GH Short Recap Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Carly sees the mother of her best friend when she was sixteen years old. Carly’s best friend’s nickname was Carly and her mother is upset that Carly is using her deceased daughter’s nickname. The woman is also upset that Carly slept with her husband when he was forty and Carly was sixteen years old. The woman also blames Carly for the car accident that caused the death of her daughter since her daughter was so upset that Carly slept with her father that she got in a car and had an accident. The woman tells Carly to get on a plane and leave Jacksonville because she never belonged there.

Nikolas asks Ava to give him another chance because he still loves her and believes they are soul mates.

TJ tells Sasha that the hook broke one of Brando’s ribs, and the piece of bone from his rib punctured his lung. TJ later tells Sasha that they had to stop the surgery until they stabilize Brando’s blood pressure.

Jordan interviews Gladys and Sasha about what happened before Brando was attacked, and Gladys tells Jordan that Josslyn was talking to Dex before she left Charlie’s pub. Rory talks to Josslyn who tells him Dex left his glasses and she wanted to catch up to him to return his, glasses. Josslyn tells Rory she didn’t see anyone in the alley when she left the pub. Michael tells Dex to stay away from Josslyn but that will be hard to do since Sonny wants Dex to discreetly keep an eye on Josslyn while the hook attacker is on the loose.

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