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 My God, mom. Okay. I’m glad to see you too, baby. But we gotta get outta going anywhere. Nicole called the police. The police. I’m assuming this is a mystery woman you were searching for earlier. Yeah, she showed up in a disguise returning to admire her handy worth. No doubt. But don’t worry, Ava’s gonna pay you for what she did to your grandmother.

Hey, get your hand off. Hey, don’t worry, I can handle EJ Tripp. Just please go. No, I’m not gonna leave. Yes, you have to. Why? What’s going on? There is a bomb. What mom? Whatcha are you talking about? Talking about right here.

What was that? I don’t know. Thunder. Maybe. Hey, well let’s get back to the bomb and you just dropped. What do you mean? Kristen blackmailed you into breaking up the. Or she holding over your head? If you keep insisting that you are not a good person, I don’t think I have to tell an ex none. That confession is good for the soul.

Yeah, it’s too bad there’s not a priest around. No. Yes. You’re just gonna have to settle for the next best thing. It’s an old friend. So what’s weighing so heavily on your conscience?

You can talk to me. Kristen, I’m here for you.

Hey buddy. Hey, how about I take care of the next one? Hello. What’s this? By your favorite commission, beer Day? Well, that would suggest that you’re my favorite commission. And I guess you are, since you’re the one and only damn, talk about kicking a guy when he is down. Sorry about that. I’m more serious enough.

Any progress on building that case against CJ Damara for kidnapping my son? Well, nothing yet. Thank our trip. Safe. But he could have easily been killed.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You know, me, John, I, I spent most of my life on the naughty list. But everything I’ve done that that’s been wrong. I’ve always felt I was doing it for the right reasons. I don’t doubt that.

Cause Kristen, you have got as big a heart as anyone I know. And let me tell you something. Sometimes when, when we hadn’t kind of. Spirit and passion that you do. When we, when we so fiercely go after something we, we really want, we can inadvertently end up hurting people we really love. I know this is the last thing you’ve wanted to do.

Yeah. That is so true. That is so true. What I want, what, what I really want most is I want a loving family. I wanna be a good. I wanna be a devoted wife. Oh, but what I want most, what I want most of all, is Sarah. I want Rachel to know that she is loved and that she is safe.

That’s all we want for our kids.

I appreciate you telling me that I have a big heart, but I think you’re the only one on this planet who, who does . Well, it’s because people don’t know that you, like I do.

John, you’re a good man. Thank you. And uh, you’ve been very kind. Yeah. Like I said, I’m here for you whenever you want to talk. I appreciate that. All right. I, uh, have to head out. Gonna be late back. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Picking up Rachel from after school program.

Um, John, I want to thank you. Thank you for the talk and for understanding.

If Kristen is holding a gun to your head, no, it’s not my life that she’s threatening then who’s,

look, I’ve said too much already. Won’t we just forget about this conversation? Okay. When, how am I supposed to do that? I don’t know. You know, you just told me you’re quitting your job. You, you told me you were having issues with Nicole. You got other things to focus on, obviously. So yes, I do, but this feels like one of.

Listen, Brady, if somebody you care about is in danger, probably somebody I care about too. Who is Kristen threatening to hurt

your mother? Kate. Kayla. And if I don’t do exactly what Kristen wants, all three of them die.

I’m here.


Hey. That looks pretty bad,

but I’m sure about anyone else. Grandma come

if anybody hurt. Why’s Nicole?

So after what EJ did to my kid, he’s just gonna walk away. Scott, free fuck. Come on, Steve. Oh, look, you know how this works. I gotta find evidence that EJ is responsible for the kidnapping or that he ordered it. All right? And then we’re gonna take this son of a bitch down. Trust me. I want to do that as much as you do.

Maybe more. More. Why? More? Not more. Not more. Look, I shouldn’t have said that. You know, I mean the guy, the guy kidnapped your son. All right. It’s not more, it’s. Look, it’s just, um, what are you talking about? What’s going on, dude, why don’t I get the feeling that this is just as personal to you as it is to me, because it is.

I just found out that the guy’s shacking up with my. Hey Nicole. She was there. She was standing right there when the glass went off here. . Where did she, where she go? She sit here. Oh, Nicole, gosh.

Sorry I didn’t,

must landed on my arm because it hurts. Like how?

I’m okay. I’m okay. Thank God.



She’s not breathing.

Mama. Damn it. Mama. Come on.

I can think, I forget your birthday, did you? Love of my life deserves to be celebrated every day, especially today. Baby, this is so sweet. I, I’m sorry that he forced you to stop doing whatever it was you were doing to join this little party, but I was so touch. Thank you so much. And now, yes, candle is already lit, so

make a wish.

Voicemail. Hey Doc, it’s John. I can’t believe that service is still going on, or maybe it went over the dam mirrors for the reception. Anyway, I had a long talk with Kristen. Got it open up a little bit, but she stopped you short of telling me what she’s hiding. But I’m even more convinced she’s holding something over Brady.

Now I’m even more determined to find out what that is.

I shouldn’t even be telling you this. Alright? But I, I’ve been keeping this inside. It’s been driving me nuts. Can only imagine. Part of Kristen’s threat was that if I told anybody that all three women would die. Die. How remember back in September, An Orpheus infected all those women with, with that biotoxin.

Yeah. How can I forget? Well, Kristen had the orchid that was needed for the cure, and she threatened to withhold it if I didn’t do exactly what she wanted, which was breaking up with Chloe so she could move in with you. Exactly. And Eric was the last thing I wanted, but my God, what choice did I have? You know, I’m fully aware what Kristen is capable of and I wasn’t about to put those three women’s lives at risk.

Well, thanks for the bear. No problem. Listen man, I’m sorry about the pending divorce. I know that’s gotta be tough. Yeah, it is. It is. It’s uh, you know, uh, quite. It’s a bit humiliating too, you know, cuz Nicole and I were married for about what, five minutes? Why is humiliating? You were in love. Yes, I was. I was in love with the most neurotic, disloyal person on the planet.

However, it’s all for the best Really. You almost sound convincing. I’ll keep you in the loop on your son’s kidnapping. Jada’s a good cop. Hopefully she’ll find some.

Hey, sweetness. What’s up?

He did what? Ejs. Okay. Okay. I’m on it. What’s going? Kayla just found out that Tripp took a flight to Salem earlier today. She’s convinced he’s coming here to confront EJ about Ava’s death.

I’ve got a pulse. Well, she’s breathing. Thank God when I got her outside she said she was already killed. Yes, she was right When you need to get her to a hospital. We all need to get outta here. And you walk. I’m a little woozy, but I’ll try. If you can’t, I can carry you. Ah. Oh. What, what? Oh, my leg is so good that it’s beam.

I, I didn’t feel it before coming. Johnny. One, two. Hey, help. Okay.

Happy your birthday, Sarah. Another trip around the sun. Enjoy your special day. Thank you so much, and thank you for celebrating with us. Our pleasure. And now back to work. Yeah. Yes, me too. In a minute. soon? Mm-hmm. , you can tell me what you wish for. I’m guessing you’re just a little bit too old for a opponent.

I wished that you would forgive me for making such a fool of myself when I accused you of being the clown, the kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. No, not me a fool. I, I hurt you,

Sarah. You already apologize for that. And there’s no reason to. No, honestly, I feel like there is. Honey, you have worked so hard since we have been together to make yourself a better man, and I shouldn’t doubt that. The least I can do is be honest and admit my mistakes, just like you’ve been honest with me and admitted your mistakes.

Excuse me, Dr. I’m sorry for interrupting. No, no. It’s okay. Sophia, hang on one second, honey.

Yeah, I, I will, I will get on that. Thank you so.

You look pale. It’s because, um,

there’s something you have to know.

Get him by way. Ceiling gonna come down away. Just go what? You have to leave home without you. They won’t budge.

So you and Chris. You’re really back together. No, no, we’re just living in the same house. She knows better than to expect anything more. Uh, she hasn’t pressed the issue. Not yet. But what happens when she dies? I mean, come on. I mean, why? I can’t figure it as how she’s got this Hold on. You. Why don’t you just kick her out?

Out? She give up the attitude cuz she claims that the women are gonna need a second dose after New Year’s or they won’t survive. And you believe her. Eric, how can I take that chance when their lives are at stake. Hmm. You’ve even been carrying this secret this entire time, man. Me neither. It has not been fun.

I let, I’ve been holding this inside and it’s been hell having to live with Kristen that’s been beyond hell. To top the whole thing off. I, uh, I lost Chloe to Stephan Damara. You’re gonna let Kristen get away with this. As long as those women’s lives are in jeopardy, Eric? Yeah, she’s gonna get away with it.

Listen man, you’ve gotta keep this between us, okay? If Kristen finds out Brady, I promise he won’t tell us all you and I together, we’re gonna figure out a way to stop Kristen from hurting you. The people we both love.

Okay. Alright. Okay. That’s right. Oh, go. I got you. We got you. Johnny. Johnny. He’ll be here. Well, Johnny, please, we can’t leave her here to die.

You’re my grandma. She believes in helping anyone no matter what she thought of. So in the spirit of Susan Bass,

What do you need? What do you need to tell

darling? What you need to know is that, oh, sorry. All. Oh my God. What’s going on? Uh, there’s been an explosion at St. Luke’s and they’ve already brought some people in. I’m so sorry, honey. I, I thank you for the party. I’ve gotta go. No, I need some.

Hey, hey. This is, uh, is Kristen here? She went to pick up Rachel at school. Nice face. What’s wrong? You got something you need to tell? That? Um, yeah, actually, actually I do. I just saw Eric. Okay. And how’s your brother? He’s not good. He just quit his job at Basic Black and things with him and Nicole are pretty bad and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near her right now.

I better head over to the Damaris. I don’t want Tripp getting into it with EJ and making things worse. I’ll go with you. Just uh, lemme grab this first Burnett.

Okay. Your son’s not at the Damaris. Where is he? He’s at the hospital. With his mother. Evidently, Ava Vitali is still alive.

Mom, I need you to wake up. Please.

Yes. Yes. You’re okay. You’re okay. Oh God. Oh, thank God. You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re, you’re safe. You have to believe me. I had no idea you were gonna in that church. Why? I went back in so I could get thank.

Hey dad. Hey. Hold off a second. You need to get checked out. It’s just a scratch. No, that hasn’t stopped bleeding since we left the chapel location. Just lemme get a nurse. It’ll take a second. I’m fine. I just, I just need to be with Nicole. Well, everything checks out. I don’t think that your arm is broken, but let’s get some x-rays just to be sure.

Okay. You’re really lucky. I know, and it could have been a lot worse. From what the EMT at the scene said, yeah, it could have been a lot worse. Ain’t gonna be all right. Thank God for that.

It’s too bad about Eric and Nicole. Let’s two have had a pretty rough road. Well, it’s about to get rougher. Ugh, I just heard that. Uh, Nicole leached onto ej. See, she was with Rafe and with your brother and now she’s with my. I guess some women are innately fickle. Where’s Rachel? Oh, uh, she asked if she could have a play date with her friend Amanda, and a Of course.

I couldn’t say no. That that’s okay with you, isn’t it? That’s fine with me, yeah. Okay, good. And then, then we can go pick her up together. Oh my God. Doug happened to you. Honey. What’s going on?

Hey, you are, uh, dad was sure in a rush. What happened to, uh, we all just came from my grandma, Susan’s memorial service at St. Luke’s. I was an explosion, right? I just heard about it. What was it? A gas leak. It was a bomb. A bomb. How did a bomb, David Vitali planted it. Not even vital. He’s dead. Yeah. So we all thought until we saw her at the church and she tried to blow us all to kingdom come

my precious trip. I don’t know what I would’ve done if something had happened. Mom, come on. Why? Why, why? Why would you do something like this? Why? Why would you put a bomb in a church where you kill innocent people? I’d like to know the answer to that too, son. I’m okay. You okay? You look like hell, I don’t sound much better.

Let’s get you somebody to check you out right now. No, no. I, I had to stay here with my mom. Hold, don’t worry. She’s not going anywhere. Are you a Vitali? You’re under arrest for five counts of attempted murder and whatever else the DA decides to tack on.

All right, well set. Make you follow up with your regular doctor, but I don’t see any sign of a concussion. Oh, surprised to Isaiah. I’ve got a very hot head. I can confirm that. All right, I’ll check on you guys later. Thank you.

You okay?

Not really. I, I tried to hide it back at the church, but when I was under that beam and we thought the roof might fall in, oh God, ej, I was so scared.

Well, no one’s here but us. You can shorten up.

So Johnny went to the hospital with EJ at a. He’s perfectly fine. He had a little scratch on his head. He’ll be okay. Mm. Well EJ shouldn’t have gone into that church and you said that uh, the roof didn’t fall on his head. . I’m surprised he didn’t get struck by a lightning. I don’t know how funny all of this is Chris and people could have died.

I’m so glad you’re okay, sweetheart. Oh, ah, that’s so sweet. You’re already kissing and making up. What are you talking about? Oh, well, your father confided in me that he and Marla had got into a fight and, uh, he stuck up for me when Marlena wanted to kick me out. You know what? Don’t deny it. Don’t deny you said as much yourself.

See here we are a few days before Christmas and your evil ice Queen stepmother wanted to kick me out into the. Hmm. How do you feel about that, Brady?

My mother said you were injured. I wished over as soon as I could. I, I’m fine. It’s just sprain. The doctor said she can be discharged. That’s good news. She’ll still need rest to heal. That’s why she’s coming home with me.

Thanks for coming.

Eva’s alive. You’re sure? Look, if you don’t believe me, go see for yourself. Rav’s questioning you now. Wait. She’s here in the. Yep. Got caught in the blast. Oh, I don’t get it. If she planted the bomb, why would she be anywhere near it when it went off? It was her son. If she didn’t know Tripp was gonna be in the chapel when she found out she tried to get him out, but she was too late,

does this man will go and steady again. What I heard pull moved on already. It means you’re back on the market. Shut up. Ava. Get much better. Tasted jewelry back when May today. Maybe you didn’t hear the part about. You have the right to remain silent. It wasn’t a suggestion. Okay, do we really have to do this right now?

I mean, she just regained consciousness and Hey, hey, listen to me. I’m no doctor, but it sounds like you have smoke inhalation. Now let’s go get somebody to check you out, chip, listen to your father,

okay? Okay. But I’ll be back soon. Alright? I’m gonna be here for you no matter what.

Nice. You know, I have a, maybe you managed to cheat death yet again, but this time you’re gonna have to live with the consequences of your actions. You’re going away for a very, very long time. We’ll see him at that.

Brady, do you want the mother of your child to be kicked to the curb? Oh, I mean, I guess I could, uh, Stay at the end. No. No. Chris, now I, I want you here so we can be a family for Christmas. Well, great. That’s what I want. So it’s settled. , I’m staying. Oh, 10. I am so glad that you are still alive to celebrate this beautiful holiday with Brady and Rachel and me, and of course, your charming husband.

Hmm. I believe this is going to be a joyous.

I just heard about Nicole. How’s she doing? She’s doing great. EJ is taking care of her now.

Hey, your dad’s gonna be okay. So is Nicole. Thank you for, uh, taking care of them. It’s my job. Somebody’s birthday.

Yeah, it’s uh, mine actually. Oh, well. Happy birthday. Thank you. As in or planned, this whole little surprise for me. Have you seen him? Uh, he was, uh, right out here, but you know, like the rest of us, he was pretty spooked when he found out Ava was still alive.

Just like old times, isn’t it?

Kristen Damara. Raw raised me from the dead and you took care of me. Now you’re gonna take care of me again. What are you talking about? Take care of your hair, huh? You’re gonna first get me out of these cuffs and then you’re gonna get me out of this hospital, because if you don’t, I’m gonna tell Sarah that you were my accomplice and the kidnapping of Susan.

You talked to your dad about my column, right? That’s why you wanted to have a drink. And from the look on your face, it didn’t go very well. Look, uh, I’m sorry, Mattie, he just, he doesn’t really feel like a gossip column is the right fit for the spectator. Well drinks are on you. I guess he already spent all the money I gave you.

It was a pitten considering that dirty little favor I did for you. Oh, come on. You know, you loved having a tussle with Sander. Okay. It was a bit of a dream come true. Only in the dream he was naked. I wasn’t wearing a muscle suit, but I was wearing a clown mask. Okay. Yeah. Well it’s a good thing that it did go off as planned and hopefully Bonnie Riak is will stop nattering on about the fact that it was Zander who kidnapped her even though it was him.


Oh, I can’t move. Eldest buddy putting those burgers, cement, . You’re the one who insists on. I’m having two of them. Look guys, I know they’re feeling, but they are my favorite. You’re so sweet to remember. . Well, you’ve better run a couple weeks. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s literally the least we could do. Thank you.

I almost forgot. This was in one of the bags. There you go. Buddy’s burger. Scratch off. See what you got,

Jack. No, but my next order fries on.

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