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Still can’t believe we didn’t find anything in that lap, you know? Well, Dr. Rfu used to cover his tracks to making a quick getaway, and he’s an expert that by now. But, uh, thank you. Thanks for trying to help us out. Oh, of course. Man. Look, I’m not giving up. I just hope we find something, anything that will lead to a cure to help Marlena, Aunt Kayla and my mom.

And I think I may have good news. Yeah. What are you doing here? I think you and I need to talk. Hmm. I don’t see why. . Well, I think that everything needs to be out in the open.

You know, this whole uh, situation with you and Brady and me, it can’t keep going on. Oh, I agree. Yeah. This situation is costing me my daughter. Listen, Kristen, I know that you are suffering, but so Brady and Rachel, and for their sakes, I think that you and I need to call truth.

Sammy, Sammy, I have to go. No, it’s not about mamo. Hey, please, just don’t worry. Okay. I’ll call you if there’s anything new. I promise. I love you.

Hi, I, I hope you didn’t hang up on my account. No, it was, uh, Sammy, just calling check in on Mom. I already told her everything I knew, which is, it’s not much. I talked to Chloe Bell, said that Marlene is really struggling now. Yeah, she’s, um, conscious a lot of the time. Oh, I’m so sorry. Thank you. When I hung up with Chloe, I, I just started walking.

I didn’t make a decision and I, I just ended up here

like Sam through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Have you heard any news about Kate and Caleb? Um, they’re not doing well either. Oh, that’s awful. How’s your dad holding up? Actually, I just married him and. Oh, about an hour ago what he married Kate. Oh, that, That’s the most lovely and heartbreaking thing I’ve heard in a while. That’s pretty much what it was like to be part of Lovely and heartbreaking.

Yeah. What did they come up with? The idea together? No. Debt surprised you with three and apparently he had to talk her saying yes. That would be case even now, now. Well, Rick and I, we walked in on that surprise and Rick’s became the witness. I performed the wedding, obviously, and um, and Kate, they just looked so happy.

Oh, grabbing happiness during all this misery. That’s beautiful. It is. You know, Roman and Kate have been through their ups and downs, been with other people. I, it’s, it’s like they’re each other’s destiny. Some couples are just like that.

Hmm. A truce and then, Shopping, lunches, spa days. No, but we can’t act like civilized adults. That’s better for Rachel, don’t you think? Oh, wow. Rachel is not gonna get over this. You know, She knows you’re the one who, whom made it so that she can’t see me. You know, she was over the moon when I called her and told her I got a party, and Brady and I, we were getting along.

We were parenting together, and you. You ruined everything. Hmm. Well, I’m, I’m sorry that you feel that way. You know, I came here to appeal to you as one mom to another. Listen, I know that you love Rachel and I was just hoping for her sake that you would work with us Oh. And work with you. How? Well, if you let Rachel know that it’s important that the three of us get along.

I could convince Brady to let the judge know that you should have some visitation rights with Rachel. That’s what’s best for her, the three of us working together on her before. Okay, Don’t do dare Tell me what is best for my daughter. What is best for me and Rachel is that you are out of our lives for good and you would do anything to make that happen, right?

I know that you’re the one that sneaked that note into Rachel’s lunch. Just what? Oh, come on. Like you don’t know the note saying that I’m the reason her family fell apart. What kind of a mother does that to her own child? Bad. Call down. Gimme bottle. Got a note this morning. Just like the police did and my note was delivered with that damn orchid.

Write there just like this was delivered to the police in my note, said the doc was gonna wid and die just like that damn orchid there. And my note was written by or is all he wants me to do is give this to Doc so he can kill her more quickly. Dad, the police got. Yeah. Uh, the note said that what was in the vial is the same serum that was extracted from the same orchid 25 years ago that was used on Roman Brady, and it, it said that it would save Marlena’s life, Kates and Kayla Johnson.

Okay. I know the only reason he said that is because he wants us to use it on him. It’s poison. Don’t think it, I, I don’t think it is. I think this is exactly what we have been praying. Why the hell would you say a thing like that? Dr. Wolf is the one who brewed up that orchestra for Roman back in the day, right?

Yeah. 25 years ago, Kristin. But due to climate change, the orchid is now extinct. Your P Dr. Roth claimed that the drug could not be duplicated as a result. Right? And we all know how honest Dr. Roth is. His lab was thoroughly searched. There’s nothing. Well, maybe it’s because I, uh, moved the Orkin before anyone showed up.

You moved that you were playing with me. Don’t do that.

You see Wolf, you saved seedlings from the, uh, Orkin that cured Roman, and then he secretly grew a new plant. And just so you know, the serum is being formulated as we speak, and I hear that Marlena and company are all feeding fast. Dad, if there’s a snowballs chance in hell that whatever is in there can work.

Aren’t we obligated to try it? Pat? We don’t have anything else. We’re running out of time here. I, I think your son might be right, Mr. Black. If you lost your wife and this turns out to be the cure and you’d never forgive yourself.

Oh my god, guys are so right. What am I thinking? I can’t get rid of whatever’s in. They don’t have the right to make that choice for doc. I just wish there were some way to make sure that this is what the note says. Its job RA just told me about the VI serum. I’m gonna take that to a lab and have it analyzed.

Well that that’s gonna take time. That I don’t know if we have Doc. All she does is slave Steve said Ka can’t even that. My mom is really weak too, but I just don’t want to inject three women with something that we do not understand. So I’m gonna tell the lab tech to put a fast track on that and I’m gonna wait for it.

Dad, it’s your call.

Go ahead. Right. Is belt still with Marlena? Yeah. And I’m heading back there, but you can come with me. You want to. If it’s alright, I’m gonna, I’m gonna wait for Rex all.

I think I should get back to the hospital. Can I just say something before you go, or rather make a suggestion? Oh, of course. Um, I have to be honest with you, it is killing me to watch you go through this and I know how close you are with Marlena and, and, and she’s been through some really rough times with you.

She’s been there for you. Yeah, she has. Yeah. Especially when I was drinking and, and when you had to leave the priesthood, sir. We found out our baby had time. She was there for you?

She was there for me. No, just let me, let me be there for you.

No, no, no. Not like before. And I married and you’re with Jada and. But we’re still friends, right? Yeah, of course we are. Right? You are always the person that shows up. Everyone else, let me be the person that shows up for you. So when you go to the hospital, let me go with you.

Happy. Great. Really? Nobody knows me like you.

I mean, I mean, I was, honestly, I was dreading, dreading, just dreading going back to the hospital, seeing my mom in that condition, and it’s just,

You were, you just, just appeared, always seemed to show when I you the most.

I ask you a question? Yeah, sure. Do you have any idea who wrote that note that we got? If I reconcile with you, everybody, everybody’s gonna know that you use the orchid to blackmail me into doing it. No. No, they won’t because you’re not gonna say anything about it, you see? No, Because if you do say something, This whole deal is off.

Why would you think I would know who wrote the note? Uh, well, you know all the players involved and you’re very I, that the Syrian be used. Yeah. Well, and look, Marla is like a mother to me. I was very afraid that my dad’s anger about Orpheus would blind him to the fact that this could help her. And Kate and Kayla.

So you don’t, you don’t have any doubts about the serum? No. I got, I got a ton of doubts about it. Yeah. But I mean, this is the only hope that we’ve had. So, um, I have to, uh, I gotta check on the lab and make sure they’re making progress. Excuse me.

I did not write that. Let alone put it in Rachel’s lunchbox. I knew what it said because Rachel called me from a friend’s house and she read it to me. Sure. And I’m sure you told her that every word was true. Well, it is true. Anyone could have written it. Oh God. Anyone who who heard about the judges insane ruling would be horrified to see a mother’s rights get trampled on.

Can you just stop it? You know, you can play victim all you want, but Brady and I both know that you’ve been out to get me since before we even became a couple. I saw you skulking around the courthouse that day, and I knew the fix was in because everything was going my way before that. You got that right?

Mm-hmm. didn’t that judge, she was bending over backwards to give Rachel’s mother the benefit of the doubt and then all of a sudden she turned against me and that was your doing. And no one is gonna gonna me otherwise. You’re damn right. It was my doing. And if I had to do it again, I would do exactly the same thing.

Please tell me you found something at Wall Slab. No. No, I didn’t damn it. But we do have some good news. What, What is it? So dropped off a vial of something at the police station and the note said that the vile contained serum that was made from the same species of orchid that helped Uncle Roman. Oh my God.

It’s wonderful. We’re not get ahead of ourselves here. We don’t know anything for sure yet. Rex fit down to the lab to get analyzed. Okay. Yeah, Sean.

Hey. Sorry. Sorry I haven’t been here. Now it’s because he’s been working around the clock to try to help you. Doc

promised me you’ll take care of be.

Come on down. I’m gonna talk like that cuz no one’s giving up here now. Right? I’m just so weary. I know honey. I know Honey, we just need you to hold on a little bit.

Oh, hey, uh, I, I was just headed home, um, and I ran into Eric. Hm, great. Anyway, I came here because, uh, I was looking for, you have news. Someone dropped off a vial at headquarters anonymously with a note saying that it’s a cure for your mother. It’s hate and Kayla for real. Yeah. Yeah. And uh, Jada took it over to the hospital and Rex is analyzing it as it speaks.

Can’t believe it. I should get over there. Thank you for letting me know. Appreciate. Oh, this is his unbelievable news. Maybe this is the cure that everyone’s hoping for. Yeah, that’d be great. Yeah. And then maybe I can stop finding you in Eric’s arms.

So what did you do to poison the judge’s mind against me? Oh, it wasn’t a case of poisoning her mind. The problem was that her hands were tied to begin with because she couldn’t use any of the crimes you’d been pardoned of as evidence. So I just happened to show her a little tape of you trying to attack me with that letter opener.

You hadn’t been pardon of that and she saw what you’re capable of. Mm. And Brady thinks you’re such a saint. Huh? . I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out that, uh, you did this to me. Oh, I, I know how he feels because I told him everything. And you know what? He was thrilled. He loved me for it. You know, I was really stupid of you to come after me like that.

Brady was prepared to share custody for Rachel’s sake. But no, you had to have it all. It wasn’t enough for. You overplayed your hand, honey, and now Brady and your daughter, all to herself, and that is gonna blow up in his face because Rachel hates you for what you did. And she is furious with Brady for being with you, and it won’t be long until she turns against.

And how do you think he’s gonna feel about you then, Chloe?

I mean, so why don’t you just save us a lot of heartache and give a mis freedom? You know, I. I tried that earlier today actually. He wouldn’t hear of it.

I have a feeling he might just change his mind.

Hey, Lab Tech said I could find you here. So we compared what’s in the vial to what my dad got 25 years. and it’s a close match. All right, what are we waiting for? Hey. Just told me if you told me about the VI that was left at the police station and you brought it here, Uh, yeah. Your brother Rex is at the lab right now.

Haven’t analyzed it. Oh my God. Thank you so much for getting here so quickly. Well, I knew what was in that vile. I wasn’t about to stop for lunch. Well, you said you wanted to be hero who solves this? Well, you may be that. Yeah. Well, I don’t care about being a hero anymore. I just, I just want that stuff to work and, um, I don’t know.

I just wanna find out where that tip came from. But as Brady said, Not a priority right now. Well, hey, do you have a few minutes? Sure. I have a big favorite ask for you. Anything? Well, it’s just I don’t wanna leave my mom. All right. My dad has no idea about this, You know, the vial. So if they just had to use it, he may have to get Kay over here pretty quickly.

I’ll leave right now. Listen, and I, And please tell him I’ll call him if I know of anything done. Thank you so much.

What did you say? I think you heard me call. It seems like every time I turn around, you and Eric are holding each other. It’s getting kind of old every time you turn around. Gina and I, we caught you and Eric and a clench last. But we explained that Eric just told me about Marlena, Kate and Kayla were friends.

Okay, honey, I thought you understood that. Okay. Yeah. Like friends in show sympathy to one another or support one another by patting them on the back. Okay? Okay. But Eric just told me Marla and I was dying and you want me to just pat him on the back? I mean, he’s always there for everyone else right now.

He needs someone to help him through this, right? Right. There’s always an explanation, or maybe I should say an excuse. So now I need an excuse to be there for someone I care about. I need a reason to be Compass. For someone who’s suffering. Okay? This isn’t just someone, okay? This is your ex-husband, the person from Rome.

You are divorced and this someone is getting a little tired of seeing you giving him affection. Okay? I’m your husband now. I am your husband, Nicole. You are married to me. Or maybe you have forgotten about that.

Of course I haven’t forgotten that we’re married. Maybe you’ve forgotten that. Getting married was my idea. At home. We were already planning a wedding, one where our friends and our families could join us. You know, for reasons I still don’t understand at this day, you were suddenly in a hurry to get it done.

Well, I, Cause I thought maybe a big wedding would be too much pressure. I was there. You never said anything about pressure. You just, you wanted to get in the car and go to the courthouse and get it over with? No, no. I was thinking about you, Abigail had just been murdered and your knee deep in this investigation and, and I had no idea when you would have time for a wedding.

Okay. Is that what it was or was it because you had just spent the day with Eric? What? Hey, you, you went to Abe in Pauline’s. And, um, that was right after that. You were, you were in such a hurry to get it done. No, I, I saw their wedding and I just realized that I wanted something simpler. . Yeah. We don’t get much simpler than a clerk and a polo shirt.


Well, well, I’m sorry for the lack of. You know, and Eric, you were Aten Paul in his wedding and there was just romance in the air. And

I maybe you thought to yourself, Well, I let Eric go too easily. Like, and um, maybe I made a mistake with you. Fuck.

So you’re trying to convince me that Brady can’t live without you. I’m sorry, Chloe. No sale. I’m just telling you what happened earlier today. Hey, I’m the one who felt really bad about this whole Rachel situation, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. What a surprise. Fred has a lot on his mind right now.

Marlena could die. Rachel’s acting like she hates him, but he still wouldn’t hear us splitting up. You know why? Because he said it would be playing right into your hands and he couldn’t let you win. Let’s stop wasting time. Give me the orchid and I’ll give you what you want.

I love my little girl, but Chad custody isn’t what I. I want you to break it off with Chloe.

No way. No way. Now. Wow. You are wasting time again. You wanna save Marlena’s life yet? Dump Chloe and then he get back together with me.

Well, there could be another reason why Brady said what he did. Maybe he didn’t want you to be the one to end things. Maybe he wanted to do that himself.

Hi everyone. I just told Brady that I had this serum analyzed and the chemical makeup is very close to what cured my dad. I’m. 95% sure that this is the real deal. It’s not a hundred though, right? No. And ordinarily I would hold out for that, but these are not ordinary circumstances. My gut is telling me that I want give this serum to Marlena and Kayla and my mom as soon as possible.

All right, well, I’m, I’m worried about the risk that I’m in doc’s not, you know, her healthy self. What if it turns out that this serum is toxic? There’s only one thing to do. I think we came with the drug and see what.

You are truly diluted. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady finally realizes that this relationship is too costly. It’s an impossible situation because you make it that way. Oh my God, I, I shouldn’t even have come here. I should have known as a waste of time. You’ll never care about anyone but yourself. And you don’t have a shred of decency.

Actually, I do. I know how serious Marlena’s situation is, So I need to ask you a question. Why are you here? I mean, Marlene’s on her death. And unless there’s a miracle she could die. So don’t you wanna be there for the man you love?

Oh honey, your bad day is just beginning.

Sweet. No one here is asking you to be a Guinea pig. I know that I’m volunteering.

I’m conscious, I’m, My mind is stable. I don’t know how long that’s gonna last. I think we give the medication if it. It improved my situation. Then we gave it to Kate and Kayla. I I think we should do this right away. John,

that’s not my decision.

Please do what Marlena wants.

Okay. Okay, let’s do this. Um, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to ask everybody to leave the room. Eric. Yeah. Is this, If this doesn’t go well, I’d like to receive last rights.

Oh, I’ll take care of your mom.

I’d like


You’re the one great love of my life.

So let me get this straight. According to you now, I realize that I even up on Eric too easily. So my reaction was to go to you and say, Let’s get married as fast as we. That doesn’t make any sense. Well, it does to me.

You, uh, you thought you hurried up and married me, that you would stop pining for Eric Pining pin. I love you. I didn’t wanna fall in love with you because you were with a. I tried to stop and I couldn’t. If I was fine for anyone it was you. I’m just saying that. Okay. Please just tell me the truth.

The truth is I don’t regret marry.

You are my husband. And I love you,

so why didn’t you ever come to me? Why? Why didn’t you come to me and ask me how I felt before you hired him?

You could say, Hey, brave. Um, hey, how would you feel if I hired my ex-husband? Would, would that be okay? I mean, I, this is the same guy that used to take photos of me and a bikini, but, um, that bother, that is not fair. You told me yourself. I want, Eric was a photographer and you were the model. That’s when you two fell in love.

It just, just kind of felt to me like you wanted to recreate that situation. He needed a job and I gave him one look, I am his boss, not his model. That is a totally different dynamic. Okay. Is it really all right? Look, you know what? If I did, if I did come. , I’ll say that I wanted to hire Eric. What would you have said?

I would’ve said It’s a terrible idea, Nicole. Why? Because there is no way in hell I want Eric working together with my wife.

So now you’re gonna tell me who I can and can’t hire. When did you become a caveman? This isn’t a normal hiring situation, Nicole. It’s Eric that we are talking about. Well, oh, you think it’s a good idea for two to be working so closely together so you don’t trust me

in this situation?

He, I don’t wait. No, no, no, no, no. You don’t get to walk away from me. You don’t get to drop this bomb and walk away. We are gonna talk about this.

What is there to say? Ra Rafe.

Better not be playing games with me. Kristen. Hey. Ready? Hi. I wanna see Marla is doing. Yeah, I am. There’s, there’s been a major development, there was a vial of serum that was left at the police station along with a note saying that it, it’s a cure from Marla, Kate, and Kayla. Do you think it’s real? I don’t.

Rex seems to think it’s promis. Marla is willing to take it. I think she’s being given it right now. Oh wow. That’s, that’s scary. But I guess it’s better than nothing. We’ll have to wait to see how she reacts to determine whether it’s real or not. Wow, that’s amazing. Do we know where the serum came from?

Um, it’s, Paul probably wants to know how Marlena is. Okay.

What the hell do you want? Oh, well I was just checking in. Mm. I wanted to let you know that um, the cure I promised you is being delivered to the police station. Rex is giving it to Marleno right now. Oh, well that was speed. Well, she should be feeling better very soon. Hope to God you’re right. And if I am Brady, you’re gonna have to hold up your end under the bargain, and you’re gonna have to get ready to give Chloe the bad news.

Marlena, I just wanna make sure that you still want to receive this. I. Yes, my mind is made up. Okay, here we go.

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