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[Door opens] – What do you know? There goes victor’s latest stooge. – Well, robert. What a nice surprise. What brings you to the metro court this evening? – After all these years, I have come too far– oh, no, no, no, no, no. I will not be denied again.

[Phone rings] – It’s the da’s office. I’m in the middle of a meeting. I already told you, I need more time before I get back to the office. – Time’s up! Get out, now. – I’m sorry. I can’T. – Eileen– – what’s going on? – Oh, my god, she’s going to blow up the whole operation. Eileen, is victor not letting you leave? – No, you can wait for me. – Whatever it is that you’re thinking, don’T. – I can’t really talk right now, but don’t worry. When I get there, I will have all the answers you need, and we won’t have to meet again. – Eileen? Oh, my god, she hung up. – You think he’s on to her? – I don’t know. Ok, I’m calling her again. Oh, god.

[Line trilling] – I’m so sorry for the interruption.

[Phone rings] That won’t happen again. Putting my phone on silent. – Look, you might as well leave, eileen. You– you’ve done your part. – Victor, I don’t want to leave you unhappy. Can’t I do something… to make you feel better?

[Knock at door] – I have the information you were waiting for. – Oh, come in. Not here. Follow me.

[Suspenseful music] – [Sighs]

[Knock at door] – Come on, maxie. Answer my text. Answer, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer me! Oh! – Hello, lucy. How are you tonight? – Um, I’m– I’m good. Uh, well, that is, if your daughter would just answer my texts. – Oh, maxie’s diligent about responding to text messages. Unless, of course, she’s in a meeting and she can’T. – Unless, of course, she’s choosing not to answer me.

[Sighs] Oh! – There’s that. Anna, valentin, what’s going on? – Eileen’s delivered the counterfeit necklace to victor, but now she’s refusing to pick up the phone. – Do you thing he’s on to her? – It’s impossible to say, but we’re afraid eileen’s gone rogue. – She’s putting herself, us, the whole operation in jeopardy.

[Muffled pop music] – Cam, what the hell? I know this is your party, but– – it’s his party, yes. He’s the man of the hour. Hey, cam. – Hi, grandma. – Good to see you. – I know my, uh, guests are unexpected. – Esme, welcome. – Um, for the record, this wasn’t my idea. Cameron invited me. – This is my son’s going-away party. He can invite anyone he wants. Hi. It’s nice to see you outside of spring ridge. – Well, I don’t respond well to being locked up. As you know.

[Tense music] – Yes, the nurses’ ball is officially sold out. But you’ve been so generous to the hospital, I will see what I can do about squeezing in a party of four. Ok.

[Sighs] – Brook lynn, your list of performers is fantastic. You have totally outdone yourself. What a great lineup! – I agree, brook lynn. You did such a fantastic job recruiting people. – Thank you. Well, now on to the hard part. What order do they perform in? – Everybody knows this is for a great cause, so I think they’ll just put their egos aside. They’ll accept whatever order we come up with. – How do people hear something is sold out and still expect to get tickets? I have to add another table. – Where? We have to stick with the fire code. – I’m sure I can figure something out.

[Phones rings] Oh. Maxie. – Why are you ignoring my texts? And– and what are you hiding? What are you doing to my show? – Hello again. Let me go someplace more private. – Ok. Show order. Let’s start with the easy calls. Uh, gh doctors and nurses will start, obvs. But then what? – The second and third acts can’t be from gh nurses, since they’ll need time to change. – Right. The nurses will be a good emotional beginning. But then the next act, it really needs to grab the audience’s attention. It has to be exciting, you know, have sex appeal. What act sends the message that you are in for the night of your life, and you don’t want to miss a single minute?

[Dramatic music]

– This is not what we agreed to. Text only, no more phone calls. – Maxie. Maxie, listen to me. I’m sorry. I really am not trying to micromanage you. It’s just, you don’t know what it feels like to be stuck in this safe house. Oh, with the nurses’ ball– my baby– is going on without me. – And I hear that, but I can either talk to you or get the nurses’ ball going. I can’t do both. – Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I have an idea. – Bobbie, I’m here for my rehearsal. – Oh, felix is running rehearsals right next door. – Thank you. – Chase, you’re here. Great. Uh, did you bring a copy of your song lyrics for the director? – I did. – Oh, great. Um, where’s blaze? I figured you two would show up together. – Oh, I’m sorry. She texted me and said she couldn’t make it tonight. – What? This is her final rehearsal. She can’t just wing it on the big night. – I’ll just– I’ll go over the routine with her. I’ll make sure she knows it. Blaze is a total pro. It’ll go off without a hitch. – From your lips. – Whatever’s going on with you and chase, he is clearly not indifferent to you. Don’t give up hope. – Trust me, there’s no hope. Chase made that very clear to me yesterday.

[Sighs] – Diane, always a pleasure. What brings you here? – Oh, I just finished a painfully boring dinner with an out-of-town client. What about you? – Well, I’m due to meet a contact here for a drink, but I– starting to think I’ve been stood up. – I don’t buy that for a second. – Esme, don’t make me regret bringing you. And do not talk to my mom like that. – It’s ok. She was just speaking her truth. Again, I am sorry for everything.

[Baby cooing] – My mom just apologized. I feel like you should acknowledge that. Remember what you were saying earlier about wanting to be a better person? – I am sorry, elizabeth, and I do appreciate your apology. But I really think that I should just go. It’s pretty obvious no one wants me here. – Ok, because of your past, esme. You have to try to show people that you’re a changed person. There is a life for you here. You just got to try. – Why don’t you hand me your diaper bag, and I’ll help you get settled in. – Ok. – Over here. – So tell me what happened. – Well, I might have been walking to your apartment, and I might have caught esme trying to walk through the front door. – Oh, ok. And I am guessing that she wasn’t just going for a walk. – You know what, she actually tried to convince me otherwise. But after some grilling, she later admitted that she was trying to leave town for good with ace. I eventually talked her down, but i didn’t want to chance leaving her alone, so I brought them here. – Thank you. – I’m going to have a quick chat with esme about trying to take off with my little brother. – Spencer, no. Not now. Not here. – Cameron webber! I can’t believe that you’re headed to stanford. This town won’t be the same.

[Baby fussing] What the hell is esme doing here? – Um, what happened to jake and aiden? – Cam told me that their family is going to have a special goodbye breakfast for him on the day he leaves. – Oh. I didn’t know. God, it’s just so weird to see esme with a baby. They need to get that poor kid the hell away from her as soon as possible. Memory or no memory, she’s still bad news. – So we called eileen’s cell, she picked up, and then she refused to leave victor’s room. – Do you think she’s double-crossed us? – I don’t know. I don’t think so. She said that she would be able to get us all the answers that we need. Oh, my god, do you know what she’s doing? She’s going after the decryption key. – Well, that’s good. Because we already have the real ice princess necklace, complete with correct code. If she can deliver the decryption key, then we don’t have to follow victor. We’ll be one step ahead. – I don’t know. People who think they’re one step ahead of victor cassadine have a tendency of getting stabbed in the back.

[Tense music] – I thought we weren’t going to be interrupted again. – I didn’t know how long you two were going to take, and my real job is very demanding. – Oh, you work for me. That’s the only job that’s important, remember? Your very life depends on it. – I’m well aware. But I do have a meeting that I have to go to with the zoning board, so– – you will leave when I say you can leave. You’re not done yet.

[Ominous music]

[Muffled pop music] – Epiphany, why aren’t you calling me back? – I knew my grandmother shouldn’t have left esme alone. – You don’t have to watch her every single second. – I can sure as hell try. – I have a better idea. Since esme can’t remember her past, she’s like a blank slate. Can we at least try to coexist with her? – You want me to be nice to her? After everything that she’s done? – I didn’t say that. But we can at least try to turn down the overt hostility. – I really screwed things up with chase. – You sure? Tell me what happened. – Tell me, brook lynn, if you signed that non-disclosure agreement so that I could stop singing and I could be a cop– if you were so convinced that you were doing the right thing, that you were doing it for me– then why wouldn’t you just tell me? Why make up some story about writing advertising jingles for linc? I’ll tell you why. Because you knew I would be angry, and you knew that what you did was wrong. But you were right about one thing. You’re not the person I thought you were. – I blew it. Epic fail. There is no going back. – Brook lynn, what’s wrong? – Nothing. Let’s, uh, figure out the show order. – Well, I think we should just start at the end and work backwards. – [Scoffs] Bobbie, you would say something like that. That is ridiculous. Maxie, don’t listen to her. – So maxie, are you going to be the one to announce how much money we made and say good night? – No, no. I think someone from gh should do that. – Oh. – It won’t be the same without lucy. I miss her. – It’s funny, I feel like lucy is right here in the room with us. – I miss you too, sasha. So much. You are a good egg. – But since lucy isn’t here to be the mistress of ceremonies, there’s really one possible choice. It has to be you, bobbie. – (Screaming) no! – I mean, who would stand up robert scorpio? – [Chuckles] Well, it’s a business meeting. I mean, not a date. – [Laughs] I still find it criminal that two people such as ourselves are working at this hour. – Oh, come on. You’re killer miller. You’re never off the clock. – [Laughs] Well, I wouldn’t say never. But I’d be happy to put it all aside if I got the right offer.

[Phone ringing] – Excuse me. This is my business contact. I got to take this one. You know, justice never sleeps. – Right. Have a good night. – What’s up? – Eileen is still with victor. You need to go in there and get her out. – I’m on it.

[Suspenseful music] – Well, hello again. – I thought you were leaving. – I was, but alexis called. She’s still working late. Wants me to meet her for dessert upstairs. So come on, I’ll ride up with you. – Hm. – I still don’t have the information my brother mikkos engraved onto the ice princess. – I brought you the necklace. The decryption key failed you, not me. You said so yourself. – Regardless, I need more time. I need you to return this necklace to the pcpd secure locker room, so no one will know it went missing. That’ll give my people time to work on the decryption key, see where we went wrong. – I only am sorry you couldn’t crack the code. I truly was hoping this would all be finished tonight. – I promise you, eileen, you’ll be done with this very soon. There’s just one more thingI need you to do for me.

[Tense music]

– (On phone) no, I’m not sure I should be the one to close the nurses’ ball. What about elizabeth, or felix, or deanna? – Finally, you actually said something right, bobbie. It definitely should not be you! – (On phone) true, they’re all nurses. But this is the 60th anniversary. You have been at the hospital the longest, and you’re co-chair of the nurses’ ball. – [Sighs] You know what, sasha? You really don’t need to be quite so literal. I mean, I wasn’t even a candy striper and I represented gh just fine. Anybody but bobbie. Why bobbie? Not bobbie spencer, ok? The– the ball needs to end with a bang, not a whimper! – Stop it! – Maxie, you all right? – Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. I’ll shut up. Mm. I’m– mm. Shut up. – I’m– I’m sorry for yelling.

[Laughs nervously] It’s just all this talk about lucy, it’s creating this relentless chatter in my head, telling me that the nurses’ ball is not going to be good this year. – Cut yourself some slack, maxie. You are working so hard. We all are. The ball is going to be great. – I agree with sasha. I’ve worked a lot of balls with lucy, and I know what she would want. – That’s right, felix. You tell them. – I think lucy would be behind you 100%, bobbie. – Et tu, felix? No. Please, anyone but bobbie! – You know what, felix? I agree with you. I just need to tell that annoying voice in my head to shut up. – Maxie? Maxie?

[Stammering] Maxie? Come back. Come back!

[Squeals] – Laura, esme and the baby are staying with you? I know you like to take risks, but i think that’s a little crazy. – I know, I know. It– the thing is, esme’s baby is completely innocent. And it’s my grandchild, and I feel like I need to protect him. – What– what the hell is this? – Club soda. – Where’s the vodka? I mean, cameron’s underage, but I’m not. – I take it liesl’s still mad at you? – Yeah. I went to her apartment and she threw all my suits in the hallway. There was actually people trying them on. – [Laughs] – Scott, I’m really sorry I’ve caused this rift between you and liesl. – It is not your fault, elizabeth. Not your fault, ok? So how did the ethics committee go? – I got reinstated. – Ok, good! You get to keep your job. – But I’m worried i may have lost a friend. – I thought you were heading upstairs for a drink? – Well, plans changed. She now wants to meet in her room. – Well, if your contact is staying here in the hotel, why were you waiting for her in the lobby?

[Muffled country music] – Um, my arm fell asleep. – Try switching arms every once in a while. – Oh. That’s better, thanks. – So you met spencer in boarding school. You didn’t ever babysit before that? – I have no idea. I mean, I don’t remember anything before I woke up at gh. – Right. Sorry. – Um, I– I heard about what I did to you in the past, the revenge porn. But I swear, I don’t have any memory of doing it, or even know why that I would. – Yeah. That’s what you keep saying. – And I honestly hope that I never remember. I mean, I don’t want to be that person. I– I just want to be a good mom to ace. It’s important to me that i set a good example for him. I mean, that’s all that matters to me now. – Victor cassadine has a room on this floor. Is that why you’re here? – You should get back on the elevator and go and find alexis. – Uh-huh. What has victor done now? – Actually, it’s eileen ashby I’m looking for. – The deputy mayor?

[Knocks] – Victor, open up! – You sure victor’s in there? – Well, he was five minutes ago. – Maybe victor has left the building. – I just hope he hasn’t left a corpse behind. – A corpse? Well, this is getting good. So what are you going to do now? – Well, I’m going to kick in the door. And you– you’re going to find alexis. – Hm. – What do you know? And that’s never worked before. Hm. – Why hasn’t robert called us back? – I don’t know. He’s in the middle of something, or there’s no update. – Eileen can’t still be with victor. – Just worried that she’s pushed him too hard, you know? Victor was already suspicious of her, and maybe now he’s realized that she’s working against him. – Well, if he knows, then we’re done. Because eileen would turn on us in a heartbeat. – Or maybe she saw an opportunity, and she jumped on it. If she can get victor’s decryption key, then that’s going to make things a lot easier for us. – If we still have the real necklace, then we have the advantage. – Yeah. – Because victor needs it. He’s been looking for it for a long time. He can’t move forward without it. – I just hope he hasn’t decided that eileen is standing in his way. – [Sighs] – I thought you were going to kick the door down. – Yeah. Well, I suddenly remembered I wasn’t 25 anymore. – Allow me. – Where’d you get that? – I found a maid, i borrowed her master key, and the city needs to reimburse me $40. – Stay back. – Ok.

[Lock beeps]

[Ominous music]

– Ok. Thanks for the update. Yeah. – Well? – [Sighs] Robert got into victor’s room. Neither of them were there. It was empty. – How’d they get past robert? – I don’t know. I mean, service elevator or something? He said there was no sign of a struggle. – So eileen went with him willingly. – Either that, or they overpowered her and took her out back in a laundry cart. – Oh, it doesn’t do us any good to assume the worst. Where do you think victor took her? – I don’t know. I mean, it all depends on whether eileen blew her cover or not. – Bobbie, I think you are the perfect person to end the ball. – Well, I am honored, really. But there are other nurses deserving of that honor. – What if it causes friction? I mean, whoever we ask, someone else is bound to feel slighted. – I don’t really think we have to worry about that. Ok, what the heck. Maybe I should do it anyway. – What changed your mind? – If anything could bring lucy back from the grave, it would be seeing me up on that stage instead of her.

[Laughter] – I’ve been trying to reach epiphany, but no luck. – I told elizabeth I think that she’s probably just really busy. She’s probably having the time of her life checking out johns hopkins’ campus. – I just can’t help but feel she’s avoiding me. – I don’t think that’s epiphany’s style. – Yeah, I agree with laura here. Because you know, she’s a straight shooter. I know that from personal experience with epiphany. – I’m sure when she gets back to town, you’ll hear from her. – I hope so. – You ok? – Terrific. I’m the one who should be leaving town, not you. – Well, I think that you’re better off here. Esme, where would you go? You can’t raise ace by yourself. – I mean, charlie’s is full of people, but I’m still on my own. – It doesn’t have to be that way, esme. It’s your choice. – Ok. So for your song, chase, what kind of lighting are you looking for? – Well, it’s a love song, so I figured keep it simple. – Really? Because in my book, there’s nothing simple about love. I do know someone who might have some ideas, though. Hey, brook lynn. – Hey. – We need your $0.02. – About what? – How do you feel about love? – Why did you bring me here? – I like privacy for these kinds of things. – What kind of thing?

[Screams] What the– what are you doing? Oh– – [Clicking tongue] Oh, this doesn’t belong to you, eileen. I wonder why I shouldn’t just kill you right now? – Because I know things. – Such as? – Valentin and anna aren’t dead. They’re alive, and in port charles.

– I need some direction here– for lighting, for set design. So let’s get to the basics. Is it a sad love song or a happy one? – I’d say it’s a happy one, filled with love and optimism. – Is it, though? The lyrics are full of yearning. – And passion. – What you had, but lost. – I mean, is it ever really lost? Chemistry doesn’t fade away. – No, chemistry doesn’t fade away. But it can take a wrong turn, and then where are you? You’re lost. – Hoping to be found again. – So lighting for lost and found. I can do that.

[Wistful music] – I can help you look. You’ve just got to tell me what we’re looking for. – Ok. Well, it turns out eileen was working with victor. We had a little talk to her, convinced her to change sides. However, loyalty is not eileen’s strong point. We’re concerned that she may have panicked and told victor everything. – What did victor do? – He killed luke spencer. – My son is alive? And anna? But what about lucy? – She’s alive, too. They’re all hiding out in town. – Where? – I don’t know. A safe house. They always blindfolded me when they brought me there. The first time, felicia scorpio brought me. Another time, it was robert scorpio. – Why steal this if the decryption key didn’t work? – Because the key wasn’t the problem. The necklace I gave you was a fake. Please, I– I didn’t want to do it. They threatened me. Wait, wait, wait! They have the real necklace, and I can get it for you. I– I will do anything i can to make this right.

[Phone rings] – I want to ignore this, but it could be nurses’ ball business. Hello? – Hey. I– I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. Please don’t hang up. Don’t– don’t hang up. I swear to you, I will be quiet as a mouse. – I am so sick of you trashing any idea that is not yours. We are all working our butts off here. – I know. I– I know. I’m sorry. It’s just I care too much, that’s all. – You have to trust me to do what’s right. – I do. I– I do. You are great. But please, bobbie cannot host in my place. – No one is taking your place. We all agreed no one person can fill your shoes, so we’re going to have different gh staff members introduce various acts. – Uh, did you not learn anything from the daisy awards? That– that really is a terrible idea. – Call me again, and I’m blocking your number for good. Goodbye.


[Sighs] – The problem is, now that esme is a free woman, there is a chance that she could disappear and take my brother with her. Now, I cannot let that happen. – Do you trust me, spencer? – I know that there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for this family. – Then understand this. There’s no way in hell esme is raising a cassadine heir. Not while there’s a breath left in my body. – Come on, spencer. It’s not that bad. We both know that grandmother won’t let anything bad happen to ace. – Oh, I wasn’t thinking about my brother. No, I was just thinking about how when you leave town, no one’s going to be here to keep me in line. – How about trina and joss? – That’s true, but it’s not going to be the same. I’m going to miss you, man. – Ok. Can I have everybody’s attention? I got a few things to say about cameron. – Oh, boy. – Cameron and I are not related by blood, but I certainly consider him family. Now, he’s had a tough year, but he’s kept his chin up. Now stanford has him. Our loss. So good luck, I love you, and i got something for your wallet.

[Laughter] – Thank you, scotty. – I’m so proud of you. – I love you, mom. – I love you. – Thank you guys so much for coming. – All right, bring it in. Bring it in. – I’m gonna miss you. – Group hug. – So proud of you.

– Um, laura’s offered to take us home, so we’re going to be leaving now. But thank you for inviting me. Just my luck, the one person who’s been kind to me is leaving town. – Grandma has been nice to you. – True. Um, she does have an ulterior motive. – No. She’s not like that. – Cam, I am going to miss you so, so much, you know? You’re a very, very special young man. You’re my little soccer star.

[Chuckles] – Thanks, grandma. I love you, too. – Ok. I’ll help you get your stuff. – Thanks. Oh, thank you. – Thank you, scott. – Look. Uh, I know you guys used to be a couple. Is that going to be a problem here? – No, we’re good. – Yeah, we’ll get it done. – [Sighs] – So there it is. The show order is set! – This nurses’ ball is going to be special– worthy of gh’s 60th anniversary. – Oh, no, no, no, no. It is simply madness not to have one host. You need that one person to tie everything together, to keep the evening moving. This is bad. This is really bad. This is not going to work. I have to be there. The nurses’ ball needs me. – Mom? Thank you for the party. It was a lovely sendoff. – Oh, everyone wanted a chance to say goodbye and tell you how much they love you. – It’s strange. I hate that I’m leaving, but I can’t wait to get there. – I know. You’re going to love it there, but I’m going to miss you. – I’m gonna miss you too, mom.

[Emotional music]

[Phone rings] – Oh, it’s eileen. – Ok. – Eileen, are you all right? Are you still with victor? – I’m sorry, I– I thought I could get the decryption key, but it didn’t work out. – Are you compromised? Does victor know that the necklace was a fake? – No, no. Victor didn’t suspect anything. – Ok, good. And you’re all right. Just don’t go against orders again. – I can’t do this anymore. I’m out. – Don’t forget the evidence we have against you. – My life is ruined already. I’m leaving town, and I’m going to get as far away from victor cassadine as possible. – All right, calm down. Just calm down. – There. I did what you wanted. – Well done. Now there’s just one more little thing.

[Tense music] – We’ve lost eileen. – She sounded terrified. I mean, I just hope that she’s halfway to the canadian border by now. – If victor didn’t suspect her, he will when she goes missing. – Yeah. At least we have the real necklace. As long as we have that, we still stand a chance. – You promised you’d help me get out of town, away from anna’s reach. – I promise, my dear. You won’t have

to worryabout anna devane again. – [Screaming]

[Splashing] – Good night, mom. I love you. – I love you more.

[Melancholy music]

[Line trilling] – (On phone) hello, this is state trooper carlson. – Hi, I’m trying to reach epiphany johnson. – I’m very sorry, but I have bad news about your friend.

[Somber music]

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