Days Short Recap Friday, December 2, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John couldn’t believe Kristen was getting Rachel’s hopes up about her getting back together with Brady. He knew they were never going to get back together. Marlena wasn’t sure since Kristen was a good manipulator. John wanted to stop her. Marlena wasn’t sure how they would do that. Brady walked in and found Susan in the room. Brady was about to call Marlena to let her know that Susan was alive when Kristen took off the disguise. Brady wondered why she was dressed that way. She told him that she couldn’t console EJ for losing his mother so she wanted to console him dressed that way. He didn’t think it would work plus it would be a cruel thing to do. She wanted to assure EJ that Susan’s death wasn’t his fault. Brady was surprised that she wanted to do something like that, but he told her it was cruel. Kristen cried and told him that she treated Susan badly. Brady consoled her when John, Rachel and Marlena walked in the townhouse. John and Brady took Rachel to bed. Marlena told Kristen to stop getting Rachel’s hopes up that she was going to marry Brady. John confronted Brady about finding Kristen in his arms. He told John that he was just consoling her. He said he would never fall for her again.

EJ found Nicole drinking at the bar. She apologized for what happened to Susan. He appreciated that and wanted to know if she needed to talk. She told him what happened with Eric. She admitted that things would have been better for her and Eric if Jada wasn’t pregnant. Things were worse now that she doesn’t have the baby. EJ thought that Eric would come around. Nicole knew the lines were crossed and they couldn’t come back from it. EJ was able to relate to that because he crossed the line and it cost his mother her life. They kept drinking when she said that she didn’t have anywhere to go. EJ offered to let her stay in one of his guest rooms. She agreed to stay with him. She stumbled trying to get up. EJ helped her get up. Eric saw them together and glared at them.

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