Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ accused Johnny of plotting revenge because of Ava. Susan came in and told EJ to leave Johnny alone. EJ asked Johnny what happened with the clown. Johnny said he wasn’t trying to kill him. Johnny said he wasn’t scheming against him. EJ said he hoped that was true because he would hate the idea of his son betraying him. Paulina let Sloan know that her money was on the way. When Paulina got off the phone, Stephanie came in. Paulina yelled at her. Stephanie showed her the blackmail file. Paulina said she would keep her on board since the election was a week away. Stephanie said Sloan could plant a rumor which could ruin everything. Paulina said they would be in the clear. Chad went to see Alex to convince Victor not to fire Stephanie. Alex said it wouldn’t happen because he had the file. Alex wondered why Chad was concerned about it. He asked if Chad had feelings for her. Chad said it was none of his business. Chad realized Alex still had feelings for her. Chad let Alex know that she wasn’t into him. Stephanie showed up and listened to their conversation. Alex said Chad was marking his territory. Chad said the love of his life died. He said he didn’t want to move on with anyone right now especially not Stephanie. Alex said he would want to move on eventually. Chad told him to leave it alone. He said there would never be anything between him and Stephanie. She was disappointed. She walked in the room and let them know she got her job back with Paulina. She asked if she could talk to Alex alone. Chad left them alone. She told Alex that she wanted to repay him by taking him out to dinner. He said that was crossing the line. She said she was willing to make an exception.

Xander was at the town square looking for a job. Ava showed up and asked him to kidnap EJ’s mother. She said she would make it worth his while. He refused to do it. EJ showed up. Xander asked EJ for a job in exchange for information on one of his enemies. EJ thought he was talking about Victor. EJ said questioned his loyalty. EJ said he was a loser who got outsmarted by Philip. EJ said he could cut hedges if he needed a job. EJ walked away. Johnny thanked Susan for sticking up for him. She asked if he was telling the truth. Johnny said he wouldn’t dress up like a clown to scare EJ. Susan asked him about Chanel. She told him not to give up on love. When she touched his chest, she said love wasn’t too far away. Ava asked Xander if he changed his mind about helping her. She said all he had to do was babysit Susan until EJ paid ransom. Xander liked the idea. He agreed to do it. He wanted to bleed EJ dry.

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