Days Short Recap Friday, September 9, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was shocked when Li proposed to her. She wanted to know what made him want to propose. He thought about his plan to stop Stefan from getting her back. Li told her he was proposing from the heart. He thought he might have jumped the gun. She said he might not have. She said she thought they were a fling at first. She said their relationship has grown. She said no one could take Stefan’s place in her heart, but Rafe told her not to give up on love. She said there was room for Li. She accepted his proposal. He was happy and wondered how the DiMeras would react to their news. Ava thought she saw Jake in the DiMera crypt. She told him he was dead. He said he wasn’t dead anymore. He tried to comfort her because he thought she looked pale. She thought she was going crazy. She ran out and said he wasn’t Jake. Stefan looked at Jake’s plaque and thought he could be his twin brother. Johnny told EJ that Ava could handle the memorial. EJ said it could send her over the edge. Johnny thought he wanted that to happen. Johnny said she was fine. He said EJ should pay respect to Jake. Johnny said Jake was family. He said family meant something to Stefano. He said he thought that meant something to EJ too. Tony and Anna talked about the family battling each other. Anna said Johnny had a crush on Ava. Johnny walked in and told them that the memorial was a good idea. Ava walked in and said she saw Jake again. She told them what she saw. She told them it was real. Johnny said he didn’t think she was crazy. They went to the crypt to see what was going on.

Tony told Anna that he thought EJ might have been right about Ava. EJ came in while they were talking. Tony told him that Ava saw Jake again. Tony said he hoped EJ wouldn’t be a jerk to Ava. Gabi and Li came in and told them the good news. Tony thought their move was strategic. He told them Ava saw Jake again. Li was scared and said they should go to the crypt. Ava and Johnny went in the crypt. Stefan was gone. She told Johnny what happened. She said it was impossible that he wasn’t there. Johnny said his family had a history of cheating death. He said Jake might have done it too. He suggested they look around. She wondered why Jake didn’t react to her if he was there. She asked why didn’t he stop her. She said she was losing her mind. He said she didn’t have to be insane. She thought it was too much to handle. She ran off. Johnny accused EJ of trying to gaslight Ava. EJ said she was doing it to herself. Johnny accused him of doing it to Ava. EJ said he wasn’t doing that to her. He said she was lying about being a DiMera. Johnny walked away from him. He went to Ava. She was packing her things. He asked her to stay. She said she thought she was being punished. He said she wasn’t. She said she has done terrible things. He said her family had nothing on his family. He asked her to stay.

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