GH Short Recaps Thursday, December 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nikolas gives Ava divorce papers and to push her further away he tells her Elizabeth is pregnant with his child. Ava is so, angry that she tries to stab Nikolas with scissors.

Gregory advises Finn to decide if he wants to save his relationship with Elizabeth and if he does want to save the relationship there is nothing he and Elizabeth can’t get past if they truly love each other.

Spencer punches Dex for putting Jocelyn in danger but both Cameron and Josslynn are angry with him for punching Dex. Spencer sees Trina outside Kelly’s and tells her once he is done with the terms of his conditional release he is leaving town.

Rory responds to a call and finds a dead body when he walks into the apartment. Rory calls for backup. He fires his gun before he gets attacked by the Hook Attacker. Dante arrives and calls in a shots fired call before he goes into the apartment. Dante finds a weakened Rory who says “the hook” before he falls to the floor.

Jordan arrives and she and Dante put Rory in her car and rush him to the hospital. Jordan calls Curtis and tells him to bring Cameron, Josslynn, and Trina to the hospital. Finn gives Rory the anti-venom, but he has too much internal bleeding and he is very weak when Trina rushes to Rory’s gurney in the hospital hallway. Trina cries and apologizes to Rory for not telling him that she loves him. Rory takes off his oxygen mask and tells Trina “I know it was too soon to tell you, but I am glad you know” then Rory dies as Trina sobs and puts her head on his stomach.

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