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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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[ Grand, epic instrumental ]

[ Birds twittering ]

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Ridge: I heard spencer was selling his house. I thought I’d come check it out.

Taylor: Right. What are you really doing here?

Ridge: Came to see you.

Steffy: Mom’s having a really hard time. She’s reevaluating her life. Her identity.

Thomas: I thought mom went to aspen to get her mind off of things.

Steffy: I’m trying. But she says dad going back to brooke, it’s breaking her heart.

Thomas: Yeah, no kidding.

Steffy: I think she’s giving up, thomas. And I’m starting to as well.

[ Car door slamming ]

Brooke: He’s home.

[ Knocking ] Ridge, door’s unlocked! You can open it. Bill?

Bill: Yes. I’m bill.

Donna: Lucky me. I get to look at two of you.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Eric: You know, I think I prefer the– the airbrushed version.

Donna: Absolutely not. Nothing is more handsome than the real you, eric.

[ Chuckling ]

Eric: I can’t believe you actually pulled this off. Such a thoughtful gift.

Donna: Well, it’s your home, you deserve to be up on the wall of fame.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Except that this… this is your home now, too. You and me together. Here. I haven’t thanked you properly for this gift.

Donna: Well, more of that will do, huh?

Eric: Let’s get out of here. Come on. Let’s take the jet someplace tropical. To a nice getaway weekend. What do you say?

Brooke: Oh bill, what are you thinking? You can’t keep stopping by unannounced like this.

Bill: Well, my instincts told me that forrester wasn’t here, and from what I can tell, he isn’T. So I guess I was right.

Brooke: Okay. You’re right. He’s not here. But hopefully he’ll be home very soon.

Thomas: Yeah, aspen’s amazing. It feels like a million miles away. You’d think it’d be great for mom to clear her head.

Steffy: Yeah, I thought so, too. But she’s been super stressed since she’s been here. Like, more stressed than I’ve ever seen her.

Thomas: Okay, well, maybe you could put mom on with me. You know, I could talk to her.

Steffy: No, she said she was heading out for a walk.

[ Jaunty harp music ] Oh, my– oh, my god. Thomas!

Thomas: What?

Steffy: You are not going to believe this.

Thomas: What? Is it mom? Is she okay?

Steffy: She’s more than okay. She’s with dad.

Thomas: With dad? In aspen?

Steffy: Yes!

Thomas: No way.

Steffy: Yes, way. I’m staring at him right now. He’s literally standing with mom.

Taylor: I, um, I wasn’t expecting this. Steffy didn’t mention anything.

Ridge: I’m sorry for crashing your girls trip.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ridge: I didn’t tell anyone I was coming. I just jumped on the jet and came to see you. You… look good in the mountains.

Taylor: Really? You know, I came to the mountains to– to get away from everything.

Ridge: Get away from me, you mean.

[ Dramatic music ] (Dog barking)

Eric: I’m not sure exactly, somewhere in the caribbean? Yes, we’ll decide in the next half hour or so. I just wanted to be sure the plane was available. It’s not? Why? Ridge? I see. All right. Thank you. No, I’ll– I’ll speak to ridge. Yeah. Thank you. Bad news. Ridge took the plane to aspen.

Donna: Oh. To aspen.

Eric: Yeah. Business trip, I guess.

Donna: Uh, no. Pam and I schedule all the business meetings. I would have heard about it.

Eric: Well, in any case, we’re going to have to postpone our trip, won’t we? We’ll go as soon as he comes back.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: I can’t imagine he’d be gone very long. I can’t imagine why he’s got a business trip in aspen either.

Donna: And he was on the jet by himself?

Eric: Yeah. Nobody else on the manifest. No.On: , My sister wasn’t with him?

Eric: No. Brooke was not on the plane.

Bill: I won’t stay long. Trust me, I don’t want to see forrester’s ugly mug any more than he wants to see this– this work of art right here.

Brooke: Bill. Of course. I want to be supportive of you with katie. It’s just–

Bill: But you don’t want me to keep popping over.

Brooke: Right. No. You can’t keep stopping by like this. I mean, ridge and I are finally just settling in, and I don’t– I don’t want him to have to worry unnecessarily.

Bill: But why is he always looking for the worst? Something to be upset about.

Brooke: He is my husband.

Bill: Yeah. I know. That’ll never make sense to me. Of course, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense to me right now. That’s why I’m letting go of some things.

Brooke: You’re letting go?

Bill: I’m selling the aspen house.

Brooke: What? You love it there.

Bill: Yeah, I do. But I haven’t been spending as much time there as I should. But those mountains will always hold a special place in my heart. I think you know why. It’s a great house. Steffy and taylor are there right now.

Steffy: Mom and dad are together at this very moment.

Thomas: What are they doing?

Steffy: They’re talking.

Thomas: What are they saying?

Steffy: I can’t hear them. They’re outside.

Thomas: Steffy, this is huge. Dad didn’t tell anyone he was going to aspen. He’s obviously there for mom. Maybe dad has finally reached his breaking point with brooke.

Steffy: But why now?

Thomas: Doesn’t matter. Mom and dad could finally be getting together.

Steffy: You and I want that more than anything. But remember what I told you. Mom said, if dad wants her back. She’s going to–

Thomas: Yeah, she would say no, but… right now, it could actually be happening.

Steffy: I don’t know. She was pretty adamant. She’s talking about having more self-respect. Oh, I think they’re coming back inside.

Thomas: Yeah I know. Mom is a strong, independent woman, and she has every right to be cautious where dad’s concerned. But this time could be different.

Steffy: From your lips to god’s ears.

Thomas: Today could be our family’s lucky day. Dad might actually be able to convince mom to say yes.

Taylor: Ridge. Come on, we can’t be doing this. Okay? One of us should go. You! You should go.

Ridge: I should go? Just got here.

Taylor: Okay fine. You know what? You stay. I’ll go.

Ridge: Doesn’t help me either. I came to see you.

Taylor: Why?

Ridge: Why? Because, um– because I miss you. I miss our life together. I’m jonathan lawson

Thomas: Steffy, this is huge! Dad didn’t mention to anyone he was heading to aspen. He’s obviously there for mom. Maybe dad’s finally reached his breaking point with brooke.

Steffy: But why now?

Walter: You have to promise me you won’t say a word to anyone about any of this, especially the person who made the phone call.

Thomas: I promise.

Ridge: No one’s ever going to know.

Walter: There is a voice recording of the phone call attached.

Ridge: Play it.

Cps operator: Child protective services.

Brooke: Hello. I’d like to report a child in danger. His name is douglas forrester. Please get there as soon as possible. His father, thomas forrester, is unstable. He has a knife.

Cps operator: And your name, ma’am?

Brooke: Brooke logan.

Thomas: You see brooke? What did she say?

Ridge: No.

Thomas: No, you didn’t see her or she didn’t admit to calling cps?

Ridge: She didn’t admit to anything. She lied to me again.

Thomas: Brooke lied? To your face? I’m sorry, dad. I know what this must be doing to you. I haven’t had the warmest or fuzziest feelings about brooke, you know that. But she is your wife. Still, though. I mean, for her not to confess? We literally heard her voice. She said her name–

Ridge: I know! I know.

Donna: So ridge booked the jet?

Eric: Yeah, I’m afraid so. I mean, normally we talk to each other when one of us is going to use the plane, which is why I think this was probably unplanned.

Donna: I just think it’s kind of strange that he went to aspen, by himself.

Eric: Yeah, I do, too. Well, it’s not a long flight. He’s probably there already.

Donna: I just wish, you know, my sister would have gone with him.

Eric: She must have been busy, I guess.

Donna: No, I can’t really imagine brooke giving up the opportunity to get away with ridge. Could you?

Eric: I can’t either.

Donna: No.

Eric: Aspen. It’s a wonderful place for two people to reconnect.

Donna: Yeah. You know, even though ridge has moved back in with her, I don’t think things have been as smooth as she’d like them to be.

Eric: They’ll get there.

Donna: Yeah. Of course. Yeah. They will. I just wonder why he went to aspen.

Brooke: Steffy and taylor are at your place?

Bill: Yeah, they are. You know, I wanted to offer it to steffy first. Of course, I guess that does mean the whole family would be using it. Anyway, she’s there right now checking it out.

Brooke: Well, that’s very nice of you.

Bill: Well, you know, I sell to her, and then no brokerage fees for me. So nice for everyone.

Brooke: Hmm. And maybe taylor will love it so much, she will leave town for good.

Bill: We’ll see. I’m asking an arm and a leg.

Brooke: Well, good luck. Now, I think you’d better go before my husband comes home. Because–

Bill: See, now I’d just forgotten about him.

Brooke: I haven’T.

Bill: Big plans tonight?

Brooke: Well, maybe a little something special.

Bill: Lucky man, lucky man. Bet ridge is never going to take you on a hot air balloon ride or a– a camel ride in dubai. I can be pretty romantic when I want to be.

Brooke: Yeah. You can. Goodbye, bill.

Taylor: No, I know what this is. You’re getting swept up in memories–

Ridge: Swept up in memories? No, I’m here now. I’m here.

Taylor: And what about tomorrow?

Ridge: It’s not a house. But if you want me to stay, I’ll be here tomorrow.

Taylor: Ridge, I know what this is about. This is your– the kids are guilt tripping you, and you don’t want–

Ridge: This has nothing to do with the kids!

Taylor: Well, then what is it about?

Ridge: It’s about you. It’s about the woman that you are to me.

Taylor: Wow. The woman that I am to you.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: I should write that down. That’s deep. Where do you even get that from? This isn’t funny, ridge.

Ridge: I know, I know it’s not funny. It’s the opposite of funny.

Taylor: Right. It’s sad.

Ridge: Where did you go to school that you sad is the opposite of funny? Serious is the opposite of funny and I’m here because I’m serious. I’m here because I– I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What happens to your body language

[ Birds twittering ]

Taylor: Okay. So you want to– you want to spend the rest of your life with me. Just like that. Okay. So you and brooke must have gotten into a doozy of a fight, right? Because– no, ridge, I’m going to pass. Okay? I’m going to pass on being second choice, because I would rather be alone than be your consolation prize.

Ridge: It’s not what you are. I’m not saying–

Taylor: That’s exactly what I am. It’s what it feels like. What is it? What happened with brooke?

Ridge: Nothing happened with brooke. This is not about brooke. It’s about me, finally, for the first time in a long time, seeing things clearly.

Taylor: Oh, but ridge that’s what you do. You see things clearly until you don’T. And that’s– that’s what you do. Ridge, I came here to get away from you! I wanted to get away from you. I don’t want to do this anymore. But here you are. Here you are. You show up and you say all these romantic things, and you make me get anxiety and feel like this. And I don’t– just get out of my life. Don’t– don’t get all the way out. Like you can be over there and we can, we can– we can love our kids and we can, we can share grandkids together. But don’t come here with these promises to me, ridge, please. Because I’ve heard them all before. And now you say that it’s not about brooke, so it must be about our kids–

Ridge: It’s not about brooke. And no, it’s not about the kids. Can you stop talking, please? Just stop talking for one second.

Taylor: But–

Ridge: Please! Okay. Mm– I’m here because… I love you. And I want to be with you for always.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Taylor: Don’T. Do not follow me!

[ Phone ringing ]

Brooke: Donna, hi! Are you and eric on the plane? I was so happy when I got your text. You’re heading to the caribbean?

Donna: Um, no, our trip got canceled.

Brooke: What? Why? What happened?

Donna: Apparently someone’s using the jet.

Brooke: Who was using the jet?

Donna: Ridge.

Brooke: Ridge? What are you talking about?

Donne: He’s going to aspen.

Brooke: Aspen?

Donna: Yeah, I don’t know. I was confused. I thought maybe you’d be on the jet, but he’s the only one on the manifest.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Donna: What?

Brooke: Steffy and taylor are in aspen.

Ridge: Taylor. Taylor!

[ Gravel crunching ] Can you stop? Taylor. Taylor. Stop! Can you– stop!

Taylor: What? Ridge, leave me alone. Please. Please don’t do this to me. I’m not letting you in again.

Ridge: I know I’ve let you down in the past. I’m not going to do that again. I meant what I said. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

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