Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Abby tells Ashley she cheated on Chance with Devon and now Chance wants a divorce. Ashley advises Abby that if she wants to try to save her marriage she must distance herself from Devon. Abby doesn’t like the idea but promises Ashley she will think about it.

Diane tells Jack that Tucker wanted her to get him Jabot’s financial information. Jack is upset because Diane is telling him this now and he wonders why she waited so long to tell him. Diane also tells Jack she made a deal to turn in Jeremy Stark anonymously. Diane also tells Jack that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis want to find Jeremy Stark and tell him that she helped put him in jail.

Jack talks to Ashley later and reminds her he told her to leave Diane alone. Ashley tells Jack that just because he told her to leave Diane alone doesn’t mean that she is going to do it.

Phyllis asks Tucker why he returned to Genoa City, and he tells her that he wants another chance with Ashley.

Sally turns down Nick’s offer of a loan to start her own fashion label. Sally explains to Nick she wants to start an interior decorating business or maybe an event planning business, but she doesn’t want help from anyone to do it. Sally decides to continue her personal relationship with Nick and they have sex.

Adam and Chelsea explain to Connor that she was so sad and in so much pain that she wanted to die but she is getting help for her illness.

Diane tells Phyllis and Tucker that Jack and Kyle are on her side and nothing that her enemies throw at her can beat her,

Sally has an idea for a new business and when she shows her idea to Nick, he thinks her idea will be a success,

Jack tells Ashley that Tucker has been using her to get financial information about Jabot because Diane told him that Tucker asked her for the information, but she never gave it to him.

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