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Come on one. I make heels and you walk so fast. I know, but Sweet Pits is about to close. I remember you saying how much you like the Flowerless chocolate cake. Huh? My watch must be slow. Where are they Just closed early. I mean, one of the owners was just accused of murder yesterday. Should have had dessert at the restaurant, Eva with no dessert.

I had a really lovely time. Yeah, it was our second first date. I wanted this one to be perfect. It was.

What are you up to now? Jen? What are you doing in Jakarta? Why don’t you return my calls?

So by the time you called me back, this is not just sister. Oh my God. Ro what the hell are you doing with my sister’s phone? I received your message warning me about Jin Van Only. It came too late.

Sorry, did you hear what I said? I have to tell you something. Sorry. I thought I saw a roach. I am getting paranoid


something’s happened, hasn’t it? Something bad, something terrible, and I did it on an A P B out on a late model four door sedan drivers. A woman named Ava Vitali at 10 20 is a Salem airfield field. Victim’s name is Susan Banks. She might still be a passenger in the car, so I want all units to proceed with caution.

Ava Vitali is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

EJ is right behind you and seeing as he used to drive race cars, it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to. What’s the plan when he does

Eva? You’ve got no place to go now, but prison. Oh, better. Yes. Hell, and once I catch up with you, I get to decide what are you gonna do? You gonna drive all the way to Seattle. The Damaris will hunt you to the ends of the earth. You know that, just shut up. Okay. Shut up. I am trying to think. I didn’t say anything.

Oh, you know what? I, I, I, I’ll, I’ll stay. Shut up. But, um, just please, please Ms. Stanley, please just keep your eyes in descriptive. Romine, it would be horrible if we get to an accident. I be. Ej, look at you. You’re scared. EJ is the one who should be shaking in the boots, but you let him get the upper hand and now he’s chasing you.

You’re running away. Rule number one, vitals don’t run. You should have shot that son of a bitch when you had the chance. I am not scared. You’re crying like a baby because I lost everything, not everyth. Yeah, it’s true that Steve didn’t want you, Rafe didn’t want you. Jake Stead trip abandoned you to move across the country, but you, you still have me, mother.

I’m still here, and we can be together forever, just like I always wanted. And you can still win this. You can still hurt ej. You know what you have to do?

I don’t know. What the hell is he doing?

Oh my God. No, no, no, no, no.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Do you still want dessert? Maybe later. I am so glad I ran into you guys. She doesn’t mean that. No, really? I uh, just got my wedding invites. See, I wasn’t lying when I told you they were ready. Aren’t they great? The paper is Heritage Talk. They are lovely. And, uh, very heavy. You know, you can almost slit someone’s throat with these, well, hang on to them.

I’m gonna save me some time.

You want me at your wedding? Oh yeah. I wouldn’t want you to miss a celebration.

You still haven’t told me why. You have my sister’s phone. I saw all the calls you made to. You were right to be worried. She was here on a fishing expedition. What happened? Oh, she pretended that you’d sent her to me. She also pretended to know you’d used me to eliminate Stefan’s feelings for Gabby, but you told her she was wrong.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t received your warning yet. She knows. Damn. Where is she now at the moment? She’s somewhat, uh, indisposed.

You’re starting to scare me. Just tell me what you’ve done and we can figure out a way to handle it. I promise Sarah that I was a changed man, that her love changed me, but she finds out what I. She’ll never forgive me. She’ll see me. For what? I really,

I broke my word to you. I don’t understand. What do you mean you don’t have to do this? I’m not gonna tell. I promise. I promise I crossed my heart enough to. You know, the rest


I quit.


I hope you two haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans because, well, if you have canceled them, cuz this party’s gonna be better than anything. You two can dream up. Okay, Gabby, listen actually, uh, Steph and I are probably gonna be out of town on New Year’s Eve. We were thinking of going someplace warm. Miami maybe.

Aren’t you? You’re working for Lee now, right? I mean that’s, that was a big step for you. No, I’m pretty sure Lee would want you at his wedding. I mean, for your sake. I hope you haven’t bought airline tickets. No. Cavi. We have not purchased any airline tickets. You can take this back and give it 20 of your friends because we’re not gonna need it.

Chloe is gonna be my plus one. How nice. It is nice when fate steps in and brings the right people together. Don’t you think

you have my sister in restraints and Johnny too? Two. Your sister and Mr. Damara arrived. But I didn’t know that. She engaged me in conversation inside the lab. Young Damara was hiding in the hallway and recording our conversation. I wouldn’t have known this was happening, but my equipment caused her microphone to feed back.

Surely. Now you understand that I had to detain them. How did she get onto this? H? How did Johnny get involved? All I know is what sound’s. Uh, destroying it will be simple enough, but that still leaves you with a problem. How to solve my sister and Johnny from going straight to Gabby? Once they get back to Sam, telling her everything.

Lucky for you. I haven’t been idle since you and EJ sent me to a Jakarta. I’ve been working on a robotics program that’s quite exciting. But to complete it, I require a set of human vocal chords. Two would be even better.

Are you talking about removing their vocal chords? Uh, it’s possible now, now you listen to me. I have a much better idea.

Wendy. Wendy. Wendy, are you awake, Wendy? Getting there. Um, what happened, see, I heard, was feedback from the mic. Yeah. My mouth was coming at me with a needle. Yeah. Yeah. I, uh, I found you, you, you were out cold. And then, uh, and Dr. Strange left, came at me with another needle. We. He spilled his guts. Not totally.

We still don’t know my dad’s involvement. God damn. Why do you have to figure out what we were up to? Because he didn’t get his reputation by being stupid. Yeah. When he comes back, he’s not gonna let us off with a warning, that’s for sure. I don’t think we can count on the local cops to come to the rescue.

We gotta find a way outta.

Yeah, this is Commissioner Ray Fernandez, a Salem pd. I’ve got a kidnapping here, so I thought I’d get the Bureau involved. Right. Yeah. It’s uh, it’s a high profile case. Victim’s name is Susan Banks, mother of ej d. Yeah, right. Those DMIs and the kidnapper is Ava Vitali of the Philadelphia Vitalis. Yeah, right.

I thought you’d be interested Now. Right now my 10 20 is the Salem Air Strip. I came here because e J’s brother told me that EJ was gonna be dropping off the ransom, and uh, well, it looks like things didn’t go as planned and Vitale may have taken off with Ms. Banks. Yeah, I got every one of my man out there looking for ’em right now.

Hold on a second. Yeah, I got one of ’em calling in right now. Yeah. What do you got?

Okay. How bad is it? All right, gimme the exact location and the crash, right? Damnit Eva. Dammit.

You quit your job, but you just started. You said it was such a great opportunity. Yeah, I know. A bit of a shot. I had no choice.

I still don’t understand the job. It just. It wasn’t what I was told it would be. Actually, there’s been a change of plans. I’m gonna go meet EJ and get the money and you’re gonna stay here. Stay here. Why to kill Susan? A boss asked me to do something that I knew was wrong and I thought of you and I. I just couldn’t go through.

Can you hear me? Don’t do it. Get my mother down there a kidnapped her. I know Tony told me David deliberately drove off the road bloody of mine. Get a damn hold to yourself. Okay? The rescue squad is on the way. They have a much better chance of getting your mother than you do. Okay? Look at that cliff.

Don’t see any chance getting down there, so I just stand here and do nothing. My mom is in that closet. Hey, thanks.

You told me that this rednecks company was legit. So what’s with your boss? Why is he asking you to do something dicey? Well, it wasn’t, he was a woman. None of that matters. Now I, it’s just like I said, she made the job had to be something that it wasn’t. I don’t were there anymore. What’d she want you to do?

Ah, I’d just rather not talk about it. I’m just trying to understand this thing that she wanted you to do that you didn’t wanna do. Was it unethical or was it worse than that? Right. Was it like cooking the books or something? Yeah. Yeah. Why that? Huh? That’s the case, and you did the right. And I’m really proud of you.

This is the chance. My mother.

My mother,

you know, we are in luck. I hear the chef is making his famous Creole tonight. Hopefully that will help us forget about our little run in with Gabby. I’m all for it. I just have a question. Okay. Raise your hand, Chloe. Um, why did you say that we wouldn’t dream of missing Gabby and Lee’s? Okay, well you weren’t there, so I don’t expect you to remember, but I certainly will never forget at Maya and Gabby’s wedding,

she played me as soon as we exchanged vows. She turned on me, kicked me right out of the house. So yeah, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Lee. You think she’s gonna do the same thing to him? I don’t know, but I know she doesn’t love him yet. She’s making a big to-do about the wedding. I can’t wait to find out why.

Before we hang up, I want to know you are clear on what I want.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , Justin. So we’re on the same page. Good. When my sister gets back home, she better be empty-handed.

Cubby, I didn’t, uh, hear you. What’s wrong with Wendy?

So you’re both of awake. You feel refreshed after your nap. You better let us go. Me brother will be mad as hell when he finds out what you did to us. Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. What are you gonna do? Keep us strapped to these gurneys forever. I don’t take it too well when people come to me under false pretenses and then secretly record my conversation, oh yeah, that must really bother an honorable guy like yourself.

That recording you made. Four kitty. No one will ever get to hear it.

I demand to speak to my brother. Fred, you just listened. He and I had a very fruitful chat on your phone. Fruitful how he gave me strict orders to ensure that the two of you never tell anyone what you heard here today.

This will take a few seconds, so sit tight. Hmm. And I’d like to have a choice.

Thank you. Yeah. So you think Gabby doesn’t love Lee? Why? I don’t think Gabby is capable of loving anybody in case she’s too obsessed with money and. Why do you think she ended up with Lee? Hmm. Lee’s father is chairman of the board and can help her climb back on top of Tamara. The only question is, why didn’t Gabby just go for the old man himself?

He’s married. When has that ever stopped? Gabby cab? I dunno. I guess she figured maybe Lee would be more helpful and clawing her way back to the top. I don’t. And why is she so anxious to have you at her wedding? I don’t know. Well, I think I do. I don’t think it has anything to do with money or power. It has to do with you.

That was the head of the maintenance crew for the company Jet. You know how we suspected Wendy was playing hooky from work? Yeah. Well, she did it in style. She and Johnny commandeered the jet and took off for Indonesia. We Why? What’s in Indonesia? I could tell you if she would return my calls. And you have no idea why they went?

No, she and I were whenever that close. Right. So why is it that you were telling on the phone whoever that was, They needed to make sure Wendy was gonna come back empty handed. What are your faces gonna bring back?

So, Dr. Wolf, can I ask you something you can ask? I can’t guarantee an answer that will satisfy you. I’m trying to figure you out. Do you have like a soul feelings? Just anything good. Get to me. What do you mean a beautiful sunset? A great sushi Miles Davis. What are you trying to say? We’re here because of Gabby, because we think she got a rat deal from my brother, hey, and my dad.

Why would you come so far and put yourself in Graved danger for a personal means nothing to you? Because what happened to her is wrong. She just found out that Stephan is alive. He was the love of her life. Good. Now, Stephan wants nothing to do with. Hasn’t there ever been someone in your life meant everything to you?

Hey, maybe, maybe love is the farthest thing from your brain right now, right? But what if it just happens anyway? He was meant to be till someone like you screws it up. Doesn’t it scare you just a little bit? He’s messing with the natural order of things. It does, doesn’t it? Here’s one way you can make things right.

Just let us go. Just let us go and we’ll let Gabby know the truth. I let Gabby knows the truth. Little fools, she does know the truth. Only she’s forgotten. It sinks to this. You wanna find it just as effective on your memories of today, what’s in that needle? A handy little mixture. I invented, I call it c r s 17.

What does CS stand? Can’t remember stuff. . So you two will return to Salem believing that you came here for nothing. Is that so horrible?

There is one thing I’m curious about. Why did you say that quitting your job was such a terrible thing, Liz, isn’t it? You know how much I’ve wanted to find a good paying job, and I, I really thought I’d got it sorted and I was gonna be able to take care of you, killing me to walk away from that job. I feel like I’ve let you down.

Again, I know that you wanna be the provider, but it means more to me that you wanna make an honest living. You, you found out that this job wasn’t on the up and up and you quit. I admire that. Oh, don’t say that. No, I do. I love you so much. Oh God, Sarah, I love you. Mm-hmm. so much. I dunno what I do.

I need a blank.

It’s gonna freeze. Death. The fire’s almost out.

Freeze’s my mother. I’m sorry sir. No one could have survived that blast.

Even the most ambitious people are capable of falling in love, okay? Be that as it may, you know how many times I’ve told Gabby there is no chance for her and me. She doesn’t seem like the type to take no for an answer because that’s stubbornness. It’s all based in green for her, it’s not love. I saw her face after she saw us kissing and she was upset.

Right? So why would she react by waving her wedding invitation in her faces? I don’t know. But I’m sure she wish she wouldn’t have done that. . She is going to regret it even more the day of her wedding. You and I sitting front and center holding hands, we get it. Why do you wanna hurt?

No, I, I don’t wanna, uh, no, it’s not about that. I, I wanna get through to her. That’s it. I don’t care about Gabby enough to wanna hurt her, and I don’t care who she marries. Hey. I only care about you

saying I want Wendy to come back empty handed. That was just a figure of speech. I don’t want her shopping for souvenirs. I won’t her back in St. Lu tomorrow. Why though? I need people. I can count on not, not flighty girls who take off on a whim with a guy and, and go halfway around the world. What are you gonna do when she gets back?

Fire her on, give them a break. I mean, she and are actually kind of cute together. Cute. How? Oh, I ran into them in this square a couple days ago. I dunno. There was this energy between the two of them and I was curious, so I asked Johnny about it and he admitted that he has a crush on your little sister.

Oh, well. So let him take his fresh out to dinner. Not to Indonesia on his daddy’s jet. Johnny Damara is a spoiled little rat. No, someone’s a little angry. You’re angry. Yeah. I’m really angry. So what if Johnny took Wendy on a romantic getaway that was a little over the top? Just let them enjoy it.

Who wants to go first? Seems to be up to me. Mi mind catch, elaborate

Bear my manner. Ladies first, of course,

Oh, lucky for me. You have very good veins. Please don’t do this. Come, don’t say anything. You should have thought as the consequences before you lied your way into my lab. You’re going to feel a little pinched now. I forget your hands offer.

Well, I do know one talent that can make you a millionaire. If I was willing to share, which I’m not, stop it.

my time at rednecks might be behind me. But I did learn one thing I need to think about more than just money. When I’m looking for a job, I’m gonna be proud of the way I make my living.

Great job is out there. You’ll find it. It might be a bit tricky explaining why I can’t ask my old boss for a reference though. Yeah, but people leave jobs on bad terms all the time. It doesn’t mean that you have bad people, you’ll survive. I don’t wanna deal with that women anymore. So Do you want the shower first?

No, you go, I’ll be waiting for you. That sound to that

I’m sorry.

I wish the hell this hadn’t happened.

No reason to stay here though. Good morning. You can leave your car. I’ll have an officer take it to your place. You can ride with me down the headquarters. Headquarters. Why? I’m gonna need your statement ej about what?

Tony told me that Ava had kidnapped your mom, but he didn’t know the rest, so I’m gonna need that from you. Why he’s not gonna bring my mother back? Ej. Ava did this. I wanna make sure that we get it all into public record. I am not gonna relive this nightmare. For the sake of public record,

I’m going home. AJ


I am touched that you are standing up for my sister, but would you be so generous if you were still c e o and your new employee went for a joy ride on the company Jet? Okay, look, just think about it. What’s more important? Some wasted jet fuel or true love?

Gabby Hernandez, I do believe you’re an old softie. Hey, watch her. You’re calling old buddy.

All right. You’ve convinced me you don’t have to be consequences. She skipped out on work. Okay. Well just tell her that she’s crowned for a week. I promise not to overreact after all. No real harm was done.

You were great. You were so bad at yourself.

Yes, I promised you desserts. Uh, that’s okay. I’m over it. Me too. Although I hate to think we came back here for no reason.

Uh, I’m moving too fast on I. You’re still not over Brady? No, I’m not honestly, but I do wanna move on with my life. I mean, he moved Kristen into his house five seconds after we broke up, so to hell with both of them. Hmm. Well, if there’s anything I can do to help facilitate that transition,

Hi. This is turning out to be one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.

oh my God. Ej, what happened?

Ej? Hey, are you okay? Ej, were you in an accident? No. Thought my mother was, she’s dead.

Oh, I love these. They look expensive as hell, but they’re still. That’s what I thought. Look, thought the box was already opened. Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait to take a peek. And actually I’m gonna, I’m gonna keep this one for myself as a reminder that this is actually happening. That it’s real. Oh, it’s real.

All right. But it’s December 31st, midnight. We’ll be a married couple. Yeah. Bringing in the New Year’s husband in life. I can’t wait

versus Lewis English. Dude, what do you think you’re doing? But you may have been able to destroy our recording, but uh, we can still undo everything that you did. And once we get back to. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. I am going to tell Gabby personally what you did to step’s mind, and she is gonna come after you with more than a scalpel.

You ready to roll? Yep. Can leave me like this? Stop. While you’re a brilliant scientist, I’m sure you can figure your way out of it. Nice. Yeah.

What are you watching? Uh, news bulletin about Susan Banks’s kidnapping. Did they say who did it? Same thing that Bonnie told me. Some guy in a clown mask.

Then what was. The bulletin. Did Susan tell him who did it? Susan couldn’t say anything. She’s dead.

No more. Bruce? No. Want you to?


gone. It’s all my fault.

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