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Sheila: Mm. The new owner of il giardino, you really have outdone yourself, deacon.

Deacon: It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ve accomplished.

Sheila: What’s that? Maintaining my freedom?

Deacon: I– I don’t know how you did it, but you did it again. You pulled another rabbit out of your hat.

Sheila: With the help of a very good man.

Deacon: Oh, thank you. I appre– oh, you– I’m sorry. You meant your– your boy toy, bill. By the way, you might have to find a nickname because boy toy, bill, little long in the tooth. Come on. Honestly, are you telling me that you’re in love with this megalomaniac, or are you just using him?

Eric: It’s fine, don’t worry. We’ll– we’ll make adjustments.

Steffy: It’s only one review, hope.

Zende: What does that guy know anyway?

Hope: Well, he’s just one of the top critics in the fashion world.

Steffy: Well, he’s wrong. Your line is spectacular. You, zende and granddad work day and night, perfecting those designs.

Eric: Now read it again. It can’t be that bad.

Hope: “The new design team for hope for the future shows signs of inspiration, but it is a far cry from the artistry and innovation under thomas forrester.”

Thomas: Artistry and innovation.

Paris: You can’t get enough of that review, can you?

Thomas: Look, it’s not like I want my granddad or zende to fail, but the truth is no one can bring out the life of that line like I can.

Paris: What are you doing? Looking for more compliments?

Thomas: No, I am checking my messages. I’m waiting for hope or my sister to reach out and tell me how much they need me.

Paris: I don’t know if I’ve seen you this happy.

Thomas: Vindication.

Paris: I know you’d still rather be working at forrester.

Thomas: Yeah, it is gonna be awesome when they ask me to come back.

Paris: Wow, you seem pretty confident.

Thomas: It’s only a matter of time before they rehire me, right? And I know it’s gonna be hard for them to swallow their pride, but um, they need me. And that lackluster review, that proves it.

Zende: I’m sorry. I can’t help feeling responsible.

Eric: No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. This– this critic just needs time to uh, adjust to the changes we’ve made in the line, the changes in the look, you know. If anyone is to blame it’s me.

Zende: Grandad, come on.

Eric: No, no. I have decades of experience. I– I should have been able to pull this off. No, no. No one is to blame. This was a collaboration. We all signed off on the final looks, but clearly we missed the mark. And now we have a limited amount of time to make it right. And I am trying not to panic.

Steffy: Don’T.

Hope: Well, steffy, we invested every resource into making this collection a hit.

Zende: So we go back to the drawing board.

Hope: I mean, will that really help though? I mean, I hate to say it, but do desperate times call for desperate measures? Do we need thomas back on hope for the future?

Deacon: You still haven’t answered me.

Sheila: What? About the pizza? I told you less oregano and a little more garlic.

Deacon: No. About your claim that you’re in love with spencer. How is that even possible?

Sheila: Why is it so hard to believe?

Deacon: Oh, well, for starters, he’s not your type.

Sheila: Well, I really wouldn’t have thought so either, but.

Deacon: How long has this secret little affair been going on? I mean, you were living with me for months. I– I thought you were into me? And now you’re with spencer, the most arrogant jerk on the planet?

Sheila: Yeah. Well, don’t take it personally. I know it’s difficult to lose at love. I– I– I know that.

Deacon: Hm. But did I really lose? And is your relationship with spencer the real deal? I’m managing my high blood pressure, you’re trying to be

Thomas: Yeah. It’s just,mmm.

Thomas: You know, I lost so much, but you have been so great to me. Your encouragement and um, well, allowing me to crash here.

Paris: Oh, hey, I enjoy the company even though you make me late for work.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s just, it’s nice that someone still wants me around.

Paris: Well, I always try to see the best in people. You made a mistake, obviously a really bad one, but you regret it.

Thomas: Yeah. But nobody really wants to hear my apologies. They kicked me out of forrester, out of the family, and I’ve lost my son. That’s the worst part. I miss douglas so much.

Paris: I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but I can also see you’re trying to be a better man. And hey, things are looking up for you. Forrester seems to need you. They’re struggling without you.

Steffy: Thomas? Hope, seriously?

Hope: Well, you heard that review. The line is in trouble.

Zende: So we’ll fix it. You, me and granddad will put our heads together and–

Hope: And what? Are we going to pull a brand new line out of thin air?

Eric: Yes, we can do that. It’s not too late. We can do it.

Steffy: It’s a way better idea than welcoming back thomas. You just terminated him and you said that you’re trusting your line in zende’s and granddad’s hands.

Eric: Have you forgotten what he did to your mother?

Hope: No, I haven’t forgotten. And I won’t be able to forgive him for that. But this is bigger than me. I mean, I have a whole team of people to think about, their livelihoods. So I need to consider every angle. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a way we could do it in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Steffy: What are you thinking?

Hope: Well, thomas could work remotely and that way he’s not allowed into the building. And he could communicate via email.

Zende: Really?

Hope: It’s an option.

Steffy: Wow. I was not prepared for this. But as ceo, I’ll consider it. But ultimately, we need to speak to my dad before making any decision about thomas.

Deacon: I do appreciate you coming here before open so that no one would see us together, even though you’re a free woman. A lot of people though, wouldn’t be too happy to see us together.

Sheila: Heavens forbid.

Deacon: Mm. So how did this– this spicy romance with bill get started?

Sheila: Oh, you want details?

Deacon: I’m a big boy. I think my shattered heart can handle it.

Sheila: Well, I was living upstairs and I snuck down here one night and bill spencer was sitting at the bar eating and drinking alone, and something just seemed off. I was wildly intrigued by that.

Deacon: Hmm.

Sheila: When he left, I followed him.

Deacon: Back to his palace.

Sheila: No. No, to the beach. We sat in the sand until sunrise talking.

Deacon: Sounds like a cheesy novel my grandmother would read. The billionaire and the fugitive.

Sheila: He really surprised me. Turns out we’re more like one another than I could have ever imagined. Just both misunderstood and– and always under attack. Turns out we both just wanted to be loved.

Deacon: Well, you know, look at you all– all glowing and stuff. Okay, great. You’ve got real feelings for bill.

Sheila: Yeah, I do. I really do. And I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with bill spencer.

Deacon: I’m sure you hope you do.

[ Sheila laughing ]

Deacon: I’m just trying to wrap my head around the idea of you and spencer.

Sheila: Hey, it was unexpected for me too.

Deacon: So tell me the truth. I mean, were you just using me? I mean, not just for this, you know, the– the food, the shelter, the security, all that.

Sheila: No, I cared for you, deacon. And I still do.

Deacon: Now, you’re moving on with spencer.

Sheila: It’s– it’s not that I didn’t enjoy every minute with you.

Deacon: How could you not? I treated you like a queen.

Sheila: You were a very, very giving roommate.

Deacon: I’ve heard that before. I have. Yeah. But– and where’s it gotten me? You know, single. And I– when– bill and me, I’m just curious, you know, how do I measure up?

Sheila: Um.

Deacon: Come on.

Sheila: You– you measure up just fine.

Deacon: Boom! I knew it!

Sheila: You do not have to feel less.

Deacon: Haha. And I don’T. Hey, tell me, does he do that little thing with it?

Sheila: Oh. Uh-huh. You know, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

Deacon: This has been a crazy ride, hasn’t it? I mean, you show up at my place, a desperate jail bird. You got nowhere to go. No place to stay. Now, look at you. You’re free as a bird. Living in spencer’s mansion. Miracles do happen.

Sheila: Miracles don’t just happen. I make them happen. I do.

Deacon: I know.

[ Sheila laughing ]

[ Hope sighing ]

Paris: Hey.

Hope: Oh, paris. Hi.

Paris: Sorry again for missing the meeting.

Hope: It’s fine. It’s been a pretty stressful day for everyone.

Paris: What’s going on? Oh, right. The review on the latest collection is supposed to come in today.

Hope: Yeah, it already did.

Paris: Not good?

Hope: The critic wasn’t too impressed.

Paris: Oh, no. That sucks. Did they say why?

Hope: Um, basically, it is pretty clear what the problem is. And that is that–

Paris: Zende and eric aren’t thomas.

Steffy: Obviously, pierre has been in business for years, but it’s the first he’s seen of many new designs. There is so much more to come, so many surprises. Do you mind if I– I call you back? Thanks. Thomas, what are you doing here?

Thomas: It’s okay. Charlie didn’t see me. I snuck in, so nobody knows I’m here.

Steffy: I do.

Thomas: So what? Dad’s out of town and granddad is having his afternoon pickleball date with donna right now.

Steffy: You shouldn’t be here. You know that.

Thomas: By that sound of that phone call.

Steffy: Oh, you’re eavesdropping?

Thomas: I read that piece on hope for the future and steffy, I am sorry that you’re having to do all this damage control.

Steffy: Thomas, it’s not your business anymorE. God, I can’t– I can’t deal with you right now. Timing couldn’t be worse.

Thomas: Actually, hearing the spin that you’re trying to put on that bad review seems like my timing couldn’t be any better.

Deacon: So then you admit it. You worked your charm. You made it happen with bill.

Sheila: Actually, it– it happened organically. You know how it is when you open up to somebody and– and you’re talking about your life and– and what you like and– and your wants and your needs. Kinda what– what lights you up.

Deacon: Kinda thought that’s what we were doing not too long ago back at my palatial estate.

Sheila: Actually I really liked that little place. You know what, now that you are a restaurateur, I’m sure you’re going to have your own estate in no time.

Deacon: We’ll see.

Sheila: You know, I– I really… I look back fondly at all those hidden moments that we had together.

Deacon: Okay. Sheila, you can’t say anything about that.

Sheila: I know.

Deacon: I mean it. I– I– especially, especially for hope. Nothing.

Sheila: No, quite honestly, I really don’t want bill to know that we were rooming together either.

Deacon: We were sleeping together in the bed, the couch.

Sheila: Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah.

Deacon: Against the wall, in the kitchen.

Sheila: Uh-huh. Yeah. I– I remember quite vividly.

Deacon: Oh, I bet you do, honey. You ain’t never gonna forget.

Sheila: No. No. We have a lot of romantic moments, but you know what was really special to me is when you came to see me in jail.

Deacon: Thought I’d be doing that for years.

Sheila: I really do appreciate it.

Deacon: All right. All right. Look, I– I– I gotta ask, with you and spencer, I– I get it, your feelings are legit. You’re not playing the guy.

Sheila: Sorry to disappoint.

Deacon: He’s just so full of himself. I mean, are you– are you really that tight?

Sheila: I thought I made myself perfectly clear, deacon. I hope you enjoyed that because that is never gonna happen again. I don’t wanna do anything that’ll risk what I have right now.

Deacon: Then why did you come here?

Sheila: I wanted to tell you about bill and me. And I– I wanted– I wanted to congratulate you or you know what? Maybe I should be saying congratulazi– um, congratulazi–.

Deacon: Are you trying to say congratulazioni? You gotta move your mouth more.

Sheila: No. Yes.

Deacon: You can do it.

Sheila: That’s what I wanted to say.

Deacon: Brava.

Paris: Well, for what it’s worth, I thought the collection was beautiful.

Hope: Thank you. I did too. And you know, obviously we were trying to pick up where we left off with the previous collection, but I guess we just did not recapture that magic.

Paris: I don’t mean to pry, but are you considering asking thomas to come back and design for hope for the future?

Thomas: Take a look at what I’ve come up with.

Steffy: Thomas, you don’t work here anymore.

Thomas: Yes, I know that. But maybe, just maybe, these will change that. Just look, they’re for hope for the future. They’re good, sis. No, scratch that. They are great. They’re exactly what hope’s line needs. It’s a shame they’re not in production right now.

Steffy: Well, you know why, thomas.

Thomas: Yeah, I get it. Everyone’s mad at me, but I still care about the line.

Steffy: And hope?

Thomas: Yes, I care about hope, but not like that. Steffy, look, I know that I screwed up, all right? But I– I can’t be, like, banished forever. I mean, that review shows how much hope and her line needs me right now. I mean, what? Am– am I supposed to be like never forgiven, never brought back into the line, never brought back into the family? Look, yeah. I– I used an app to try and reunite our parents.

Steffy: You say it so casually, thomas. Do you not have any remorse?

Thomas: Of course I have remorse and I’m very sorry for what I did. All right. But what about brooke and all the years of pain and heartache that she’s brought on our family? I’m not asking for a full pardon. I know it’s gonna take a while for me to regain everyone’s confidence, but at least let me be a part of the family business.

Steffy: It’s not that simple, thomas.

Thomas: Look, you know that I am artistic and creative types can be a little obsessive.

Steffy: You took it to a whole new level.

Thomas: Yeah, I did. I went way overboard and I never should have. I’m so sorry, steffy. I– I– it– it pains me so much that I hurt you, that I hurt douglas, but come on, please give me another chance. I mean, you– you have the power, right? You’re co-ceo with dad. You could bring me back into the family and you could give me a chance here. I mean… please tell me that I still have a place here. Tell me that I can still be a part of forrester creations.

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