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[ Sighs ] Been so long since I’ve been here. Too long. I mean, I’ve meant to come by many times, and, you know, something always came up and… excuses, excuses, right? Just seems so fitting. That after everything I’ve been through… that I would end up here in jacksonville. With you. I don’t even know how to respond to this. Uh, the truth would be a great start. You think I would sabotage your happiness, your upcoming wedding like that? If you still had feelings, maybe. Of course I still have feelings, curtis. They don’t just up and disappear. But you’ve moved on with your life. And you and your fiancée are sharing a new home now, so… so I’m still not hearing an answer. Yes or no. I’m scared. Kevin: I understand. It’s alright. I’m here with you. You were talking about the staircase. Is the woman still at the bottom of the stairs? Yes. I was so angry with her. I’m telling her to stay away from my father. But now she’s not moving.

[ Gasps ] Elizabeth, what is it? What do you see? Gregory: I know your thoughts are with elizabeth. She’s in really good hands with kevin. I know. I know. Look, you got your own stuff going on. Really. How is kristina doing? She’s unsettled. But she’s not hurt. And brando seems to be out of danger, so I’m grateful. Ah. But it won’t stop there, will it? Not if the same person who attacked brando was the one who attacked ava. The real question is, does the public have the right to know that there may be a lunatic out there with a hook who could very well strike again? Well, you can finally breathe a little bit. Brando got out of surgery. He’s gonna be okay, right? Yeah, he’s a strong guy. It’s probably in the genes. My dad loved brando. I mean, who wouldn’t love him? He’s just, like… amazing… yeah. …Loyal, generous. Gladys: And alive! My son is alive, and I’ve never been more relieved! I’ll bet. Ohh! I thought I lost him, sonny. I — th– thought lost my boy. You know what? Brando’s with us right now. That’s — this is where he belongs. Okay? You’ll be alright. Come on. Gladys: Ohh.

[ Alarms beeping ] Brando! Brando! Oh, my god! Please! We need help in here! Please, baby! Baby, it’s okay! Oh, my god. -Sasha, sasha, please. -What’s wrong with him?! I thought everything was okay! What’s happening?! Please! Get her out. I want to stay. Get her out of here! Sasha… we need room to work. What is happening?! Please, please! You have to save him! Portia: Let’s get him on his side. Please save him! Lorazepam going in. Easy, easy. Check his stat. Deanna: Pulse is 30 and dropping. Come on, brando.

I couldn’t wait to get away. From you. The condo. All the mistakes I made. And get to port charles and claim the life that I knew was mine. And I had it for a while. I did. I had a husband, a family… money, career. Even that social status that I was so fixated on, you know? I had the right car… I had the right clothes, and I had the right address.

[ Chuckles ] No condo for me, no. I had an estate on the lake. And then it all came crashing down like a house of cards. I mean, I’m fine. I’m not destitute or anything. But I’m here. Back in this place. It’s like a round-trip ticket to where I started. I signed the papers, sealed them in an envelope, and left them on my desk to be delivered to the judge. But they never got there. Stella: You think by now I would have learned my lesson! But there’s no fool like a old fool. What did you do, stella? I meddled in your personal business. How? Happened right here in this office. I took the envelope that contained your signed divorce papers. They were never filed. You are curtis are still married. I never saw those papers again. So let’s just sign the new ones and move forward. Yes. And that’s what I want. Okay. If you say you didn’t hold onto those papers, then, uh, I believe you. Hallelujah. But I do have another question. If there were no papers… if I did not ask for a divorce… would we still be married? So is this your dinner attire or is dinner off? Ohh. I-I meant to text you back, but it’s been crazy around here. Oh. Is everything alright? It is now. I mean, you know my friend brando corbin. Of course. Mike’s cousin. We almost lost him tonight. Ohh… but he pulled through. He pulled through.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, thank goodness! For him and his family, but also for you. Good friends are hard to come by. And so are wonderful aunts. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] On the one hand, there’s the people’s right to know. And on the other, there’s getting involved in a police investigation and everything that comes with that. And here I thought medicine was complicated. Go meet elizabeth. Yeah? Yeah. We’ve got this. Okay, I’ll — I’ll check in later. Who is this “we” you’re speaking of? Is she someone you know? I think so. But you still can’t see your face? No. It’s alright, elizabeth. You’re safe. And you’re doing great. Now look up at the top of the stairs. Is someone there, too? Yes. Yes. Someone’s there. No. “No” what? Elizabeth, who do you see? Hey, carly. Kids are fine. Listen. There’s a lot going down right now. And can you just call me as soon as you can? George: Bad news? No, no, no. Just the opposite. Really good news. Ah. At my age, you have to wonder if there’s a difference.

[ Chuckles ] -He needs another round. -His heart rate’s plummeting. Portia: We need to push atropine 0.5 milligrams. We need to set him up to be paced and prep a dopamine drip. Fight for us, brando. Remember what we mean to each other. Everything we’ve been through. The good and bad. If you’re sonny’s cousin, what are you doing working for the man who tried to kill sonny’s family? Sasha? Her pulse is racing. You gave yourself a heart attack, and you’re spending thanksgiving in the hospital. Look. This is your thanksgiving holiday, too. What are you doing spending it with me, trying to help me? Because! You’re the only one that i can help right now.

[ Sighs ] Mistletoe. Merry christmas. Brando: You know what I appreciate? What? That you just come right out and say you wanted to see me.

So breathe me in just want to say something about last night. I know. No. It shouldn’t have happened. Really? Because I was just about to say I’m glad it did. If you are pregnant with my child, I want you to tell me. Yes. The baby is yours. I feel that I have a chance at something amazing here. I want to be a part of this child’s life. And yours. Meet your son or daughter, brando corbin.

Here we are

holding on

[ Groaning ] Saa! Hey. You okay? Ohh! Brando, we have to hurry. The baby’s coming. Oh, my god! That’s our son! Can I hold him? Where’s our baby? Liam mike corbin. You were here for such a short time. But you made quite the impact. Brando: I love you, sasha gilmore. I love you with everything inside of me. I love you, too, brando.

Stay with me anyone ever tell you what a great guy you are? Let’s get married. Today!

[ Chuckles ] You are my family, brando. You’re all the family I need. With this ring, I thee wed.

[ Chuckles ] You deserve the world. I know that this wasn’t your fantasy elopement. This is my fantasy elopement. Because at the end of the day, you are my husband. And you’re my wife. For the rest of our lives.

Go on and breathe me

breathe me

[ Alarms beeping ] This makes no sense! He was trending up after surgery. It’s like his body’s been hit with something else that’s wrecking his entire system!

[ Flat line ] We’re losing him! The hell we are. Get him over on his back. Start chest compressions right now.

[ Flat line ] Okay. Come on, brando. Come on. Deanna: One, two, three, four… come on. …Six… one, two, three..

Never gonna escape it, am I? I mean, it doesn’t matter that I clawed my way to the top in port charles. In jacksonville, I’m always gonna be caroline benson from the wrong side of town. I mean, the tacky little wannabe who’s trying to pretend she belongs with the kids that go to the country club.

[ Scoffs ] I can hear you now. “Be content with what you have, caroline. It’s more than what you think.” God, as a kid, I used to resent that. I took it as though you wanted to hold me back. That you didn’t think I was good enough to want more or better. But I understand now, mom. What you meant was… “you’re wonderful just the way you are.” I’m sorry I couldn’t hear it. For your sake. And mine. Five, four, three, two, one.

[ Fingers snap ] Ohh. I’m sorry. I can’t do this. It’s alright. Are you sure you don’t want to try again? It seems like we were getting somewhere. I’m positive. Okay. We’ll pick it up again on tuesday. Look, I’m not accusing you of anything. This is legit curiosity. If things had been different… yes. As far as I’m concerned, we’d still be together. But I’m not the one who wanted to end our marriage, curtis. And that’s not an accusation or a condemnation. It’s just a fact. And despite all the things that pulled us apart… I still loved you. I loved you, too. It’s just… there were things that you couldn’t live with. Yeah. The lies. The secrets. I know what goes into being married to a cop, but it was bleeding into our personal life. Look. I guess I just… I never felt like I was on solid ground with you. And is that how you feel with portia? Like you’re on solid ground? Are you saying I’m not? -My treat. -Ooh. Big spender. Oh, yeah, that’s me. I’ll tell you what. You could spend a lot of money on me when we attend the panel at pcu. How’s that? I’m so glad you agreed to attend with me. Actually, I’m speaking on the panel. And just forgot to mention it? I’m mentioning it now. Of course you are. Always in a position of control. Look who’s talking. “Finn, go take care of elizabeth. We got this.” “We”? Who’s we? As in, we work on the paper, my paper together? You don’t value my opinion? When I ask for it. Alright. I’m asking for it. Don’t gloat. Stick to the facts. You don’t want to frighten your readers. Just inform them, appeal to their — to their reason, not their emotions. But that right there is the problem. This is emotional. Your son was this close to the boathouse where ava was attacked, and my daughter was in the alley where brando was hurt. So this is scary and it’s making people angry, so we need to channel those feelings into action. Such as? We write an open letter to whoever’s terrorizing the town. We appeal to that person’s vanity. And then what? We wait for them to write back. Hey. Hey.

[ Sighs ] Ooh. How’d it go? Learn anything new? I did. That I’m an excellent liar. Do I know you? You — you remind me of someone. Yeah. Yeah. I get that a lot. The name’s george. And you are? My friends call me sonny. You may know my old man. He used to bet on horses. Horses? Yeah. Oh, that? No. No. I just found that in the trash. No, I never actually been to a race track. So what was your old man’s name? Mike. Huh. Hey, you know what I said before about good news? Eh. Don’t mind me. I’ve overstayed my welcome. I should have checked out a long time ago. You shouldn’t say that. Life matters. Everybody’s life matters. What are you, a priest? What’s so funny?

[ Chuckles ] I’m not a priest. Oh. Want to go find sasha, join the party?

[ Gasps ] Yeah. Let’s do it. Come on.

[ Sasha exhales sharply ] We’ve wasted so much time together. No, actually

i have wasted it. Please, brando. Give me another chance. Stay with me, and I promise that we’re going to have a beautiful life together, making only happy memories. Please. Brando?

You’re never gonna believewho I ran into. Reese’s mom, mrs. Roberts. Of course, she goes by “mrs. Wade honeycutt” now. I didn’t even recognize her. You know? I mean… I mean, she has a different name and she’s older, but there was something familiar about her. God, I remember how I used to talk about her. Her car. And how great of a tennis player she was and the amazing parties she used to have. I pray that I never said the words “she’s better than you.” But that was the message. And I was so wrong. Oh, god. [ Chuckles ] Oh, my god. I was so wrong about so many things, mom. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I didn’t see how amazing you were.

[ Click ] Man: You want to tell me what you’re doing here? What the — I’m visiting my mom! Can you get that light out of my face, please? Who are you? What are you doing here? The night watchman hired by the developers. What developers? You’re not from around here, are you? The land has been repurposed. The city declared eminent domain. What are you talking about? You can’t just shut down a cemetery. It’s already happened. The graves in the north section have already been moved. They’ll move this section soon. Why? To put in a parkway for better access to the beach. That’s ridicul– I mean, can’t they just go around the cemetery to get to the beach? I guess not. That’s crazy… okay. Is the jacksonville beautification guild involved in this in any way? They got the ball rolling, yeah. Well, what’s gonna happen to my mom? You’ll need to move her. I’m not trying to cause trouble for you and portia. I’m just saying, can you ever truly know a person? To their absolute core?

[ Sighs ] Maybe not. But you can sure get damn close. Curtis. Believe it or not, I’m rooting for you. I really hope you get everything you want.

[ Scoffs ] And I hope the same for you. You want to elaborate on this lying thing? Kevin helped me reconnect with my memory. Of the staircase. Not only the one when I was a teenager, but a more recent one. Peter. As soon as my mind went there, I just — I shut it down because obviously it’s not like I can tell kevin about that. It’s kind of my fault. What? No. I pushed peter down the stairs, not you. Right? And if that’s preventing you from getting the help you need — no, no, no, no, finn. Y-you’re missing the point. I think the incident with peter triggered my memory from when I was younger. Right, so you think you witnessed this woman being pushed down the stairs, and what happened to peter has brought it all to the surface. Don’t you? My dad and brando understood each other. Despite the age difference. I mean — or because of the age difference. I mean, you know, that’s life. The longer you live, the… the more lives you touch, you know? Welcome back, george. What — what’d you say your cousin’s name was? Brando. Well, don’t ask me how I know, but you’re needed. No. No. I’m so sorry. No. No. They don’t get to take both liam and brando. They just don’t! We did everything that we possibly could. No, no. He was fine. He was fine. He was laughing and talking. Brando wouldn’t leave me. -What? Sasha. -No, he wouldn’T. He didn’T. W-what’s going on? I am — I’m so sorry, mrs. Corbin. But there were complications. -Mnh. -And your son didn’t make it. What?!

[ Sobbing ] I was telling sasha that we did everything that we possibly could. No! No! No!

[ Sobbing ] Gladys: My brando! Sasha…

[ Sobbing ] Oh, brando!

[ Sobbing ] Nina: Sonny. Brando? I’m so sorry.

[ Gladys sobbing ] I don’t understand. His eyes were open. He regained consciousness. How did this happen? There were, um, unforeseen complications. And we might never know what really happened. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. Oh, me neither. I know how much brando meant to you. And I wish there was something I could say or do… to help you. Give me a second. Portia. I want to see him. You’re actually going to invite a killer to write a letter to the editor? It worked for jack the ripper. Except they never caught jack the ripper. It’s the longest cold case in history. Well, think about it. His ego wouldn’t allow him to remain silent. He was proud of his craft, boasted about the killings. He taunted the police to the point where he practically dared them to catch him. And you think you can succeed where scotland yard couldn’T.

[ Sighs ] It’s different. It’s a different time now. Law enforcement has a lot more tools at their disposal. They’ve got dna. They’ve got digital footprints. That sort of thing. You’ll either win a pulitzer or…get indicted. I honestly don’t know which. But you’re intrigued. I’m intrigued. Tj: Everything okay? Yeah, we were just catching up. Yeah, we were consulting. Uh, which is it? Catching up or consulting? A little bit of both. I was just picking curtis’ brain, drawing up on those rusty pi skills of his. Rusty? Your mom is determined to find who tried to kill brando. And I will. Even the darkest secret can’t stay secret forever. Tj. Tj. I’ve been looking for you. What’s up? There’s something that you need to know. I’m so sorry about your cousin. Thank you. I know it — it’s cold comfort, but it doesn’t make it any less true — brando’s at peace now. I’m just — just worried about the rest of us, you know? We’ll give you some time with him. Thank you. You left us way too son, buddy. You, liam, mike. Y-you take care of each other up there. And I’m gonna take care of sasha and your mother. And everybody else. I promise you that.


I should call molly. I should, um — I should let her know what happened. Do you want me to? Nephew, we can take that right off your plate, man. No. She should — she should hear it from me. It just doesn’t make any sense. What doesn’t? The surgery was successful. The damage to his lung was repaired and all the bone fragments removed. And t-the symptoms that portia described weren’t even consistent with sepsis. What do you think went wrong? I don’t know. I could see the woman at the bottom of the stairs. I just couldn’t see who pushed her. There’s no pressure, okay? It’s — it’s like a hike or climbing a mountain, you know? You don’t race to the top. You take it one step at a time. What did you just say? You know. Mountain climbing. You put one foot in front of the other and all that. That’s how you — that’s how you reach the summit. What just happened up there? Um, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I need a consult, please. Okay. Just wait one minute. I-it’s very important. It’s okay. We can finish this later. There’s something I have to take care of anyway. Yeah? Yeah. Oh. Okay. I’m sorry. This is insane. So my mom gets dug up like she’s some kind of potted plant? Most of the families have already made arrangements. Why wasn’t I notified? Virginia benson. Yes. Hold on. The records on file had the name jason morgan.

[ Groans ] They reached out but never heard back. Well, jason’s no longer with us. But I’m here. And these people aren’t gonna get away with this. I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next guild meeting. What on earth?! If you think for one second my mother is leaving her resting place, you have lost your mind.

[ Knocking ] Elizabeth. I remembered something. -What’s going on? -It’s about brando corbin. Yeah. How’s he doing? We lost him. What? And I’m hoping that you can tell me why. You can go in now. I don’t know if I can. No one’s — no one’s making you. Either — either of you. If you want to take your time before you go in — or if you don’t — if you decide you don’t want to go in, you don’t have to. That’s fine. I’m ready. Okay. Will you — will you come with me?

[ Door opens ]

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