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they are the I’m trying to do the right thing here. Try being honest instead. You want honest?

[ Knock on door ] Dex. It’s sonny. Open up. What is

he doing here? Pretend no one’s home. I know you’re in there, dex! Open up!

[ Scoffs ] What’s plan b?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Hey. Is this a bad time?

[ Chuckles ] I’m not sure what a good time is anymore.

[ Sighs ] I am so sorry about what happened. With holly.

[ Sighs ] Well, uh, I, uh — I visited the doctor, and he said that she’s got a long road ahead of her but that… she’ll pull through.

[ Sighs ] Thank god. But, uh, I was really talking about… what actually went down between the two of you. Has robert changed his mind and decided to join us? He hasn’t answered my texts. Maybe he just needs some time. I know my brother. He’s brooding, sitting around, worrying and waiting to hear about holly’s injuries. It’s not good for him. Says the other stubborn brother.

[ Chuckles ] This is gonna be the first decent meal you’ve had in days. Evening, all. Any news on holly? Well, last we heard, she was holding her own. Well, good. Hopefully that continues and she makes a full and speedy recovery. We appreciate the well wishes. Whatever happened to holly has your family’s fingerprints all over it. Everyone knows where the ice princess is involved, the cassadines aren’t far behind.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hi! Hey. So, you’re not on the schedule new year’s eve. Do you have plans? Uh, not yet. Maxie and I will probably just make a reservation somewhere. Why?

I’m throwing a birthday party sounds like fun. Am I invited? Look, I know you wanted to keep it private for as long as possible, but, look, the secrecy is working against you. It’s working against us. I’m — I’m just not ready for anyone to know about my diagnosis. It’ll change how people treat me, and I’m afraid wiley will pick up on it. Wiley is going to find out eventually. I know, but I need to do this in my time, on my terms. I want to support you on that. Okay? I do. But, honestly, willow… it’s impossible. I thought you were hitting dead ends trying to find members of the commune where harmony got willow. Yeah, one of my contacts was doing a story on a firefighter in clairborne county and found out that the subject was a member of the friends for peace and love commune. Oh. Willow warned, you know, that the former members are pretty private. Yeah, no, I realize there’s no guarantee I’ll get them to talk, but I like my odds. Really? Yeah. Why do you think that? Well, because the firefighter agreed to take the time to fly here and meet me. Checking in to the metro court tonight.

I’m sure you’ll be much too busy to attend my birthday celebration, cody. Grifting women’s shiny inheritances takes time. Ohh.

Au contraire. My charm offensive only takes half an evening, at most. That is, unless the heiress is as closed off and…secretive as you. Don’t — don’t leave, doctor. Cody bell is just leaving. I-I-I’ll thank you not to barge into my birthday celebration the way you just barge into my private conversations. Listen, britt. Britt. I know I haven’t behaved well, and I get why you’re angry with me. Anger implies investment. We went out a few times, shared a couple of laughs. It was more than that. You know it. What I know is… there’s no future here. You’re a gambler. You know how to cut your losses. Yeah? Well, what if I don’t want to? We don’t always get what we want, do we? You didn’t get taub’s necklace, so you know better than anyone. Where there’s trouble, there’s victor. Do you now have evidence that my father is to blame for holly stealing that necklace and trying to escape with it? I can’t connect victor directly, but he’s been all over town, pulling strings, causing people to make desperate decisions. Of which I’m sure you’re aware. I can’t speak to that. I don’t want to hear you defend your father, considering how he framed anna for what happened to lucy. Anna and I are very close. Lucy’s my business partner. If you have evidence, I’d very much like to hear it. Anna is our good friend, too, just as lucy is our friend. Felicia, I’m trying to remain optimistic about lucy, but there’s still no sign that she survived. Well, still, we’re doing everything we can to work things out. Chief scorpio, I’m not trying to defend anybody. And you would be wise not to assume you know where my loyalties lie.

I’d be wise? I’d be wise, would I? Well, let me give you a piece of advice. If it takes the rest of my life, your father’s going down. Just take care you’re not too close when he does. The last thing I expected to find was, uh, you staring at pictures of the woman who double-crossed you. Um, look, I-I… I know how… however wrong holly was, it — it — it can’t erase those memories that we had together. And, my god, I wish it could. Oh, robert, I know very well how much holly mattered to you. I mean, I — I just wish that your feelings would have mattered a little more to her. You’re gonna think that I’m making excuses for her, but in many ways she got a raw deal.

[ Scoffs ] Holly had — had some hard choices to make. Well… even if you’re making excuses, I’d say that’s very generous. I’m not sure she deserves that kind of loyalty. Despite everything that happened, holly didn’t deserve what happened. Of course. You gonna visit her during treatment? I-I can’T. I hear you. Your generosity can only extend so far. It’s not that. It’s just that I don’t think this would give us the closure that we need. That closure probably doesn’t exist. Hm, I’m not sure a therapist would agree with you on that. That’s why I don’t have one.

[ Laughs ] Look, it’s just that — it may be that holly and I were never destined to work out. Every time we get close, it goes up in smoke. And this time…it took the ice princess with it. That’s why holly stole that necklace! It was part of the ice princess! Allegedly. I wanted to have my people look at it to confirm that one way or the other. Oh, robert. You must be in such big trouble with the wsb. Well, they’re not happy, but I can handle it.

[ Sighs ] You’re the D.A. You’re working with the wsb. Holly had to have known how much this was gonna cost you. What are you getting at? Robert, there has to be more to this than greed. With all that you and holly have been through together, there had to be a bigger reason that holly would betray you. Wow. You are amazing! Getting that guy to fly all the way here just to talk. Woman. Actually. Clairborne county’s first female firefighter. That’s why my guy was doing a story on her. Oh. That’s impressive. What makes you think she has anything to offer? I’m not sure what she knows, but denise and harmony — or — or lorraine, as she was known back then — they were friends for a while. I’m just — I’m hoping denise can either confirm or discredit harmony’s story of how she came to have willow. Okay. I see. Uh… you’ve got doubts. No! No. I-I just think you’re putting a lot of expense and effort into finding willow’s birth parents, and I just hope you’re not disappointed if it doesn’t pan out. I know the possible pitfalls. I do. But I still got to try, right? Yeah. You know, I should call willow… oh, no. …And see if she wants to join us. No, no, no. You don’t want to do that. I mean, look what happened today, right? Y-you fainted while arguing with nina. If she had known what you — I didn’t want nina pitying me. I understand that. What’s best for my health is staying as far away from nina as possible. I get it. I feel the same way about sonny. But the thing — michael. There’s no comparison. What took you so long? Uh, sorry, boss. I was in the middle of something. Well, I gotta talk to you about something. Business opportunity. Okay. Can I meet you at your office? What’s going on? Well, it’s a business conversation, right? We should have it where you do business. Why do you want me out of here? Are you hiding something?

I’m sorry if I upset mac. Oh, he — he just needs a moment to cool down. He’s been running himself ragged, with lucy’s disappearance and anna being framed and on the run and now this thing with holly. It’s very personal for him. I certainly understand his hostility towards my father. Did he have anything to do with what happened to holly? Robert believes that holly was passing information to victor, and I suspect that it all has something to do with ethan because no one has been able to reach him. Ethan. Is that holly’s son? Yes. Do you think something happened to him? We don’t know. All we know is that he’s done a disappearing act. Well, I might be able to help with that. I have some associates at the bureau that I used to work with. I’ll make a call. Oh, no! You can’T. So, what just happened with you and cody? Um, I’d rather talk about my birthday. So, what do you think about the haunted star? I — [ Chuckles ] I don’t know. What do you — I mean, I guess if you want to go all-out, sure, yeah, why not? Yeah, I’ve never had a birthday party in my life. Wait. You’re exaggerating. No. Seriously? I mean, even the unpopular kids got a cupcake.

[ Chuckles ] Not me. I had A… untraditional upbringing. So I say it’s high time I throw myself the fiesta to end all fiestas. Uh, any particular reason why you want to do that this particular year? Is this you treading lightly? Apparently not. I mean, we both know there’s no telling how many birthdays I have ahead of me, so I might as well go out with a bang. Willow fainted today. W-what?! Is she alright?! She seems to be. Nina came over, picked a fight. When willow went to fight back, she collapsed. God, nina is relentless! Yeah, she is. So let’s question denise first and see if there’s anything to report back. Okay. Okay? Hey, I appreciate your insights, alright? But I think maybe it’s better if I do it one-on-one just to make denise a little bit more comfortable. Just so she doesn’t feel outnumbered. Yeah. Okay. Okay? And y-you’ll fill me in after? Yeah. I’ll fill you — you’ll be my second call right after willow.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t want to get willow’s hopes up, but I do — I really want to keep her in the loop. Just so many people have lied to her in the past. Willow: Don’t get me wrong. I know how betrayed you feel by your father. Don’t you? I mean, for months, nina and sonny have caused us nothing but grief. Everything that’s happened is because of nina. That woman seems fixated on causing trouble for our family, and sonny is actively supporting her. Agreed. So what am I missing? Just how much your anger at sonny is costing you. After you got shot, where’d you lay low? Dex: I was on foot. Right. There was no way I could make it back here, and I didn’t want to compromise you, so I found a spot that was secure. On your own? You see what I’m talking about? You’re always holding things back from me. I promised the person that helped me that it wouldn’t come back to them. You also promised that I could trust you! And you can. But I can’t prove that by betraying someone else’s trust. That’s not good enough! It’s gonna have to be. Okay. You got one last chance, dex. Who stitched you up, gave you the means to the e-mail? Who helped you out? It was me.

ur lifeto the fullest” thing, but, britt, this is just — it’s — this is not gonna be your last birthday. It might as well be. I mean, come on. How can I sing karaoke if I’m slurring over the lyrics or barely able to stand? Yeah, you don’t know that that’s gonna be the case. I don’t know that it’s not. And I-if this is — if this is you thinking that I’ve — I’ve given up or I’m making peace with it, I am not at peace and I am mad as hell. I am so mad that I’m renting out

the haunted star and wearing four-inch heels! And I know I don’t know enough friends to even fill my mother’s apartment’s rec room. But I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna do it anyway. I am gonna throw the biggest, baddest birthday party. And coworkers and family and friends and casual acquaintances can all come as long as they look fabulous and are prepared to party on the dance floor, which is what I’m gonna do.

[ Chuckles ] “Fear of death is for those who have regrets.” Oh, I have — I have loads of those. Yeah. And it’s not, um — I don’t fear death. I-I fear the getting to it. I mean, I know how this is gonna end. That’s why I’m choosing to live in the moment and — and not think about tomorrow because I-I may not like tomorrow. So I’m gonna dance like it’s 1999 and revel under the bright lights and lose myself on the dance floor. I’m in. Good! Yeah? Yay! Because I want to do it with those that are near and dear to me. And I don’t even care if you sing off-key. Mac. I figured you weren’t coming. Well, you said it was important. It is. You want one? You know, I’m normally a beer guy, but something tells me I’m gonna need it, so sure. Um, I’ve got some news. That necklace that belonged to leopold taub, the one you were due to inherit, was stolen. Okay, so that story in the news, that the media has been following that woman who left, that was my necklace? I’m glad you’re up on current affairs. I don’t have to explain what happened. Well, the hell you don’T. Let’s start with how you’re gonna try and track it down.

[ Sighs ] I’m afraid it’s unrecoverable. Okay. Alright. So you’re just giving up on trying to find it just like that? We know where it is. Or was. It was destroyed in a fire. Why can’t valentin look for ethan?

[ Sighs ] Not everything with holly is what it seems. What does that mean? I think the person you really want to talk to is robert. Um, before I forget, charlotte had wanted me to invite you over for dinner. So any night this week is — is fine with me. So you’ll let me know, okay? I’m sorry, but I do have to run. Of course. I’ll be in touch. Yes. Have a nice night. Thank you. Would I be right in assuming that my contacts at the bureau would find zero trace of ethan? It’s a theory. It’s a good one. Victor’s taken holly’s son hostage, as well, hasn’t he? Does it really matter why holly did what she did at this point? Of course it does! Robert, if that necklace holds the key to something bigger, then — you know what? Whatever her reasons were, holly’s paying for them now. But so are you, my friend, and — and if you ever need to talk… olivia. Thanks, livvie. I mean, I-I know. And I really appreciate you, uh, dropping by. Okay. Well, whatever happens, you’re not alone. Hey. Where’d you go? Did — did something else happen? Did — was it nina? Or sonny do something? I-I wanted to tell you that, um, nina saw me and brick together, and she got the wrong idea. How wrong? Well, she went running to sonny, telling him that brick and i were having an affair. I mean, the same thing she did with tj and willow. I cannot stand that woman! That’s why you told sonny about us. Yes. And I’m sorry. But I heard that sonny was giving brick a hard time, and I just couldn’t stand it. Ohh. It is too bad that michael and sonny are on the outs. We could use his resources to help track down willow’s birth parents. Who needs sonny when drew cain is on the case? I think you handle things just fine. Do you, now? Yes, I do. You know, dex wouldn’t tell me why or how he got shot, but I figured it had something to do with you, and you just confirmed it. Joss. What? I need to talk to sonny. Okay? I’ll call you later. Fine. You know, I don’t know why he’s so loyal to you. So far, it’s gotten him shot and hung from a meat hook. But…it’s his call. Has nothing to do with me. Okay. Hold on, josslyn. Did you run over here alone? Yes. Okay. You need to have frank, uh, drive you home. I don’t want a ride from you, sonny. I don’t want anything from you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Out of everybody in the city… you go after my stepdaughter for help? Sir, I would never purposely put josslyn in that position. How so? I was weak, barely thinking, okay? I-I remembered from the picnic that the boathouse at the quartermaine estate had supplies. She was on the grounds. I collapsed, and she found me. And then she took me back to her dorm room. Big mistake, dex.

My focus is on you and our baby, and I’m dedicated to helping you fight this cancer. But how can you be if you’re fighting your father at the same time? Michael, I-I’m not asking you to drop your anger for sonny’s sake. I’m not defending anything he’s done. But the more that you feed into your anger, the more you are letting him win. You’re smarter than that.

[ Scoffs ] Well, now you’re appealing to my vanity. I’m stating a fact. You know the difference between what seems important and what truly matters, don’t you? What truly matters is you… and our children. Hey, uh, would it be okay if I — if I step out for an hour or so? Sure. Is everything alright? Yeah, no. It — it will be. There’s just one last thing I got to take care of, and then I’m — I’m all yours.

[ Door closes ] Boss, I was out of it when joss took me back to her dorm. I didn’t want to stay. But when you are losing blood and developing an infection, options are limited. And not telling me? Joss saved my life. Okay? The least I could do was minimize her exposure. Look, if that costs me this job, so be it. But just know I will never speak of our dealings, either. Okay. Listen. I don’t want to talk about this. We’re gonna deal with that later. But I’m telling you right now — this thing with josslyn… cannot become a habit! I’ve tried telling her that. Then try harder! Okay. They’ve come to me with an offer… uh, to use my facilities for some… unofficial exports. If I decide to take the offer, you’re gonna be stepping into a role with a lot more responsibility. Are you up for that? Oh, I’m up for it. You better be. There’s no more room for mistakes.

[ Lock clicks ] Don’t mind me. Oh. Hi! Joss. Hey. Hey, josslyn. Hi, drew. Um, everything okay? Yeah, everything’s great. Uh, you? Yeah. Everything will be great. When we don’t have to worry about being caught kissing. Hm.

[ Knock on door ] Sonny:

Dex. It’s sonny. I hear ya. Okay, I haven’t spoken to maxieabout new year’s eve, but please put us both down as “will attend.” Ooh! Excelente! Partying with my peeps. My final epic turn-up. “Final”? You’re not planning on making an early exit, are you? Are you, britt? Isn’t that my choice? Sure, I guess, but what about the peeps you just said that you wanted to party with?

[ Sighs ] Don’t worry, doc. My oath to do no harm extends to myself. I’m just not into being a burden. Okay. You’re leaving port charles? Is that what’s going on? Right after the party. Okay. Again, what about the peeps that want to be there for you? It’s not about them. It’s about how i want to go out. I’m not — I’m not pushing anyone away. I’m protecting my privacy. W-what just happened with cody? I don’t want to talk about that. Are you really done with that guy, or are you just pushing everybody away because of your illness? So I lost another inheritance. That’s — that’s got to be some kind of record. You want another one? I’m buying. Diamonds are notoriously hard to destroy. Are you sure there’s nothing left?

[ Chuckles ] You know, this place I used to work once… there was this wild mustang. Untrainable. That’s what everyone said. It was a beautiful animal. I was smitten immediately. So I took to gaining its trust. So I’d feed him. And I’d groom him. Till finally I got a saddle and a harness on him. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Two minutes in the saddle, he bucks up and tosses me off. I broke my wrist and most of my pride on the fall. He didn’t care. It just wasn’t in his nature to be ridden. You know, I didn’t know leopold taub. And I’m glad about that. You know, he sounds like a rotten guy. I mean, was it his nature, or was it — was it something that he chose? And what about me? I mean, the things that I do, is it — is it my nature or… is it because I just keep… making the wrong choice over and over? For a second, I thought I was gonna have an inheritance, something of worth that would make me worthwhile. Now I’m back to nothing. How’s that for irony?

[ Chuckles ] Money isn’t everything. Says people who have it. Eh, you must think I’m shallow. I think it’s a shame you grew up without a father. Look, I get why you were invested in taub’s money. It’s likely the only good thing about being his son. Holly: The ice princess

has a bad habit… of destroying those who covet it. Be careful. I’m always careful, love. Except with your heart.

[ Knock on door ] Laura: Robert? It’s laura. Yeah, laura. Come in.

[ Chuckles ] I just had a very interesting little chat with felicia. Seems that there’s more going on that you haven’t told me about. She’s right. There is. And you deserve an answer. Starting… …with this. It’s true. Victor has ethan. Of course he has. But what did you mean that victor has ethan “as well”? Who else has victor captured? It’s his M.O. You can ask drew cain or liesl obrecht. He locked me in his prison at crete. Ah. But who were you thinking of? What is it you’re not telling me, felicia?

Well, I better get going. Um…bye, joss. Josslyn: Bye, drew. Bye. Bye. Well.

[ Door closes ] That’s going good, mom. Um, yeah. Yeah. Can’t keep it from the world forever, though. Yeah. Alright. I’m gonna go shower. Okay. Close call. Sonny was just here. Well, that won’t be a problem anymore. Here’s what I owe you. Plus a bonus for your excellent work. The job’s over. So how soon can you get packed to leave? Are you just afraid that cody’s not gonna be able to handle your illness? You know what’s ahead of me. Years of progressively painful, slow decline. I don’t even want my mother to see it. Why would I want cody dealing with that, a guy I barely know? Okay, but what about the people you know well, people that know you well? They’re gonna worry about you. They’re gonna look for you. They’re gonna be hurt, britt… that they’re not with you by your side during all this. Well, I hope they realize I spared them. Oh, come on. Stop it. You’re not trying to spare anybody. You’re trying to spare yourself. Excuse me? Y-you don’t want to see your reflection in their eyes of anyone other than you being your vibrant, beautiful, feisty self. So what if I don’t? Is that so wrong? No, it’s not wrong. But it’s selfish. So that’s why holly let me go. Well, you were never in any risk. Hah! Well, it would have been nice if I knew that, wouldn’t it? You couldn’t let me in on any of it? Holly was petrified that any leak at all would endanger her son. Okay. [ Sighs ] Well, look, I’m glad — I’m glad that she didn’t betray you. And she’s now free to rescue ethan. And soon victor will lose another prisoner. Alright. Victor needs to lose everything. Forget I said anything. Lucy’s alive, isn’t she? I never said that. You didn’t have to. My father prefers keeping his assets as leverage. Lucy’s body was never discovered. A reliable source reports that lucy was shot with a rubber bullet retrieved from the harbor and then spirited away. Okay, well, that explains the two shots. The first, a rubber bullet to push lucy into the water, the second, a live round to leave a shell casing for the police. There is no time to waste. I need you to tell me where anna is now.

What does victor want with that? Do you know? Well, he gave her directives, but no explanations. We know the diamonds came from the ice princess. And we know that he doesn’t care about the rest of the stone because he planted it on jennifer smith. There are secrets hidden in these diamonds. We need to uncover them. We have got to stop victor cassadine once and for all. Anna needs to know lucy’s alive. She’s way off the grid. Well, where is she? Has she left the country? I don’t want to jeopardize her security. I don’t, either, but this is information anna needs. You’re gonna have to trust me. If anna sought refuge in europe, there’s one person that will know where she is. This person can get word to her.

[ Paper rips ] Thank you. Don’t thank me yet. Getting word to anna won’t be easy. I don’t know you well, cody. But I can see that you’re not the same man that your father was. Yeah. About that. Um… hi, cody. Mac, you ready to go? Yeah. Almost. Uh, you were saying? I was just gonna say that… that dna test result was my loss. Ours too. Ouch. What is this? Painful truth day? Yeah, sure. Why not? Let’s do that. Okay. Um, yeah, maybe “selfish” is too harsh of a word. Let’s just call it “proud.” Okay? My father was a very proud man, and he wanted to spare us, so he avoided a lot of conversations that he really should have had with us. And then in the end, the copd made those kind of conversations impossible. So I-I get that you’re trying to spare us, but… have you considered that you might be robbing all of us of precious moments that we really want to spend with you? No, I hadn’T. Okay, well, you’ll want to give that some thought. Oh, and another thing. While we’re at it, britt… what is the dress code for this party that you’re planning?

[ Chuckles ] Just have maxie pick out your clothes. Oh. Oh, oh, oh. I see. Okay. Cool. Right. I guess it really — yeah, you’re right. So it’s painful truth day. Um, thank you so much. It means a lot to me. You said that you’re only inviting your nearest and dearest, and I’m really grateful that I made the cut. See you later. Hi. Hi. Oh, no. I woke you up. I’m so sorry.

[ Chuckles ] This — this baby is active. Wears me out. Yeah. You do look a little pale. I — anemia. Britt has me on a regimen. Okay. What’s up? So, I just wanted to check in. I just want to make sure that you’re 100% committed to finding your biological parents. More than ever. Has there been a development? Possibly, and you should know that whatever I find out, it — it could actually be disappointing. So before I go down that road, I just want to make sure nothing’s changed. Michael and I want to do whatever it takes to find answers.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, there. I was just thinking about you. Remember how we used to reward ourselves when we completed payroll? Chocolate martinis.

[ Chuckles ] It is not the same without you, partner. What’s up? I need a favor. No questions asked. You got it. There’s a woman named denise makenzie staying at the metro court tonight. I need you to notify me the second she checks in. Michael: You got shot because of sonny, okay? You got tortured because of him. Yeah, and I’m still standing. Look, I appreciate your commitment. I do. But my priorities have shifted. I need to focus on my family. No. Your family overlaps with sonny’S. As long as he’s a target, they are, too. Isn’t that what you told me when you hired me? Yes, but things have changed. Look, the best way to protect them is to stop him. Sonny was here telling me about a new business opportunity. It sounds highly profitable and highly illegal. Something big is coming, michael. Sonny didn’t provide details about what’s next, but I know one thing. We can’t quit now. Not when you are this close to taking sonny down.

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