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Spencer tells Sonny that he is looking for a house to look better when he goes to court. Sonny questions why he would be going to court. Laura goes to see Nikolas and notices he’s very distracted. Esme is accosted by another inmate. Liz is surprised to see her mother, Carolyn, in Port Charles and reminds her that she doesn’t want to see her or her father. Her mother tells her she is there for work and to try to reunite with her. Dante gets home and is disappointed that he can’t enjoy alone time with Sam because he has to interview Heather Webber. Sam tells him she is going with him. Mason threatens Georgie and Ava walks in and interrupts Austin right before he attacks him. She recognizes Mason. Cameron sees Dex and Joss together and questions if that is why they broke up.

Cameron tries to leave but Joss asks him to stay so they can talk in her room. Dex tries to apologize but Cameron is angry and confronts them about the situation. He tries to leave but Joss stops him again. Carolyn asks Liz to sit and talk with her. Liz reluctantly agrees. Liz asks her why she stayed with her father. Dante questions why Sam wants to go with him. Sam tells him that she wants to talk to Esme to try to find her old nanny which could lead to finding her biological father. They agree to work together. Ava says she remembers Mason from the Quartermaine picnic and flashes back to Mason threatening Austin with a knife. Austin asks if she is suggesting Mason is the one that attacked her. Ava replies that she isn’t doing that yet. Sonny questions what Spencer is doing. Spencer tells him he’s going to make sure his father doesn’t ruin anyone else’s life. Nikolas tells Laura about the divorce agreement that gives Ava Spoon Island. Laura questions why Ava wants it, and Nik says it is out of spite, but she’s entitled to it because he cheated. They discuss Esme’s arraignment. Heather rescues Esme from the inmate who is threatening her. Esme thanks her and apologizes for being short with her before. Heather asks if they can be friends.

Liz reminds her mother about her father’s cheating. Her mother says she knows about all of the other women, but she loves him. Liz questions if her mother loves her father more than she loves her. Ava and Austin intimidate Mason into leaving by implying he could be implicated as the Hook Killer. Austin thanks Ava for her help but tells her not to do it again. Heather reassures Esme she is under her protection. Esme tells Heather she is afraid she might have really done everything she is accused of. Spencer tells Sonny he is going to sue for custody. Sonny questions if Spencer is ready to take care of a child. Dex leaves Cameron and Joss alone to talk. Joss asks why he is there, and he tells her that he heard about Willow and wanted to make sure she was ok. Cameron is angry about finding her with Dex and Joss reminds them that they broke up and she can see who she wants to. Cameron asks if she waited to sleep with Dex until after they had broken up.

Ava tells Austin she was just trying to help and he says he is grateful but doesn’t want her in the middle. Austin tells her he is going to live his life the way he wants to, far away from the Gatlins. Joss admits to Cameron that she cheated on him and tries to explain. She tells him about being attacked by the Hook Killer. Sonny explains what actually goes into raising a child to Spencer and tells him to ask himself if he is ready. Carolyn apologizes to Liz and Liz again asks her why she stayed with Jeff. Carolyn says she did what she thought was best and goes to leave. Liz stops her. Nikolas tells Laura he is suing for full custody and asking for her support. Laura tells him she doesn’t think Esme is going to jail even if found guilty. Nik tells her he wants to keep Esme away from the baby completely. Laura tells him that doing that is a mistake. Heather wants to feel the baby kick but Esme asks her to wait until they know each other better. Esme is worried about going to prison, but Heather assures her that the police will soon realize she is not the Hook Killer.

Esme asks Heather if there is another suspect just as Dante and Sam show up and interrupt them. Dante asks to talk to Heather alone and they leave Sam to talk to Esme. Sam tells Esme she doesn’t think she is the Hook Killer and that she thinks there is someone connected to her out there. Laura tells Nik that Esme deserves the chance to be a mother and that she visited her in the hospital. She said she believes her amnesia is real. She tells Nik about Esme thinking Spencer is the baby’s father. Spencer tells Sonny he wants to save the baby from Nik. Dex shows up to talk to Sonny. Joss tells Cam about her attack and that Dex showed up and ran the Hook Killer off. Liz tells Carolyn she understands how someone can do something unforgivable in extreme circumstances. Carolyn asks Liz if she has done something unforgivable and Liz says she would not tell her if she had. Carolyn says she has to go but says she is staying at the Metro Court while she’s in town. Liz asks her how long she will be in there.

Cameron wants Joss to admit she lied to him about why they broke up. She tells him it wasn’t about Dex. She broke up with him because they had grown apart. She tells him she was planning on ending it before she slept with Dex but hadn’t found the right time. Ava and Austin discuss their families and childhoods. Dante questions what Heather wants with Esme. She tells him her plan to get information about the connection between Ryan and Esme. Sam asks Esme if she remembers anything about her nanny. Esme doesn’t. Sam tells her that the nanny mentioned her biological father being in New York. She asks Esme if she wants her to try to find him. Spencer acts superior to Dex and Sonny tells Dex to wait outside. He tells Spencer that he is proud of him for wanting to protect the baby. Spencer asks if he thinks he is making a mistake. Sonny tells him that if he does this it will be a fight with his father. Nikolas questions why Esme thinks Spencer is the father of the baby. Laura tells him she talked to Spencer. Nikolas thinks Esme is scheming. Laura says she thinks the amnesia is real and Nikolas says he hopes it stays that way. Laura asks him why but is interrupted by her phone ringing. She tells the caller that she is on her way.

Cameron wants to leave but Joss tells him that she has to ask him to not tell anyone about her and Dex. Spencer goes for a walk and Sonny calls Dex in. Ava and Austin wish each other luck and Mason returns to Austin’s office after Ava leaves. Dante gives Heather one week to get him information. Sam tells Esme she will find her father for no charge because the truth can help a lot of people. Heather overhears them talking about the nanny and asks about her. Esme tells her that the nanny might know who her father is. Liz tells Laura that her mother is in town to consult about a patient. Nikolas opens the door to Carolyn and thanks her for coming.

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