Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 13, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Ashley agrees to one dinner with Tucker at Society because he agrees to leave her alone if she doesn’t want to see him anymore after they have dinner.

Nate tells Devon, Lily, and Billy that he has been working with the CEO of another company to give them information about the IPO. Devon figures out that Nate was going to sell this CEO his shares of the company so they could own Chancellor-Winters. Devon thinks the person Nate was working for is his father Tucker. So, he heads to Tucker’s hotel room to talk to him. Devon asks Tucker to give him an honest answer to the question did he come back to town to gain control of Chancellor Winters? Nate catches Elena before she leaves and tells her he told Devon and Lily the truth. Lily tells Aura not to file the IPO papers until they figure out the person for whom Nate was working.

Sally receives an invitation to have dinner on the roof of the Grand Phoenix signed N. Sally is touched by Nick’s romantic gesture but when she arrives to dinner she is surprised to see Adam sent her the invitation to dinner.

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