GH Short Recap Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cody shows Mac and Felicia the paternity test that says Mac isn’t his father and both Cody and Mac are sad but they hide their feelings from Britt and Felicia.

Valentin catches up to the transport van and takes Anna away before the police arrive, but Heather is missing.

Willow finally tells Michael about her leukemia and makes it clear she and TJ are not having an affair. Michael tells Willow he will support her decision and he would have supported her if she would have told him earlier. TJ tells Sonny he and Willow are not having an affair and asks Sonny to trust him because he can’t tell him any more information.

Finn can’t believe that Reiko was having an affair with Jeff since he doesn’t remember working with Jeff in the Mariana islands.

Nikolas looks for Esme all over Windermere, but he can’t find her. Nikolas gets knocked on the head by the hook attacker but he isn’t hurt when he reawakens. He is angry that the hook attacker was in his house.

Elizabeth fears she has lost Finn, so she calls Teri and asks her to come to the house to talk.

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