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Wendy sits in the town square and sends a text message to Johnny, asking how Marlena is doing and tells him that she’s there for him if there’s anything she can do.

At the hospital, Johnny tells Chanel that the slideshow of John and Marlena really got to him. Johnny talks about how long they’ve been together and all they have been through, like the Days of their Lives was a movie. Johnny notes that they were together before he was even born, but ever since he could remember, they were so solid even after everything they went through. Johnny says there was never any doubt between them that they were with the person they wanted to be with. Johnny compares John and Marlena to famous movies, saying they always had the connection no matter what was going on around them. Johnny mentions always thinking that he would find someone where the first time he fell in love would be the last, but now it’s the end.

Eric prays in the chapel with Will and Belle, asking God to save Marlena.

Sarah goes to check on Marlena but finds she is gone from her hospital room. Sarah pulls out her phone and makes a call, questioning why Marlena was moved.

John holds Marlena on the rooftop as they watch the slideshow of their photos. John says they have had a lifetime of wonderful memories. John then calls out to Marlena as she passes out in his arms. John then starts to cry.

Chanel puts her hand on Johnny’s face and they almost kiss before Allie arrives and questions what the hell is going on here.

Sonny goes to the chapel and announces they can visit Marlena, but only two at a time. Will tells Eric and Belle that they should go so they exit. Sonny asks Will how he’s doing. Will admits he’s not great. Sonny says he’s sorry and hugs him.

Allie asks again what the hell is going on here. Chanel explains that Johnny was just really upset about Marlena. Johnny mentions that Marlena is up on the roof with John.

John tries telling Marlena that she’s going to be okay and he’s going to get her some help.

Sonny offers to pray with Will, encouraging that God knows how he feels and that he loves Marlena. Will recalls when he and Sonny first got together and how he was scared of his feelings while the only person he could talk to honestly about it, was his grandmother Marlena, who told him to fight for Sonny. Sonny holds his hand and says thank God that she did. Will then gets a call from work. Sonny says he should answer it, pointing out that Marlena wouldn’t want him to put his entire life on hold. Will answers the call and asks if they are kidding.

Wendy runs in to Tripp in the town square. She asks if he saw his mom. Tripp confirms that he did. Wendy asks how it went. Tripp calls it a nightmare.

Chanel explains to Allie that Johnny found pictures of John and Marlena to put together in a slideshow and they set it up on the roof. Johnny adds that Marlena didn’t want to die in a hospital bed.

Eric and Belle go to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle starts to panic when she sees Marlena is not there but Sarah tells her it’s alright. Sarah says on the phone that she needs to know who authorized the move and why she was not consulted. Sarah informs Eric and Belle that Marlena has been moved and she doesn’t know why. Sarah tells them not to worry as if there was a change in her condition, she would’ve been told. Eric questions not knowing where she is. John then wheels Marlena back in and tells them that Marlena needs help right now.

Will says he understands and ends his phone call. Sonny says it sounded like good news. Will informs Sonny that the project he’s been working on got the green light. Sonny exclaims that’s wonderful and hugs him. Sonny then asks if it’s not wonderful. Will then reveals that they want him on set now and the set is in New Zealand. Will says he will call his agent to cancel. Sonny knows the timing sucks but repeats that Marlena wouldn’t want him to pass this up. Will wants to stay in Salem until he figures out what is going on with her. Sonny suggests he call his agent to tell him what’s going on with Marlena, but not to say he’s not going. Will then states that it’s not just Marlena, but he can’t go because of them.

Wendy and Tripp sit together in the town square. Wendy gives him some calming tea and asks more about what happened with Ava since he looks pretty upset. Tripp informs her that Ava was hallucinating the whole time. Wendy says she’s sorry as that must have been rough. Tripp adds that she didn’t even recognize him and thought he was his dead brother, Charlie.

Johnny mentions giving Rafe a statement so he can arrest Kristen for what she did to Marlena. Allie responds that she already knew and asks if he wants a medal. Allie sarcastically calls him brave for standing up to the DiMeras. Chanel tells Allie that Johnny is upset about Marlena, just like she is. Allie says she doesn’t need her to explain her brother to her. Allie adds that it’s not about Marlena but about what she just walked in on. Johnny questions what that means. Allie declares that it’s a little hard to believe that Johnny is grief-stricken when she just saw him coming on to her girlfriend.

Eric questions John taking Marlena up to the roof. John explains that Marlena didn’t want to be in the room anymore and she wanted to go home, but he couldn’t take her from the hospital so he took her to the roof. John cries that maybe it was too much. Belle encourages that he did the right thing. John adds that Marlena wanted to go home and be in her own bed. Sarah then announces that she’s sorry, but Marlena is gone. Belle says she can’t do this and rushes out of the room. John tells Eric that he needs to be with Belle. John asks Eric not to leave Marlena alone as he goes after Belle. Sarah asks Eric if he wants her to tell the rest of the family. Sarah says she’s so sorry as she exits the room while Eric sits at Marlena’s side and holds her hand and cries.

Wendy questions Tripp saying that Ava thought he was his dead brother, Charlie. Tripp explains that he was his half-brother as they didn’t grow up together and he only met him recently. Tripp adds that Charlie did some very bad things. Wendy responds that she has a brother like that. Tripp states that Li hasn’t done anything close to what Charlie did. Tripp calls Charlie a lost soul. Tripp thinks that Charlie had so much pain inside that he had to inflict it on others. Wendy asks what he did. Tripp notes that he hurt a lot of people, worst of all being what he did to Allie.

Johnny tells Allie that they are all really upset and not thinking straight. Allie says she knows what she saw. Johnny argues that he was about to fall apart and Chanel was just trying to comfort him. Allie doesn’t want to hear Johnny’s twist and questions if Chanel is going to lie to her. Sarah then approaches. Allie asks if it’s Marlena.

Eric remains at Marlena’s side and cries that none of this makes any sense to him. Eric says he listened to other peoples’ problems in their lives, while Marlena was the only person he could count on to listen to him. Eric notes that Marlena always knew his faith was strong even when life was hard, until now. Eric states that he asked God to spare Marlena’s life, but he stopped listening. Eric then breaks down crying over Marlena and says he’s never needed someone to talk to more than right now but she’s gone.

Sonny asks Will to explain things. Will says that if Marlena gets better and then he goes, he and Sonny will be apart for at least six months with a sixteen hour flight so they will never have time to see each other. Sonny argues that he put so much time and effort into this movie. Will acknowledges that he might not get another chance. Will talks about their fight on Christmas and how it didn’t feel like them which scared him. Sonny understands it scared him that he befriended Leo Stark. Sonny admits that Will was right and he was wrong about Leo changing. Sonny encourages that this movie is Will’s dream come true, so if he holds him back, he won’t be himself anymore.

Tripp tells Wendy that Charlie had a gift for getting under peoples’ skin. Tripp states that Charlie made Ava feel like everything he did was her fault and that she loved Tripp more than him. Tripp says Ava’s guilt made her think that he was Charlie. Wendy says that’s awful. Tripp talks about how Ava started seeing Charlie after her first breakdown like a devil on her shoulder. Tripp hoped the meds would make the hallucinations go away, but right when he walked in, she immediately started screaming and blaming him for all the horrible things she had done. Tripp says he tried to get through to her so she could see it was him, but he couldn’t, so he had to watch them restrain and sedate Ava, and then drag her away after she begged him to stop them. Wendy encourages that Ava didn’t know it was him. Tripp wonders if part of her did. Tripp worries that maybe Ava hates him for leaving her in that place alone in a nightmare with Charlie. Wendy then hugs Tripp.

Sarah hugs Allie as she cries and tells her she’s so sorry. Johnny decides he needs some air and exits the hospital.

John brings Belle back to Marlena’s hospital room. Belle checks on Eric and they both admit they are not okay. Eric decides he will give Belle some alone time with Marlena. Eric says he loves her, hugs Belle and John, then exits the room. Belle sits at Marlena’s side and says she loves her too, as does everybody. Belle adds that they respect and admire her. Belle cries about being proud to be her daughter. Belle recalls when Marlena was in a coma and she had to fight to honor her wishes to not keep her on the ventilator, but then it was Hattie. Belle wishes it was Hattie now and that someone would tell her this is not her mom. Belle recalls when they were little and would play hide and seek. Belle cries about being a grown woman but feeling now like a scared little girl. Belle wishes this was a game where she could find her. Belle breaks down crying over Marlena. John tries to comfort her as Belle cries that she can’t lose her. Belle decides that she will let John say goodbye and she’ll be outside if he needs her. John responds that they are all going to need each other right now. They say they love each other as Belle then exits the room.

Johnny walks through the town square and finds Wendy with Tripp. Wendy asks how Marlena is. Johnny reveals that she just died. Wendy gets up and hugs him, saying she’s so sorry. Tripp adds that he’s sorry too but Johnny tells him to save his sorry as he just lost his grandmother. Wendy points out that Tripp also lost his stepmother. Tripp says he knows what he’s going through since Orpheus killed Kayla too. Johnny blames Tripp’s lunatic mother for killing his other grandmother, Susan. Tripp says he can’t defend what Ava did, but says she’s mentally ill. Johnny laughs that off as convenient. Johnny says Ava led him to believe she was a good person but she was just leading him on to get what she wanted and now that she’s going to pay for what she did, she’s suddenly Norma Bates. Tripp warns Johnny to watch it. Johnny tells Tripp that his mother is a homicidal, lunatic bitch. Tripp tries to hit him but Johnny blocks it and punches Tripp down. Wendy yells at Johnny. Johnny says he started it and storms off as Wendy checks on Tripp.

Belle comes from Marlena’s room and hugs Allie. Allie asks how John is. Belle responds that he’s with Marlena now, saying goodbye. Allie says she’s never seen anyone love anyone like John loved Marlena. Belle offers to call Sami. Allie asks her to do so since she knows Sami was going to try to be strong for her and she doesn’t want that for her right now. Belle says she will give Sami her love and walks away to make the call. Allie tells Chanel to go as she really needs to go find Will, so she’ll just see her later. Allie then walks away.

Will tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Sonny agrees to not until they know how Marlena is doing. Will brings up being apart from Sonny for that long. Sonny reminds him that he didn’t want to talk about it now, so he suggests they wait as now is not the time. Will says he loves him and they hug. Allie then enters the chapel and hugs Will as they break down crying.

Belle finds Eric at the hospital in tears. Belle mentions that she just left a message for Sami to call her back. Belle suggests they go to the chapel to say one more prayer. Eric tells Belle to go because God is not listening to him anymore. Eric then gets up and walks away.

John sits with Marlena and says this is so wrong as she was the strong one who could go on, while he’s not so sure about himself. John brings up when they first met and how he didn’t know who he was but Marlena saw the man he was and the man he could be again. John says their first kiss changed everything because it was the first time that he knew who he was. John talks about falling in love with her and trusting her. John declares that he will always loves her and kisses her. John says from their first kiss to their last, their love story begins. A montage of John and Marlena’s life together plays. John then tells Marlena that their story isn’t over yet and cries that one day they will be together again as he says he loves her.

Wendy helps Tripp up and asks if he’s alright. Tripp says he’s fine. Wendy knows Johnny was upset but argues that he had no right to say those things about Tripp’s mother. Tripp thanks Wendy for being there for him. Wendy says that’s what friends are for.

Johnny finds Chanel sitting in the park and joins her on the bench.

Belle joins Allie with Sonny and Will in the chapel. Belle tells Sonny that Marlena loved him like a son. Sonny says they were just talking about how Marlena was always on their side. Will suggests saying a prayer. Allie asks where Eric is.

Eric goes to the Brady Pub and starts drinking. He takes a shot and then orders another.

Sarah returns to Marlena’s hospital room as John exits. Sarah then turns out the lights and leaves the room. Marlena then sees the white light and her spirit leaves her body.

John returns to the hospital rooftop and says he knows Marlena will be in Heaven, looking out for all of them.

Marlena enters the gates of Heaven.

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