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Steffy: Yes. If you can guarantee those numbers, that would be great. We can pick some times and dates for– yes. Yes. We’ll be chatting soon.

Ridge: [ Whispering ] Get off the phone.

Steffy: Okay. All right. Thanks. Bye bye. What in the world’s going on? Why are you acting so strange?

Taylor: Are you ready?

Steffy: Ready for what?

[ Taylor laughing ] Yes. Yes. I’m– yes.

Taylor: Are– are you– are you really ready?

Steffy: I– I’m really, really ready. What’s going on? What?

[ Steffy gasping ] Oh, my gosh! Oh my god. Dad, you proposed?

Ridge: And surprisingly, your mother said yes.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Mom. Let me see. Let me see.

[ Steffy gasping ] Oh, my goodness. Congratulations. Oh, I’m so happy for you.

Taylor: Yes. Your father and I are getting married.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Steffy: Oh!

Thomas: All right. Here’s what I’m thinking. You don’t have any school today, right? So I think you should come to work with me and maybe help me out with some designs. What do you say?

Douglas: Whatever.

Thomas: Whatever? Come on. What kind of answer is that? I want some enthusiasm here. Forrester creations is your birthright, after all. And it’s never too early to start learning about the company. You’re not gonna sit around and sulk all day, are you?

Douglas: I’m sorry, dad. But I just can’t stop thinking about what you did to grandma brooke. That was wrong.

Katie: So, thomas just showed up?

Brooke: At first, I thought he was looking for hope, but really he was here to throw ridge and taylor in my face. You should have heard him.

Katie: That’s so weird. I mean, lately, he seems like he’s been a little more subtle than that.

Brooke: Well, the mask slipped, if only for a second, and then he went into poor, misunderstood thomas mode. But I see him clearly. I know who he is, and I don’t trust him. Not for a second. And it always seems like he’s hiding something.

Katie: I know how you feel about thomas, and I don’t blame you, but the stance that you’ve taken has definitely put a strain on your relationship with ridge.

Brooke: I’m not sure how much of a relationship we have left, considering we both signed annulment papers, and I’m not even sure why.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. I wanted this for so long. I– I can’t believe this is real.

Ridge: Well, I believe it. Your mom and I are getting married again.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Steffy: Okay. I have to see this again.

Taylor: I know. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Steffy: Dad, you did good.

Ridge: I have my moments.

Steffy: This moment is great. Dad, you finally did it.

Eric: Did what? All right. What have you done now, ridge?

Steffy: Dad proposed to mom, and mom said yes.

Thomas: Look, bud. I– I don’t expect you to fully understand. Like you’re just a little boy and this is a complicated adult situation.

Douglas: No, it’s not, dad. You pretended to be grandma brooke on my voice app. You called child protective services on yourself to break up her marriage with granddad. That was wrong.

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Brooke: I’ve been asking ridge over and over again, why are you ending our marriage?

Katie: And what does he say?

Brooke: He’s just been very vague.

Katie: That’s so weird. Ridge has always been so direct.

Brooke: He keeps saying that he’s committed to taylor now, and what do I think happened? But I just kept pressing him. I told him, I don’t think he really wants to end our life together.

Katie: How did he respond to that?

Brooke: He said he doesn’t want any of this.

Katie: Oh.

Brooke: So, I told him we need to communicate. And he said it’s not that simple.

Katie: He’s the one making it difficult by not telling you why he left.

Brooke: God, I know. Exactly. And I asked him is it bill or is it deacon? And he said no.

Katie: Did you believe him?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. I did. But then he implied that it had something to do with his son. That’s why I don’t trust thomas. He always wanted ridge and me to break up and for his parents to be together. And now that ridge and i signed annulment papers, I’m afraid that might be happening.

Donna: You two are engaged? What about brooke? Didn’t– didn’t you two just–

Eric: Yeah, um. What about brooke? Wow. Well, congratulations.

[ Taylor chuckling ] You know your own mind, ridge. You know what you need to be happy. And apparently, that’s taylor. So, congratulations. Both of you.

Ridge: Thank you, dad.

Taylor: Hey, this is as much of a shock to me as it is to you. Okay? I– I know you have always been so supportive of ridge and brooke. I know how much you love her. This has gotta be very hard for you. I understand.

Steffy: About time.

Thomas: Hey. Hey, granddad. What did I miss?

Steffy: You have no idea. Hey, douglas.

Ridge: Shouldn’t you be in school?

Douglas: It’s a free day.

Ridge: Oh, nice.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, I thought, what– what better way to spend this free day than shadowing his dad.

Ridge: Never too early to start.

Taylor: Yeah. That is an excellent idea.

Thomas: That’s what I said. You look like you’re about to burst. What’s up?

Steffy: No, no, no, no. I’m– no, it– it’s– it’s really good news. You’re gonna– you’re gonna– you’re gonna love it. And I’m glad that you’re here too. Mom, just– just show them.

Taylor: Okay. Okay.

Thomas: Shut the front door. You’re engaged?

Taylor: Yes. Yes.

Thomas: That’s amazing. Wow.

Steffy: I know, right?

Thomas: This is incredible.

Steffy: Really is.

Thomas: Golly. Well, you have no idea how much steffy and i wanted this.

Ridge: I think we have an idea.

Thomas: Okay. Maybe– maybe we were a little– a little over the top.

Steffy: We knew how much you needed to be together.

Thomas: Yeah, we did.

Steffy: So how do you feel, douglas?

Douglas: It’s cool, I guess.

Taylor: Hey. What do you mean, you guess?

Douglas: Well, it’s just I kind of feel bad for grandma brooke.

Thomas: Yeah. You know, that’s just ’cause he’s such a loving and empathetic kid. But– but right now, we should probably focus on grandma taylor and your granddad and how happy they are. Finally, now that they’re together, my dad has opened his eyes and seen what was right in front of him all along.

Steffy: This is a fabulous day for our family.

Thomas: Yeah. It really is.

Steffy: Aren’t you happy for your grandparents, douglas? If you’re on medicare,

Ridge: Is donna okay?

Eric: Donna is okay. Yeah. She’s– she’s worried about her sister. She got over there to soften the blow.

Ridge: Well, brooke is lucky to have her full support.

Taylor: Yeah. Yes, she is.

Steffy: Hey, douglas. You never answered me. Are you happy for your grandparents getting married?

Thomas: Of course he is. Come on. Douglas is a forrester, right? And this is what’s best for the future of our family. Hey, bud. You wanna check out some of my new designs? Let’s go do that.

Steffy: Mom, you are gonna be such a beautiful bride. Did you figure out a dress or like, what are we gonna do with your hair?

Taylor: You know– did you know that your father actually made the dress?

Steffy: What?

Ridge: You’re awfully quiet.

Eric: Yeah. Well, honestly, it’s kind of hard to know what to say. I want you to be happy, you know that. And only you can decide what makes you happy or who. I adore taylor. She’s been a part of this family for a long time, so. It’s just that, hell, I don’t know.

Ridge: No, I know. I know what you’re getting at, dad. You thought brooke was gonna be my happily ever after. I thought that too for a long time. Just didn’t work out that way. But I really hope you can support my life with taylor.

Eric: I will, but I reserve the right to be concerned about brooke.

Ridge: Fair enough. Love you.

Eric: Love you too.

Steffy: So, when are you planning on having this wedding? I mean, you should do it tomorrow.

Taylor: Really?

Steffy: Are you for real? Really?

Ridge: No one’s getting any younger.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness. Are you kidding?

Taylor: No, no. I was thinking it was because we didn’t wanna waste time, but you’re right.

Steffy: No. I– I– I get it. Hey, if you need help with anything, I’m here.

Taylor: You know what? I do need help with something. My beautiful daughter who I love so much. You know how much I admire you and how much I love the way that you live your life and– and who you are. And it would just mean everything in the world to me if you would stand by me on my wedding day, the very last time that I am marrying your father and be my matron of honor.

Steffy: Oh my– of course, mom.

Taylor: Yeah?

Steffy: Of course.

Taylor: I love you.

Steffy: I love you. I love you. Thank you.

Katie: I’m so sorry. I hate that you’re going through this.

Brooke: Me too. But it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on ridge and myself.

Katie: You signed the papers.

Brooke: Yeah, I did. I just think that ridge needed me to do that at that moment. But how can I give up on him, katie? I love him. He truly is the love of my life. Ridge would always say that it just takes one of us to keep on believing and the other one will catch up. And this time, it has to be me.

Katie: Well, I admire your determination, your conviction.

Brooke: Well, I’m not gonna lose my husband to taylor. I’m not. I mean, I think somehow, we’ll be able to get through this and– and we can be together.

Katie: Well, I’ve learned to never count you and ridge out.

Donna: Oh, hi.

Brooke: Donna. Are you okay? What’s going on?

Donna: Ah, look, something happened and I– I wanted you to hear it from me first. I, um… I just left forrester.

Brooke: Donna, please don’t tell me–

Donna: I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but um, ridge and taylor, they just announced their engagement.

[ Brooke scoffing ]

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[ Brooke scoffing ]

Brooke: Ridge and taylor engaged.

Donna: I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, brooke.

Brooke: I don’t understand. I mean, I just signed annulment papers. That means he had every intention of asking taylor to marry him.

Katie: I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I’m sure once the annulment was in the works, the three-way pressure notched up to a new level.

Brooke: Well, they got everything they wanted right? Steffy, thomas, and taylor.

Katie: They are not married yet.

Brooke: I just thought I might have some time. You know, I was just telling katie that ridge and I still have a chance together.

Katie: Yeah, you do.

Donna: Yeah. I– I agree. I– I mean, you can’t let steffy and thomas manipulate ridge out of your life and into taylor’s life because they have this– this fantasy of this family that only exists in their minds.

Katie: Listen. Listen to me. Ridge has feelings for taylor, I’m not gonna deny that. But he does not love her the way he loves you. Something drove a wedge between you and ridge, but you have overcome so much, so many obstacles, you’re gonna get through this too, okay? You said that ridge is the love of your life. You’re the love of his life. That’s worth fighting for. Don’t give up faith.

Brooke: How can I not give up faith when he asked taylor to marry him? How could he do that? I– I don’t even understand what happened. Why– why is this even happening to us? I– I don’t get it.

Katie: I’m sorry.

[ Taylor chuckling ]

Taylor: Hey, how is he doing? I know this was such a big shock for him. You know, I just– I wish that he could have been just a– a little more excited for us.

Steffy: You know– you know how much grandpa loves you.

Taylor: I do. I do. But I also know that, you know, when it comes to you, he’s always been team brooke. And I understand that, but.

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? Granddad has always had a little bit of a soft spot for brooke. But now the dynamic has changed, you know, and dad has finally realized that the woman that would always be truthful to him and be faithful to him is you, mom.

Ridge: No, I realize it. I know you’ll always be honest with me. Lucky man. Um, there is something I want to say to my son. I’m gonna– want your help with something.

Thomas: Okay? Can I make you a better suit ’cause this one’s a little bland?

[ Steffy and taylor laughing ]

Ridge: No, the suit’s fine.

Thomas: Yeah?

Ridge: What I want from you is something a little more personal.

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: I thought maybe we could make this a family affair and you could be my best man.

Thomas: Really? Yes. I mean, I– thank you for wanting me.

[ Steffy and taylor laughing ]

Taylor: Yay! You know, you guys deserve a place at the altar for all the energy and effort that you have put into this.

Thomas: You have no idea how much energy and effort.

Steffy: Hey, we can do it all again if it led us right back here.

Thomas: It’s true.

Taylor: Am I dreaming? Am I? Somebody pinch me?

Thomas: Oh.

Taylor: I’m not dreaming. You know what? Dreams really do come true. Look at us. Our family is back together. You know what the best part is? Douglas. Douglas gets to be a part of it now.

Thomas: Yes. I actually think that that is incredible because– because douglas can actually see what true love, what real love actually looks like.

Taylor: You know, I love you guys so much. I love you so much and I can’t wait to be your wife again.

Ridge: No?

Taylor: No.

Steffy: Forever this time.

Taylor: Forever.

Ridge: Okay.

Thomas: Hey. Look over there. You see your grandma and your granddad? See how happy they are to be together? And your aunt steffy. She’s happy too. She really wants her parents together. This is a good thing. It’s the right thing for our family and for our future. Okay? So, you can’t say anything about that app, all right? Not a word.

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