Days Short Recap Friday, November 4, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava packed a bag with the stuff she needed to go through with her plan. She ignored texts from Tripp. She was about to text him back when Charlie appeared to her. He wanted to convince her not to change her mind about going through with her plan to get EJ. Ava wasn’t sure she could do that to Susan. He assured her that nothing would happen to Susan. He reminded her that she already hired Xander to do the job. Brady confronted Kristen about Chloe getting a promotion. She told him that she didn’t do it, but she thought it would be good for them. He thought she could fix it so Chloe could change positions, but he wouldn’t stop loving her. They got into an argument until Rachel stopped it. She guilted them into stopping by telling them about her stomach hurting. Kristen was worried about her so she wanted to call the doctor. Brady told her that Sarah was her doctor. Sarah showed up to check on Rachel. After Sarah left, Brady wanted to check on Rachel. She was glad they weren’t fighting anymore. Stefan wanted to know why Wendy was talking about him. She lied to him about why she was talking about him. She mentioned his resurrection and they talked about Gabi. She let him know that she would hate to see her brother get hurt. She wanted to know if he would ever fall for Gabi again. He wasn’t sure what made his feelings for Gabi change. He told her that Rolf didn’t do anything to change his feelings. He said he was over her. Wendy wanted to know if there was someone else. Chloe walked in while they were talking.

Chloe told Stefan about her promotion. She was happy to get away from Brady. She said she was miserable about the situation. He held her to try to make her feel better. She wanted to forget about Brady so he tried to make her forget. He kissed her. EJ wanted to know what Susan and Johnny were talking about. Susan told him that Johnny missed Ava. Johnny played along and told him about being played by Ava. EJ left to make a phone call. Johnny thanked Susan for covering for him. Wendy texted Johnny because she wanted to talk to him. She sensed danger and wanted him to be careful. Johnny left to meet with Wendy. EJ came back so Susan warned him about her bad feeling. He wondered if Johnny asked her to choose sides. She told him that she wouldn’t do that. Wendy showed Johnny the list of former pilots Li requested. Johnny recognized a name on the list. He remembered the name because Kristen hired him to kidnap two women. EJ and Li knew they could be bribed so they wondered if they could get to Rolf that way. Xander met with Ava at the crypt. She wanted him to grab Susan. He said he didn’t have a plan yet. Ava had a plan and gave him the bag. Later, Xander approached Susan at the DiMera mansion. He grabbed her and took her out of the mansion.

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