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, you want me to be the model? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I mean, the energy in the photos you took of Nicole, that’s one thing, but seeing this live and in person, camera’s gonna eat this up. Okay. I, I’m not so sure about this. Oh, well I am. Look, Brady was fine, but the chemistry, Luke warm, you two are gonna be blazing hot together.

He, you said you still care about me. I do. And then I said that, you know, moving Kristen into your home two seconds after we break up. That’s a real funny way of showing it. And you said if there was any other way, what were you talking about, Brady? Any other way to do what? Chloe? Hey, glad I found you guys, Lee.

Um, hi. Um, what’s going on? Is there a problem at Corporator? More like an opportunity. Oh, okay. What can I do? Actually, I came to speak to Ms. Lane.

Ms. Hernandez Ali set me out with these wedding cake samples for you to try. Oh, thank you. Yes, they, they look great. Did you wanna wait for your fiance? That’s okay. Um, you could just leave them with me. He’ll be here soon. . Oh, I think I see him right there.

So let me get this straight. You heard your brother say that he shipped Ralph outta the country? Well, that’s what he told you, aunt Kristen. She didn’t sound too happy about it. Did he say why he did it? Kristin accused Lee of working with your dad. She assumed it was all part of e j’s. But Lee didn’t admit it.

Not exactly, but she thought I’m pretty convinced. So it’s gotta be more on the right track. Yeah, I guess, um, I guess looks like we just need to figure out where your brother sent, Ralph Lee left a bunch of papers he was working on here. Maybe I can find something.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No, this isn’t my fiance. It’s my ex-husband. Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed. No worries. Yeah, we were married briefly. Didn’t work out so well, Lee. The groom should be here any minute, so thank you for these samples. They look great.

I mean, you’re looking for Candy Halloweens over. I’m aware. I’m looking for Chloe hoping to take her to lunch. Oh, how nice of you. Yeah. Stop by her room at the end. She wasn’t there, so I’m assuming she’s in the office today. Okay. So why are you telling me this? Because I was hoping that she would share her candy stash with me.

But I might as well have a piece of what’s all this

corporate has been very impressed with the work you’ve been doing here at Basic Bluff. Oh wow. Well, that’s nice to hear. You know, it’s true. Ever since you took over management of domestic sales profits have taken off. Well, she’s the best. I could have told you that Indeed, which is why I’m here. We’d like you to use that talent and expertise in, in a broader way.

So I’ve come to offer you a job at damara. Really? At Damara. Oh, hold on. You want, you want Chloe to go work with you at the corporate office? Don’t worry, Brady. We already have a large pool of qualified applicants to fill Ms. Lane’s position here at basic. Assuming she accepts my offer. Oh, wow, Lee. Um, I wasn’t expecting this.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. . I do. Kristen put you up to this, didn’t she?

I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m EJ d. Yes, of course. I know who you are. Mr. Damara. Wendy. Wendy. Is that my dad? Is he there with you? Yes, this is my new boss. Better go, please soon. I’m so sorry about that. I’m Wendy Shin. Nice to meet you, Langley. I’ve heard so much about you. I hope I wasn’t interrupting your conversation.

Not at all. Oh, good. So tell me, who are you talking to?

First of all, Mr. Black. Chris and Damara doesn’t. Order me to do anything. Ah, come on. Kristin’s been dying to get Chloe and me away from one another. And although Chloe does deserve promotion, this says Chris had written all over it. It’s her style. You even where about the case? Miss Damara no longer has a position at this company.

Wait, she doesn’t work at Damara anymore. Ej um, relieved her of her duties, so I can assure you it. We’re offering you this job entirely on your own merit.

So what do we say? Do I have my models? Are we shooting a cover or what? Okay, Alex, I, I don’t think this is such a good idea. Why not? Nicole? You saw the photos there took of you. I mean, I already told you you were born for this, obviously, but when you two are together, you create. Magic. Yeah. When I was shooting the photos, maybe.

But who’s gonna shoot the cover? If I’m in front of the camera, I’ll do it. You are you enough photographer? I have a ridiculous, a good eye. Well, it doesn’t matter about your eye. What? Okay, look. Do you even have experience doing a photo shoot like this? I interned at the photo department at Bella directly outta college.

That was more than a few years ago. Looks like riding a bike. Listen, I know this is your magazine, but I’m guessing you don’t want to spend money on a reshoot. If this doesn’t work, it’s all good. This may not be the finished product anyway. What? Yeah, I wanna take some test shots, see if my theory stands correct and if it comes out.

Great as I think it will. Who knows? We might have a whole campaign on our hands. So this is just proof of concepts exactly, but a hell of a concept. First things first, we gotta get you into wardrobe. I have just the right thing for you, pal.

What exactly is this job that you’re offering me? My man? I need you, Alex. Listen, I, I’ve been rethinking this whole photo shoot thing. I really don’t want to be on the cover. Good. Because I’m replacing you just gotta get you outta that suit. What? Come on. Come on. I’ll explain On the.

Since you are so curious, these are my samples for my cake, for my wedding. Oh, your cake, your wedding. Uh, sorry, but I, I thought that the couples were supposed to make these decisions together or does your fiance not get to have an opinion? Lee had something to take care of this morning, but he’ll be here any minute.

Ah, sure. He. What was that? What was what? No, you just said, sure. He will like you. Don’t believe me. Why do you care? Because it’s annoying and insulting. You know what? Just say what you need to say. Just curious what Lee’s priorities are. That’s all. You don’t need to be curious because Lee understands we need to do this right away.

Why right away? Because we wanna get married as soon as possible. Why the rush all of a sudden, oh, well there is no rush. But there’s also no reason to wait now that your feelings for me are dead and buried.

It was just work, friend, not on the phone. Just now. I’m just friend from back home. I hope you don’t mind that I was making a personal. Company time, it’s fine. Well, I may secretly wish I could keep my staff chained to their desk during working hours. I understand that employees have their own lives. Oh, we appreciate that

And, uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the middle of the night in Hong Kong right now it is. But my friend lives in Fairbanks or used to be stationed. Uh, yes. I’d forgotten that your father and brother had exiled you to the frozen north. They hadn’t. But I’m very happy to be here at Damara HQ in the room where it happens, so to speak.

I guess Fairbank isn’t exactly the center of the action. You could say that. I can understand why you’d be so eager to move on. From everything I’ve heard, you’re quite the go-getter. I like to think I’m a hard worker. And ambitious too. I gather. I couldn’t help overhearing that. You seem quite curious about your brother’s papers.

Was there something specific you were looking for?

Guess? You probably heard me on the phone before, huh? No, no. I gotta admit, I’m a little worried now that my dad walked in on Wendy while we were talking. I don’t think she can handle herself, but uh, I think you can agree. It can be a little intimidating. I know you probably wouldn’t approve of what I’m doing right now, but look, if, if my dad and Shin did do something, Stephan, then they shouldn’t get away with it.

Right? And I know my dad is your son, but so is Stephan and he, he even carries your name. That has to mean something. And you always said nothing’s more important than family. And family should never turn on. Hey, sure. Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more.

I guess you, uh, heard me talking to Nono just now? No. No. Nope. Nope. Oh, I mean, yeah. Is, I mean, you know, there’s be ashamed of, I mean, I talked to plenty of my relations that are passed down to the other side. You do? Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. I mean, We, I tell ’em my problems. We talk about current events and you know, I even, um, I share my recipes and beauty tips.

Okay. Hey, you know what? There’s no reason that you shouldn’t, you know, talk to your granddaddy. Um, uh, I mean, if it helps, it’s just, I wanna warn you, I wouldn’t listen to a word he says, cause that man that is just million, million mind, well, you, you don’t have to worry about that grandma. He doesn’t actually, you know, talk back, so, oh, he does.

You, oh, I mean, my elders, they talk back to me. Oh, the time. I mean, she’s like, yep, yep, yep, yep. I mean, even when I’m trying to sleep, they keep talking to me. Well, I’m. I’m sorry to hear that, but hey, I’m, it’s, it’s, it’s nice to have you back here in Salem. I’ve, uh, I’ve missed you. Oh, my grandma. Something wrong.

You know what? I just think my connection just got clear. Bad connection. Yes. Whew. Spirits that just sent me a message that include me. Oh. Great baby. You really are out to get your daddy, aren’t you?

I wasn’t looking for anything specific in my brother’s papers. Just try to drag him into the 21st century. Where was he before? Who knows? I mean, look at all. As much as I’ve tried to convince Lee to join us in the digital age, he’s much too loyal to our father to fully take that leap. Hmm. I have heard that way.

Like’s the older way of doing things. I’ve given up on changing my father. Well, let’s not get started about his opinions on women in power, but the man doesn’t believe anything is real unless it’s written on a piece of paper. He can hold in his hand and he feels the same way. Well, he’s his father’s son in many.

Of course then he can never find anything when he needs. It Sounds like you’re trying to help him get organized. Well, I decided one of my first acts in Salem would be to finally force my brother to save some trees and embrace the cloud, you know, to preserve his sanity. If nothing else, I, no BOGO besides, must be a huge security risk to have all this confidential information just lying around.

Sounds like your brother was very lucky to have. As far as the company’s security is concerned, you need not worry. Why is that? Because your brother’s papers are all in this building and only people with clearance have access to the executive floor, and we have no reason to suspect anyone working with Lee, including his very own sister.

I’m not trying to pressure you, Chloe. I know this offer must seem. I just didn’t realize I was even on your radar. Well, since the change of leadership, EJ and I have been trying to reevaluate our entire leadership structure, we’re going to rebuild the team of superstars. Oh, wow. Well, I am, I’m flattered. Uh, but don’t you have enough people in house who are just as qualified?

Maybe, but I believe in fresh voices, and I believe you could bring a new energy and creativity to the entire Dara Enterprise Executive Suites. You really think so? Well, I, I wouldn’t have made the offer if I didn’t, and this is coming from you and EJ alone. I told you Kristen has nothing to do with the company anymore.

That’s not who I was talking about. Mm. You’re asking about Stephan. I’m well aware of his romantic interest in you, and if I’m being honest, it’s one I’m happy to encourage. Excuse me. I believe in honesty, Chloe, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to see Stephan involved with someone. Someone who isn’t Gabby, your fiance,

Well, I’m not proud of the impulse, but when your bride to BE’S husband comes back from the dead, let’s just say one, can’t help but be a little, um, insecure. Yeah, I get that. But if you think that I’m gonna. Suddenly start working at Damara, and then Stephan and I are gonna, oh, it’s none of my business one way or the other.

Stephan, and your proximity is a fringe benefit, but I assure you this offer is about business. Stephan does nothing about it. So does this mean that you can finally accept I don’t love you anymore. Finally, yeah, I got tired of banging my head against them while hoping you’d remember. Remember my feelings.

Yes. Well, that was before I tracked Dr. Wolf down. You found him? Yeah. Charged into his lab and demanded he Tell me what he did to you to make you stop loving me.

What’d he say? Well, he said he saved your life, but that he’d done nothing to mess with your head or make you hate me. I see. And you believed him.

Why wouldn’t I believe Ralph? I mean, he has no reason to lie to me. Right. None that I can think of. You know, I’m glad you found Ralph because now you know that he did nothing to influence my feelings. And maybe you can move on from the past and we can go our separate ways. Yeah, we can, honestly, we don’t ever have to see each other’s faces again.


Hey, what? What the hell are you doing? I’m hungry and I figured maybe you could use an outside opinion. Well, I don’t care about your opinion on my cake or anything else. This is for me and my groom. Right? Your groom. You know I was your groom once and the way I see it, you denied me my rightful cake. What are you talking about?

When we were married, we didn’t even have a wedding reception. You kicked me out the way I. As soon as we set our I dos, so obviously our wedding was nothing but a sham. A way for you to get revenge on me. You like to pretend that we had this grand love story, but there was no love involved. No, no, no, no.

Our wedding day was completely meaningless. That is not true.

Listen, I know this is, I don’t know how we got it. Into this mess. You go first. No, you please. I was just gonna say, it seems that Alex pretty determined for us to take these pictures. Yeah. You even went to go get your wardrobe. Yeah. Are you okay with this? No. No. Not, not at all. I haven’t even told Reef that you took photos of me before and now we’re gonna be together on the cover of Bella.

Maybe. I mean, it’s just proof concept, right? Yeah, that’s what they all say. You know, we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do. And the last thing I want to do is cause any trouble for you and ra. Just say the word and I will tell Alex to find another way to recreate his magic. Grandma, we already went over this.

I told you I was not dressed up as some crazy clown last night. Okay? All right. And I, I still believe you. I mean, I’m not getting any bojo vibes, right. Thank you. I, I think, well, honey, I, I know you’re up to something. I just, I wish you’d stop Fus footing around and tell grandma what its, I don’t know what you’re talking about, sweetheart.

I love you more than the king loves Lisa Marie, but I love my son just as much and he’s my baby boy. And I don’t want you to hurt him. I’m not doing, I’m not doing anything to him. Okay? He’s the one who did something wrong.

Of course, you’re right. My brother’s papers are completely secure in this office. Why do I get a sense there’s a box? Well, I guess I’m just a detailed oriented person. And as long as Lee’s beholden to his paper mistress, he won’t be able to work as efficiently as he could, his paper mistress. I’m just trying to help and I appreciate that.

I can see that the reports about your work ethic were correct. Thank you. No, thank you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. I hope so. Lovely meeting you Miss Shin. Welcome aboard and if there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate. Uh, now that you mention it, I was actually wondering if I could access the records for the Demer jet.

The Jet were full. Well, I promised I would put all of my brother’s expense reports on the accounting server, assume he is authorized to use the jet. Of course, all upper level executives are, I figured unfortunately, Lee’s expense reports are a little less than detailed, so if I could cross reference them against Dara’s internal records, I could reconcile exactly when used the jet.

And this is something that accounting. Well, apparently they’ve been wanting to ping me about this for a while, but considering his position, they’re more than happy to let his sister be the bad guy, something like that. Plus, since most of Lee’s travels or at regular intervals, I can install a new algorithm to prompting when to input any new data, so, okay.

Okay. I don’t need to hear any more details, but I will be more than happy to get you into the system.

You’re trying to tell me that your father, but dear Sweet Elvis sprain washed his own brother. I’m not a hundred percent sure, but all the evidence seems to point in that direction. Okay. But what I mean, why would he do something like that to his own Flushy blood? He barely even knows Stephan. Right. And as important as family is to my dad, his legacy.

Mean, he did everything he possibly could to push Gabby out so he could take Damara back. If Stephan comes back and sides with Gabby, they have more than enough shares to stay on top. Mm. But that still leaves the Elvis on the o place that he does not like to be. She’s saying that, um, my baby had, uh, Dr.

Roth, that nasty Dr. Ralph tinker with Stephan’s brain, so he would stop loving. And if it’s true, Stephan has a right to know. And soda’s Gabby, I thought she was, uh, gonna marry that Lee Feller. Yeah, because she thinks Stephan despises her. Oh, that’s just terrible. Oh my goodness. I mean, I mean, if she really does still love him and, and deep down, Stephan still loves.

I mean, we can’t let her marry the wrong kind. No, I mean, because love is God’s greatest gift of mankind, and we can’t let anyone stand in the way of true love. That’s exactly right. So you agree with me? I need to take down my dad to make things right for Stephanie and Gabby. Hold on, hold on, hold on. What?

Hmm? What is it are trying to tell me that. Feel so strongly you’re doing all this stuff because you feel so strong about Gabby and Stephan’s love. Yeah. Why else would I do it? Oh, honey, , you doing it for revenge because your daddy kicked a out on the I know, I know that you said that you, you’re gonna make them pay.

So you admit that marrying me was only an act of revenge? Yeah. And you framed me for Andre’s murder. Yet you want me to believe that our wedding meant something to you? It did. How am I supposed to believe that? Why? Why? Why are we doing this? What does it matter? Just want to. Okay, fine. Yes. I, I wanted revenge for what you’d done to me, other than thinking about coming home to my daughter.

It’s the only thing I thought about in prison, and then when I got out, duping you into marriage was, you know, a good way to ruin your life. Yeah, wonderful. But I was the one that ended up being duped myself. Why are, why are we doing this right now? Well, I don’t know. Closure. Look, nobody’s forcing you to answer.

Okay. For the sake of closure. Well, I was plotting against you. Yes. I started to have feelings for you and I didn’t wanna admit it. You fell in love with me. Yes. But I mean, I still hated you. I mean, what you did to me was unforgivable. Because of your obsession with AKA’s. Altered Gabby. I went to prison. I was viciously beaten because of that.

I can’t have any more children.

I’m sorry. So yes, I wanted to get back at you, which believe me, you deserved I was fighting back real feelings. I, I was. This wedding, it was just pure conflict. I mean, I had Harold put silk sheets on the bed. I ordered a cake that we were never gonna eat. It was fantasizing about spending the night with you.

It was dreaming about having this marriage with you for real. And that stupid cake, cutting the stupid cake on our wedding night. So there was a cake? Yes, but it was in the kitchen the entire time. Okay. That night I did cut a sliver of it. I was trying to celebrate my success. Right. How was it? It was delicious.

It was chocolate hazelnut ganache with blood orange jam failing. You know, it was the perfect combination of sweet and just a little bit of bitter exactly the way I like it. Hmm. So, uh, I like this one.

Yeah. I kind of like that one


That is good. Hmm.

Here. You want to try?

What do you think?

Even better than I remember it.

So what do you say, Chloe? You ready to turn the page and start the next chapter?

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