Days Short Recap Friday, December 16, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Kristen that he and Marlena argued over her. Kristen asked why they argued about her. He said he didn’t want to throw her out the way Marlena did. He said he didn’t think she was manipulating Brady. He said she belonged with Brady and Rachel. He said Marlena jumped to the wrong conclusion. He brought up how he first met Kristen when she was Kristen Blake. He said he has seen the old he fell in love with since she’s moved in. He said he wanted Marlena to see what he sees in Kristen. He wanted her to tell him what she did. Eric told Brady that he was quitting Basic Black since he and Nicole broke up. Brady thought it was because of Jada and the baby. Eric told him Nicole talked Jada into aborting the baby. Brady told him it wasn’t fair for him to blame Nicole. Eric said it didn’t matter. He said he and Nicole were too different. He told Brady about the argument he and Nicole had over him sleeping with Sloan. Brady insulted Sloan. Eric reminded him about living with Kristen. Brady said they weren’t getting back together. Eric said he was still attracted to her. Brady said he was attracted to vodka too, but he knew it was a disaster to be with Kristen. Eric said it was only a matter of time before he gave into her. Brady said nothing was going to happen after what she did.

Chloe and Stefan showed up while Brady and Eric were talking. Stefan ripped into Brady for the way he treated Chloe. Brady tried to defend himself, but ended up hitting Stefan. Stefan continued to argue with Brady until he and Chloe left. Eric told Brady that he knew that was hard for him. Eric wanted to know what was going on between him and Kristen. Brady admitted that she blackmailed him. Johnny was shocked to see Ava at the church. He thought no one could have survived the crash. She said she was hard to kill. He asked if his grandmother was still alive. She said she jumped from the car after it went through the guardrail, but Susan didn’t. He wondered why Ava was wearing a disguise. She said she wanted to pay her respects and didn’t want to be recognized. He didn’t believe it after what she did to his grandmother. She let him know that EJ was the one who started the war when he made her leave town. He said she started the war when she faked her marriage to Jake. She said he defended her to EJ. He said that was before she killed his grandmother. She said she kidnapped Susan, but she didn’t kill her. She said all EJ had to do was pay her. He said EJ didn’t pay her. She said he didn’t do it until after he kidnapped Tripp. Johnny asked why she still drove his grandmother off the cliff even when she knew Tripp was safe. While at the service, EJ wondered what was keeping Johnny. Marlena said he was looking for a woman earlier. Mary didn’t want Susan’s service to be delayed any longer. There was a bomb under the altar. Tripp showed up at the church. He blamed EJ for killing his mother. They argued with each other. Mary told them to stop. She went outside and saw Johnny talking to someone. He said he hoped he didn’t miss the service. She told him a young man came to yell at EJ for kidnapping him. Ava went inside the church. Tripp continued to yell at EJ. EJ told him to leave. Tripp said he wasn’t leaving. Ava came in and told Tripp to come with her. Tripp hugged her. She tried to get him to leave, but EJ stopped her. She told Tripp to leave because there was a bomb. The bomb went off.

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