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Oh, Detective Hunter, I keep telling you Mrs. Hernandez, please call me Jada and I keep telling you Jada to call me Nicole. What brings you by, Well, I know it’s Eric’s first day here, so you brought him his lunch. No, uh, I meant that I hate to bother him, but I think he has my phone. This is his, I must have picked it up by mistake, Lynn, when you woke up in bed together this morning

and call purchasing and say that we need an extra order of that wool.

Okay, so how did things go with Bell? Well, my hand is cramping from all the documents I had to sign. It’s official. I have full custody of Rachel . Oh, I’m so happy for you, Brady and for Rachel.

I’m so, I’m honestly, I’m so overwhelmed, but I’m also surprised. I’m surprised with all that stuff that Kristen Dred up in the courtroom. I, I don’t know how the judge ruled in my favor, but, Huh. Well, hi.

So once you get back into Salem last night, uh, and when was the last time you saw Leo? Um, I think just now would’ve been, um, probably the morning after our, our boarded wedding. Ugh. Yeah. So you left town right after that? Mm-hmm. . Mm. When, Right back to New York when cut ties. I Could I ask where you were?

September 1st? I’m, I’m not sure why. Well, it’s nice. Sunny C was stabbed.

That’s odd. What? Well, all the time that Craig and I were married, he, he never wore after shave or cologne. Maybe he started wearing it after the, the two of you split up something that smells like vanilla. Oh, that would be a coincidence. Why do you, why do you say that? Because that’s what my fiance wears.

Clyde Wesson. Mm-hmm. , You know, at first I kind of thought it was feminine because it’s so sweet, but. You now? I kind of like it.

What? Nothing. I just thought that I smell Benoa.

Oh my God. Chad, what is it? What’s wrong?


Like sand through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Well, I happened to run into the judge in the hallway outside of the hearing. And I told her that we knew we can’t use Kristen’s past crimes against her because of her. Pardon? But I told her that I have evidence that she tried to assault me after she was released. You told the judge that she threatened to attack you with the letter opener?

Well, I didn’t give her the play by play, but I gave her the surveillance video from our office. I’m assuming she watched it. Why didn’t you tell me about that earlier? Because if Kristen found out that I was the reason that she lost this case, then she would use that against me with Rachel. And, and even worse, she would use that against you.

And I didn’t want Rachel hating you for being with me. I mean, that that poor kid has been through enough already. And the judge was okay with this. Well, she was a little. Wary, but I sort of sense that she was really frustrated with this whole situation and I think she clearly knew that there was a whole lot more that was going on that she wasn’t privy to.

But because of Kristen’s, pardon? She couldn’t even consider any of the real facts. So I considered this just helping un entire hands a bit so that she could make the ruling she wanted to make all. Look, I know, I know this was a bit risky, but I just, I couldn’t stand by and watch you lose custody of Rachel to that monster.

So I am not sorry for what I did, but I, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you Sarah. Don’t, don’t, I don’t even want to hear you say sorry you didn’t have to be sorry about anything. You understand Because of you, I, I’m not gonna lose my little girl. I’m gonna have her forever. Chloe, I told you recently how much I adore you.

Well, that was very transparent. Transparent meaning what? The comments you just made. Or was it a question? Well, I, I suppose it was a, uh, rhetorical question that I already knew the answer to. What? Why are you looking at me that way? What way? Like, I’ve offended you so deeply. Look, you are the one that told me you had Eric’s phone and he had yours.

Yeah. And then total non sequiter, you ask if the phone mix up happened when Eric and I were in bed together. Well, it was a reasonable assumption. I, I mean, this image just popped in my head. That’s all. I had pictured these phones getting mixed up under the sheets or whatever. Eric and I don’t keep our phones in the sheets.

Well, I just, I meant that, you know, I pictured you and Eric waking up in bed together. So what, how is that transparent? Oh, come on. It does not take a strength to realize that you’re being bothered that I’m involved with your ex-husband. Which I might understand if it wasn’t for the fact that you are a newly way.

In fact, you are married to a great guy. In my opinion, I am not bothered that Eric has a girlfriend. I’m just protective and look, I really hope you two are right for each other, right? That would make you deliriously happy. Okay. Can we cut the sarcasm please? Well, can you be honest that you are not rooting for Eric and I to be happy?

In fact, you are waiting and hoping that we fall apart. That is not true.

Okay. I admit, I overstepped when I made that comment about you and Eric waking up in bed together. Okay? So whatever you two do behind closed doors is none of my business, but I already knew that you two were. Sleeping together. Yeah. Yeah. Because you told me when I dropped by Erics the other day. Right, right.

Um, that was when you came by to offer Eric the, uh, job, wasn’t it? Your husband had mentioned it to me. Wow. I would thank you. Two would have more interesting things to discuss at the station. Oh, but you see, this is very interesting. You see the day after you came to visit Eric, he was just talking to me about looking for a job, and he said he was looking for one as a photographer, which makes sense considering his vast amount of experience, which makes him the perfect hire for basic black, right?

But he didn’t mention that. In fact, he was saying how scarce these kind of jobs are. Oh, well we just happened to have an opening, and I get all that, but why didn’t Eric mention. I mean, especially since you just offered him the job. At least that’s what you told ra. Excuse me. Are you calling me a liar?

Um, I’m sorry. Commission. Are you asking me if I, if I stab son Cka? I’m just gathering information. Ah, information. About my whereabouts when the attack occurred. Yeah. Um, well I was, I was just visiting with Leo and his cell, as you know, and it was just going on and on about, uh, how I must have, you know, wanted payback for him breaking my heart.

That’s all he kept saying. Is accusations overcome? Um, yeah. I’m aware of the accusation, which are Arthur Raving, So Desperate man. As, as I’m sure you know,

Oh my Rav is Craig. He is accusing me of stabbing Sonny and murdering advocate. Aga dir, I.

Look, you can’t actually believe that I would be so blinded by, by hatred for Leo that I would, I would take an innocent woman’s life. I, I would forget my oath. Did you? No harm. Oh my God.

You believe him? Actually believe him.

What are you uh, doing here at Clyde? Well, as a matter of fact, I just got called in for a random drug test, you know, as part of my parole, which is something you should know a little bit about being an ex con and all. Not exactly. Yeah. I know you got the conviction overturned, but you did several time. You do remember when we shared an address at Statesville, don’t you?

It’s hard to forget. Um, seeing as you tried to. But then Ben tried to stop you and you ended up shing him instead. , isn’t it amazing how I just turned himself into a standup guy? You know, I’m trying to do the same thing. Does that, So, yeah. Ever since I got out, I’m doing everything I can to turn my life around.

You’re looking at a change guy. Oh, glad to hear that. I’d love to stay and chew the fat with you. But Nancy and I got a date, she and I going down the city hall and get hitch. Congratulations. Thank you. You take good care of that husband of years. Now. I’m really glad to hear they caught the guy that attacked him.

Must be a real relief knowing that scum like that is off the street. Now,

Chad, what is it? But I just re remember when I saw Craig Clyde was standing right there. So I must have been his clo I was smelling. That must have been it. You don’t have know what Clyde is now, do you? Um, he’s at the hospital getting his drug test. It’s a condition of his parole troll. But you know, if you really wanna get some of that cologne, you’re not gonna have any problem.

I know for a fact they sell it down at parents I’ll to get some, Huh? Chad, are you sure? You’re all right. You’re as Payless a ghost. I’m fine. I just, I I have to be somewhere.

I never accused you of lying, Nicole. Well, you’re certainly insinuating it. You know what? I’m just gonna leave Eric’s phone here and go. Not yet, not until you let me. Please.

Is Eric working at Basic Black or not? Apparently he is. Okay. Then why would I lie to my husband and tell him that I offered Eric a job if I hadn’t? Maybe because you came to see Eric for some other reason. Like what? You know what? I came to give Eric his phone and to get mine, I did not come here to argue with.

Nicole, it’s like, it’s like we’re some sick competition for Eric’s love and affection, even though you are divorced and married to another man. Jah, I’m not competing with you. And like I explained, aside from being married to Eric, we have a long history as friends and you know what? Because of everything he’s been through lately.

Yes. And you’re protective of him. I get it. You said it many. But what I don’t get and what I find insulting is that you being so damn protective of Eric and I’s relationship, it’s, it’s, it’s suggesting that I’m not good for him. Like he needs protection from me. I mean, you understand how that might make me feel.

You get the shoot all set up, hey.

What’s going on?

Of course, I didn’t stab Sunny K over Murderer Abigail Damir. Aside from the fact that I’m not a homicidal maniac, I wasn’t even in town. And those two attacks occurred. You know, the fact that you are listening to some grifter who takes advantage and prays upon people’s vulnerability, you know, this is an insult, it’s an outrage.

Still be able to provide an alibi.

Yes, of course. And not just for September 1st. I’ll need one for the night of June 10th.

and three months ago, I don’t know what I was doing. So was that a yes or no for the alibi?

You know, I’m, I’m, I’m up and on call. I don’t know where I’m practitioning from day to day. I, Well, that could be a problem for you. Yes. I’ll have my secretary. They’ll get my schedule and I will get back to you. Okay? Yeah. The sooner the better.

You don’t want what? I don’t have to pick Rachel not from school for about an hour. You wanna make this, uh, celebration official? What are we waiting for?

Kidding me? Maybe they’ll go away. Are you here? Mm-hmm. . Oh yeah. I doubt it. Yeah.

Oh sweetheart, I am so glad you’re here. Hello. Hello, Mother. How you doing, Nancy? Oh, I am just wonderful and I can’t wait to tell you both the news. Oh, what news is that? Hi, and I are getting married. Yeah, Mom, we know you told us last night, but I didn’t tell you the best part. We’re getting married today.

Well, hey, hey. How’s, how’s son? Uh, he’s sleeping. He had a visitor earlier, so we kind of knocked him out. Who, Uh, his brother Alex. Okay. You haven’t seen Clyde Wesson anywhere around, have you? I have actually Here he was here. It was kind of weird. Did he go into Sonny’s room? No, not that I saw, but he, I mean, he was, was standing here looking in, He said he was here for a drug test.

Why? Why? What’s going on? I don’t think Leo hurt anyone. I think he’s been Clyde Weston this whole time.

Wait, I’m sorry. You think Clyde was the one who stabbed? Sonny? Why? Where’s this coming from? Okay. You remember, remember yesterday when we, we tried to help Sonny recall what had happened to him when he was attacked. He said that he smelled vanilla. Okay. And then after I ran into Craig and Clyde at Horton Town Square, and, and I smelled it vanilla.

Okay? And then at first I thought it was, But then Nancy said that Clyde Weston wears a cologne and his smells like vanilla. Well, it’s him. You’re marrying Clyde today. When did this happen? It was Clyde’s idea. We’re going to be married at City Hall in an hour. , Why? Why are you rushing into this? You have no reason to get married today.

And I don’t have any reason not to. I mean, quiet is the man that I wanna spend the rest of my life with. Why shouldn’t we make it official as soon as possible? And that’s why I’m here. I’d really like the two of you to be my witnesses. So, um, could you go put on something nice? And you too, Brady? Mom, can we talk about this for one minute?

No. Your father is going to be here any minute. Daddy here. Well, I, I ask him to be here and being part of my wedding. I want both of you to be part of it. Let’s him now. Oh, Craig, you got my message. Please, please tell me that you are free to come to my wedding. Um, I, I’m not sure Nancy. See Mom, even Dad thinks you’re rushing into this.

No, it’s not that. It’s just I. I don’t feel like I’m gonna sell between mood. I just got accused of murder.

Hey, hey babe. Can you wake up? Wake up. Time to wake up. Hey Chad, what’s going on? Hey, Chad. Learned something that might, that might. Prove who your attacker was. It wasn’t la No, I, I don’t think so. So, I, I, Sonny, I know your, your memory’s hazy about what happened and, and who stabbed you. But we’re gonna need you to rack your brain one more time.

I mean, I can for a shot. Look, I, I need you do, do you, when you were attacked, do you remember seeing Clyde Weston?

This is a surprise. I think you might have my phone. I do. Um, yeah. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice. Must be a slow crime day. Yeah. Otherwise you would’ve received a barrage of text messages by now. Yep. Pretty slow day. All right. Well, I better be getting back to the office. I’ll see you right home. Yeah, definitely.

So you said you’re all set up for the shoot. We should head downstairs. Is it me or are things a little tense between you and Jay when I walked in? Tense? Yeah, tense. Not just a little but very. Is there something going on between you two?

Well, you’re right. There was some tension between Jada and me. Why? Because I lied to my husband and she called me out. You lied to rape about what? I hadn’t told him that I came by your place the other day. And when he found out, he asked me why. And I felt awkward telling my current husband that I’d been dreaming about my ex-husband.

So I didn’t tell him the truth. And I told him that I offered you a job and I felt bad about lying to him about that. So I raced over to your place to offer you a job. For real. So you offered me a job to make your lie become the truth. Something like that. Yeah. Well, there’s only one thing left for me to do.

I quit.

Sorry to be late. I had to run over and see Eric over at Basic Black. Everything okay? Yeah, no big deal. We had just Swiss uh, phones by mistake. , right? Yeah. So, uh, how’s his first day going? So far, so good. . Good. Good. Glad. Think you’re working out for him. Yeah. Well I didn’t stay too long, guy. I wanted to get to work.

Any news on the case maybe? Yeah. Um, so know you haven’t been here long, but you’ve had some honors with Melinda Trash, can’t you? I have. She seems like a very tenacious prosecutor. Hmm. Yeah. So might say a little too tenacious. Is that a bad thing? Oh, it can be. Yeah. You know, especially if the suspect is, I.

Wait, I’m sorry. Who do we think is innocent? Leo Stark.

So Leo actually accused you of framing him. He did that bastard. That is absurd, huh? You’re absolutely right’s. Totally ridiculous. You’re an upstanding citizen. You’re a doctor for crying out loud. Craig, you wouldn’t hurt anyone much less kill them. That’s not what the commissioner believes. Otherwise, he would not be entertaining.

Leo’s accusations. Wave. He must know better than to believe a word outta Leo’s mouth. Well, apparently he doesn’t, or he wouldn’t have questioned my alibi. This is ridiculous. You, you are no more guilty than Clyde is. He was accused of killing Abigail, but he had an alibi for the night. She was. He was innocent.

You and Clyde have been unfairly accused. Clyde Weston. Yes. Clyde Weston. He wears a cologne that smells like vanilla. I need you to think, Son. Do Do you remember seeing Clyde that night?

I’m trying. I I’m, I’m sorry. It’s just, there’s nothing. Are you sure? Yes. I mean, I wish I could see anyone. I mean, someone in my mind’s side, but there’s just, there’s nothing happen. Okay. Nothing happening yet, so just try, try again. Take your time. Stay calm. Try again.

Okay. Um,

okay, so I’m at the filing cabinet. I hear someone coming. I start to turn and what, what, what, what? Is it exciting? What is it? Do you remember something

you quit? Why you just started? Because you just admitted that it wasn’t a legitimate job offer. I’m not gonna work for basic black just to ease your guilt because you chose to lie to your husband. I’m wonder, go get my things. Wait, wait. Eric, please just listen to me for a second. Okay? Yes. Initially I may have offered you the job to, to ease my guilt, but we, we do need you here.

Trust me, we do badly because thanks to Kristen in her reign of terror, there’s just been a lot of turnover with our staff. But we do need a photographer whose work I can trust, and you are definitely qualified. So it was strange. This my offer may have been, uh, I still want you here. That is if you wanna work here.

Yes, I wanna work here on one condition. From now on, you’re gonna be up front with rave about us working together because the last thing I want is to cause any trouble between you and your husband.

You think Leo Stark is innocent? I said might be, but as time goes on, I am less and less sure that he’s guilty. Even with all the evidence, Well, it’s hardly an ironclad case, and there’s possibility that Leo is being frame. Okay. The problem with Trask, when she settles on a suspect, especially someone who looks reasonably guilty, well, she’s gonna try and push the whole case through without looking back.

So what do you have in mind? Wow. I want you to look at all the evidence that we have. You’re a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe you see something that I missed. Do you think there’s anything to Stark’s accusation? Craig Wesley, are you leaning in that direction? Honestly, I don’t know, but, uh, I am hesitant to lean into anything without giving it a lot more thought.

Now I am damn sure gonna check and see you on Wesley’s alibi. Yes. In the meantime, want you go through all of this with a fine tooth comb. See if there’s any evidence that someone other than Leo committed these crimes.

Sunny, Come on. Did you?

It was him. I saw him. He was Clyde Weston. Yeah, it was just his reflection in a glass of a painting, but it was definitely him, which he said, Clyde was the most stabbed me. Why would he do this to me, not just you? The fact that he stabbed you with was also used on Abigail. Which means he murdered my wife.

You know, it, it seems like the Salem PD has accused everyone except the guilty party. Okay. Craig, I’m sure all of this will go away as soon as you provide RA with those alibis that he wants. I hope you’re right. You’re right. I, I know I’m right. And then all of this will be over, but today is for me. Can we just celebrate me?

I want that for you guys. No one should be happier than you. Thank you, Craig. And I really want you there. I mean, we’re still family.

Is there any way that you can put aside all your worries and just celebrate today with me? Of course. I’ll come. Nancy, I want to be there for you too. Thank you, Craig.

What am I standing around here for? I gotta go get dress. Be like for my own.

That son of a bitch, they had him in custody and they just let him go cuz he had an alibi. That’s right. Yeah. He said he was fishing at the time of Abigail’s murder. And that’s why you accused my dad because Clyde said he was down at the docks and their surveillance footage to prove that. But I know that I saw his reflection.

How can I be,

How’s it going? I might have so, Tell me. I was going over Clyde’s statement about Leo selling him that jewelry and it mentioned his alibi, and since I wasn’t here when he was a suspect, I decided to look through the surveillance footage for myself. You mean the video of Clyde fishing on the docks At the time I abi Gill’s murder.

Yeah. And there’s a problem with it. Did client say where he was gone after the drug test? He did. He, he’s, he’s going to city hall to marry Nancy today. Char what

I’m tell what we learned and where they can find

of. I will be honest with Rafe in the future. I mean, I, I never should have lied to him in the first place. Then why did you, I mean, when you had a dream about a slow cooker raining, sloppy Joe’s all over me, why would you lie to Rafe about something so silly? Because I lied to you too. You lied about what?

I didn’t. Dream about you getting hit with sloppy joe’s.

The dream I had about us was it was a sex dream.

You had a sex dream about me. Wow. Well, I didn’t mean anything. It was just a dream. On interest of full disclosure, the dream I told you I had about you. Mean, I wasn’t just suddenly delivering singing telegrams. Not exactly. I lied to. Why would you lie? Because I had a sex dream about you too. I mean, but it was just a dream.

Right? Yes. It was just, just a dream. Yeah.

I wanna see you downstairs. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Well, I guess I should go get ready for your mom’s wedding. See downstairs, half an hour. Dad, wait. You can’t honestly think that this wedding is a good idea, Chloe, I just want your mom to be happy. You have always Clyde Weston Seems like a long shot to me, more than a long shot. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Dad, please, please, you have to help me stop.

Clyde. Oh, Oh, no, it, it’s bad luck. You can’t see me before the wedding . Come on. We’ve already seen each other today. You can take that tradition and throw it out the window. Besides, we are not gonna have any bad luck. Did you pass your drug test the flying colors, baby? Hey, nothing gonna stop us from being the husband and wife and sharing a wonderful life together.

So there’s c. Yep. Fishing on the docks at the time of the murder, except what do you see? I’m stand. Whoa. But there was this split second there where it looked like a different number. I went frame by frame. It’s been scrubbed pretty thoroughly, but where it now reads 8:03 PM where the eight is, there’s a ghost of the number 11.

Which means Clyde doesn’t have an alibi for Abigail’s murder. After all,

you want any more? No, I’m good. No you’re not.

I Western still out there. Yeah, not for long, hopefully. But what if he comes back to finish me off?

If he was trying to frame Leo, it would not make any sense for him to go after you again. While Leo’s still locked up. You’re right. Right. You’re right. Yeah. You’re safe. You’re safe here. I’m gonna be here. I’m not. I’m not letting anything else happen to you, but this isn’t just about me.

And then do you think Clyde really could have killed that? Chad thinks so. And I’ll bet right now he is doing his damnest to convince the cops of that.

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