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Spencer and Trina kiss in the gallery and she asks him to not stop. Curtis goes to the Savoy to drink. He sends the bartender home but she makes a call to someone to come to the Savoy. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather is the Hook killer. Ava tells Felicia they should leave. Heather tells her she should stay so she can find out everything Ryan did and tells her Ryan had help destroying her life. Ryan tells Esme he wants to help her. She tells him the baby is coming and he says they have to get back to the house.

Curtis flashes back to talking to Trina about his house rules and sharing desert as he drinks.  His father shows up and tells him to stop drinking. Spencer and Trina kiss and talk about how long they have wanted each other. She starts to unbutton his shirt and he stops her and says she means to much to him so he won’t. She asks why not. Alexis tells Laura and Kevin that Heather had access to the typewriter that typed the letter that was sent to her. Kevin says the breakout was a family affair. Alexis asks what she is missing. Ryan tries to assure Esme that he is on her side and will help her and he is the only person who can and she has to trust him. Austin tries to get up and Heather apologizes for hooking him. Ava demands to know what Ryan did and who helped him.

Marshall asks Curtis to tell him what is going on. Curtis says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Marshall says he isn’t leaving until they talk. Alexis is surprised to find out Ryan is Esme’s father. They figure out Heather must be her mother. Esme says she is not going anywhere with Ryan. He tells her they were close before she lost her memory. Heather tells Ava she has the chance to end it with Ryan and gives her the gun. Felicia tells her to shoot Heather but Ava says she has to stop Ryan.

Curtis tells Marshall about him potentially being Trina’s father. Spencer asks Trina if she is sure that it’s what she wants. She says yes and asks if he does and he tells her that he does but not in an empty art gallery when she is hurting. He offers to take her home, but she is not ready to go home. He asks where he can take her. Kevin tells Alexis that Esme’s amnesia is real. Laura says she thinks before the amnesia Esme was entitled and elitist, but underneath was a wounded little girl. Kevin says he thinks Ryan used her and with no memory she could be an innocent accessory. Alexis says she can believe Esme is unwilling but not innocent. Mac and Jordan get into Wyndemere and Mac is reunited with Felicia who tells them what happened and that Ava went after Ryan. Heather is arrested. Austin tells Jordan that Heather is the one who hooked him. Heather says there was no venom on the hook she used on Austin. Heather tells them that Ryan is Esme’s father. Ryan tries to reason with Esme, but she screams for help. Ava comes out of the bushes with the gun and tells Ryan to get away from Esme or she will blow his head off.

Curtis tells Marshall Stella found out and Jordan knew as well. Marshall doesn’t believe Stella would know but wouldn’t tell Curtis. Curtis tells him she thought Trina needed to hear it from Portia. Curtis doesn’t understand how she could have kept the secret for so long. Marshall explains how he kept his secret. Trina asks Spencer to take her to where he is staying. He suggests her dorm room but she says no. She says she needs a place she can yell and be alone with her thoughts. He says he knows a place that will work. Laura updates Kevin and Alexis on what Mac told her. Laura and Kevin head to Spoon Island. Alexis calls someone to report the breaking news. Mac and Felicia argue about her going back to the mainland while he hunts for Ryan. Austin asks her to come with him and she agrees. Ryan asks Av how she got the gun. She realizes Esme is in labor. She is shocked when she finds out Esme is Ryan’s daughter. Ava realizes Ryan was behind everything that happened. She tells Ryan she will kill him if he comes closer.

Curtis says Marshall was protecting his family and Portia was protecting herself. Marshall says Portia was scared like he was. Curtis says some things are unforgiveable. Felicia tells Alexis she can’t interview Austin until he has been treated at the hospital. She tries to get more information from Felicia but she leaves to go to the hospital with Austin. Spencer and Trina show up on the docks. He tells Alexis he was going to take Trina there to spend the night with Ava. Alexis tells them Esme is on the island and she is not alone. Laura and Kevin get to Wyndemere and offer any help they can give. Kevin tells them Heather is Esme’s mother. Ryan tries to calm Ava down, but she calls him out for everything he did to hurt her. Ryan turns around and sees Esme has escaped.

Ryan says they need to find Esme and Ava shoots him as he tries to walk away. Ava admits to killing Nikolas because of what Ryan did. Marshall says he knows Curtis is hurting but he was able to forgive him so he can forgive Portia too. Spencer is worried about Esme and the baby being Ryan and Heather’s hostage. Alexis tells him she is their daughter. Esme staggers into the house and Laura hugs her. Heather looks on jealously. Ryan tells Ava they will find Esme and get away and Ava pulls the trigger again.

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