Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Elena tells Nate she doesn’t know if she can live with this new version of him so she thinks they need to take a break from their relationship.

Phyllis tells Diane that she is putting an end to their feud so they can both do their jobs but she is only doing this because Nikki sent her a text message telling her to keep Diane off guard until she returns from her trip to Los Angeles. Diane is having lunch with Jack when she gets a text message from someone that says “I need to meet with you ASAP.”

Chelsea brings a baby blanket to Billy’s office and asks him to give it to Johnny and tell him she bought the blanket for him when she was pregnant with him. Billy tells Chelsea that she is overstepping because they all agreed that they would let Johnny decide what kind of relationship he wants to have with her and Connor. Chelsea goes to Victoria’s office later and asks her to help nudge Johnny into having a relationship with her. Victoria is angry that Chelsea is trying to insinuate herself into Johnny’s life. Victoria tells Chelsea that she and Billy will always do what is best for Johnny, so they are going to let him decide if he wants to have a relationship with her.

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