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Walter: If anyone finds out that I played this recording for you… I could lose everything, okay? The contract that I have with the organization, I would be totally finished. You have to understand my–

Thomas: Walter, we appreciate it. And trust me, no one is ever going to find out, right, dad? Dad?

Ridge: Yeah, no one’s gonna find out. I can’t believe it was brooke.

Thomas: It’s obviously her, her voice, and she even said her name. Your wife called child protective services on me. She’s trying to take away my son.

Liam: Oh, boy. Just wait ’til hope finds out about this. Or does she already know?

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know. Not from me. She’s probably over at eric’s hearing all about it.

Liam: Well, yeah. She’s been spending a lot of time over there lately, with douglas and, of course, thomas.

Brooke: Right. Something neither of us is very thrilled about.

Liam: I mean, I get why it’s important for hope to know that douglas is okay. And she does. She always comes home saying that he’s having the best time. Which is why I don’t really understand– like, okay, like you and I, we have our issues with thomas, especially with this whole knife thing. But to think that somebody actually called C.P.S. On him.

Steffy: You and dad are meant to be. There’s a reason why you’ve never moved on. You never made it work with anybody else. Because dad is the one. He’s the only one.

Taylor: But that loyalty’s a bit one sided, don’t you think? He’s always going to be torn between me and brooke.

Steffy: That was dad a long time ago. He was talking about moving on, growing, being better. That’s not achievable with brooke. She makes him miserable. It’s one disappointment after the next. I see him with you, so much contentment in his eyes, it’s clear he loves you, mom. Don’t give up.

Taylor: You know, when you argue with reality, you lose… 100% of the time.

Steffy: Uh-huh.

Taylor: No, your dad is married to brooke. I cannot argue with that. That is reality. I’m not the homewrecker here.

Steffy: How many homes has she wrecked?

Taylor: Okay, that is brooke’s karma, not mine. Do I need to pull out my “two wrongs don’t make a right” speech? ‘Cause I will.

Steffy: Mom, I love you so much.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: You’re, like, so pretty. But sometimes I just wish–

Taylor: No, no more “sometimes…” when it comes to compromising my integrity.

Steffy: I understand that, I totally get that. I love your goodness, I really do. But, like, I know there’s a fire deep down inside… you just gotta, like, ignite it, and fight for dad. Don’t let brooke win again.

Liam: Do you think there’s more going on here? Like, whoever reported thomas actually knows something we don’t?

Brooke: Uh, it’s possible. But C.P.S. Didn’t find anything wrong. And ridge said that they did the check, and it went well, and they’re not taking any action.

Liam: Selfishly, I admit, I mean, there’s a part of me that wouldn’t hate it if somebody came in and basically told thomas, “listen, you’re not providing the safe environment you’re supposed to be as a father.” And maybe, maybe that would, like, shock him out of this whole full custody thing.

Brooke: Yes, that crossed my mind.

Liam: The truth is, in reality, that would be obviously terrible ’cause it would mean the situation over there is, in fact, dangerous enough that somebody had to step in for douglas’s sake. And so, I guess… yeah, no, I guess it’s, um, it’s a relief to know that whoever made that call was probably wrong.

Brooke: Wrong or not, thomas shouldn’t have douglas all the time.

Liam: Oh, yeah, no, no argument there. I mean, the kid needs to come home.

Brooke: He does. He needs to come back home to you, beth and hope. And away from thomas.

Ridge: Play it again.

Walter: Ridge–

Ridge: I need to be sure

Thomas: Dad, it was obviously–

Ridge: I– just, play it one more time, please.

Walter: Promise me you won’t say anything to anyone.

Receiver: Child protective


Brooke: Hello.

I’d like to report

a child in danger.

His name is douglas forrester,

he’s at 369 willow hill road,

los angeles.

Please get there

as soon as possible.

His father,

thomas forrester, is unstable.

He has a knife.

Receiver: And your name,


Brooke: Brooke logan.

Please hurry.

Thomas: I, uh, I appreciate you doing that for us.

Walter: Wouldn’t do it for anyone else. But just, please, please…

Thomas: No, no, no, no. Between us, promise.

Walter: Thank you. Well, I’ll– I’ll let you process this. It’s good seeing you both. Wish it was under better circumstances.

Thomas: Yeah, me too.

Walter: Will your father be okay?

Thomas: Yeah, I’m sure that was just, uh, hard for him to hear. Appreciate it.

Walter: You got it.

Thomas: I’m sorry, dad. Did you know if you turn to cold with tide

Liam: We had such a good system going, you know, it was working. We had a routine.

Brooke: Yes, something kids need. And you and hope let thomas be a part of it. He spent a lot of time with douglas. I don’t know why he would want to disrupt that.

Liam: Well, I can’t think of a reason, to have access to hope. I mean, because it puts her in this awkward position, right? Where if she wants to spend any time with her son, she has to go over there and spend time with him. It’s kind of messed up, if you think about it.

Brooke: Yeah, that is messed up.

Liam: I mean, I– I’m trying to take hope’s word for it, when she says she’s got her eyes wide open, but also just based on her choices, it’s really hard to believe that hope… that she sees thomas for who he really is.

Brooke: I don’t think she does. And I definitely don’t think ridge does, or taylor, for that matter. I mean, she’s had a few conversations with her son and she thinks that he’s fixed. Come on. I think this is all because of taylor. You know, she came into town and she started fanning the flames, and she put this idea in thomas’s head that he wasn’t spending enough time with his son, and voila. It’s not about douglas at all. This is about taylor coming together with ridge. She just wanted to get ridge back. All she’s doing is trying to drive a wedge between ridge and me.

Taylor: I don’t want to have to fight for a life with your father, I shouldn’t have to fight. It’s time someone fought for me.

Steffy: I get that. But how is dad supposed to fight for you if you aren’t even here?

Taylor: Are you rescinding the aspen offer? ‘Cause that’s what it sounds like–

Steffy: Absolutely not, we are definitely going. I could, possibly, invite dad.

Taylor: Please don’T.

Steffy: I think you would have amazing memories.

Taylor: Okay, we have so many memories. Lots and lots of memories. See, the problem is, is that I got sucked into the idea of making more memories with him.

Steffy: There was a genuine connection between you two, when you got back to L.A.

Taylor: Yes. And that connection is the problem. That’s why I have to back away from ridge. I– I have to. He’s married to brooke.

Ridge: This doesn’t make sense.

Thomas: Well, yes and no. I mean, no, it doesn’t make any sense why brooke would do something like that, so hurtful to our family. It’s a huge slap in your face. I don’t see why anyone would do that to their husband. But, at the same time, I mean, she did say that she would do it. She said she’d call C.P.S. If she had to.

Ridge: She didn’t have to. She didn’t have to. Douglas is safe here, he’s always been safe. And I asked her. And you– you heard her, she denied it.

Thomas: She lied.

Ridge: I told her I would intervene, if there was ever a problem, I would be there, I would fix it, it would be okay. So, she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t have done that, she– she would have, she would’ve–

Thomas: You heard her, dad. We both did.

Ridge: She wouldn’t lie to me. She wouldn’t lie to me. Hi, I’m nancy.

Steffy: Sure, dad always ends up with brooke, until he doesn’t–

Taylor: Oh steffy…

Steffy: There’s gonna be a day when dad’s had enough, and I promise you, mom, that day is coming.

Steffy: I promise you.

Taylor: Do you know how many times I have told myself that? That this is certainly gonna be the day that ridge decides he wants more for himself.

Steffy: I know this is hard, and I know that you’re hurting.

Taylor: Yes, hurting, frustrated. And steffy, that is all on me. I’ve been a willing participant

Steffy: No, you know that dad loves you. He said it, he shows you.

Taylor: Yes, and then he goes home to brooke. Look, I’ve been very vocal about how wrong it was for brooke to interfere with my marriage– and not just mine. Your grandmother’s, her sister’s, her daughter’S… I’m gonna do something that brooke logan has never done. Respect a marriage. Even if I have to leave town to do it.

Liam: Well, look, just because C.P.S. Didn’t take any action, doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences, right? The fact that somebody had to show up at all, I mean, that could have an effect, right? Like that– that could be the ammunition that hope needs to convince thomas to change things up.

Brooke: Could be. I mean, I got to think that thomas is freaking out right now, right? Maybe ridge is, too. Who knows? I can only imagine how upset they both are.

Ridge: I just…

Thomas: It wasn’t an anonymous call. She even left her name.

[ Phone rings ]

Ridge: Steffy.

Thomas: Oh, put her on speaker.

Ridge: Steffy, hey, I’m here on speakerphone. I’m here with your brother.

Thomas: Hey steffy.

Steffy: Hey, thomas. Good. You guys can both hear me.

Ridge: What’s wrong?

Steffy: Yeah, I really need to talk to you. Mom’s on a work call, probably won’t be on long.

Ridge: Wait, is something going on with your mother?

Steffy: She wants to leave.

Ridge: Leave what? Your place?

Steffy: Los angeles.

Thomas: What? Why?

Steffy: Because it’s– it’s killing her, dad. Seeing you constantly, go back to brooke.

Thomas: Okay, well, you can’t let her go. You have to convince her to stay. She has every reason to stay.

Steffy: The thing is, she’s really down right now. So, maybe some time away, could be a good thing. Especially if I’m with her to make sure she comes back.

Thomas: Where would you go?

Steffy: Aspen.

Ridge: Aspen?

Steffy: Yeah, bill called me, said he was putting his house up for sale and that we could take a look at it. We’re gonna take his jet and go.

I mean, the timing is good. Mom wants the space, and I can try to convince her not to give up.

Ridge: Give up on what?

Steffy: On you, dad.

Mom is losing faith. She loves you. She’s not a homewrecker. But this is all just so confusing for her.

Ridge: It’s confusing for all of us.

Steffy: How is that

confusing for you? All brooke does is disappoint you.

Are you really gonna

choose her again? Look, mom’s coming, I gotta go. Please don’t give up on her.

Thomas: Mom’s in pain. She wants to leave town. You know, steffy and I have seen you go back and forth between our mom and brooke so many times. It’s painful for us, but it’s painful for her, too. I mean, lately, I know that you’ve been living over at brooke’s, but your heart has been with mom and our family. And that’s been amazing, hasn’t it? Don’t let mom lose faith in you. Don’t make her go through all of this suffering. Especially after what brooke did. Why give your family just any eggs

Steffy: I don’t like the idthe idea of you going away. But I understand it. If you feel as though it’s necessary then I’m coming with you.

Taylor: To babysit.

Steffy: You don’t need a babysitter. You need a daughter. Someone who cares about you and understands what you’re going through. And a daughter who gives, like, a really amazing pep-talk, remind you, to never give up on dad.

Taylor: Oh, god, okay, so that’s the real reason you want to tag along.

Steffy: Tag along? I’m pretty sure bill was the one who called moi. So, you’re the one tagging along.

Taylor: That is an excellent point. Honey, I know you think I’m running away. But I’m not, I’m just–

Steffy: No, I get it. Maybe some time away is exactly what you need.

Taylor: I think you’re right. I just need to– I need to get my head on straight. Because when I come back, brooke will still be your dad’s wife.

Brooke: Ridge was upset. He was very upset.

Liam: Well, I’m not surprised. Somebody calls child protective services on your son, that’s gonna do a number on ya.-You and I, we have our issues with thomas, but I– I’m not, I just– I wish I knew who made the call.

Brooke: I’m sure whoever did call, did it out of love and concern for douglas.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, probably… hopefully. It’s weird to think we may never know.

Brooke: Yeah.

Thomas: It doesn’t have to be this way, dad. You can choose a better life. You could be with someone that makes you laugh, lifts your spirits.

Ridge: I thought I had that with brooke.

Thomas: No, I literally can’t remember a time where it was like that with brooke. You can’t pretend that brooke is a person that she’s not.

Ridge: I don’t know what to do with this.

Thomas: This isn’t the first betrayal, dad. It’s not going to be the last

Ridge: We’ve forgiven each other for so many things. So many things. But this… trying to take your son away from you. Thomas, she wouldn’t lie to me, she wouldn’T.

Thomas: No. Brooke wouldn’t lie to you. Unless she’s trying to protect herself from something horrible she’s done. Oh, like she did when, uh, when she was drinking with deacon. Remember that? When she, she was kissing him and let him sleep in your bed. Or how about when she made out with bill?

Ridge: Thomas, stop,

Thomas: No, no, no. I actually have to say this. Can we dispel with the whole thing about brooke not lying? It’s literally the first thing she goes to. Mom tells the truth, right off the bat. But, brooke, the truth has to be pulled out of her. Trying to act like she’s not going to betray you. You mean, like, she betrayed you with uncle thorne or with your father? Look, I’m not saying this to hurt you. That’s the last thing I would ever want. I’m your son, I love you. I want to protect you, I want to protect mom, I want to protect our family. But stop acting like brooke deserves you. Brooke called child protective services on me. She’s trying to take away my son. You heard the recording, dad, it was her voice. She even said her name. It was brooke, dad. It was brooke.

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