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No, no. This isn’t real. You’re dead. Sure am. You bludgeoned me to death. It was an accident. An accident of passion. Then again, it’s always been like that between us. And it always will be. No! Go away!

[ Chuckles ] Oh, ava. I’m not going anywhere. Because what you and I have, this love between us, it’s forever. You’ll never be free of me. No!

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Exclaims ]

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Rattling ] Hey. Oh, hey. Good morning, mom. I’m just checking in. Do you need anything? Honestly, all I need is to see the look on willow’s face — you know, her beautiful smile when I tell her how great her daughter’s doing. She hasn’t seen the baby yet? No, no. S-she’s been asleep since the c-section. And given everything that’s happened, she needs as much rest as she can get. What about you? You’ve been here all night. Why don’t you take a break? I could sit with her. Oh, thanks. I can’t leave. Not until willow’s opened her eyes. Finn:

Just sleep on it. Maybe it’ll be A… good reminder of everything you’d be giving up. I’m hoping you’ll realize what you’ll be losing, and you will choose to stop punishing yourself.

[ Knock on door ] -Laura, hi. -Hey. Sorry to disturb you so early. It’s okay. Come in. Come in. Thanks. Thanks. Have you heard from nikolas?

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Is this a bad time? You look busy. I’m always busy. Come in. Okay. What’s going on? Yeah. I, uh — I need some hypothetical legal advice. I’m not even a hypothetical lawyer. Okay. How about… some advice about the law from someone who’s good at it? Every word that you say, absolutely every word, will not — no confidentiality. I get the plot. Okay. What’s up? What kind of charges would someone be facing if they were an accessory to a felony? Asking for a friend.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Baby coos ] Is that her? Yeah. Ohh. Isn’t she beautiful?

[ Chuckles ] I remember when britta was born. She was vocal and disapproving from the start.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Baby cries ] And as beautiful as your granddaughter. What? Nothing. I just didn’t expect to see you here, aunt liesl. Of course I’m here. I had to see my grandniece. How is her mother? Um, she’s sleeping, I think. I haven’t really heard anything. Willow doesn’t want me near her. Will you visit willow after she awakens? Well, if she wants to see me, I will definitely be there in a second. But I made a promise to myself not to upset my daughter when she wakes up. Hey! Hey, willow. Hey. We’re all waiting for you here. You want to meet your daughter? You want to meet your daughter? She can’t wait to meet you.

[ Weakly ] Michael. Welcome back. Hi. Hi. I love you so much.

[ Smooch ] Willow? She’s awake. Our baby. Where — where is she? Michael, w-what’s happened? No. Willow, she — it’s fine. She — our baby’s fine. She is? Yeah. Perfect, in fact. Good. And very, very eager to meet her mom. Thank god. I need to see her. You will. Now. Michael, please. Bring me our baby.

How’s the newest member of the family doing? Is that why you are here? Or are you checking up on me? Well, you know, the — the kid may need a lawyer. It’s never too soon to start suing people. Thank you. You know, the hardest thing for me about memorials is, you know, everybody says all these nice things, and then — then they just go back to their lives. My britta is gone… but my heart rejoices for you. And I’m thrilled to meet my grandniece!

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hm! It’s sonny. Ohh. Willow’s awake. She’s awake! That’s wonderful! So…our son has a daughter. He does, and now that the baby’s here, willow can get the stem-cell transplant that she needs and this nightmare will finally be over. Babies are miracles. And can you believe our granddaughter’s gonna save willow’s life? That’s amazing. Okay. Our daughter is on the way. You’re sure she’s okay? Yes. Yes. Willow, she’s perfect.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] I remember… they showed us our baby. And then they took her away to make sure she was okay. Yeah, you asked me to go with her. You called her our daughter. And then…

[ Sighs ] I don’t remember. Not exactly. Did something happen? Um, from what I was told… you started hemorrhaging and your heart stopped on the operating table. But you were there. No, I was — I was in the nicu with our daughter. But then you came back? No. Uh, willow, I wasn’t — I wasn’t in the O.R. When your heart stopped. They wouldn’t let me back in. I heard your voice, michael. I — and clear — as I’m hearing it right now. What? What did I say? You told me to come home. To come home and live. You said that, right? Yeah. Yeah, I did. I was in the waiting area, praying as hard as I could for you to come back. And I did. Yeah. You did. Someone I know made a really big mistake. But it’s over, you know, and I’m just — I’m worried now that confessing will ruin my friend’s life without really making anything better. So this crime is not ongoing? No. Murder? No. Accidental death? No. No one got hurt. I mean…not really. “Not really”? Mnh. So, was this friend a part of planning the crime? No, they sort of got roped into helping this person then chose to protect the person instead of going to the police. So then this person might be an accessory to a crime after the fact, which would be a misdemeanor at worst. Oh, well, that doesn’t sound so bad. Or a felony, depending on the details of the crime. Oh. No. Sorry. I haven’t spoken with nikolas since we had that argument at the hospital. Right. Yeah. Um, about that… I know you didn’t want to talk about it last night at curtis and portia’s party, but it was just so obvious that you were both shaken by it. I — are you okay? No. I’m not. I think my friendship with nikolas is over. Are you sure? After everything you’ve been to each other for all these years? Don’t you think it’s possible you just need a little time? Laura… I’m sorry. I know it’s — it’s really not my business, is it? Do you know what happened between spencer and nikolas? You’ll have to narrow it down. Spencer wants to sue for custody of nikolas and esme’s baby. What?! He said he found out something about nikolas, something that he thinks is unforgivable. Did spencer say what that was? No. He wouldn’t tell me. He said that he thought it was best that I didn’t know. But he insists that his father shouldn’t be allowed to raise the baby. How did nikolas react? I have never seen him so devastated. It was like he finally lost everything. Ava?

[ Gasps ] You okay? Yeah. Um… do you want to maybe focus on some breathing? Do, like, a little, you know, in and…

[ Breathes deeply ] Yeah. Good. Nikolas. He’s dead. Yes. He is. Ohh. He was gonna take avery, and I — I just wanted to stop him. And — [ Stammers ] I hit him with a statue, and he fell. Yeah. He did. And you. W-what are you doing here? How did you get in here? That you don’t remember? Okay, well, uh — you asked me to — to spend the night, keep an eye on you. Well, you scared me! I’m sorry. You just w-walk into my room like that! Ava, I heard you scream. I was worried about you. Get out! This is me checking — okay. But at some point, ava, w-we are gonna have to talk about what happens next. What happens next is you leave… and you forget you were ever here… and we never speak of this again. Okay. That — that would be — that works for me. But that wouldn’t work for you, ava. W-what are you gonna say when people notice that nikolas is missing? I’ll say that nikolas was here and we argued about wyndemere. He regretted giving me spoon island. He wanted it back. I refused, and then he stormed off, and I have no idea where he went after that. That’s good. That’s great. Because a good lie, you know, it manages to stay as close as possible to the truth. And where did you learn that? Oh, my family. And we talked about this. Families. My family. Your f– family. Well, thank you… for not turning me in. But I meant what I said. You should go and never look back. As far as I’m concerned, you were never here. If only it were that easy. What’s hard about it? My cousin mason. That’s what’s hard about it. Well, he’s the reason I stopped by here last night. Why? He’s after you, ava.

Mason’s a thug. Uh-huh. Do he really think that I would let him inside my house? I don’t know. I just — I-I came here just in case. Oh, god! What’s going on? Oh, I’m just — I’m thinking if — if mason had shown up instead of you. You are so right. I mean, if mason had caught a glimpse of you hiding nikolas’ body, he would own you for life. Well, I’m glad it was you that saw me. So am I. And you’re right. I’m — I’m gonna keep it really simple. Nikolas was here… and then he left… and I don’t know anything else. W-we don’t want the cops focusing on spoon island. Okay, so nikolas has a kid, right? Like, is that kid gonna be a problem? No, spencer won’t be a problem. But elizabeth might be. Right before I ran into nikolas, my mother came to see me. How did that go? Not well. So…you were angry already when you spoke to nikolas? Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. The truth is… I-I told nikolas what my parents did to me when I was a teenager, how they hurt me and betrayed me. He knew I was struggling because of it. Elizabeth… what did nikolas do? He — please. He, um… he just made it about himself. How? He made it seem like he was inconvenienced by my pain. So, yeah, the last time I saw him, I was angry. Aww. Well, I-I’m sorry he let you down. But I also feel sorry for nikolas because you’ve always been such a-a positive influence on his life. Not always. I’m not as perfect as you think I am. I’m worried my friend’s life will be torn apart just ’cause they thought they were doing the right thing. Alexis: Yeah. They weren’T. So, clearly, there’s a victim here. Was the victim aware of your friend’s involvement in this crime? I don’t think so. Okay. Not yet. What if they figure that out? If there’s any chance any of this can be figured out, your friend needs to get ahead of it and come forward voluntarily. Won’t they still go to prison? Probably. Here’s a thought. Would your friend consider testifying against the person that actually committed the crime in the first place? Oh! Can I — can I please just see her?

[ Gasps ] Hi, beautiful!

[ Laughs ] Oh, I know — I know willow’s waiting to see her. I just — hi. Go ahead. Carly: Ohh! Oh, my gosh. She’s so beautiful. And she’s smart. You think? Mm-hmm. Yeah. My mother let me and josslyn into the nicu to see her, and we didn’t hold her or anything, but we were blowing kisses and waving. And I swear she was looking right at me.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, michael! This is her!

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, it sure is.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hi. Willow: Oh. She’s — she’s so… so…

[ Chuckles ] So beautiful.

More onyour mind than just nikolas, so, you know, whatever it is, you know I’m here for you, right? I know. But unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that my friendship with nikolas is bad for both of us. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry it’s come to that. But you have to do what’s best for you. And nikolas is spiraling. I’m very, very worried about him. But saving nikolas from himself is not your responsibility. It’s not yours, either. I’m his mother. I’ll never give up on him. I’m not sure if my friend would testify. Well, I think maybe you should try and convince them. I…could try. You know, cooperating with the prosecution can go a long way. It could reduce your friend’s sentence. “Reduced,” as in no jail time? I don’t know. I don’t know the details of this case. I don’t want to know. Got it. Hey. Thanks for the friendly advice. You’re welcome. Have your friend call diane or martin grey, someone that they can give the details to, because your friend is on a slippery slope. Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.

[ Knock on door ] Come in! Good morning, alexis. And good morning to you, too, son. What a nice surprise. Good to see you, dad. I’m on my way out the door.

[ Exhales sharply ] Did I interrupt something important? Go on in. I-I will, in a minute. I know you’re dying to. I am. But, you know, michael and willow deserve a little time with their daughter before I bust in the room. This reminds me of the first time we saw donna. Yeah. Me too. Gosh, we thought that spina bifida was gonna limit donna’s life somehow, that she was gonna grow up with extra struggles. But she’s perfect.

[ Chuckles ] She is perfect. We’re so lucky. Yes, we are.

[ Baby cooing ]

[ Laughter ] So cute. Wiley is going to be so excited to meet his little sister. Well, you know, no pressure, but before our kids can be introduced to each other, I think our daughter…

[ Baby crying ] I think our daughter… needs a name. That’s right. We never did settle on one, did we? I-I guess as I got sicker, we just stopped talking about it. Yeah, we’ve kind of had other… other things on our mind. But, you know, re we are. And we have to give our daughter a name that is not annabelle the third or ahsoka.

[ Laughs ] Actually… I knew her name the moment I saw her. I’m so happy for michael. He was denied this chance with wiley. I hate to think of all the pain that michael had to go through. Because of nelle. Nina’s daughter. Who nina never knew. Let me take this.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? I know every cell in your body is aching to go to your daughter. Yeah. It’s torture. But it’s what willow wants. For now. Perhaps someday. And soon. I hope so. It’s not right that carly gets to share in this moment with michael and willow. Please, aunt liesl. Just don’T. That woman is no better than you or I. S belovedwhile we are shun she is forgiven her transgressions while you are considered the transgressor. That is unacceptable. Oh, how I would love to dig carly’s skeletons out of the closet and into the light. Okay. Okay. Come to think of it… there is something that carly’s trying desperately to hide. Tell me more. Austin: So nikolas was holding esme prince captive — in a tower, no less. And elizabeth was helping him? Wow. Didn’t know she had it in her. Still waters, with that one. Still, I don’t get it. I don’t — I don’t see how elizabeth is a threat. I mean, if she were helping nikolas, wouldn’t it be in her best interest to just keep quiet about all this? Of course it is! But elizabeth’s “conscience” tends to flare up at the most inopportune moments. So if her guilt sends her to the cops, spoon island is gonna be swarming with police, and they could find the body! We need a plan. Not “we.” Just me. This — this is — it’s my problem. Ava, the second I saw you hiding a dead body, your problems became my problems. That’s noble of you. But, really, nobody would ever have any idea that we had any relationship beyond doctor and patient. No one will ever know that you were even here.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Hi, ava. Are you okay? Yes. H-hi. You just weren’t the person that I, um — I expected. Come on in. Let me guess. Were you expecting my son? Oh. No. No. Uh, definitely not. Then, ava, please tell me. What happened with nikolas last night? It’s not like finn to just rush out without so much as a “hello.” He had a lot on his mind. Uh-huh. What a nice way of telling me to butt out. I like your shorthand. So how’s your day going? I have to admit — the editorial meeting any new developments on the hook case since britt westbourne was killed? No, which is why we have to keep pressure on the pcpd so they can find the lunatic. How are you gonna do that? I’m not sure. You free for an early lunch? We can do a little brainstorming. Don’t you have classes this morning? You were saying about carly and drew cain? No, that’s it. That’s it. That’s it? There must be more. Well — [ Sighs ] I don’t know. I saw drew hugging carly, comforting her by willow’s room, and I wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but it was really clear that they’re trying to keep their relationship a secret. What is there to hide? They have a history of friendship. Even I know that. And until recently, I couldn’t have cared less about either of them. No one would be surprised if it evolved into more, so why would it matter if it had? I have no idea. Well, then… perhaps you should find out. What makes you think that I-I saw nikolas last night? He and spencer had a horrible argument last night. And nikolas seems to think that you have sided with spencer against him? And then he stormed out, and I just assumed that he would come here. Hmm. Well, you’re right. He did. He — he barged in here like he still owned the place. And he went on and on about how it belongs in the family. In the end, we both said things that we will never be able to take back, so it’s really just as well that we’re divorced and he is out of my life. I don’t see how that’s possible, ava. Well, not if you’re helping spencer to blackmail him.

Can I please come in? Well, let’s see. Uh… 14 minutes and 12 seconds. You owe me 20 bucks. Oh, barely. Oh, did you guys make a bet, saying how long it would take for me to come in here? Yeah. I’m surprised you waited this long. Oh, you guys are terrible! How are you feeling? Never been happier now that amelia is here. Amelia? Amelia grace. Well, let’s make it official then, huh? Mom, meet your granddaughter, amelia grace corinthos. Ohh! That’s perfect! It’s perfect! Hi, amelia. Hello. Hey! Sonny: Hey. Did you get to hold the baby? No, no. It’s okay, though, ’cause, you know, uh, I saw her on the way in. Oh, well, this is the first time without a glass between you, though. Yeah, that’s true, but I got to say hi.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Willow and michael, they must be thrilled.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. From michael. No, actually, it’s from willow sending a text from michael’s phone. Oh. You ready to look at this? What? What?

[ Chuckles ] Our new granddaughter has a name. Amelia. Amelia. Amelia grace.

[ Both chuckle ] I don’t have a class today. Oh, it’s kind of hard to tell sometimes when you do and when you don’T. What are you getting at? It’s just interesting that you don’t really talk about your classes much. Of course I do. Don’t I? I mean, most professors love to talk about their classes — the interesting conversations, the offbeat questions from their students, and how they inspire them. Well, here’s an offbeat question for you. What’s your point? Just maybe you are not as invested in teaching as you used to be. Because I don’t talk to you about my classes? No, seriously. It’s possible you’re just over it and you’re ready for a change. You of all people can’t condone what nikolas did. You know, I probably wouldn’t if I knew what it was. But you and spencer are holding that over his head, aren’t you? Look, I — I know my son treated you badly, but do you think it’s a good strategy to respond in kind? If the two of you keep tearing into each other, ava, how will that end? I can’t let you take her. Don’t worry. I’ll tell avery you said goodbye. I didn’t want this. No, of course you didn’T. But, ava, I am worried about my son now. He’s lost you, apparently he’s had a terrible falling-out with elizabeth, too. I am afraid that spencer’s threat to take away his child is going to be the last straw. You know, whatever secret you shared with spencer, he lorded it over his father last night. Nikolas felt so betrayed. He was so angry. I just… I feel like something horrible is gonna happen now. I feel like… I feel like I’m gonna lose my son for good. Dr. Obrecht. Dr. Finn. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I just want to offer my condolences about britt. She was a good one. You have my thanks… for your absence at my britta’s memorial. At least you’re not a hypocrite like so many others at this hospital, only giving britta her due

after she’s gone. You’re welcome. Since you are feeling so generous today… perhaps you’ll do something about your friend elizabeth. Hi. Come in. Hey. Okay. -Thank you for coming. -Sure. You know, you call, I come. We are family. Yes. We are. I’m so glad you’re part of the boys’ lives. Okay, elizabeth, I’m gonna cut right to the chase here. You call me up, you sound a little funny on the phone, and you say you want to see me in a “professional capacity.” Now you’re telling me that you’re happy that I’m a part of the boys’ lives. So what gives? I’m in trouble.

Why do you feel like you’ll lose nikolas?

[ Chuckles ] Well, for starters, there’s nothing to stop him from throwing in with victor now. Well, I can tell you one thing. Nikolas hates what’s become of his life. He doesn’t think there’s anything left for him here in port charles. But for what it’s worth, I-I don’t think that he’ll throw in with victor. I hope you’re right. I just wish he’d return my calls.

[ Breathes deeply ] But then I suppose I’ll hear from him eventually. He probably just needs a little time to lick his wounds. I’m probably overreacting. Well, you — you’re reacting as — as any mother would. I think it’s really great that willow sent you this. She’s adorable. I think it’s a good sign. Yeah? But it’s not the real thing. You’re right. Yeah. It’s not. Oh, you are so beautiful, amelia grace. You are.

[ Laughs ] Hey, you know, I think — I think some peace and quiet might do the baby some good. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I know what you’re trying to do. Huh? Yes, I’m tired, but I don’t want to take my eyes off of our daughter. You have the rest of your life to look at her. You do. You can rest, you know? When you put it that way…

[ Baby cooing ] Is there a chance that you’re no longer interested in teaching?

[ Scoffs ] This again? We already talked about me becoming a journalist. But this time I’m not just talking. I’m offering you a job. Ava, do me a favor. If you hear from my son, text me. Yes. Absolutely. But to be honest, I-I don’t think he’s gonna contact me. He made it pretty clear that he never wants to see me again, which, you know, frankly, it’s probably for the best because all we seem to do these days is — is hurt each other. Well, I wish it could have gone differently. So do I. More than anything. Bye, ava. And what exactly do you think I need to “do” about elizabeth? I have just lost my daughter. But is my scotty here with me? Obviously, he is not, because elizabeth called with yet another life crisis she is ill-equipped to handle. And since my scott is both blessed and cursed with an excessively kind heart, he ran to her aid. Why? What does elizabeth want with scott? What kind of trouble? I’m not exactly sure. Wait a minute. You tell me you need a lawyer, but you don’t know why? No. I — [ Groans ] I know what I did. I just don’t know how bad it is, legally speaking. Elizabeth, I will help you in any way possible. So spit it out. I committed a crime. Actually, several crimes. Ohh. Um… she’s — she’s — michael: Austin. Hey. Is there any news on that stem-cell harvesting? Dr. Randolph should be on her way. Okay, then. Um… can we wait for dr. Randolph in here? Sure. Okay. I-I guess that they’ve harvested the stem cells? And — and she’s gonna get the transplant, right, sonny? And this whole ordeal is gonna be over. She’s gonna live a long, healthy life. Yeah, and hopefully I’ll be part of that life. So, is there any news? There is, but we should wait. Willow: I’m awake. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Have you met amelia? I — I have, but I wasn’t aware that you named her. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. Thank you. I miss her already. You know, you should, uh, get some rest. Why don’t you get some shut-eye, okay, we’ll wake you when dr. Randolph gets here? Or we could just cut to the chase. Have the stem cells been harvested? I’m ready to move forward right away. I want to get treated and then get out of this hospital as soon as possible. My children… …need me. Austin? Is there something wrong?

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