Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Abby tells Chance that she doesn’t want Tucker anywhere near Dominic because Tucker could hurt him. Chance thinks Abby is overreacting and tells her she should focus on the present not the past. Abby is upset because she feels Chance is dismissing her concerns. Chance has to leave for work and Abby feels like he is putting his work ahead of his family. Abby later talks to Devon who tells her that he would like to have a relationship with Tucker but he doesn’t trust him yet because he feels Tucker returned to Genoa City with an agenda.

Johnny tells Billy that he doesn’t want anything to change in his life and he doesn’t want to talk about Chelsea being his biological mother again. Billy later talks to Victoria about his conversation with Johnny and she tells Billy they should all stay away from Chelsea until she gets her act together and stops using Johnny as a crutch.

Chance sees Chelsea in the park and invites her for coffee at Crimson Lights. Chelsea arrives at Crimson Lights with Chance and when she sees Adam there she gets upset because she thinks that Chance brought her there for an intervention since Sharon told her she needs to get back into therapy.

Noah tells Nikki that his former girlfriend Audra Charles is in town and she used to work for the company Wild Beauty when he met her in London

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