I thought you were lost. Do you have any idea what that did to me?

Bill: I’m sorry, katie. I love you. I love our son. I love all my boys. I didn’t wanna hurt you, but… I couldn’t tell anyone or the plan wasn’t gonna work. I– I needed sheila to trust me. That was the only way to keep everyone safe. That was the worst part. Letting everyone think I was– I was letting them down. No one more than you. But it was all an act. An act. And it’s over now.

[ Clinking ]

[ Bill sighing ]

[ Slapping ]

Katie: You are so maddening and frustrating. And there’s no one like you. Extraordinary lengths you go to, it… this one was really crazy. This is why I left you, bill. But it’s also why I love you.

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