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Dr. Gatlin-holt… I held my newborn daughter for the first time today. She reminded me that when I’m surrounded by my family’s love, I can face anything. Okay. Well, dr. Randolph will be here shortly. She can update you. You want to wait outside? It’s okay. I want carly here. Thank you. D-do you know what dr. Randolph has to say about the harvested stem cells? I do. Whatever it is, I can handle it. We all can. I bet I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, that we’re gonna have to learn about willow’s stem-cell transplant from someone else in the family. You know what? Uh — I am so sorry that willow’s keeping you at arm’s length. I know you’re worried about that. Hopefully that worry will be soon in the past. The transplant will work, and she’ll go into remission, and then I can focus on what the future holds — with me, my daughter… and our new granddaughter. Very funny. Do es it look likeI’m joking? Can you really just… create a job for me? I can do anything I want because I’m the boss. Also, someone from the editorial board is retiring. But I immediately thought of you because you have been very helpful to me, whether I like it or not. Mostly not. Would I be offering you a job if that were true? I honestly think you would be an asset, and you could start immediately. And this is the part where you go, “of course, alexis! I’d love to take that job!” How should i know why elizabeth went to see scott? You know her, know her mind. Surely, you must have a guess. Elizabeth: The night that I saw esme on the docks, nikolas was there, too, and that’s when he told me he knew that esme had been in town for weeks. Finn: What did he do? He kept esme locked up in a tower at wyndemere. I was providing esme with medical care. And when you saw me with the vitamins and you said you saw the same ones at wyndemere, and then you asked me if I was pregnant, I just panicked. I panicked. I came up with a lie on the spot saying that I had been with nikolas and I was pregnant, just to… protect our secret. Dr. Obrecht: So you do know something. Tell me, doctor. Why would I do that? So I can help. Okay, so, elizabeth, you committed a crime — several crimes. What did you do — run over your neighbor’s mailbox and not tell them? It’s worse. It — this is something that’s been weighing on me, and I want to come forward, but before I do, I want to know the potential consequences and if I need a lawyer. I will represent you. And everything I tell you will be protected by client-attorney privilege? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Of course. I’ve been a lawyer my entire life. I will get you out of whatever mess you’re in. Now, what did you do? A few months ago, I entered into a-a crime in progress, and I’ve been a part of it ever since. Is it still ongoing? No. Okay. How bad is it? Bad. Is there a chance that this crime could come to light? And does anybody know about it? A few people. What people? Who knows about this? W-who’s involved?

[ Doorbell rings ] Eliz– wait a m– hold on. Don’t — no. Come on. Ignore it. Ignore it. This is important. It’s obvious that I’m home.

We need to talk. Hello. Scotty. This is a pleasant surprise. Yeah… you, um… you’re here to spend time with the boys? Actually, no. He’s — he’s here for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ava. We’ve got some legal family business to discuss. Oh, well, you know, normally I wouldn’t dream of interrupting, but, um — this — this is very important. So would you mind giving us some privacy, please? What is it that you want to talk about? Nikolas. Oh, brother. What has he done now? Well, really, this is a conversation for the people that — that know him best. And elizabeth does have some experience helping nikolas with his secrets. Elizabeth? Yeah. Can we finish this conversation later? Yeah. Are you sure? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Okay. Ahh. I’ll see ya, ava. Ava: Hmm. Not if I see you first. Listen. Do not say anything to anybody. Do not talk about this. Understand? Okay? Okay. Okay. See ya. What has nikolas told you? Everything. What’s elizabeth to you? I care for her. Since when? Since I fell in love with scott. Elizabeth is his son’s widow. Her sons are the closest thing scott has to grandchildren. His daughter is obsessed with the preservation of the seas and marine life — an admirable pursuit, but it keeps her busy and scott rarely sees her. So elizabeth and his sons are his family. When I let scott into my life, I also took in those he cares about. You and I both know I can be a valuable ally. If elizabeth is over her head, I have the skills to get her out of it, with no harm coming to her or her boys. I can only do that if you tell me what’s going on. I’m flattered that you thought of me. It’s a no-brainer. Still, it means a lot to me that you asked. I know how important the invader is to you. You’re stalling.

[ Sighs ] Sadly, I’m gonna have to turn down your offer. Why?! I feel like we’ve been on a roller coaster these past few weeks, don’t you? I mean, finding out that willow is sick and then that she’s my daughter, and then the fight for her life and the birth of her child. We have had a lot to process, nina. But this stem-cell transplant is going to work and she’s gonna go into remission. She’ll be able to resume her normal life. Michael and her will raise these two beautiful children, and maybe she’ll return to nursing if that’s what she wants to do. And then you two can repair what’s broken. You think that’s too much to ask for? I think it’s possible. Okay. Hope so.

[ Chuckles ] Willow has a big heart. As soon as this is over, she’s gonna come around and she’s gonna accept you as her mother. I’ll pray for that. In the meantime, I’m just — I’m — I’m just gonna keep trying to show her every single day that she can depend on me, how much she means to me. And I’m not gonna stop, ever. Even if she doesn’t accept me, sonny, I’m gonna die trying. I know the feeling. Maybe the same thing will happen with you and michael, huh? After all this is over, you guys will find your way back to each other. I’m not holding my breath. But in the meantime, we have a lot to be grateful for, don’t we? You have a bunch of kids who adore you. And now we have this beautiful new granddaughter. Right? [ Chuckles ] Maybe we should go, because I don’t think we’re gonna get any information from them. And we have to get ready for curtis and portia’s wedding. How much time we have? We don’t have a lot of time. Well, some. Why? W-what are you thinking? You’ll see. Let’s just wait for dr. Randolph. I-I know that there are protocols that need to be followed, but it’s — it’s more important for us to know what we’re facing. I agree with michael. Look. Every procedure’s gonna have its complications.

[ Door opens ] What kind of complications? Hi, everyone. Willow, how are you feeling? A little weak. And sore. Dr. Navarro’s says it’s normal following a c-section. But we’re all a little anxious to know what the next steps are. And austin just said there were complications… well, that’s — I — …from when I hemorrhaged? So, the good news is that you’re healing very nicely. We want to keep you here in the O.R. To keep you under observation, but so far, everything is very encouraging. Okay, well, that’s good. But you said that there were complications. Does that affect how soon willow can get the stem-cell transplant? We were unable to harvest enough functional stem cells from willow’s cord blood for you to undergo the procedure. I’m sorry, willow. This transplant is no longer an option for you.

nikolas came to see me last night. He told me all about the tower bedroom and what really went on there, that it wasn’t some tawdry affair between the two of you, that you made that up to conceal what was really going on. And I got to say, it was a bit — I’m impressed. I almost admire you. Esme should have been turned over to the police. It would have saved us all a lot of heartache. Ava, I’m sorry I lied to you. I know I got in the way of you and nikolas reconciling. Nikolas broke us long before you entered his scheme. Still, I regret my involvement. And now I have to fix things. That’s why I called scott. I’ve decided to turn myself in.

[ Chuckles ] Why on earth would you sacrifice yourself? What good will that do? I know the police are gonna end up at spoon island for an investigation, so I apologize in advance for the headache that it’s gonna cost you. Ava: Well, I’m glad it was you that saw me. So am I. And you’re right. I’m — I’m gonna keep it really simple. Nikolas was here… and then he left… and I don’t know anything else. W-we don’t want the cops focusing on spoon island. Well, a-a police search is not something that I would choose to experience again, but it would be so much worse for you. Have you really thought through the consequences of turning yourself in? It’s all I’ve thought about. But I can’t live with myself like this. But can your children live without you? So, did you have fun with pilar this morning? But she mad me eat oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal?! Aah! Well, guess what I’m gonna do for you tomorrow. I’m gonna make you pancakes. Would you like that? With chocolate chips? Can’t have pancakes without chocolate chips. First, I want you to meet someone. Ready? Okay. That is baby amelia, your brother’s new baby. Can you say hi? Hi! Willow is her mother. I’m her granddad. And nina is her grandma. We’re all a family!

[ Monitor beeping ] Carly: Why is the stem-cell transplant from the cord blood no longer possible? What went wrong? In order to give the patient the best chance for survival, there needs to be a certain number of stem cells available in the placenta and umbilical cord. Ideally, we need a tnc count of 25 million per kilograms of body weight. What? Tnc? Total nucleated cell count. I studied it in nursing school. If the procedure’s attempted with too few stem cells, the patient doesn’t have enough time to grow healthy blood cells. Then they’re at high risk for life-threatening infections without the immune system to fight them. When we analyzed the cord blood from willow’s umbilical cord and placenta, unfortunately, we found that the tnc count was too low, meaning it contained too few stem cells for you to successfully undergo the procedure. Did my hemorrhaging have anything to do with this? We don’t know for sure, but there’s no reason for you to think like that. Sometimes there are just too few stem cells, even if there isn’t a complication with the delivery. Wh– hold on. What about the, um, hla markers? You said you only need about half of them to be a match. The patterns weren’t as close a match as we’d like them to be. How is that possible? What’s closer than cells from mother and child?! Just like nina and willow weren’t a match, the markers and amount of cells needed differs from patient to patient. Oh, my god. And it’s influenced by a number of factors, including your disease status. My leukemia is stage iv. I studied this in my oncology class. I knew this would be a possibility. Just… I just didn’t want to believe it. Okay. Um… moving forward, right? So, uh, what’s next?

Quietingyour guilty conscience more important than raising your children? I am not putting my needs above theirs. It’s killing me that they’re gonna hurt because of what I’ve done. No, no, no. Because of what nikolas has done. All you did was help a friend! I knew what I was doing. And I’m guessing you had misgivings all the while. Of course, I did. And nikolas persuaded you to ignore those misgivings? Elizabeth, nikolas knows the truth is coming out. When he told me what he did to esme, he was already concerned that you’re having a crisis of conscience. He told me that you argued, that — that he couldn’t “reason” with you, and so nikolas did what nikolas always does. He tried to save his own skin. How? I-I haven’t told laura because I know she’s — she’s so upset already. But I believe that nikolas has left town. And so if you insist on turning yourself in to the police, you and you alone will pay for his crimes. Look, I don’t know why elizabeth called scott, but, uh… oh, why don’t you ask him yourself? Scott. Hi. Are you already finished with elizabeth? Uh, yeah. Ava interrupted us. Another of your “favored clients.” Yeah, well, they wanted to talk privately, but I wanted to get back to you. What did elizabeth want? Can we — can we talk about that somewhere else? Dr. Obrecht was just telling me how concerned she is about elizabeth. What do you care? You dumped her! No, it’s a lot more complicated than that, and despite our personal situation, I still care about elizabeth and the boys. Is there something wrong with one of them? No. The boys are fine. Okay. Is it — is it elizabeth? I mean, I’d like to help if I can. Let me give you a little piece of advice, alright? Elizabeth has enough problems right now. So there is something wrong. Is elizabeth in trouble? That’s between… a lawyer and his client. Yes. Of course. Scott and dr. Obrecht, it’s been a pleasure. You said you wanted to be where the action is. You said that often. You also indicated that you wanted to make a change. Actually, you were the one who suggested that I explore having a second act, and I said I’d think about it. Well, obviously you have thought about it and you’ve decided against it. I considered leaving the lecture hall and trying something new. Okay. And? I made a commitment to the university. I can’t just leave in the middle of the semester. Gregory, you’ve been volunteering here and giving advice and teaching at the same time now for weeks. The only difference is now you’ll be being paid. Working on the editorial board is gonna demand a much greater commitment. So we’ll be flexible here until your semester is over. And then when your semester is over, you can work here full-time. It’s not that simple. Well, from where I’m standing, it’s certainly that simple.

[ Sighs ] Unless you’re scared. You scared of following your heart? Hey, amelia. It’s grandma nina. Again. Just wanted to remind you that I love you — utterly completely and crazily. And I will do everything in my power to… make sure that you’re safe… and healthy and…happy.

[ Monitor beeping ] Um, your mommy and daddy don’t really want me near you right now, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you. And you will always be in my heart. Always. Now that the stem-cell transplant isn’t an option, your best chance for survival is a bone-marrow transplant. You’re still on the registry.

[ Sighs ] Willow has been on the registry for months and has not been able to find a viable match, okay? This was supposed to be the better alternative. What about more chemo? I am ready to do whatever’s necessary. I’m afraid at this advanced stage additional chemo could do more harm than good. The best thing we can do right now is continue to manage your illness until a donor is found. Okay. Then we wait for a match for willow. One will turn up. I mean, there’s still time. Isn’t there? Willow: Dr. Randolph. Exactly how much time do I have?

Terry: There’s no way to becertain how long you have. Sometimes patients live far longer than what’s expected. And what is expected for me? Likely a matter of weeks. Weeks? Okay, look, we don’t know any of this for sure, right? This is just our best guess based on the advanced state of your leukemia, but every patient is different. Yeah. I-I get it. I-I could live longer than that. Or — or not. I… I think I need some time. Alone. There are some things we should discuss. But there will be time for that later. We’ll leave you for now.

[ Door opens and closes ] We need to talk to them about palliative care so they can at least start to think about it. We will, but it’s too much for them right now. They’re processing the most horrible news anyone can be given. Let’s give them space to deal with that before talking about what’s next. This is not the end. You will find a donor. Thanks, mom. I love you both.

[ Door opens and closes ] Come over here. Put your knees right there.

[ Laughs ]

[ Monitor beeping ] What do you think of your niece? What’s a niece? It means baby amelia is your brother’s daughter. She’s really little. Yeah, and you were little, too, at one time. Now you’re a big girl. And she’s gonna grow up to be a big girl. And you know how you look up to your sisters, josslyn and avery? She’s gonna look up to you, too. She will? Yeah. And guess what. She’s gonna want you to look after her and be there for her. You think you can do that? ‘Cause that’s what families do. Okay, daddy. Nikolas left port charles? Ava: Well, I don’t know it for a fact. The way he stormed out of wyndemere last night, I doubt we’ll ever see him again. Between his own resources and his uncle victor’s, nikolas has the means to disappear forever. Meantime, you’ll be held responsible for all his crimes while he gets off scot-free! Is that fair? No. [ Chuckles ] Of course not. But his guilt doesn’t absolve me or erase what I did. Don’t ruin your life because of nikolas’ bad decisions. Why do you care so much what I do? What’s it to you if I turn myself in? Hey, drew. Uh, I’m not surprised you didn’t answer the phone. You’re probably getting ready for curtis’ wedding. I know you’re gonna be the perfect best man. Um, I’m, uh… still at the hospital. You know, um, we got some information today, and I just would really love to hear your voice right now. So when you get some time, can you call me? Okay. Hey! Mommy! Hi, baby! Oh, my gosh! It’s so good to see you. I took donna to see baby amelia. I was just about to go see baby amelia. We’re all a family! We are all a family. Mommy, what’s wrong? I just got some news. It didn’t work. She doesn’t have much time.

You’re right. It’s your life. Blow it up if you want to. But I know what it’s like to be betrayed by nikolas. I loved him. I really did love him. I saw the good in him. And then I saw that could be consumed by his own arrogance… and selfishness. All I want to do now is pick up the pieces of my life, and I want that for you, too. I just want to see anybody else suffer because of nikolas cassadine. Yeah, I’m not doing this for him. I’m doing this for me. I need to own what I did wrong. Why?! Nikolas, gone. Demetrius, gone. Esme, no memory. There’s nobody left who knows anything about your involvement. Except you. Well, I — [ Laughs ] I’m not gonna say anything. I know if you’re sent to jail, it won’t just be your life that’s destroyed. It’ll affect your children and all the people who care about you, who need you.

[ Sighs ] Just let nikolas go and let his crimes go with him.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Finn. Um, come in. I just wanted to see if you’re alright. Oh, hi. That’s so thoughtful. You know, I was just talking to elizabeth about all the people who care about her. Wasn’t I? I’ll admit that, uh, I find the prospect of trying something new daunting, especially after doing one thing for more years than I can count. But I’m not holding back because I’m scared. Okay. Then what is it? I like teaching. I don’t want to give it up. I’m approaching my retirement. I don’t want to walk away from that. Okay. So do both. You really wouldn’t need more from me? Yeah, I might need a little more, but… you’d be on the front line of breaking news. Think how interesting that would be for your students. And I’m sure pcu would lighten your load a little, and I would work it out so you could do both and you wouldn’t have to give up your teaching career. I’m not so sure the university would be so accommodating. Well, then they’d be stupid not to cater to a professor like you. Well, with hundreds of adjuncts breathing down my neck for my position and willing to work for less than I make, I’m lucky I still have a job.

Now you’re being modest? It doesn’t become you. I mean, if you really didn’t want to do this, if you didn’t want this job, that would be one thing. But I know that you do. I know that this interests you. And I will work it out so you could teach and do this. So I am offering you this job. Why don’t you take it? It’s like we all had the same idea. Yeah, we’re just gonna take donna to get some hot chocolate. Can mommy come?

[ Chuckles ] You know what? Hey. Why don’t you and I go get some hot chocolate on our own so we can have some mommy/daughter time? What do you think? But before you do that, can I get a big, big, big hug?

[ Laughs ] Bye, daddy! -[ Gasps ] Oh. -Bye, nina! Bye. Do you want to put whipped cream on top? Yeah, that sounds great, doesn’t it? So you and carly seem fraught. W-what’s going on? Did she tell you anything new about willow’s procedure? Come on, sonny. Tell me. There’s not gonna be, uh, a stem-cell transplant. I don’t — I don’t understand. What do you mean? Well, I-I guess the doctors, they — they can’t harvest the stem cells. So what does that mean for willow? Carly said…

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Willow doesn’t have much time. Mnh. No. It’s not right. Okay? I just found her. Sonny, that’s not right. What are you thinking? That I love you… so, so much. But I really do need to be alone right now. Okay. I understand. Be right back.

[ Monitor beeping ] And I love you, too. Okay? Today is perfect! And I agree. Everything is perfect. Hey. Thank you for reminding me what’s most important. I love you, mommy! She’s — she’s so… so…

[ Chuckles ] So beautiful. Michael:

I dreamed of this. Willow: Me too. And I am so glad that this is real and I can finally say what I’ve been wanting to say — wanting to say for months. But, um… and a part of me has known a lot longer than that. I love you, willow. I love you, too, michael. Willow: Yes, michael. Yes, with all my heart. I’ll marry you. Here. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. As long as we both shall live.

[ Sobbing ]

I want you to take this position, gregory. I do. And all you have to do is call your department chair, have a quick little chat, find out what you can take on and still be able to teach. That’s all? Just give it a try. That’s all I ask. How can I say no? Carly couldn’t say a lot ’cause donna was right there, but we don’t have the complete picture. But I’m sure that the doctors — there’s still something they can do for willow. Well, it’s really hard for me to have hope. Everything to do with me and my daughters is always the worst-case scenario, sonny. I was in a coma, for god’s sake, for most of their lives, and nelle was dead when I found out that she was mine. And now willow. Willow, that poor girl. Everything that she’s been through. She just had a baby. She — she has a child at home. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s a good person. She doesn’t deserve it. You know who deserves it? I do. I’ve done horrible things in my life. Maybe I brought this on my girls. Maybe it’s some cosmic payback. I don’t believe that. Everybody messes up. Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve — I’ve done plenty I’m not proud of. But… look — look where my life’s at. I have a good life, a good family, and a woman who loves me. Willow and everybody who loves her is being dealt a bad hand. But we’re not gonna give up on her. Hey. We’re not. I just want to be with willow. I want to be able to comfort her. I’m sure michael and her have a lot to talk about.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Nina. Good. You’re still here.

Liebchen. What’s happened? Is it willow? Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for hearing me out. Finn. Ava. What was that all about? I need to meet with you right away. What’s wrong? We have a huge problem. Ava stopped by to tell me that nikolas left town. Mommy, are you still sad? Oh, honey. I am sad. But being with you makes me feel better. Will this help, too?

[ Chuckles ] It sure does help. Helps a lot. I can’t bear to see my nina suffer like this. W-what are you gonna do? I was powerless to help my britta. But there is something I can do for willow. I need to speak with you. Oh, I’m sorry, dr. Obrecht. This isn’t a good time. Can you call my assistant and make an appointment? This is a matter of life and death. I understand my niece’s daughter needs a bone-marrow donor. Take me to get tested.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Is it okay if we come back?

[ Monitor beeping ] We are still in this fight. There are new drug trials every single day. And, yes, you’re getting excellent care here, but there are entire facilities solely dedicated to cancer research. You’ll get cutting-edge treatment. I’m gonna make some calls and, uh — and figure out a way to transfer you to one of those facil– michael. Michael. I know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me. Yeah, I’d go to the ends of the world for you. I was thinking something less spectacular.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Name it. All I want… is for us to have a long-overdue conversation. About? Your life without me.

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