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Gwen goes to Xander’s motel room where Xander immediately grabs her and kisses her. Xander brings her inside, then stops and tells her to take her top off because he needs to be sure she’s not wearing a wire.

Alex walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Allie. Allie asks if he’s going to see Stephanie and if they are back on track. Alex says they aren’t, but he hopes so by the end of the night.

Chad shows up at Stephanie’s door and asks if it’s a bad time. Stephanie says that her dad just left, so his timing is fine. Chad hopes she still thinks that after he tells her why he came. Stephanie notes that he sounds serious. Chad informs her that he and Jack just had a long talk and he had some advice about them.

Anna is at the DiMera Mansion, writing a eulogy for Marlena’s funeral. Chloe walks in and greets her. Chloe says she’s here to see Stefan and asks if she’s seen him around. Anna says she hasn’t, but she’s sure he must be there somewhere.

Gabi frantically checks on Stefan and makes sure that he’s still alive, asking if he can hear her. Stefan regains consciousness and says Gabi’s name. Gabi asks if he’s alright. Stefan questions where the hell they are and why he’s tied up. Gabi questions him not remembering why he’s there. Gabi asks what Dr. Rolf has done as he was supposed to bring his memories back, not take them away.

Anna asks Chloe about her and Stefan as she heard they had gotten involved. Chloe confirms they definitely were. Anna is happy for them and asks if it’s serious, then apologizes for prying. Chloe informs her that they were serious, but circumstances have changed, so she’s actually hear to tell Stefan that she doesn’t think they should see each other anymore.

Stefan asks what his memories have to do with this. Gabi questions what Dr. Rolf did. Dr. Rolf responds that he did what was asked of him and it’s not his fault that he didn’t have access to better equipment. Stefan still doesn’t get it. Gabi tells Stefan to see what she means to him and that’s why he’s in his basement, to undo what Dr. Rolf did to him and that there’s no side effects. Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him so much and asks if he understands.

Allie questions Alex planning on just going to Stephanie’s without a text or call. Alex says there’s no point since she’s been ignoring him. Allie questions what makes him think that Stephanie will agree to actually seeing him. Alex informs her that he just spoke to Paulina and told her everything. Allie bets Paulina had a lot to say about that which Alex confirms. Alex adds that Paulina also shared about mistakes she had made and how Lani forgave her for giving her up. Alex says it gave him hope that maybe he could be forgiven for the awful things he has done. Alex adds that Paulina told him that he needed to apologize to Stephanie the right way in person, so he has flowers and an apology letter. Allie guesses he thought of everything. Alex hopes it’s not too late to make this happen.

Stephanie asks Chad about Jack giving him advice about them as she’s not sure she understands. Chad apologizes for blurting it out that way and admits he’s a little nervous. Chad decides he won’t say what he rehearsed and will just shoot from the hip and say what he’s thinking off the top of his head. Chad knows he told Stephanie that he didn’t know if or when he would be ready to move on from Abigail and that it would probably be never, but he’s hoping now that they can have a future anyway.

Gwen questions what Xander is talking about. Xander informs her that Leo was there to give him a heads up that he’s going to cut a deal to testify to the grand jury that he kidnapped Susan and Bonnie, so he warned him that if he did, it would be his last act on earth. Gwen asks what that has to do with her. Xander questions it being a coincidence that she shows up after Leo and asks if she’s here to finish what he started by getting Melinda what she needs to send him down the river. Xander says he can picture Gwen, Leo, and Melinda setting him up to take the fall because he’s a loser. Gwen then slaps Xander.

Sarah enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Bonnie, who is trying to write her speech for Kayla’s funeral but she can’t seem to find the right words. Sarah encourages her and calls it a tragedy she still can’t believe that Kayla is gone. Bonnie asks if Sarah will speak at the funeral too but Sarah reveals that the papers she’s holding are divorce papers as she and Xander are done.

Xander can’t believe Gwen just slapped him while Gwen can’t believe he accused her of wearing a wire. Gwen argues that just a couple weeks ago, he told her to save herself and testify against him. Xander argues that he was drunk then while Gwen points out that he’s drunk now. Xander feels she can’t blame him for being suspicious as he’s always having to look over his shoulder. Gwen argues that he should know by now that she is the last person he needs to worry about. Gwen says she came to reassure him that he doesn’t need to worry about her cooperating with the police and if he doesn’t believe her, he can ask Jack. Xander questions what Jack has to do with this. Gwen then reveals that Jack gave her an ultimatum of going to Rafe and cooperating with Melinda or risk Jack cutting her out of his life for good, so she was forced to choose one. Gwen informs Xander that she chose him.

Alex tells Allie that he knows flowers and an apology letter won’t turn everything around but it’s a start. Alex asks if she thinks he has a chance or if he’s just deluding himself. Allie says if she were Stephanie, she would definitely consider forgiving him. Allie thinks Stephanie knows deep down that Alex is too good to give up. Alex thanks her and says he’s sure Chanel knows the same about her. Allie appreciates Alex always being in their corner, but she doesn’t think Chanel knows that about her. Alex asks what she’s talking about and what happened. Allie explains that they tried to talk but it didn’t go well, so they are on a break and Chanel moved out. Alex can’t believe it and urges Allie to call Chanel and get her over now. Alex decides he will be their couples therapist so he might be able to help. Allie loves him for wanting to help but says this is between her and Chanel. Alex understands and just hates to see her going through this as they seemed so good together. Allie says they were for awhile and then urges Alex to go see Stephanie with the flowers and his letter. Alex thanks her and walks away.

Stephanie brings up that Chad just recently told her that he couldn’t even think of getting involved with somebody until he worked through his grief. Chad says that was before his talk with Jack. Chad mentions telling her that he felt it would be unfair to get involved with her because of his feelings for Abigail and his inability to move on. Chad acknowledges that he will never get over Abigail as she will always be in his heart and he will always see her in their kids. Chad adds that Jack said something that was very simple and insightful; that he can’t let that hold him back because it will never be the right time as he will never stop missing Abigail. Chad repeats that he will never get over Abigail, so he has to learn to live with those feelings as he goes forward. Chad realizes he doesn’t want to wait because he knows he might miss out on something really great.

Anna asks Chloe if something happened between her and Stefan. Chloe says that Stefan wants to give them a chance at being together, but she just doesn’t know if he truly knows what he wants. A phone rings which they acknowledge is neither of their phone. Anna finds that it’s the landline and answers the call which is from Statesville Prison. Anna accepts the call and it’s from Vivian Alamain. Anna questions why she is calling.

Stefan asks Gabi about bringing him here to have Dr. Rolf work on him. Gabi asks what Stefan feels right now. Stefan responds that he feels like he loves Gabi with all his heart.

Xander questions Gwen choosing to protect him over her relationship with her father and asks if she’s crazy since Jack means the world to her. Gwen cries that Xander does too as she loves him. Gwen brings up all she has done for Xander with no hope of it ever amounting to anything because he’s in love with Sarah and she knows that Sarah will eventually forgive him, and they will pick up where they left off while she will be left with heartbreak for her troubles but says that’s fine as she’s still happy that she did it and would do it again because that’s how much she cares about him. Xander questions her thinking that he and Sarah will patch things up. Gwen says if history is any indication but Xander reveals that they just signed the divorce papers.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she’s not buying that she and Xander are done as she expects Xander to be thanking her for convincing Sarah to give him another chance. Sarah tells her that will never happen because she went to see Xander and walked in on her and Gwen, both soaking wet and she was wearing his shirt. Sarah says that Xander swore nothing would ever happen between them but that’s not even the reason they can’t be together. Sarah declares that they are just too incompatible. Sarah admits that Xander’s bad boy image was part of what attracted her to him, but that was because it was fun and exciting while now it’s scary and unsettling and she can’t handle it anymore. Sarah states that Justin drew up the divorce papers and got Xander to sign them, so once she signs them, it will be over for good. Bonnie says when Hell freezes over and grabs the papers away from Sarah.

Stephanie questions Chad thinking they could have something great. Chad guesses this was a mistake. Stephanie reminds him that he recently told her that he wasn’t ready and it was too soon which is why she gave in to Alex, who was relentless about them getting together, but now he’s telling her that she didn’t have to. Stephanie declares that it could’ve been her and Chad all this time, if only he had known but he didn’t and all of this just suddenly hit him tonight. Stephanie then tells Chad thank God that he didn’t wait another minute. Stephanie suddenly kisses Chad. Alex then arrives and opens the door to see them kissing.

Vivian tries to explain things to Anna, who is confused. Anna then tells Chloe that Vivian wants to speak with her and hands her the phone. Chloe is shocked to learn that Gabi has Stefan captive downstairs in the secret room.

Gabi questions if Stefan just said he loves her. Stefan confirms that he loves her and wants her. Stefan says the feelings are rushing through his body and he can’t imagine feeling any other way. Gabi can’t believe it really worked. Dr. Rolf points out that they don’t know it worked as it’s possible that Stefan could be faking it. Stefan tells Gabi that he could never hate her and repeats that he loves her with all his heart. Gabi wants to believe him but asks how she knows he’s not lying. Stefan tells her to kiss him and find out, so she does.

Sarah tells Bonnie to give her back her divorce papers, so that she can finalize her divorce but Bonnie refuses, feeling that Sarah is rushing things and that she needs to think about this. Sarah chases Bonnie for the papers but Bonnie warns her to back off or she will rip the papers to shreds.

Xander tells Gwen about how he pulled out all the stops for Sarah and tried to make her reconsider but apparently he’s exceeded her limits, so she’s done and doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Xander declares that he and Sarah are over for good this time. Gwen holds his hand and says she’s really sorry, but Xander says she’s not.

Alex sees Stephanie and Chad kissing, so he quietly pulls the door back and places his flowers and letter outside the door as he then walks away. Stephanie stops and tells Chad that she thought she heard something but guesses it was probably nothing as they continue kissing.

Gabi tells Stefan that it felt real and great. Stefan apologizes for treating her so terribly but says that wasn’t the real him. Stefan calls her his precious and beautiful wife. Stefan repeats that he loves her so much. Gabi says she believes him and they kiss until Anna and Chloe come in to interrupt. Anna asks what the hell while Chloe reveals she just spoke to Vivian, who told her that Gabi had taken Stefan prisoner. Gabi tells Chloe that she’s too late as Stefan loves her now. Stefan responds that Gabi is right that he loves her, but he loves Chloe too.

Alex sadly walks back through the town square where Allie excitedly asks him how it went. Alex tells her that she can guess how it went since he’s back here alone, which is more than he can say for Stephanie.

Stephanie and Chad kiss onto the couch until Stephanie notices the door is cracked open. Chad gets up and quickly shuts it. Stephanie asks if he’s okay. Chad jokes that he needs to get back in shape since his heart is beating so hard. Chad is just really relieved that Stephanie is so accepting of everything since he did a complete 180 about everything after his talk with Jack. Stephanie is glad that he had that talk with Jack. Chad brings up everything Stephanie is going through with losing Kayla and decides that he should go. Chad says he’ll give her some space and then in a week or two when things settle down a bit, maybe they can pick up where they left off. Stephanie reminds Chad of his talk with Jack and asks if part of what he said didn’t get through to him. Chad asks what she means. Stephanie reminds him that there’s never going to be a right time, so they continue kissing. Stephanie then takes Chad to her bedroom.

Gabi argues that Stefan doesn’t know what he’s saying, as he loves her not Chloe. Stefan repeats that he does love Gabi, but he does love Chloe too. Gabi realizes that Dr. Rolf restored Stefan’s feelings for her, but did not erase his feelings for Chloe, so she orders Dr. Rolf to finish what he started. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s sorry but there’s nothing he can do, leaving Gabi in disbelief.

Gwen admits to Xander that she’s not sorry that Sarah moved on from him. Xander says she claimed to care about him while Sarah thinks he’s the scum of the earth. Gwen assures that she does care about him and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Gwen points out that the divorce papers might never be filed or be ripped up or thrown in a fire. Gwen says it could be a bump in the road and then they make up or Sarah will have regrets and she will be left out in the cold. Xander tells Gwen that he and Sarah are totally over and he’s not just talking about her feelings, but his. Xander asks why he would want to be with someone who is always just moving the goalposts. Xander says all he wanted was to give Sarah the life he thought she deserved and she hurls insults at him and files for divorce, meanwhile there’s Gwen, who instead of throwing him under the bus like he deserves, she threw away a chance at a relationship with her dad. Xander adds that she had no guarantee it would get her anywhere with him but she did it because she cares, has faith in him, and doesn’t judge him. Xander wants to show her how that makes him feel as he then kisses her.

Sarah knows Bonnie thinks she’s being a good friend and that this is helpful, but says it’s anything but. Sarah adds that it’s making her very upset. Bonnie feels Sarah will be even more upset if she files the divorce papers and then wakes up regretting it. Sarah responds that she only regrets getting involved with Xander in the first place. Sarah warns that if Bonnie rips up the divorce papers, she’ll just have Justin draw up another set and have Xander sign them again. Sarah declares that Bonnie can delay the process but not stop it, so she asks her to just do the respectful and dignified thing by handing her back the papers.

Alex informs Allie that he saw Chad and Stephanie kissing. Allie says she’s so sorry. Alex says he is too and he feels like the biggest idiot who ever lived. Alex calls turning off Stephanie’s phone the most stupid and selfish thing he’s ever done. Alex admits it was wrong and he did it for the wrong reasons, so he’s going to end up regretting it for the rest of his life. Alex declares that he just pushed the woman of his dreams into the arms of another man.

Stephanie brings Chad to the bedroom and tells him no more doubts or hesitation as they kiss and begin to undress each other as they then kiss onto the bed.

Allie encourages Alex that maybe Stephanie and Chad were kissing goodbye. Alex assures it wasn’t and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Allie hates to see him hurting. Alex thanks her but says he will survive. Alex asks about Allie since she’s in the town square so late. Allie says she just had to come back as she left something at the Bakery. Alex guesses that means she hasn’t heard from or seen Chanel. Allie confirms that she has no idea where they stand, but she feels like if she went to see Chanel, she would’ve witnessed something similar to what Alex did. Allie remarks that Chanel is very friendly and likes to flirt a lot. Alex invites Allie out for a drink which she accepts and they walk off together.

Chad and Stephanie lay in bed together after having sex. Chad jokes that he forgot to bring her flowers. Stephanie says she doesn’t need flowers but when he showed up at her door, she knew what she did need. They kiss. Stephanie acknowledges that Chad’s feelings must be all over the place right now which he admits. Chad promises that he’s exactly where he wants to be as they continue kissing.

Bonnie gives in and hands Sarah back the divorce papers. Bonnie argues that she was standing up for true love. Sarah gets it but says it turns out, true love wasn’t what Xander felt for her or else he wouldn’t have behaved so despicably. Sarah declares that she is now going to end it, so Bonnie leaves the room. Sarah then signs the divorce papers.

Xander and Gwen continue kissing. Xander asks if she still doubts him. Gwen responds that it’s not him that she doubts, but she finds it so hard to believe that something she wants so badly is actually within reach. Xander assures that he’s here. Gwen calls it hard to believe because she’s not used to things working out for her. Xander relates to that and says maybe that’s why they are supposed to be together. Xander suggests they see if they can finally make something work out for themselves as they kiss on the bed.

Gabi argues with Dr. Rolf and says he better do something about this. Dr. Rolf repeats that he can’t without new equipment. Anna unties Stefan and says they need to figure this out, but Stefan declares that there’s nothing to figure out as he’s in love with the two most beautiful women in the world, so how lucky is he.

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