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Finn: What happened to your meeting?

Steffy: It was postponed.

Finn: Should have called me back in.

Steffy: Why? I loved watching you shred it out there.

Finn: Well, if I’d known you were watching, I would have shown off a little bit.

Steffy: Oh, really?

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: I’d like that.

Taylor: Oh, god. Sorry. Sorry. I swear I don’t do this on purpose. This–

Steffy: It’s– it’s fine. I apparently can’t take my hands off of you. Hi, mom. Hi. It’s just awkward yet again.

Finn: Um, it’s actually– I have to go to work, so your– your timing’s– your timing’s perfect.

Taylor: Okay.

Steffy: Sorry.

Finn: Yeah.

Taylor: Sorry.

Finn: Happens a lot.

Taylor: I love seeing you guys so happy.

Steffy: It’s gonna happen for you, mom.

Zende: I didn’t think you had time this morning, so i didn’t schedule a fit model.

Paris: Oh, I’m always happy to help out.

Ridge: So, that’s the second one, right?

Zende: Yeah, yeah. I made the changes that you requested to the neckline.

Ridge: Oh, okay, now– I can see it now. You– you want the eyes to come up. It’s looking good.

Ridge: Thank you. It was your suggestion.

Thomas: Is everything all right?

Ridge: Yeah, it’s just the latest addition to a collection. Nice job.

Thomas: You just seem a little distracted. What’s going on? Or can I guess?

Brooke: You can see why I’m so concerned.

Hope: Well, I want douglas to come home just as much as you do.

Brooke: And where is he, honey? You are his mother.

Hope: He’s enjoying his time with thomas. I– I think it’s good for them.

Brooke: Do you really believe that?

Hope: Well, I don’t think–

Brooke: You can be honest with me, hope. Are you just trying to avoid a confrontation?

Hope: Well, I don’t believe that a giant custody battle benefits anybody.

Brooke: Including ridge and me? Honey, the last thing you should be thinking about is how any of this would affect my marriage. You aren’t, are you? Your focus needs to be on douglas and what’s best for him.

Hope: It is. And I’m also aware of how this situation could cause a lot of conflict for everybody, and i don’t want that.

Brooke: So you’re just gonna let your son stay with thomas indefinitely?

Hope: You know that douglas asked to spend more time with his father, and there’s already enough tension as it is between our families, and I don’t want to make it worse. Especially knowing how taylor feels about ridge.

Ridge: Everything’s fine. Why are you asking?

Thomas: I’m just saying I– I– I know that brooke doesn’t exactly like the idea of douglas over at granddad’s with me, so…

Ridge: I– I don’t really care if she likes it or not. I like it. I like that you guys are spending time together. The family’s doing great. Business is doing great. Good young designers. You did amazing fixing this. And thank you, paris, for stepping up.

Paris: Of course.

Thomas: All right, I’ll see you guys in a minute. I got to talk to him about something.

Ridge: What’s up?

Thomas: You know how you, uh, you say that you just love spending time with douglas?

Ridge: I do.

Thomas: Oh, he loves spending time with you too. So, I was thinking that maybe– maybe you should come back, come back over to granddad’s, stay for a little while.

Steffy: If it seems like I’m pushing, I am.

[ Taylor laughs ] I’m sorry, I’m just not gonna let up. You and dad are meant to be together.

Taylor: Honey, if we’re meant to be together, then it will happen. But we love our very well-meaning and persistent children all the same.

Steffy: It’s gonna happen, mom.

Taylor: Did I say “persistent”? I meant “relentless.”

Steffy: The life you want is still possible. Please just don’t give up on your future with dad. You know why I love halloween?

Thomas: So, what do you think?

Ridge: What do I think? Waking up at dad’s house, having cereal with your son, and watching cartoons? I– I can’t think of anything better.

Thomas: I remember you doing that with me.

Ridge: I remember that too. And now you get to make these memories with your own kid.

Thomas: Yeah, and I want you to have some of those memories too.

Ridge: And I will have them, and I will come on weekends and holidays, barbecues, sitting by the pool, but I’m married to brooke, and some people frown upon husbands not living with their wives.

Thomas: Okay, but before you went back to brooke’s after she broke her ankle, you were living at granddad’S. Who’s to say you couldn’t come back and live there again?

Ridge: Thomas, come on, man.

Thomas: Look, there– I did not realize how much i was missing with douglas. I’m– I’m– I’m having these moments with him, and it’s like, yeah, I had time with him before. We would– we would hang out, and we would have these, you know, sleepovers, but it wasn’t the same. I’m not there with him-with him every day. I’m not being a father to him. And in that, I’m being able to create these wonderful memories day in and day out. And it’s beautiful, and I want you to be more of a part of it.

Ridge: I do too, but moving in with you guys is not practical.

Thomas: Okay, but sometimes the best things in life aren’t exactly practical. I can think of, like, you know, uh, playing with paint in granddad’s living room. Not practical.

Ridge: No, that got messy really quick.

Thomas: Yeah, yes, it did, but douglas loved it. And he loves it over there. He loves walking through grandmother’s garden, and he gets to– to see about the family. He loves learning about it, right? And I’m sure that you have little nuggets you could give him about the family history, about that property, things he would never know, that no one else knows. Think about it. It’s four generations of forrester men in the same household. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Brooke: Honey, you don’t have to worry about me.

Hope: Well, I’m glad to see you’re feeling confident.

Brooke: Don’t misunderstand. As long as taylor is out there stirring up trouble, I have to be on guard. And so do you. That woman has an agenda. But I certainly am not going to be disturbed by that kiss. I mean, ridge was in monaco, and taylor was there, and yes, they just found out that their daughter got her husband back, so they were elated.

Hope: Did they have to kiss?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Taylor will take advantage of every second she can to come between ridge and me. But I am not insecure, and i definitely am not naive. I am very well aware of the fact that taylor is still very much in love with my husband.

Taylor: Well, thank you for your unfailing support.

Steffy: I mean it. I wouldn’t be so adamant if i wasn’t sure it could happen.

[ Taylor sighs, chuckles ]

Finn: I’d listen to her, taylor.

[ Laughter ] I mean, she hasn’t led me astray yet.

Steffy: It’s true.

Taylor: Aww.

Steffy: I love you.

Finn: Love you.

Steffy: I love you. Have a good day at work.

Finn: I will.

Steffy: Bye.

Finn: See you, taylor.

Taylor: Bye. Have a good day.

Steffy: You deserve to be this happy and hopeful.

Taylor: Who says I’m not? I love my work. I love my kids, my grandchildren. I’m happy.

Steffy: Okay, but nothing compares to the electricity you felt in monaco after you and dad kissed. Boom.

Taylor: Boom, okay, but, you know, it was just a– it was just a moment of– of joy and relief and…

Steffy: Mom, what are we talking about? It was more than that. Yes, you were relieved, but you can’t deny it. Mom, I can see it every time you think about when you two kissed.

Taylor: Because that kiss hit different in monaco. It just did.

Steffy: Because?

Taylor: Because your dad and I are learning who each other are again, and, I don’t know, I mean, we’re– we’re– we’re totally different people now, but– but when we kissed, it was like that old connection just came back. I’ll never forget it.

Steffy: Neither will dad. Because you and dad love each other. Nothing’s ever gonna change that. Not even brooke.

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Taylor: Yes, I love your father, and he loves me, but to– to have a future with him is a very different thing and–

Steffy: Mom, come on.

Taylor: No, would I love it? Yes? Would it be beautiful? Of course. I– the man makes me so happy. Like, even in his grumpiest and grouchy days. Like, no one brings me more joy and laughter than he does.

Steffy: Then, joy and laughter is what you’re gonna get.

Taylor: What?

Steffy: We’re gonna make it happen, mom.

Taylor: Steffy–

Steffy: We are. I love you.

Taylor: Love you.

Ridge: Well, thomas, you make a good point.

Thomas: You’re considering it.

Ridge: I’m– I’m considering showing douglas the best places to climb and the best places to hide, of course.

Thomas: You know, granddad mentioned that you and thorne built, like, a– it was, like, a tree fort or something. It was next to the tennis court, yeah?

Ridge: Me and thorne? Thorne can’t build anything. It was me. I built it. And when it was finished, felicia and kristin just took it away from us.

Thomas: See? This is what I’m talking about. These are the kind of stories i want douglas to hear.

Ridge: And he will hear them. I don’t have to live with you to tell him stories.

Thomas: But if you did, it would be epic.

Ridge: It would be epic, but I don’t think brooke would be on board with it.

Thomas: I’m thinking about douglas, and I’m thinking about granddad. I’m thinking about you and me. All of us, when we come together, it’s incredible. We have this– this wonderful camaraderie as a family. We have these beautiful moments, and it’s incredible, but it’s exactly like it was when you– when you kind of came home. When you were living at steffy’s, you were– you were there with mom, right?

Ridge: You’re making it sound like that was a vacation. That’s not what that was.

Thomas: No, I’m not saying it’s a vacation. I’m just saying that it– it was a home that you deserved to be in. It was this beautiful place there with mom. She– she cultivated a wonderful environment. I saw you laughing with her. She brings this joy out of you. Steffy saw it too. Okay? You guys are incredible together. That’s– that’s who mom is. I mean, she brings people in. She brings them together, and she– she makes them feel heard. They– they feel comforted when they’re around her. It is her superpower. And it happens to all of us. I want you to think about that, because– ’cause you do get that way when you’re around her. You– you– you have this joy in you, and it’s wonderful to see. But when you leave here, what are you leaving? What are you– what are you going to? Are you leaving to go to a place that is full of joy and fun? Or are you going to a place of anxiety and drama?

Hope: Look, I– I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject.

No, I– I can’t let taylor get to me. I have to have faith in our relationship. Ridge and I can handle anything.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Inaudible ]

Steffy: Zende sent his designs down to cutting?

Ridge: Uh, yes. Yes, all approved and ready for production.

Steffy: All right, on to the next. Fashion moves just so quickly.

Ridge: Like my beautiful daughter. How are you?

Steffy: I am fantastic. Finn’s home. The kids are thrilled. My mom’s here. Douglas is living with thomas. The only thing that would make me really happy is if my father woke up and realized his true love is my mom.

Ridge: Um… dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Hope: You’re right to be cautious.

Brooke: But I shouldn’t be paranoid or overreact.

Hope: Well, you’re definitely not doing that. I mean, taylor loves ridge, and she’s trying to get him to choose sides.

Brooke: Taylor and steffy say that I’m doing that.

Steffy: Mom, you’re trying to save your marriage, so, yeah, no, I don’t think that’s the same thing, not even close. And besides, taylor and steffy, they– they’re always trying to make it about logans versus forresters, but really, they’re just out to get ridge.

Steffy: The life you want is

still possible.

Ridge: Well, that was


Taylor: Was it?

Ridge: Oh, great. You’ve been talking to your brother.

Steffy: Both know how happy you were with mom. Seems like you’ve forgotten.

Ridge: I have not.

Steffy: Then, why aren’t you doing anything about it? I just don’t want you to miss this opportunity. Our family’s finally coming back together. Not just finn and me. All of us.

Ridge: Why are you making it sound like I’m standing in the way of that?

Steffy: No, you’re not. You’re not standing in the way. Brooke is.

Ridge: Brooke is my wife.

Steffy: Mm-hmm. She’s also cheated on you with your dad and your brother and like a dozen other men.

Ridge: Brooke and I, we’ve both done things, and we accept each other for who we are and what we’ve done.

Steffy: Okay, but she still disrespected you. She’s careless with your heart.

Ridge: I know this is a– a very complicated topic for you, but I would appreciate it if you couldn’t maybe go after the woman I love. I– I don’t like hearing it.

Steffy: Hey, I get it. Okay. But you love mom. And she loves you. With integrity. And loyalty. I mean, come on. This exceptional, loving, giving person is completely devoted to you. And you thought you lost her the same way I thought I lost finn. You honestly believed that she was never gonna come back. I know that grief, that sorrow, that– that emptiness. It makes you vulnerable. And that’s how brooke drew you in. Look, a miracle happened. Finn is back in my life, and I will be forever grateful. I never want to let him out of my sight, and deep down, I– I think you feel the same way about mom. Like, after what happened with finn, my life changed completely. You know, the way I see things, I now know that life is short. And it is so precious. And, really, the only thing that matters is– is love. And when it comes back, you got to grab it. That is why I am urging you, dad, to end this unhealthy cycle with brooke. Be with someone who you truly care about, who loves you unconditionally. ‘Cause I’m sorry, dad, it ain’t brooke. It’s mom.

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