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Nina: This looks great. Sonny: Yeah. Thank you. You got to eat. Right. Okay. Let’s see. I little of this.

[ Chuckles ] You know, sonny, I’m sorry. It’s just — it’s — it’s no use because I just — I can’t sit here waiting for the results of my blood work. Not when my daughter’s life depends on me. Nina. I can’t believe I just said that. Nina. It’s all gonna work out. Yeah. I really love you for trying to distract me, but I need to get to the hospital, and I need to go now, okay?

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Hey. She went in the back, so she’s gonna come out. Hi! What are you doing here? Someone told me you can use a friend.

[ Monitor beeping ] Need something else to read? The good news is pashminas are still on trend for 2023. So all is right with the world.

[ Sighs ] Talk to me. This waiting is torture. I’m scared. I’m scared, too. Oh, hold that elevator! Dad? What are you doing here? N’neka, add mr. Bell’s drink to my tab. Generous. You were very effective in the game tonight. That’s what you pay me for. Money well spent. I wasn’t sure you would show, given recent events. My condolences. Now, why would the murder of my almost-girlfriend keep me from fulfilling my obligations? Shall we grab a table? What’s up? I warned cody about that woman. Why do you care what happens to cody? Please don’t ruin the moment. I’m unwinding from the day. What do you want? I’m here because of what you want. The divorce settlement agreement. Congratulations, ava, on getting everything you asked for and I’m losing the only thing that I treasure. Your father may not be the best option to raise the baby, but he’s the only option. Not necessarily. What? What about me?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chuckles ] I mean, w-what about you? I’m sure you’ll be a good father someday in the far-off future. What if the future wasn’t so distant? You’re saying your father may not be able to raise the baby? I plan on making sure of it. I’m going for custody, trina. I just came to check on wiley. Ah, well, you, um — you just missed him. He went up to the main house with olivia for a sleepover with leo. Oh, that’s great. Yeah. Perfect distraction for him. I just stuck around to, um, lock up. Oh, um…okay. I’ll leave you to it. Hey, carly. Don’t go.

Did sonny tell you? Sonny was kind enough to invite me over, but it was willow who told me. What did she say about me? It’s okay. You don’t have to spare my feelings. Willow is reeling, same as you. I think you’re both struggling to reconcile your history with the news that you’re mother and daughter. You know what? You guys talk ’cause I-I gotta make a phone call. Okay. Let me take your coat. Thanks. Are you hungry? Do, um — do you want something? Sonny’s been taking really good care of me. Oh, looks delicious. Hey, was I keeping you from leaving? It looked like you were going somewhere. Yeah, I was just gonna — I was going to G.H. Because I had a blood test to determine if I was a bone-marrow match with willow. And there’s an outside chance that the lab will have the results in tonight. And the odds are really good that you’re a match, right? A sibling is the best match, but nelle is…gone. Well, let’s hope that you’re a match. I don’t even want to think about what will happen… if I’m not. Dad, just promise me one thing. Hmm. Be nice. I’m always nice. Be nicer.

[ Sighs ] You gave me what I asked for? Spoon island and everything on it? Including wyndemere and all the contents in it. You left me with nothing, ava. Not even my pride. Well, welcome to my world. The whole city knows you knocked up a girl who can’t even legally drink this martini. They didn’t have to know. That wasn’t my plan. It’s never your fault, is it? You’ve lost your son, your wife, your house. Still the excuses. I’m owning my mistakes. Witness that document in front of you. I gave you everything without a fight. It’s easier to own your mistakes when your hand is being forced, isn’t it? My god, you’re so weak. I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t see it. You saw me, ava. And you loved me regardless. Just like I saw you. We beat the odds again and again. After everything we survived, can you really say that the love is gone? You’re gonna try to get full custody of your baby sister or brother? What — what about your father? What about esme? I’m not worried about esme. She’s not fit to parent a child. She doesn’t even know who she is. Yeah, but she might remember.And that would be even worse. Let’s not pretend that either of this baby’s parents are moral, upstanding citizens. They’re far from it.

[ Scoffs ] Some might say the same of you. My father has a proven history of selfishness, immorality, and neglect. Diane miller thinks that I may have a chance. Sounds like you already got your mind made up. I want to do whatever it takes to protect this baby. You’re looking at them again. I know you, mac scorpio. You care about cody. He’s dominique’s son. She’d want me to look after him, whether he was mine or not. You can’t kid a kidder. Oh, mac, you’re such a good man. There’s always room in your heart for more. And I’m not just talking about robin and the girls. But all those rookies that you took under your wing on the force, giving them guidance and counsel. I know how much dante appreciates your mentorship. Cody might, too. Cody’s made it clear that he’s not interested in that. I just want to make sure that he doesn’t get mixed up with the wrong people. And selina wu is definitely the wrong people. I know you weren’t a fan of britt. Dr. Westbourne and i came to an understanding. My nephew’s quite devastated by her loss, as I’d imagine are you. I have sympathy for those grieving. Yeah, bet you’re all choked up. People express emotions many different ways, much like you’re doing now. If you’ll excuse me. Ah. If it isn’t my old friend gladys. So, did wiley ask about his mom? Yeah, there — there were some questions. You know, it was kind of tricky, to be honest. I didn’t want to say more than willow and michael wanted me to share. He’s a smart kid. Did the best I could. Yeah. I’m sure you did great. It’s a fine line, you know? I-it’s tough to know what to tell him at this age. Hmm. It’s a delicate balance, for sure. Yeah. Ultimately, honesty is the way to go. I really thought I was protecting willow. Truly. And look, I know that nina and sonny are determined to believe that this was all about revenge on nina. I don’t think that, carly. I know you came to my defense earlier with sonny. But other than that, you’ve been really quiet on the subject. What do you think?

If anyone knows what an incredible lawyer diane is, it’s me, right? Sure. But your dad has plenty of resources. He’s not giving up custody of his child without a fight. I know. I’m well aware. But I have a secret weapon. Which is…? Ava agrees with me, and she’s going to help. Pause.

[ Scoffs ] You’re telling me ava supports this? Yeah. For the first time, ava and i are actually in agreement that neither my father or esme are fit to parent this child. Oh, that’S…really something. Are you surprised because we agree or because you don’t agree, that is? I mean, it’s not really my place to weigh in. But it is because I’m asking you because I’m curious about what your thoughts are, and your opinion matters to me, trina. Okay. Since you asked… I don’t think you’re ready to be a father. Cody, how’s it going? Mac, felicia. Date night? No, just unwinding. Sorry to hear about britt. How you doing? I’m hanging in…now. Thanks. It’s strange having people ask me how I’m doing. [ Laughs ] Britt and I really didn’t know each other that long. That doesn’t mean you didn’t care about her. I did. And I want to thank you. For what? This lovely lady right here. You sent her to tell me. I thought it might soften the blow. Well, you thought right, and I appreciate it. Hearing you lost someone is hard. Living with it is even harder. I know I should have come to see you immediately after the game, but I had to run to the restroom to, um, collect myself. Tough night, huh? Win some, lose some. Seems you’re losing more and more. And it’s time to cover your debt. I feel like the rug keeps getting pulled out from underneath me. First I had to let go of the idea of you as my daughter. Thank god now you’re my friend. Then I found out that nelle was my daughter after she died. And willow, she’s my child. And it might be too late to have a relationship with her. Don’t say that it’s too late. She hates me.

[ Glass clinks ] Willow is alive, and so are you. It is not too late. Show up for her the way that you showed up for me. Be there and show her the nina that I came to love. And no matter how long or short the time that we have together, it’s precious. And it’s so, so worth it. I want that with all of my heart. But willow has made it very, very clear that she doesn’T. Both she and michael seem hell-bent on punishing me. And sonny.

[ Monitor beeping ] I hope you like them. Ned: We won’t stay long. I’m sure you’ve had lots of visitors. Everyone has been incredibly kind. Chase and sasha stopped by earlier. Sorry. For what? Anyone want anything from the cafeteria? I’ll join you. Boy, you can sure clear out a room, can’t ya?

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I did not mean to bring up a sore subject. It’s fine. How are you coping with the breakup? Great. Mostly. Ned, just want to say thank you for coming. It meant a lot to willow. We love willow. You know that. But I didn’t come here just for her. Carly, you — you already explained y-you were trying to protect willow. You didn’t think that she would want to know that nina was her mother. But it wasn’t my secret to keep. And I regret that. And I told michael and willow how sorry I am. Well, that’s good. It’s so important to make amends. But there’s another apology that I owe, and that’s to you. And — and I should have said it sooner. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I went behind your back and that I lied to you because the last thing I want is for you not to trust me. Thank you. I mean, if the circumstances were different and willow’s life wasn’t on the line, I-I don’t know if I would regret keeping the truth from nina. I mean, I’m still processing all the pain that she caused my family, especially michael and willow. I never thought that you were obligated to tell nina. You know, that was always willow’s call to make. And I see that now. And I’m so grateful that willow has forgiven me. I’m just wondering, hoping… can you?

And michael may still want to take me down, but she — she did ask me if I would reconcile with — with michael. What? Yeah. You didn’t tell me that. Well, I did– there was a lot going on in a couple of days, you know, so — but I think the situation has motivated her to encourage amends.

[ Chuckles ] How about that? If willow feels that michael and sonny can let go of their past and reconnect, then there’s hope that she would do the same with you. Yeah. Do you think? Maybe things are falling into perspective for her. Yeah, especially if I can give her the bone marrow that she needs. I just — I want to show willow that I will do anything for her. Of course you will.

[ Cellphone rings ] Just give me one second. It’s the lab. It’s — it’s the lab. Alright. Nina reeves. Thank you for getting back to me. Chase and I are in a better place these days. That’s good to know. Even if it’s not what I asked. How do you feel? Only you would be in a hospital bed asking how someone else is doing. Chase is a hard man to forget. Impossible. What do I do? Should I hold out hope or just try to move on? So much of my life these days is about holding out for hope. Keeping the faith. Believing that the impossible is possible. My situation is different. Chase and I, our relationship is not life or death. Feels that way, though, doesn’t it? If you can’t picture your life without chase, don’t give up. Miracles happen every day. I know things are tense between us, and I don’t like being at odds with you, michael. Yeah, ned, none of that matters now. Agreed. What’s important is seeing you and willow through this, which is why I’m here. Because no matter what happens in business, we are, first, foremost, and forever family. Why don’t you join mac and me? I really should be hitting the hay. It was a long night. Yeah. So what have you been doing these days? Keeping busy, huh? This and that. Anything to keep my mind off of…you know. Maxie organized tomorrow’s memorial for britt. Will we see you there? I know my assets aren’t very liquid at the moment, but — but if you stake me again, I will break this losing streak. You’ve exhausted your line of credit. You owe the house $175,000. 175 grand? A-are you sure? Very sure. I’ve got an mba in finance. Really? When can I expect payment? I hold our love in the same esteem you held my dignity. Everything in order? Seems so. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. I just want to do right by you. No counter? Nothing you want from me? Just one thing. Of course. And what is that? I need you to listen. You’re forgetting… I owe you nothing. You owe me. I grant you that. But since you seem to prefer to go through my uncle victor as an intermediary these days, this might be the one last time I get to speak to you directly. Well, unless you can tell me that you didn’t sleep with esme and elizabeth, there really isn’t much to talk about. Things aren’t exactly as they seem. Spencer, I-I don’t think you’re really equipped for this. Financially, maybe, but emotionally? Raising a child takes an insane amount of responsibility, more than we can imagine. Yeah, my uncle sonny said something similar, but how am I supposed to become a more responsible person without first taking on more responsibility? You’d be learning at the expense of the baby. Trina, that is literally how all first-time parents learn. Have you thought about what this will do to your social life? You’re still young, spencer. Being an insta-father will affect your friendships and put a definite crimp in your future relationship. Are you saying that people won’t want to be my friend or be my girlfriend if I’m raising a baby? I’m not saying it’s one way or the other. Some might. Well, what about you? Would you want to be with a man who’s raising a baby?

You consider beingwith a man who’s raising a baby? I mean, well, I-I wouldn’t know the answer to that. I would have to…be in the situation. Fine. But what about the situation that you’re in with me? Is me going after custody of this child going to impact whatever is going on between us? What do you mean “whatever is going on between us”? I just mean that everything, what we’ve been doing with trying to, um, catch the killer by pretending to be friends, potentially even more. I mean, it worked. Didn’t it? Esme showed up and now she’s locked away. I mean, she may not be the killer. But what are we doing, though? Are we playing the game, or is the game playing us? I-I-I don’t really know what you’re asking. Be real, trina. We’re hanging out. There’s no cameras around. We text each other constantly. But we don’t publicize it. It’s a lot of behind-the-scenes effort for pretense, don’t you think? Okay. It may not just be play-acting for me. I, uh — I haven’t decided yet about the memorial. Well, it might be helpful for c-closure. Yeah, I’m not sure I really believe in closure. Felicia only means that facing what you’re really feeling can sometimes set you free. And sometimes just reminds you of all the ways you screwed up. You guys have a nice evening. I don’t have that kind of cash on hand. Then we have a problem. Oh, I know, I know. I-instead of cash, you can take my son’s garage. Are you the owner of the property? Depends on what you mean by “owner.” Everybody makes mistakes, carly. Not you. You’re damn near perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I used to blow through town with a chip on my shoulder. All anybody can hope for is — is forgiveness and — and the chance to make things right. That’s all I want. I just want to make this right somehow. Well, you did the right thing by telling nina, by urging her to get tested. Maybe that’ll make the difference. I pray it does. But what about us? Where do we stand? I can’t do this again, carly. I know I seem like I’m an easygoing guy, but I — I’ve got limits. Right. I understand. And I’m really sorry. In the future, we — we can’t lie to each other anymore. You said “future.” I want one. With you. I can’t promise that it’s gonna be easy. I’m willing to try if you are. I’m ready. I’m willing and able. Will you come home with me?

Cally, the garage belongsto my daughter-in-law, but — but we’re in the process of selling it, so I’ll just cut out the middleman and sign it over to you. I mean, sonny says it’s worth a pretty penny. And your daughter-in-law will consent to this? Oh, yeah. I-I-I have the power to make these decisions for her. I wound up having a nervous breakdown on live television. I’m guessing that’s where the guardianship came in. Yeah. Originally, it was brando. But when he died, his mother, gladys, took over. Wait, your — your mother-in-law’s name is gladys? Why? Well, it’s just, I-I know a woman named gladys, but she’s — she’s probably not your mother-in-law, though. You would know if you met her. She’s pretty memorable. Gladys: My daughter-in-law will be fine with this, especially once I win it back. Do we have a deal? Sorry. I didn’t mean to disrupt your visit with brook lynn, but I thought…you’d want to know tonight. Know what, nina? The lab called me. The results of my blood work are in. And? It’s not a match. Despite our familial dna, I-I don’t have the right markers to be your donor. I’m so sorry. I thought I would be able to end this nightmare for you. I’m not sure anyone can.

[ Monitor beeping ] We — we go through all of that a-and nina is not even a match? Hey, we can’t give up hope. I’m sorry, buddy. It’s gonna be fine. I know. I hurt you. I betrayed our trust. I dishonored our marriage. I’m gonna have to live with that. But one day, you are gonna realize that our marriage was undermined by outside sources. Sources whose names both begin with the letter “e”. You’ve got it wrong. And once the truth is known, I feel confident that you’re gonna see things differently. What do you mean? All I can say is that there’s more to this story. Now, I know I haven’t given you any reason to believe me, but I loved you, ava. And I still do. With all my heart. So you take everything that I have. And one day… all those possessions that I’ve granted you, they’re gonna be ours again. And we’re gonna be married and living in wyndemere, and we’re gonna be in love, in lust and happy. How can you be sure? Because our story isn’t over. One day you’re gonna realize all of the sacrifices I made for what we had. And when that day comes, I’ll be waiting for you. Trina: For the last few weeks, I started to see you in a certain light. Same here. Why didn’t you say anything? Because you burned me. I’m a little sensitive. Fair enough. Um… I hope that you know that — I hope that you know that I’m never going to hurt you again, trina. I do. Which is why I told my mom how I really feel about you. You did? And how’d she take it?

[ Chuckles ] She was concerned, but I-I told her that you’ve grown up. You changed. You think so? That’s very nice of you to have noticed. I do. And I told my mom that I can make my own choices when it comes to you, that you’re my friend. And she doesn’t have a decision on the matter. So we don’t have to pretend anymore. Or — or hide our friendship. Friends. Yeah. And I know I said we weren’t friends, and I-I was just — I was just really hurt. But so much has changed, and you’ve really been there for me. Trusting and steadfast. Like a golden retriever. Not quite. Dogs are obedient. Um… anyway, I just — I really hope that you feel the same way. You have no idea.

[ Sighs ] I have wanted this for months. Me too. Part of me wanted to guard my heart. You know, play it safe. So I didn’t risk the pain of losing you. But then the wiser part of me knew that I couldn’t waste this chance. I know you, carly. You’re not afraid to take a chance. Neither am I.

I really hope that me going after custody of this baby doesn’t change things between us. By that I mean joss and cam and me and you. Me too. Would you please do me a favor and keep everything that I told you here today confidential? I think that diane wants me to keep this quiet for right now. Of course. So you’re determined to do this. With or without anyone’s approval. But it would mean the world to me if I had your support.

[ Sighs ] Well… you know I have my reservations about you taking on this level of responsibility, but… I’m really, really proud of you for stepping up. Thanks. You haven’t seen anything yet, but you will. I’m not like my father. When I make a commitment to someone, I…I stick to it. And I’m ready to do just that.

You can let my one light be my one light habit you can let my one light be my one light habit and it grows, yeah, it grows higher, can’t fight it when it grows, yeah, it grows higher, can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it can’t fight it willow was in such good spirits. I mean, we were teasing each other like always and now this. It’s more than one person should have to bear. I just hate that devastating things keep happening to all the good people in my life.

[ Sniffles ] Willow has so much to live for. She has so many people who love and support her. Chase has to be updated. It’s gonna kill him to hear. Both: I should call him. That, uh, woman you were just talking to right now, the one I took to the cleaners tonight, what’s her last name? Why do you ask? Well, I think gladys and I might have a mutual acquaintance. And if so, I’d like to keep my distance. Corbin. Gladys corbin. She’s also involved with deception. So it would seem. For a minute there, you almost had me. I almost believed you. I nearly fell for your lies again. But believe me when I tell you, I will never let that happen again.

[ Monitor beeping ] You heard? I heard. That’s it. Michael, we’re out of options. Come here. You’re wrong. We can do this. We can find you a donor. How?

[ Siren wailing in distance ] Damn it. Damn it! Damn it! Hey, hey. Damn it!! What do you need? Tell me what you need.

[ Sobs ] Sonny. What do you need? I won’t — I won’t survive losing another child. I won’T.

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