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Taylor: Because of me?

Steffy: Mom, we didn’t have a choice. If we told the judge that sheila shot us, then bill would tell the cops that you shot him all those years ago.

Taylor: Why? Why? He promised he would never say anything.

Steffy: Now, he won’T.

Taylor: What?

Steffy: Remember the night with the storm?

Taylor: Yeah.

Steffy: Sheila showed up here.

Finn: We were about to call the police when bill appeared and stopped us.

Steffy: Yeah. Bill told us to let her go, and when we refused, he blackmailed us. He tied sheila’s freedom to yours.

Taylor: My god. Why? Why would he do this?

Steffy: You’re not gonna believe this, mom, but something’s going on between sheila and bill.

Sheila: I’ve been hiding for so long, I almost forgot what freedom felt like. I could– I could just scream with relief, joy and gratitude. I– I knew you said that you would get me off… I believed it. I just, there was a part of me that was– I was still scared. When I finally heard the judge say those words, “you are free to go,” I just– I couldn’t believe it. Yes. Look at me. Here I am. A free woman again.

Bill: Freedom looks good on you. A lot better than that disguise.

Sheila: Thank you. I appreciate it. And you are the reason why I am a free woman.

Katie: So, I’m assuming someone is keeping ridge in the loop?

Brooke: Steffy talks to him the most.

Katie: But you’ve heard from him too, right?

Brooke: Yeah. A few times. He’s still travelling. I think this time away has been really good for him.

Katie: For you as well. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen you so at ease. I really admire the way you’ve handled this, brooke.

Brooke: Why, thank you. Taylor and I were just talking about what a difference it’s made.

Katie: Yeah, well, you’re talking. You’re not smearing paint and cake all over each other.

Brooke: Oh, yeah. It’s amazing. For so long, we’ve been adversaries, and then we just took ridge out of the occasion and I could see how much we actually have in common. We love our kids, we’re so devoted to them, to our careers. We’re fiercely protective of our families.

Katie: Well, you’ve had to be with sheila carter around. But today, that’s all going to change after steffy and finn give their testimony to the judge, sheila won’t be a threat ever again.

Brooke: Thank god.

Sheila: I– I’m never going to forget the look on steffy’s face when the judge dropped all the charges. I really think she and finn thought he would keep me locked up.

Bill: If they testified, he would have.

Sheila: Yeah, but you made sure that they didn’T.

Bill: They thought he’d keep you in custody anyway.

Sheila: For what? Breaking out of jail? Mike changed his story. He forced me out of there and the judge said that he even had video evidence or was that just the way he was supposed to interpret it? This is unbelievable. Everyone thought that my case was going to be open and shut, but there was no real evidence. I mean, there’s no video footage of the shooting. No forensics. And the only eye witness chose to not testify against me. And that was because of you. My hero. You really are my hero.

Taylor: So, something is going on between bill and sheila? Did you mean like… romantically?

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: No, no, no. Bill called the police on sheila. He’s– he’s a hero. He turned her in.

Steffy: After making sure we would testify against her. They planned the whole thing.

Taylor: Okay, okay. So, bill’s loyalty is to sheila carter, the woman who almost killed you both? Kids can change minds…

Katie: Gosh, I didn’t realize how stressed out I was about sheila until she was caught.

Brooke: Oh, I know. The feeling is incredible.

Katie: Taylor and her family must feel the same way.

Brooke: I’m sure they’ll feel even better once finn and steffy give their testimony. Sheila will be locked away for good.

Katie: Thank god.

Brooke: Then, you can go back to focusing on your love life.

Katie: I’m just trying not to overthink it.

Brooke: Well, this gorgeous, intelligent, luscious c-o-o of ours has been thinking about you.

Katie: Has carter said something to you?

Brooke: Well, maybe you should ask him yourself. Oh.

Katie: Oh, hi.

Brooke: Hi there. We were just talking about you.

Katie: What is it? What’s wrong?

Carter: I have some shocking news.

Katie: What?

Carter: Sheila carter has been released from jail.

Sheila: And you’re happy for me, aren’t you?

Bill: Of course I am. I can see how relieved you are.

Sheila: It’s– it’s unbelievable. I mean, to think that I could walk out that door and there’s nothing that anyone can do to me? That I don’t need a disguise or– or to fear being caught? I’m no longer a fugitive. I’m also not a monster. I know I’ve made mistakes. I’ve realized that. Big ones. But I did it out of fear. I hurt the ones that I love, but it wasn’t intentional and I am not evil. You know that. And you looked into my eyes, into my heart and you understand the woman that I truly am. And you didn’T… you didn’t hold my past against me. Or my terrible reputation. You understood me and that strength and that… and that intense passion that we share. You never looked at me like I was a villain. You gave me another chance and for that, I am going to be forever grateful.

Taylor: Okay, so– so sheila’s a free woman because of bill spencer?

Finn: We’re as sad and sickened as you are.

Taylor: Oh, my god. This can’t be happening! She left you in an alley to die. She held you hostage! She almost killed li and now she’s free to walk? She’s free to go on with her life?

Steffy: We didn’t think that was a possibility, mom. There were other charges.

Taylor: Exactly! Yes! There were! She– she escaped from jail. The judge doesn’t need your testimony to hold her for that.

Finn: Except she didn’t break out.

Taylor: Yes, she did!

Finn: N– not if you believe the story that was concocted claiming that mike guthrie forced her to leave with him.

Taylor: Mike guthrie, her accomplice.

Steffy: Based on a sworn affidavit, it was his idea to bust her out. Sheila was kidnapped.

Taylor: Now, they’re making her the victim?

Finn: Apparently, there’s security footage.

Steffy: The whole thing is bogus, mom. Bill is behind all of it. He has the judge bought and paid for. He orchestrated the whole thing.

Taylor: What is he thinking? He’s kelly’s grandfather! Does he have any idea how dangerous this is for all of us?

Steffy: Bill’s clearly lost his mind, mom. And he will do whatever he can to protect sheila.

Taylor: You and my grandbabies are the ones that need protecting. Hayes! You know she’s gonna try and go after him. You know she is! There’s gotta be another way to make her pay for what she’s done. There’s only one way that I can think of and we both know what that is. Hi, I’m jason and I’ve lost 202 pounds on golo.

Brooke: There is no way. It can’t be true.

Carter: I didn’t believe it either.

Katie: Sheila attempted murder.

Brooke: She needs to be locked up. She was.

Carter: Now, she isn’T.

Katie: How do you know this?

Carter: I got a call from a colleague at the courthouse.

Katie: I– I don’t understand what’s going on.

Brooke: Okay, wait. Finn and steffy were just there. They were going to give their testimony to the judge about sheila shooting them.

Katie: Not only that, she escaped from prison. She faked her own death. They can’t just let her go.

Brooke: She is a dangerous criminal. She needs to be behind bars.

Carter: I agree, but that’s not what happened. Sheila was released. She walked out of that courthouse totally free.

Sheila: So, how long before they start showing up with pitchforks and torches?

Bill: I don’t know and I don’t care. I told security to let them through. Get it out of the way.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know that they’re not just coming for me. Bill, once they find out I’m here, you’re gonna be in for it too. You realize I didn’t want it to be like this, not for any of us. What happened in the alley that night really was a terrible, terrible accident. I love my son. He’s my flesh and blood. I love steffy too. Just really wish things could’ve been different.

Steffy: No. N– no. No. I’m not listening to this. What’s done is done.

Taylor: Yes, but steffy, I can undo it.

Steffy: No, you can’t! I won’t let you.

Taylor: Listen, I know that you are just trying to protect me and I love you so much for that, but I am not going to put my family in danger.

Steffy: No, you aren’t, mom. Sheila is the danger.

Taylor: Yes! Yes, she is and she needs to be in prison. Finn, I am so sorry that you had to learn what happened that night. I gave into my– my darkest, most uh– most violent instincts and I… I committed a horrible crime.

Finn: And I know why.

Steffy: Mom, you weren’t yourself when you shot bill.

Taylor: No. I know that wasn’t me. I just– I– I can’t believe that bill is– is blackmailing you to stay quiet so you won’t testify. It doesn’t make any sense. So much for him keeping his word about what happened that night and it’s all to defend sheila carter, a literal psychopath. My god. I can’t let that happen. I can’T. I will confess. I will confess to– to shooting bill and he’ll have nothing to hold against you. You– you can tell the judge exactly what happened in the alley that night and then sheila will spend the rest of her life rotting behind bars, where she belongs. Having diabetes can raise a lot of questions.

Sheila: I really was hoping I could get through to finn and steffy and show them that we really could co-exist regardless of our past. Finn is my son and I… I love him. He’s of my blood and hayes is my grandson and we’re connected and nothing is ever gonna change that. I don’t know. Maybe I was just hoping for too much. You know, I was just being naive.

Bill: It’s hard to give up on family.

Sheila: Yeah, but that’s all I ever wanted. Even– even that night in the alley, I– I begged steffy to– to try and accept me. Not turn my son against me and now, all I want is to be forgiven. Now, I just think that that day is probably never going to come.

[ Bill sighing ]

Bill: I can’t promise you that you will be part of finn and steffy’s lives, but I give you my word, you’ll never have to worry about your freedom. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you, keep you out of prison.

Sheila: You are an incredibly generous man, bill spencer. And what you’ve done for me is more than money could ever, ever buy. You’ve given me my freedom and my future. I owe you my life.

Taylor: Sheila and bill will not get away with this.

Steffy: They already are. Sheila’s out. She’s roaming free.

Taylor: Okay, not for long.

Steffy: Mom, you weren’t there. You didn’t hear the things bill was saying about sheila.

Taylor: No, but I can– I can hear the fear in your voice. I can see it on your husband’s face. Knowing that sheila is out there, wondering when she’s gonna snap again, what she can do to my children and grandchildren?

Finn: I won’t let that happen.

Taylor: No, I’m going to make sure that it never happens. I am going to go baker, I’m going to tell him exactly what happened the night bill spencer was shot. That I was in a maternal rage. Every– everything inside of me, I just– I just lost it. All I could think about in that moment was– was wanting bill out of our lives for– permanently. I have tried for so many years to just try and make some kind of peace for what I did, but I can’T. I have to come forward. I have to say what I did. I do.

Steffy: No, no, no, no.

Taylor: For everybody.

Steffy: I know you. You wanna do the right thing, but what you’re suggesting might not even help. We told you. Bill owns the judge. Mom, if you confess, you could go to prison and sheila, she still might be free. How is that protecting our family?

Finn: Look, if you want to keep your grandkids safe, help us keep sheila away.

Taylor: No, I want her to be away forever. I– I want her to go to jail.

Steffy: Mom, you are a good person. We need you. Kelly and hayes need you. Douglas needs you. We can’t lose you. You can’t– you can’t say anything. Promise me you won’t say anything about shooting bill. Your future, your freedom, is not worth putting sheila away.

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