Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Billy sees Chelsea at the park and tells her that she will not force Johnny to accept her, he needs time and space to handle the news. Billy forbids Chelsea to ambush Johnny again. Billy tells Chelsea that if she keeps pushing things they will have a problem and he will do everything possible to protect Johnny.

Billy tells Lily that he will quit his job after the company goes public because he isn’t happy as a businessman.

Allie tells Audra that she and Noah are happy, and nothing that she can say will make her lose faith in Noah. Noah tells Mariah and Tessa that Aura can be moody, and when she gets in a mood she acts like a spoiled child. Noah worries that A idea’s drama will cause trouble for him and he doesn’t want drama in his life.

Elena interrupts the meeting at Chancellor-Winters right before they are about to sign the papers to take the company public. Elena speaks to Nate alone and tells him she is leaving town tonight to take r job in Baltimore. Elena tells Nate it is best that they break up now so they can move on with their lives. Elena tells Nate she still loves the man that he is inside but not this man that is obsessed with power. Elena kisses Nate goodbye and leaves the office.

Victoria tells Nick that despite his concerns she has decided to go ahead with her plan to take over Chancellor-Winters. Nate returns to the meeting and tells Devon and Lily he needs to talk to them privately.

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