Y&R Short Recaps Thursday, December 22, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle, Summer, and Harrison spend Christmas Eve with Diane at the Abbott cabin.

Johnny wants to have dinner with Adam, Chelsea, and Connor so he and Connor can talk about how to get to the next level of their favorite video game. Billy gives Johnny permission to go but Victoria gets upset when Billy tells her that he let Johnny go with Chelsea and Adam to dinner. Billy and Victoria go to Society to check on Johnny. Chelsea invites Billy and Victoria to join them for dessert. Billy notices that it is beginning to snow, and everyone looks at the snow.

Sally tells Nick that her parents were carnival workers, so she and her sister never had a traditional Christmas. Sally explains that her parents later left her and her sister to be raised by her grandmother and Aunt Sally. Sally thinks she has drunk too much coffee because she doesn’t feel well.

Daniel is alone in his hotel room drinking and feeling sad when someone knocks on the door and Daniel is happy to see Danny has come to spend Christmas with him.

Jack leads Stark on a wild goose chase and pretends to be angry that they didn’t find Diane where he thought she was going to be. Jack says that Diane knows how to hide and she probably won’t return to Genoa City. Jack offers Jeremy one million dollars to leave town and Jeremy accepts the offer.

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