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Henry, the only thing I’m sad to leave is.

Stephanie, what up?

Sorry to keep leaving messages, but I’m pretty wound up as you can imagine. So I’m telling you again that as soon as you get that file from Sloan Peterson, I wanted deliver it to me immediately. Stephanie, I wanna thank you again for all you’ve done to neutralize that Viper. Me and my Chanel, we are forever your dead.


what the hell? Hope this isn’t a bad time. It always is for you, Ms. Peterson. Not to mention our business is concluded. And who gave you that idea?

Ten two on the nose. Right? Oh, I missed the kids Halloween party, didn’t I? Yeah. You want a leftover circus peanut? Oh no. I hate circus peanuts. Yeah. Kids didn’t like ’em either. That’s why there’s nothing left in the bag. But those, well, the staff lead ’em. Don’t worry. We’re all about free food around here.

You just said we. Yeah, I did. Force of habit, right? Well, apropo of force of habit and the fact that you used to work here. I just ran into a little kid upstairs named Malachi. He was asking after you and he showed me the most impressive fake barf trick I’ve ever seen. He said you taught it to him. Oh man.

Yeah. I’m really sad I missed that, Malachi. Oh yeah, he’s a, he’s really cool kid. Yeah, he thinks you’re pretty cool too. In fact, he said, you’re best buds. So if you stick around a little longer, maybe you could teach him another trick. Mm. And if you stick around even longer, there we go. What? What? I was just about to say.

No, I was just about to say, if you stick around even longer, you could become his doc and his good butt again. Right. That I guess it actually, what I was gonna say was, I hope you stay in Salem because I really love having you here. I love being here, but my life is in Seattle now. I just got a return to get there tonight, so I just came to say goodbye.

Thank you Bell. I am indeed thrilled to be back running Damira. No, no. I don’t intend to go public about a Batali’s crimes. Not as long as she abides by our agreement. I’m sure I’m not the only one celebrating her banishment from Salem never to be seen or her from again.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

My client is growing very impatient of your games. Well, if you knew anything about me at all, you know I don’t play games and neither do I. If you don’t pay up, this whole world will know you and your daughter’s dirty little secret. What are you talking about? Stephanie Johnson assured me that everything was resolved.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but your spin doctors spun a bunch of lies to the both of us.

Glad to see you’re still in the office. I’m glad you’re here too. So, aside from my main objective, which is revitalizing Bella Magazine, I am happy to report that I closed the McGowen deal. So I’m gonna need you to put out a press release for that asap. You know, the same standard self congratulatory bs. I will get right on that.

Thank you. But first I was hoping that I could ask you to do something for me.

So how Book your return flight, huh? Yeah, yeah. You know, now that Kayla’s doing well, I get back. That makes sense. But you know, your mom’s not gonna be too happy if you leave without seeing her. Wow. Really pulling out all the stops, aren’t you? I’m trying. Yeah. Well, as far as my mom goes, because you haven’t heard, well, I’ve been at the hospital 24 7 up until now.

What didn’t I hear? EJ Damara ran her outta town. I have no idea where she is.

Yes, I’m well aware that A and Gabby are likely are for my blood, but if they come for me, they’ll live to regret it or maybe not live at all. A little Halloween humor.

My mom made some bad choices. I know, but she was going to marry Jake. That part wasn’t a lie. Well, yeah, but does that excuse her from faking a marriage and helping herself to his demari shares? No, but I’m just saying that the punishment doesn’t fit the. She was grieving and ej what he took away Her job, her home?

Yeah. You know, he could have had her arrested and sent to Statesville. I’d say he treated her pretty well considering the circumstances. Well, not out of any sense of compassion. I mean, he had his own ulterior motives. What do you mean? I’d rather I get into it. Okay. So you have no idea where your mother is?

No, no. I just have a text from her saying that she’s okay and that she would see me soon,

but, well, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s not like Eva to give in and just leave.

That was. Damn a charge. You scared the hell outta me. There’s someone sneaking around outside. It’s the same damn costume. Ask anybody. Damn. They were, they were just right here. The way your PR meisters plan crashed and burned. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised she didn’t have the nerve to tell you. Tell me what that she sent her lackey, Chad Damira, to pay me off with Who’s money?

It wasn’t money. It was counterfeit. The only reason I found out was pure chance. If I hadn’t realized I was being scammed, I’d be out my retainer and my client could be arrested for passing big bills. You’re a fine Wanna be talking about fakes. I don’t believe a word of this ridiculous story. You have seen the evidence and you’ve heard my terms.

I’ve got no reason to lie. Has Stephanie called you today? No, but I’m sure. Gee, I wonder why she might be avoiding you. You are five points ahead in the polls and the election is next week. This is a terrible time to have your daughter’s exploits lashed across every newspaper cover in the state. Wouldn’t she agree?

Are you asking me for a favor? I know, I know. I already owe you big time for covering for me with Sloan last night. You think? Well, it’s not like I meant to find you handcuffed to her bed practically naked. Well, that was a surprise for the both of us, trust me. But you know, Stephanie, I do not think that the words naked and handcuffs in the same sentence is appropriate office conversation.

Probably not. Hmm. Look, I’m not going to tell Slum that you broke into her apartment, but you can’t do it again. You’re right about that. I can’t push my luck, but I told Paul Price that I would deliver the compromising materials This. Sloan’s been threatening her with today, and I don’t know how I’m gonna do that without your help.

So Stephanie told me that it’s far more interesting to be in Salem than to live in Seattle. Oh yeah. Did she tell you why she feels that? Oh, come on. You know, there is never a dull moment here. We have our own super villains, we have paranormal activities. There’s Dr. Ralph raising people from the dead. And of course you have your wildly fascinating family who lives here.

Gee, you wouldn’t be sending me on a guilt trip now, would you, mom? Mm-hmm. Be totally outta. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Enough about family. I was wondering about Wendy Shin. Wendy Shin. That’s a pretty random wonder. No, not really. I heard you and trip talking about her when you both thought I was sleepy.

What? You’re kidding. No. And it sounded like you were both kind of into her. Well, disregarding the fact that you were eavesdropping on trip and i’s conversation ? Um, I was not eavesdropping. You both were in my room talking very loudly as I recall. Mm, yeah, I guess we probably were. And you know, because you’re still in such a weakened state and I’ll let it go this time.

That was very kind. And uh, yeah, back to Wendy. Trip and I might be kind of into her, but unless you want Salem to get even more interesting, you definitely don’t wanna see the two of us in intense competition for the attention of the very same woman. So that won’t work for a reason, uh, to keep me or trip here.

Sorry. Okay. You’re right. But you can’t blame a girl for trying. No, I can’t. And I love you for it. Just remember, we’ll be video chatting all the time and you’ll come visit. We’ll come back here, you know? Right. But seriously, I do want you to be happy wherever you are. Thanks, mom.

So are you still on, on Track to get outta here? Absolutely. And if anybody tries to stand in my way, I promise you that I will sign me out myself. I bet you well, um, you sure it isn’t worth staying a couple extra days just to make sure you’re okay. Especially after scaring us all half to death with that, you know, flat lining stunt you pulled, tell the truth.

You did it for attention, didn’t you? Huh? Cause it worked. I mean, look at all these. Yeah. Honestly, I’ve been so exhausted. I haven a chance to look at them. Oh, I can help you out with that. What’s more fun than open in presence? Go for it. Okay. Judging by the size of this box, I’m guessing it is candy. Hm, let me see.

Well, if it is candy, it probably is from Julie. She really loves her salt water tap, and she always tapes the cards. Yeah, well see for yourself.

Wow. What’s wrong? Uh, this isn’t from Julie, it’s from Morpheus.

I’m sure you probably just saw a trick or treater

trick or treaters tend to come to the front door. Well, they probably got lost, or they’re playing a prank on you. They’re wearing the exact same outfit you have. Yeah, so we’re a hundred other people. I just took Thomas and Charlotte, the HARTON score. It’s a better song. These things were 1999.

Look what you saw out there was probably just. I suppose you right. Ah, why do you wanna see me? I gotta get home the talk of the kids very well. Um, I’ll make this short and sweet. Chad, I would like you to come back and look at the mirror.

I still think that file is in that locked filing cabinet in Sloan’s apartment, which is total speculation on your. Well, it wouldn’t be if I’d had the chance to pick the lock, but you didn’t and we just agreed that you can’t do that again. Okay. You’re right about that. Um, but maybe someone who’s a welcome visitor to slums bedroom could somehow find the opportunity.

Hold up. Are you asking me to pick a lock? Like. Legit commit a crime. Nevermind. You probably don’t have the skills. Oh, that’s not the point. Or maybe you can look around and find the key. Oh, I think I know where the key is, but I also think that stealing from Sloan is crossing a major line. Oh, come on.

Think about the line she’s crossed. Sloane should have never had these materials in the first place. Look, When I first took this job with Paulina, I thought that helping her get elected was gonna be simple, you know, the usual fundraisers and campaign speeches. I’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

It was blackmail and I guess it just threw me. I mean, the stakes have never been higher. I just, I thought I could do my usual clever spin until I managed to fix the situation. I’ve always been able to do it. Why not the ceiling? When you’re fast on your feet, you trust that you’ll always find a way to be able to run yourself outta trouble, so you can’t.

But now you’re asking me to fix things for you. This is not just about me. Well, no, this is about Paulina and her. Now you know what this is about so much more than that. This is about the future of our community and state. We are laying it on thick now, aren’t we? No, I’m not. Paulina’s campaign is way more than a job for me.

I believe in her. I think she can do great things for this state. I’d work for her for. Wow. So then I suppose that would be a bad time to ask you to maybe reconsider the ridiculous rate that you’re charging. Titan, are you gonna help me or not? Well, Stephanie, why don’t we get clear on what this help is that you are asking of me?

You are asking me to go have sex with Sloane. Yeah, you can go over to Sloan’s apartment and look for a key without having sex with her again, for sure. But

look, there are no real feelings between me and Sloan, but sex or no sex, I don’t feel comfortable going over to her apartment with a secret agenda of stealing from her.

You know what? I shouldn’t have asked you to do this. This is my problem. I will solve it myself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go deal with this press release.

This is pure, unadulterated black male. It’s business shady as hell business. And when I’m governor, the first thing I’m going to do is report you to the state bar for unethical practices. You’ll never be governor if you don’t make this deal. And might I add these stalling techniques aren’t exactly earning points with my client.

In fact, the price just went up dramatically. Oh. Well, you can tell your mystery client, I am done dealing with underlings. I demand to speak with him directly. And what makes you think it’s a him? I’m paid to protect my client’s anonymity. So you’re gonna deal with me and only me here is the new dollar figure.

And the number to the escrow will count offshore. If the money’s not in their first thing tomorrow morning, your political career is over, and so is your daughter’s life as you know it.

I know it’s not like my mom to just let go of anything without a fight. I think that falling in love with Jake Damara and then losing him so suddenly just took all the fight out of her. Well, I hope that’s true for your’s sake, because I know how devoted you are to your mom, and I don’t want to have to see you worrying about her all the time.

Okay. It’s probably wondering where I am about now. I think your brother’s in there saying, You wanna come and join us? Yeah. I’ll be there in a minute. I’m gonna text my mom, let her know I’m heading out tonight. I’m still hoping I might find a way to be able to see her before I leave.

I hope so too.

Uh, the holiday party’s upstairs. You got off on the front floor.

What’s your mother,

son of a bitch? Has the goal to send you a get well card? What does it say? Hey, Joe. Hey dad.

Oh man, some candy,

sweetness. What’s wrong? Orpheus sent her a.

Congratulations. You’ve lived to tell the tale. I don’t know how you managed to get your hands on that serum, but I am man enough to admit when I’ve been vested, I guess it’s back to Statesville for me. I may have squandered my pardon. A few ladies will never be far from my thought. Sincerely.

Hey, what are you doing here? I, you’re leaving town, right? So I figured you’d be here hanging with the Johnson Klan. I, I’ve been so worried about you. I’m really sorry that EJ threatened you and it makes you feel any better. I really got into it with him and I punched him in the face, in fact. Okay. Well that’s my boy

So, so tell me what your plan is. Like where, where are you staying? Do you have any money? No, I’m making due. Right? Well, if you need anything, mommy shouldn’t have to be sneaking around to see the people you care about. Okay. Well, I’m not gonna have to sneak around much longer. Okay. You’re the only person left that I care about am mean other than my grandson who barely knows me.

What if you go someplace you wouldn’t sneak around at all? Come back to Seattle with me.

So what exactly would I be doing at Damara? Whatever you want. You can name me on times, you know the company inside and out, and I need you on my. And of course your stock shares will be returned to you.

That’s unexpected. Having the company back in the family’s hands means everything to me. But having everyone get along, dare I say, working together means even more.

That means. And I am very grateful that we were able to make amends. I’m flattered ej, but uh, as far as the offer, I have to say no.

Oh my, I did not know we were playing dress up tonight. So should I go put on my orange jumpsuit? You know, I think we’re both wearing too many twelves. Strip search it is then. Mm-hmm.

Oh, I could really use a dish nest. I had one hell of a day. Really? What happened? You know, I can’t disclose the details of my cases with you, but, um, you hired Stephanie Johnson for Titan pr? No. Yeah. Why?

You should really get rid of her. Like I said, I can’t go into details. Suffice to say she is an incompetent lying bitch.

Whoa. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s too bad, but I didn’t come here to talk about business. I can’t even to handle it this time. Mm-hmm. , I’ll do the honors.

Paulina. Hi. Listen, I got your messages. May I presume you have the materials you promise to get from Sloan about that. Do you have them or don’t you? I don’t have them in my hands right this minute, but don’t worry, I’m working on it as we speak. Oh, I’m not worried. I’m furious. Ms. Peterson was just here a few minutes ago.

Oh yes. Oh, I’m fired, aren’t I? With extreme prejudice.

I don’t know, trip. You know the cost of living in Seattle won’t be a problem for you, I swear. Right? You can stay with me and Joey in Stephanie’s old, old room. Yeah. Joey’s not gonna be too happy about that. What’s the alternative? Mom gonna go back to Philly. It’s the life you look behind. Okay. You know what?

You will be very glad to know that I couldn’t go back to that life, even if I wanted. Cousin Angelo’s taking a new bride, and he made it crystal clear that there is no room in the tri-state area for two mafia princesses. Okay, then come and stay with me. Joey’s my brother, he’ll understand. Mom, you’ve worked too hard to turn your life around and you don’t deserve to be treated like this.

So just come with me please. Let me help you out for a change.

Okay. Really . Yeah, there’s, um, there’s just one thing I need to take care of first.

It’s hard to take rejection from a clown all that seriously, and I realize you’re not used to hearing the word. Look, Chad, I am painfully aware that I treated you abysmally last time you worked together, but I promise you this time things will be different. Look, ej, that means a lot to me. Really. I appreciate it.

And, and, and honestly, I, I probably would say yes to the offer, but I’ve already taken another job. I know about that. I, I read the press release. You’re consulting at S J P R, but surely there can’t be much of a future in that for. The company is going to lose a major client in one week after the election for one thing, and you’d have a lot more responsibility at the mirror.

But see, that’s the thing. I don’t want more responsibility. I’m just dipping my toe back in and, and you know, I get to choose how much I can handle there. And, and I, I appreciate that. Fine. You can come back to DIR at your own. Look pr it’s different. And honestly, I kind of like it and I really like working with Stephanie.

What? Nothing. I, I, I just, I just thought I detected a little something when you mentioned to her name. Stop. Why? Because I said that I like working with, with her. No, I’m not ready to date yet. And, and honestly, I probably won’t be for a very long.

I can certainly understand that. Look, if you are happy in your current job, then I’m happy for you. But if you ever change your mind, the door to DIR will always be open. Thank you. I really, I really appreciate it. Now I know you have to get out of here. I will give my love to your kids. Okay. Okay. Hey, so I still get my shares back.

Of course. What about Kate? She get hers back. Never. Okay buddy. Thanks

Marla. And Kate got the same card, but you ladies will never be far from my thoughts. God, that’s so creepy. Yeah. It’s pretty simple. Orpheus knows he failed in his mission, so he’s doing whatever he can to make us think he’s still a threat, but I think he sees it riding on the wall and he knows he can’t beat us.

You know that baby, don’t you? Orpheus is never gonna beat us. Right? You welcome. Hey, let’s get a little late for the party.

What’s going on? Nothing you need to worry about.

Um, so I hear that uh, you boys are determined to go back to Seattle tonight. Yeah. And uh, Joey looks like we might have a little company stay with us for a little while.

I can explain. I don’t want to hear it. You lied to me over and over again. You assured me that you had control of the situation when all you’ve done is make it even worse. Now, what hell were you thinking? Trying to pay a black male with funny money. Okay. I thought, no, you didn’t. If you’d given it the least bit of fault, you would’ve let me know the truth of what was going on and given me the chance to decide how to handle this situation.

No, you took that chance away from me. Now because of your foolishness, miss Peterson’s client is the man even more money, and I had no choice what to pay it. I know where the documents are. Just give me a chance to get my hands on them and I can make this right. Oh, how many tons have I heard? Ms. Price. I have been working 24 7 to fix this.

I’d rather you’d work nine and a five and actually accomplish something. You said it yourself. If you pay her, the demands will never stop. It will, thanks to you. I really have no other options. Now, do I?

Let’s make things a little bit more exciting. What do you have in mind? Officer? I’ve been a very bad girl. Lucky for you. I know exactly how to handle bad girls. Hmm? What are you doing? Don’t worry, baby. You just lay there. All beautiful. And relax. Well, now I can’t see your handsome and face and hot body.

And what’s the point in that? Well, the point that no peeking is for you. Mm-hmm. not to see what’s coming.

Okay. Okay. A B,

do I have a surprise for you?

What are you doing? I told you, baby, I’m getting undressed. How many buttons does that outfit have? What’s that noise? I told you, babe. It’s a surprise. You know, I, um, heard this story about my cousin going to this sex. Where she handcuffed the guy to bed while she was searching for this rare amethyst, and you know what?

She didn’t even end up sleeping with the guy.

What a.

I’m so sorry, Paulina. I really wanted to her for you. I want to hear another word coming outta your lying mouth. I can’t risk the secret coming out and ruining not only my chances of becoming governor, but more importantly my daughter’s life. I’m so sorry. You’re going to be even sorry. You know, I call Victor CUAs and all your other high profile.

And tells them they need to cut ties with you asap. By the time I’m done with U S J R will be DOA with a dnr.

Wait a minute, you invited your mother to live with us without even asking me. And she actually agreed. I mean, she didn’t have much choice. She doesn’t have anywhere else to go, but she’s sad. She’s lost and. Well, she is my mom, so now you want her to be our roommate. Sure. I can’t talk you into staying in Salem

at a grip. There is no knife wielding killer out there.

You don’t look like a trick or treater. Can I just do a sour gummy? No. Thank you. Okay, well you want me to come into work? I just have to finish up with the kids. No, not tonight, and maybe not ever. I just got fired.

Talk about lousy timing. They’re telling me,

don’t take another step. Who are you and what do you want?

Yes, mother. You startled me. What are you doing here? Oh my goodness. I wish. Oh my God. I have to tell you, something’s very, very, very, very important. Oh my God. It’s me talking. Your mama talking. Okay. I the clown over there. I mean, I don’t think clowns here said like, you having bad news. What, baby? What do you need to tell me?

I want to tell you something sweet. Her el. You are in terrible. Daddy, you.

This is goodbye Jake. I am leaving town other than my grandson Henry. The only thing I am sad to leave is.

I want you to know what a big decision this was for me. I was determined to get revenge and you’re bastard of brother for he did me and what he did to both of us.

Can I talk to my son?

And I decided to just let it. Ah, well that was your first mistake.

You’ve been listening to the wrong son.

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